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July of Justice iFish Items

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Attention heroes and villains, 32 new iFish items in the iFish Store for July of Justice! Dress up your iFish as your favorite SpongeBob heroes and villains, or mix and match if you wanna be creative. They were all made by @Kiyozu♡, so give her a special thanks. Here is what available:

Mermaid Man Hair

Mermaid Man Nose

Mermaid Man Costume

Barnacle Boy Hat

Barnacle Boy Mask

Barnacle Boy Costume

The Quickster Goggles

The Quickster Costume

Captain Magma Hat

Captain Magma Costume

Miss Appear Costume

Elastic Waistband Goggles

Elastic Waistband Costume

Captain Tightwad Hat

Captain Tightwad Costume

Man Ray Head

Man Ray Costume

Dirty Bubble 

Dirty Bubble Costume

Atomic Flounder Head

Atomic Flounder Costume

Kelp Thing Head

Jumbo Shrimp Head

Jumbo Shrimp Claws

Jumbo Shrimp Belt

The Moth Head

The Moth Costume

Doctor Negative Head Mirror

Doctor Negative Mask

Doctor Negative Coat

Rubber Mask

Name Tag 

Stock up on them, as you may need them for this epic contest...

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