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Congratulations, Drasticals!

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It was a long fight, but in the end, the Drasticals won Octerror Fest 2016 21-14-3! Yup, this is their 2nd team tournament win this year, and 2nd win overall. Their reward for winning is 1,000 doubloons to every team member who participated during the event, and an automatic point for the upcoming Snowcember Ball 2016 tournament (yup, spoilers)! Here is also stats of who won the most activities during the event from each side...


1.) @Hayden with 6 wins (MVP! vXjSiF2.png?1)

2.) @Sandy with 5 wins

3.) @TheOpenedCoffinManiac with 3 wins


Band Geeks:

1.) @Invader Zimmer with 7 wins (MVP! vXjSiF2.png?1)

2.) @sbl with 4 wins

3.) @Halloween Boy from Scaredy Pants with 2 wins



1.) @DarknessDG with 2 wins (MVP! vXjSiF2.png?1)

Thanks to everyone who played this year. I know the Band Geeks must feel down in the dumps, but don't worry, there's one more teams tournament this year for you to redeem yourselves in. Anyways, have a Happy Halloween!

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