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Time travel


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Let's say that time travel was possible. What if you could observe different parts of history? Where would you go and why?


I've always had a fascination with the 1920s so I'd definitely stop there. The 60s, despite all the turmoil, seemed pretty rad too. Or I could go even farther to the Italian renaissance to absorb all that culture in person or colonial America to see what the colonies were like. 

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The 40's/50's, I kinda want to become an alter ego of a big band singer with a really good voice for a little bit. And performed at fancy parties and such in tuxedos. I'll then fast forward time to where I've been a big hit for a while and then fake my own death. My present self would call myself the offspring or grandchild of my alter ego, so that I'd always have that famous atmosphere I created for my big band self. Then with all money I "inherited" from my "parent" or "grandparent", I'd go to 2006, become a cartoon series producer and give most of my cash to KM. So that the show could have a bigger budget/go on longer under my/Larry Scwartz's influence. :glare: 

If this actually happens, you didn't hear it from me.


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This might be lame, but the 2000s. I had a great childhood, and like Crushing, I'd want to experience that again, lol. 

I think that outside of the 21st century, I'd go back to the 90s, and definitely try to understand the hype it gets. 

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When I think of time travel, I always like the opportunity to observe what it was like when I was much younger. Older eras like 90s/80s and so forth would be interesting too. But, time travel seems like a very impossible thing to do, so it's unlikely. I'm also wonder about time travel and the future. :peridot:

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I'd go back to the 70s cause of the disco and funk, not so much the Vietnam War or crazy things like that.

60s to go to Woodstock myself 

50s for all the TV and radio they had back then

Same with the 40s, but more focused on the movies 

I think I'd enjoy the 80s, early 90s and 1920s as well for their own reasons if I could go back to them.

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