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Hellooo, I'd like to order room service for Skwids LuL

But on a less playful note, I've watched the show probably since it first aired in 1999, with "Help Wanted". I haven't seen actual episodes in a while (I like YTPs :P ), but I love making references to it and all the faces characters make, like this one.

also hi :9



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10 hours ago, SpongeBob's #1 Fan said:
10 hours ago, prOBABly said:

Welcome to SBC, enjoy your stay!

Also how did he get 15,000 doubloons?


Welcome to SBC, @Skwids!  :D

Also, how did you get over 15,000 Doubloons, already?  :P

Also, also, maybe you should buy Become A Loyal Customer!

A friend who told me about this place gave me some of hers since she had plenty :P . That friend is Spongetron c:

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