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64 80s Songs, Bracket Showdown: Round 1 {R.E.M. vs. The Jam}


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  1. 1. sdfg

    • Radio Free Europe
    • Going Underground

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So this is just a way of celebrating 80s alternative music with SBC and SBM, by turnin' it into a little game (that I may or may not give up on.) I'm gonna post two rounds a week for this, and imma see which one of these great songs SBM and SBC love the most. The songs come from this box set, which has essentially been my music bible for the past few months: https://www.amazon.c...d/dp/B0002XL2X4


Of course, voting means you'd have to listen to the songs, but since it's only 4 songs a week, I don't see how it would be a chore. So here it is, round 1 of many rounds. Plus, there's actual variety. A combo of new wave, pop music, punk rock, alternative rock and a bunch of stuff in between.


R.E.M. - "Radio Free Europe" (1983, Jangle Pop)
Spotify Plays: 2,000,000+



The Jam - "Going Underground" (1980, New Wave)

Spotify Plays: 7,000,000+


Listen n' vote!

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