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Ghost Rider

Terrifying Octerror Fest Skins

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If you haven't already noticed, we have two (four if you are a Loyal Customer) spooky skins for Octerror Fest 2016!

The first one that you may have seen when you logged in is Octerror Fest 2016, the default skin for the event, created by hilaryfan80. Give him special thanks for his work on this.



The next one available for everyone is The Flying Dutchman, which is in the selector, created by JCM. This skin is based on everyone's favorite Dutchman himself, which was first introduced during Octerror Fest 2015, and is coming back for another round. Give JCM a special thanks for reviving this. 



Finally, if you are a Loyal Customer, you can access the Krusty Krab Halloween Party and Octerror Fest 2013 skins.

If you have any problems with the skins mentioned in this post, let us know! If not, feel free to worship them, or stare at them like delicious candy, either or! 

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