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Top 10 Favorite Cartoons

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Does this thread even really fit here? Idk I thought it was the best fit probably. If it isn't feel free to move it


Anyway yeah I have a meme for this (well I found it but I thought it would be fun to fill out) Template:




(Yeah some of the images didn't fit the best, I know. Also yeah ew Comic Sans but I couldn't find a better template)

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1 minute ago, Lettuce said:
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Never knew you liked panty and stocking :funny: 


Huge fan. When i first watched it I completely ate it up and watched it all in like less than a week lmao. It's so dirty, wrong, disgusting and awful on every level, and that's why I love it so goddamn much.

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37 minutes ago, Mermaid Man said:

because he's an awful reviewer lol 

Yeah. I could be here all day listing off reasons why he's an awful reviewer, but I really don't want to derail from this thread's original subject

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4 minutes ago, DarkEvil LaserPants said:

Here's mine...

SpongeBob SquarePants

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sailor Moon

Gravity Falls

Steven Universe

Fullmetal Alchemist

Adventure Time

Danny Phantom


Madoka Magica


I love FMA. I loved the characters. I've only seen the original series and want to watch Brotherhood eventually. I remember watching it and thinking it was alright but after I was done with it it really donned on me how much I enjoyed it, the characters, etc

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Oh yeah Clannad and Invader Zim are definite honorable mentions. Forgot how much I love Invader Zim. RebelTaxi said it best: "Let's get Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac to create a kid's cartoon about a little alien trying to conquer Earth. What could go wrong?"

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