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Power Rangers: Multiverse Force

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You know the drill by now, the latest story will be in spoiler to avoid the dreaded data limit lengths!


(Warning: Walls of Text Ahead)

(Cold Open):

The show opens up on Samson and Patsy, now the Red and Pink Thunder Rangers respectively, beginning to fight against Fruit Freak! Fruit Freak says: “Power Rangers you may be, but you will NEVER defeat me!”

Samson scoffs, and he says: “You're kidding, right? Do you have ANY idea of the kinds of things I USED to have to endure at Camp Kidney before BlackHawk came along? THIS is a picnic!”

Patsy says: “Speaking of, it's time to blend you up good! Hi-ya!”

And she throws a good punch at Fruit Freak, and hits it in its mango chest, but her fist, and arm begin SINKING into it! Patsy says: “Samson, help me! It's pulling me IN!!!!”

Fruit Freak says: “You're not going to devour ME! I'm going to devour YOU!!!!”

Samson gets REALLY angry, and he says: “Devour THIS!!!!”

And his fist UNEXPECTEDLY powers up with fire, and he punches it at Fruit Freak! The shock is enough, that she releases Patsy, and Fruit Freak now has char marks on her pineapple face! Fruit Freak says: “YOW! That hurt, you JERK!”

Patsy says: “Thanks, Samson!”

Samson says: “Wow. Did I do THAT?!”

On Samson's communicator, Omnus says: “You'll learn how to do MORE than that, in time. My name is Omnus, a mentor of the Power Rangers. Samson, as the Red Thunder Ranger, you will have a mastery over fire, Patsy, you will have a mastery over wind. Master your special powers, utilize your special weapons, and no monster will be able to defeat you.

Patsy says: “That's good to hear, but how DO we access our weapons?”

Omnus says: “Simply put out your hands, concentrate your Aura power, and say, 'Activate, Thunder Weapons'!” /

Samson and Patsy both simultaneously say: “Activate, Thunder Weapons!”

In Patsy's arms, she gets a pretty, Phoenix Spear! And to Samson's surprise, he gets TWO Red Dragon Swords!

Patsy says: “Wait a minute, how come YOU got two weapons?!”

Samson giggles sheepishly, and he says: “I SWEAR, I'm NOT even TRYING! Besides, barring some unforeseen circumstance, you're ALWAYS going to have one more battle of experience than me!”

Patsy thinks about it, and she says: “True enough.”

Than suddenly, Krash'ir, and two streaks of green and yellow appear beside them. Samson asks: “More new Rangers?”

Krash'ir says: “I'll make the introductions brief. Green Thunder Ranger is Coop; Yellow Thunder Ranger is D.O.G., Red Thunder Ranger is Samson, and Pink Thunder Ranger is Patsy.”

Patsy says: “Come on! Why did you introduce me LAST?! I've had more Ranger experience than THEM, you know!”

Krash'ir says: “Yeah, by ONE battle, same as ME! Although, for the life of me, I can't REMEMBER who it was that I replaced. It's like a great big BLUR that wasn't there.”

Coop says: “We can argue about semantics later. For now, let's focus on the action at hand!”

Samson asks: “Do you two know how to access your Thunder Weapons?”

Coop says: “I happen to be a professional Aura user, as a Woo Foo Warrior.”

D.O.G., says: “And I've been studying with Adam, I'm ready for this!”

Coop and D.O.G., simultaneously say: “Activate Thunder Weapons!”

In Coop's arms, he gets a Green Lion Staff, and in D.O.G.'s arms, he gets a Cat of Nine Tails whip! D.O.G., says: “Weird. I was trying to summon a Morning Star whip! But then again, to paraphrase an old saying; 'Nine IS better than one'!”

Omnus talks on their communicators, and he says: “That's not all you can do. Coop, you have the ability to create Aura illusions, to fool your opponents. D.O.G., you can slow down time for the monsters, or speed up your own if necessary, in order to throw your opponent's timing off! And Krash'ir, you have the ability to master gravity. And I think you will like the weapon YOU summon!

Krash'ir says: “All right, let's try it! Activate Thunder Weapon!”

And in her arms, she receives a pair of Blue Kirin Nunchuks! Fruit Freak mockingly says: “Ooh, how scary! Beware of the Jump Rope!”

And without even batting an eye, Krash'ir, THROWS her Nunchuks' at Fruit Freak, knocking her up and down in a frenzy of gravitational energy! Krash'ir than puts Fruit Freak down, and asks: “Well, how does it feel to have your BUTT handed to you by a mere 'Jump Rope'?”

Omnus speaks on their communicators, and says: “And when you all need the fire-power to finish them off, channel your Aura's to bring forth the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers' Thunder Cannon! I even had it modified, so that you can charge it and fire it faster! And of course, if the monster should grow, call forth the Thunder Zords! I took the liberty of modifying them, so that they no longer need parts from the Dino Zords in order to operate, as well as modifying their interiors and controls, in order to make them more battle efficient!

Coop says: “You're the best, Omnus! Let's get ready for the REAL battle now, Rangers! Fruit Freak may not be an especially powerful monster, but it's STILL dangerous, just the same! I just hope wherever the OTHER Power Rangers are, they're handling THEIR battle as well as we do!” /

State of Shock: Part II

Captain Retro narrates, and he says: “Previously, on Power Rangers Multiverse Force; Dr. Maniac crossed the Moral Event Horizon, by capturing Mettaton, and kidnapping Alphys, to hold as as hostage. Omnus decided that Dr. Maniac could no longer get away with his scientific crimes, and henceforth, called on the help of seven Legendary Rangers, to help in our fight against Dr. Maniac. With the help of Sans, we have journeyed to Planet Onyx, where Dr. Maniac has rebuilt his original fortress from his battles against the Power Rangers Bionic Force. As we have no choice but to fight through, we're now staring down the gauntlet, of what might be Dr. Maniac's greatest threat ever, in order to stop the evil doctor once and for all!

Words appear on the screen, and they say: “Now, Present Day, the second to last Tuesday of 2178, Planet Onyx, Dr. Maniac's Fortress.”

The action first focuses in on Billy and StarHawk, walking down their corridor. StarHawk says: “This place is SO creepy, it puts some of the DARKER places on Planet Hawkia to shame!”

Billy says: “Not to mention that Dr. Maniac is a MAJOR fan of pressure based traps! That's why we got to keep a sharp eye out for those things!”

StarHawk says: “Or, using my ability to fly, I could simply CARRY you until we reach whichever monster we end up facing!”

Billy says: “Come on! It can't be THAT simple!” / (Gilligan Cut)

StarHawk is carrying Billy through the air, and StarHawk says: “It's THAT simple!”

Billy says: “I'm jealous! If we had someone like YOU around during some of our more intensive battles, they probably wouldn't have been so intensive!”

StarHawk says: “Save the compliments for later. I see a large room ahead. I'm going to put you down. I have a feeling we're about to encounter--.”

But she barely has time to throw Billy to the ground and AVOID getting blasted, as a menacing machine with an IMMENSE ray of blasters appears! The machine mechanically says: “I am Blast Bot. I hope you have enjoyed fighting battles against Dr. Maniac's creations, for this will be your LAST time!”

Billy asks: “Where did Dr. Maniac find YOU? The discount section of the Dollar Store in 1985?!”

StarHawk says: “It's a waste of time to question it. From my personal experiences, most robots do no UNDERSTAND, nor do they enjoy the concept of sarcasm as WE do!”

And as IF to prove her point, Blast Bot fires a BUNCH of blasts at Billy, who THANFULLY deflects them all with his Power Lance! Billy says: “I see your point! Blast Bot, you're going to have to do a LOT better than that! This Power Lance may be old school, but it STILL gets the job done! StarHawk, give me some cover fire with your Aura Attacks, and draw it's long-distance attacks towards you! I have a feeling this machine isn't built for close-range attacks!”

StarHawk says: “Agreed! Blast Bot, have a taste of my Shooting Stars!”

And as StarHawk begins to pepper Blast Bot with her yellow burst of energy stars, Billy closes in on Blast Bot, and begins hacking at Blast Bot, who is unable to focus on BOTH of them at the same time! Billy says: “You're about to get a lesson on what the power of team-work can do!” /

Meanwhile, the passageway Tommy and Usagi are walking down, looks more like a cave. Tommy says: “Something about this cave doesn't seem right to me.”

Usagi says: “I'm inclined to agree with you. Usually, Dr. Maniac is all ABOUT technology! This cave doesn't scream that at all!”

Tommy says: “Do you think he has something SPECIAL planned for us?” (CLICK!!!!)

And just like that, they hear the unmistakable sound of a GIGANTIC boulder rolling TOWARDS them! Usagi says: “RUN!!!!”

They run forward (it's the only way they CAN go, as the boulder and the dimensions of the cave, prevent them from even TRYING to go above the boulder or into a side cranny). Tommy looks ahead, and he says: “There's a giant PIT ahead! We'll never be able to jump over it!”

Usagi says: “Than I've got to BLAST the boulder! Aura Blast ATTACK!!!!”

And she shoots out a HUGE burst of white energy! She destroys the boulder, only to free FROM it, the undeniable image and appearance, of Scorpina! Tommy says: “SCORPINA?!!! It CAN'T be! We DESTROYED you!”

Scorpina says: “A minor fluke, I assure you! But it seems that Dr. Maniac was not the kind of scientist, who thought that I should STAY dead! During his travels, he went to the place where I fell in battle. Using his scientific prowess, he collected samples of my D.N.A., and was eventually managed to not only REVIVE me, but also strengthen my ALREADY impressive arsenal of poison attacks! I agreed to help him in exchange for one simple favor. That after I finally FINISH my battle with you, he would send me BACK in time to 1999, in order to train and study under the guidance of LOKAR! I'm SURE you remember HIM! He will train me to become a much more powerful and EVIL sorceress, than Rita Repulsa could have EVER become! And once I'm strong enough, if I don't finish you HERE, I'll finish you in the year 2028! And I'll ALSO make sure to eliminate your WIFE Kat, and your PRECIOUS son, J.J.!”

Tommy says: “You can target ME if you want to, but leave my WIFE and son OUT of this! Neither of THEM have any quarrel with you!”

Scorpina says: “Maybe so, but this is what I would like to recall, 'Revenge by Proxy'. If there's anyone CLOSE to you, they are AUTOMATICALLY a target for MY anger!”

Tommy says: “Usagi, bring out your strongest weapon! We'll take down Scorpina together!”

Scorpina says: “Oh, did I forget to mention? Dr. Maniac has camera monitors all OVER his fortress! My fight is to be with YOU Tommy, and YOU alone! If Usagi TRIES to interfere, the camera monitors will TRIGGER hidden blast panels in this cave, which will BLAST Usagi with THOUSANDS of BULLET holes, that even her Ranger Suit CAN'T protect her against! And DON'T think that I'm bluffing! After all, you KNOW how MUCH Dr. Maniac WANTS at least ONE of you dead!”

Usagi says: “I know you're not bluffing, but you're NOT leaving this fight, either!”

She runs behind Scorpina, and BLOCKS Scorpina from the CHANCE of trying to retreat! Usagi says: “You want a fight with Tommy? You've GOT it! And you're going to FINISH it to the bitter end!”

Tommy pulls out Saba, and he says: “Thank you, Usagi! Well, Saba, it's time to fight against Scorpina! You'll learn first hand what a FULLY energized White Ranger can do!” /

Meanwhile, Adam & Lettuce, are walking down a hallway FILLED with statues of little tanks! Lettuce says: “MAN, this guy has a SERIOUS crush on machines!”

Adam says: “Not nearly as bad as the Machine Empire robots, though. Those creeps actually WERE machines!”

Lettuce says: “And worst of it, this guy wants to be LIKE them! Can't he think of something MORE original?!” (CLICK!)

Than suddenly, the tank statues start WHIRRING, shake off their Marble coverings, and REVEAL their REAL tank nature! Adam says: “Those tanks are REAL!!!!”

Lettuce says: “Smash them all! Let's teach Dr. Maniac a LESSON!!!!”

So Adam & Lettuce bust out their weapons, and taking care to avoid the blasts that the Tanks are making, manage to SMASH all the Tanks into pieces, so they can't cause anymore damage! After they are done, Adam says: “Weird. That felt a little TOO easy!”

Lettuce says: “Agreed. I think that was only an APPETIZER for what's about to come next!”

And sure enough, the hallway opens up into a LARGE, circular room, and they hear the unmistakable WHIRRING of a rather LARGE tank, but they can't SEE anything! Than suddenly, a muscular voice says: “You've destroyed my little BROTHERS! How DARE you anger me?! I'll teach you some RESPECT for your mechanical superiors!”

Adam asks: “Who said that?!”

The voice says: “Having trouble FINDING me?! No surprise; I'm Transparent Tank; a rather BRILLIANT, sentient machine that Dr. Maniac decided to create! But HOW are you going to fight me?! That's the BEAUTY of it, you WON'T! After all, you can't FIGHT what you CAN'T see! You are FINISHED Power Rangers! You hear me, FINISHED!”

Lettuce says: “You don't KNOW us very well, do you?! Well, Adam, it's time to put that Aura Training of yours to GOOD use! Green Color BLAST!!!!”

And shooting out a LARGE burst of green energy color from his hands, Lettuce FILLS the room with green color, and it ends up SPLATTERING all over Transparent Tank, revealing him as a muscular, humanoid Tank Robot! Transparent Tank says: “YOU'RE despicable!”

Letttuce asks: “Ain't I a stinker? All right, Adam. Let's fight this guy together! We'll show him the TRUE power of a Green Ranger!”

Adam says: “Right!” /

Meanwhile Sans and Captain Retro, are running down through their corridor, until it SOMEHOW morphs into the image of a lush, green jungle! Sans says: “Hold the phone! What IS this place?”

Captain Retro says: “Technically speaking, I don't think this IS a place! Watch!”

Captain Retro tries to put one of his hands on a tree, but it passes THROUGH, and the image whirs electronically! Captain Retro says: “Just as I thought, an elaborate hologram!”

Than they both hear a SINISTER buzzing, and Captain Retro's eyes IMMEDIATELY blanch with white, Anime fear! Captain Retro says: “Not BEES! Why did it HAVE to be BEES?!”

Sans angrily says: “And Dr. Maniac's EVIL Robot Bee Drones, at THAT!!!! You Bees, you want to see what TRUE power looks LIKE?!!!”

Captain Retro turns around and looks, and Sans FIRES out an INSANE amount of energy attacks from his skeleton hands; MORE than even HE could possibly hope to count, and Sans quickly and efficiently BLASTS every single Bee Drone apart! Captain Retro's mouth is agape, and he says: “WOW! That was SCARY good! No wonder Chara calls you 'That ONE Boss'. Have you ever thought about auditioning to become 'Rambo', or something like that?”

Than suddenly, Bionic Gorilla rushes in, and puts his two arms on the ground HARD! Bionic Gorilla says: “Sans MAY have blasted all those robot bees, but you WON'T blast me!”

Sans asks: “And what makes you think that I won't?!”

Bionic Gorilla says: “Ask Captain Retro, HE knows!”

Sans asks: “What do you KNOW, Captain Retro?”

Captain Retro sighs, and says: “I know that you CAN'T fight Bionic Gorilla, because unlike Dr. Maniac, he hasn't gone DOWN a 'True Genocide Path'. He's 'True Neutral'!”

Sans says: “But that means...!”

Bionic Gorilla says: “You cannot USE your powers against me. My fight is with Captain Retro alone. Let's see how well you do WITHOUT Pinkie Pie to back you up!”

Captain Retro says: “Please, Bionic Gorilla. Look at yourself! You are MORE than what Dr. Maniac SAYS you are! You don't HAVE to fight for him!”

Bionic Gorilla says: “Dr. Maniac saved MY life when nobody ELSE would have! He's MY master, right or wrong!”

Captain Retro says: “I KNOW that your past wasn't a REALLY happy one, but that doesn't mean your present OR your future has to be miserable as well.”

Bionic Gorilla says: “Dr. Maniac RESCUED me! I OWE him MY life!”

Captain Retro says: “Bionic Gorilla...or should I say; Windsor T. Gorilla?!!!”

This stops Bionic Gorilla DEAD in his tracks, and he tries to fight back tears, as he says: “No one...has called me that...since, BEFORE, the accident.”

Captain Retro says: “You're not LIKE Dr. Maniac; you're NOT evil! But Dr. Maniac IS! He's just USING you to further his evil ends, and using you to make MORE creatures like you be as MISERABLE and evil as Dr. Maniac is. Don't LET Dr. Maniac DO that to you! Break the cycle of hate, Dr. Maniac doesn't have power over you, only YOU do! And it's up to YOU to decide, whether you're GOING to let Dr. Maniac have his WAY with you, or if you want to make YOUR future BE what you WANT it to be! You can't TRUST Dr. Maniac! Once HE gets what HE wants, he'll DISPOSE of you, and YOU know it, to!”

Bionic Gorilla says: “I want to break free, but I don't know if I can!” /

Unbeknownst to Bionic Gorilla, Dr. Maniac is MONITORING the action on one of his monitor camera! Dr. Maniac yells: “WHY ISN'T HE TURNING them into Mulan Szechuan McNugget Sauce?! If you WANT something done RIGHT, you've got to DO it, yourself!”

And Dr. Maniac pushes a BIG red button labeled: “KILL THEM ALL!” And a BUNCH of Machine Gun cannons EMERGE from hidden panels in the holographic trees and rocks!

Captain Retro quickly says: “Retro Shield Barrier!!!!”

And he THROWS a BIG, gigantic shield barrier around himself, Sans, AND Bionic Gorilla! To Bionic Gorilla's SHOCK, the bullets were even coming in HIS direction, but are instead, harmlessly absorbed by Captain Retro's shield barrier, as each machine gun cannon fires a THOUSAND rounds before exhausting themselves! Bionic Gorilla looks in shock as Captain Retro dissipates his energy barrier. Bionic Gorilla says: “Dr. Maniac was willing to let ME die, just so he could KILL you!”

Sans says: “It's like Captain Retro SAID; Dr. Maniac is a TRUE Genocide nut! That MEANS he's WILLING to KILL EVERY THING! No matter WHAT their loyalty status, is!”

Bionic Gorilla says: “You've saved me. I owe you my life. What do you want me to do to repay you, Captain Retro?”

Captain Retro says: “You DON'T owe me anything! As of now, I'm releasing you from your life debt. You're now free to make your OWN choices, the way you were MEANT to!”

Bionic Gorilla says: “Than, I CHOOSE to fight with YOU guys! I choose to fight on the side of the Power Rangers, and the forces of good!”

Captain Retro says: “Glad to have you along, Bionic...I mean, Windsor! We could use all the help we can get! Just one thing, why don't you get RID of that Voice Box that Dr. Maniac FORCED you to wear? That mechanical sound is just NOT you!”

Bionic Gorilla takes OFF the 1980's Voice Box Technology around his neck, tosses it on the ground, and SMASHES it into oblivion for good measure! With a normal voice, he says: “I feel FREE again. It feels GOOD to have control over my own life again! I may not be able to get rid of my OTHER Bionic enhancements, but I think that I CAN use them to my advantage! One good turn deserves another! The password you need from this room, is the number, '4'!”

Sans asks: “Just, '4'?”

Captain Retro says: “I guess Dr. Maniac never thought we WOULD make it past Windsor, or that Windsor would HAVE a change of heart!”

Windsor says: “You're right. Even so, you're not OUT of the woods yet, LITERALLY! I'll take the lead, and I'll help you AVOID all the other traps Dr. Maniac set out for you!”

Sans asks: “How are you going to do that?”

Windsor says: “My circuits are STILL tapped into Dr. Maniac's central computer. And since he can't HEAR what we're saying, he WON'T be able to hear my plan! Since I'm now on YOUR side, he CAN'T over-ride my free will, but I CAN over-ride the REST of his trap systems! Unfortunately, I can't do anything about the monsters, but it will STILL be a big help to you guys!”

Captain Retro says: “Thanks, Windsor! I'm sure you'll be great at WHATEVER you decide to do, once we get out of here!”

Windsor pushes some buttons on his bionic arms, taps into Dr. Maniac's computer system, and sends out an electronic signal, which JAMS Dr. Maniac's trap mechanism, shuts down ALL holographic projections, and even shuts down Dr. Maniac's main computer for good measure! /

In Dr. Maniac's control room, Dr. Maniac says: “Why have ALL my main computer programs have gone off-line?! Diagnostics, give me a reading!”

Dr. Maniac pushes EVERYTHING electronic, and ALL the monitors will display, is an electronic reading, that simply reads the words: “Out of Order”.

Dr. Maniac says: “OUT OF ORDER?!!! ERRRR...even in the FUTURE, NOTHING WORKS!!!!” /

Windsor says: “Next stop, Dr. Maniac's inner sanctum. And he's going to find that his last attempt at a Back-stab Betrayal, WILL be his LAST attempt at a Back-stab Betrayal!”

Sans says: “No argument, with you, there!”

Captain Retro says: “Come on, Sans! Let's go save Alphys and hopefully, Mettaton!” /

Andros and Naruto are running down what APPEARS to be a never-ending hallway, until the lights flicker, and the electricity surges through the room, and they find out that they HAD been running on a moving sidewalk moving in the OPPOSITE way they were running! Naruto says: “Now THERE'S something you don't see everyday!”

Andros says: “But why did it suddenly stop? We didn't do anything.”

Naruto says: “Leave it to Captain Retro to find a way to make things easier for us!”

Than a big, pink robot with a rubber eraser for a head jumps out! And he says: “Your friends help will amount to NOTHING in the end! I am Evil Eraser, and I am going to RUB you out, see?! R-r-r-r-rub you out!”

Naruto says: “I don't think he's speaking in hyperbole! Fire Fox Blast!”

And Naruto FIRES a Fox-shaped blast of fire at Evil Eraser, but he BLASTS a pink ray at it, and the fire DISSIPATES into nothingness! Naruto says: “I was AFRAID of that!”

Andros says: “Nevertheless, I think that will be a good tactic! Keep FIRING those fire blasts at that creep and draw his erasing attack! I'll use my Astro Drill to drill some sense into him!”

Naruto says: “I like THAT plan! Hey, Eraser beast, let's see how you handle some rapid FIRE, blasting! Fire Fox Rapid Blast!”

And Naruto fires a bunch of fox-shaped blasts at Evil Eraser, FORCING Evil Eraser to direct ALL of his Eraser Ray at the blasts, leaving himself open to Andros' attacks! Andros says: “Nothing beats the power of team-work!” /

Meanwhile, Karone and Pinkie Pie have been floating through a starry, cosmic void for what feels like an ETERNITY to them! Karone says: “Okay, this IS weird! Even by RANGER standards!”

Pinkie says: “I should introduce you to Discord, sometime. You haven't even SEEN weird until you've seen HIS kind of weird!”

Karone says: “You know, I have been thinking about something, regarding you and Lettuce.”

Pinkie asks: “What about it?”

Karone says: “Lettuce says that he's already APOLOGIZED to you about a hundred times for building a shrine to Kira. So, what gives?”

Pinkie asks: “What do you mean?!”

Karone says: “What I MEAN is, why haven't you accepted his apology yet?”

Pinkie says: “HELLO! He proposed to me, and yet he STILL had a dedicated...flesh for fantasy...or something of that nature, involving HIM and Kira?! I CAN'T just FORGET that!”

Karone says: “I'm not ASKING you to forget! Look, Lettuce MADE a mistake. I GET it! Having feelings FOR Kira despite proposing to you, was a REALLY tacky thing to do! But people who made BIGGER mistakes than him, have LEARNED from their mistakes, and made real IMPROVEMENTS to the world! People FORGAVE them! I mean, look at ME! I once WAS Astronema, second-in-command to Dark Specter himself! If Andros and the Power Rangers were willing to forgive me, why can't you forgive Lettuce for something that is far LESS heinous than everything I did while I was Astronema?”

Pinkie says: “Wow. I never thought of it LIKE that! I guess I can give Lettuce another chance, but he has to PROVE that he's really committed to me, FIRST!”

Karone says: “Understandable!”

Than suddenly, they stop floating, the stars dissipate, and the room is revealed to have a LARGE floating brain with eyes! Karone says: “WOAH! I've HEARD of a BIG Brain, but THAT'S ridiculous!”

The brain speaks through telepathy, and think-speaks: (“What HAPPENED to Dr. Maniac's holographic projection and gravity manipulation?!”)

Pinkie says: “Captain Retro happened, that's what! And we're going to stop YOU...you...say, what ARE you, anyways?!”

The brain says: “I am Brain Beast, a creature that Dr. Maniac created after having a dream about a video game character boss design, who ended up actually BEING used in a 1997 video game! And you will NOT escape my sight, nor evade my warping technique!”

Pinkie says: “We'll just see about that! I'm the QUEEN of speed! Karone, target the EYES of that brain, and I'll attack his vulnerable underside from behind!”

Karone says: “Got it! It's time for that brain to get a taste of the Quasar Saber!” /

Meanwhile, BlackHawk and Kira are walking through what APPEARS to be a LITERAL Jurassic World, filled with real-life dinosaurs!

Kira says: “Man, Steven Spielberg would KILL to have THESE in his movies!”

BlackHawk says: “All I know is, it's taking FOREVER to trek through whatever THIS is, and NOT attract attention! Why don't I just BLAST these creeps and be done with it?!”

Kira says: “Well, we don't KNOW what kind of monster we're going to face! We should save our energy for when we REALLY need it! You can't ALWAYS just BLAST your problems away, sometimes you need to THINK about STRATEGY, and plan for the future!”

BlackHawk says: “You may be onto something, Kira. Having a strategy certainly would have helped me in my fight against the Zero Girls, when Dr. Maniac turned them evil! I guess even someone like me can stand to learn something new!” (WHIR!!!!)

Than suddenly, the dinosaurs suddenly fall down, and the holograms around their bodies dissipate, revealing VERY elaborate robotic skeletons, designed to LOOK like the dinosaurs they were pretending to be! Kira says: “See? What did I tell you? The dinosaurs WEREN'T even real!”

A feminine voice sinisterly says: “The dinosaurs might not have been REAL, but I am!”

And a female, humanoid monster suddenly appears once the holographic image of the jungle disappears, and is replaced with the image of a room filled with red-hot colors of yellow, orange, and red! Appropriately, the monster is decked out in an outfit made entirely of THOSE colors! BlackHawk says: “Looks like something you'd find in a costume BARGAIN bin...from 1985!”

The monster says: “I am Feminine Flame, I am literally HOT to the touch! You try to fight ME, and I will leave you BURNED!!!!”

Kira removes her helmet, and she says: “Burn THIS!!!! AHHHH!!!!”

And she does her Ptera Scream, and she screams SO loud, the resulting shock-waves and wind from her scream, blows OUT the fiery flames on her costumes, and leaves Feminine Flame a charred, brown shell of her former self! Feminine Flame says: “How could you? You blew out my flames!”

Kira says: “See, BlackHawk? It PAYS to have a strategy!”

BlackHawk says: “Good thinking! Now, it's time to see what Saba II, can TRULY do! Saba II, show me some of that fire-power that you have!”

Saba II says: “I'm on it!”

And Saba II starts firing laser blasts from it's eyes, energy blasts from it's sword blade, and even charges a very POWERFUL Aura blast that KNOCKS Feminine Flame to the ground! BlackHawk says: “Well, it's not EXACTLY a gun, but it gets the job done!” /

Meanwhile, FireHawk and Doggie Kruger are in the middle of a battle, fighting a BUNCH of marionette puppets designed to look like ALL the past monsters that Doggie Kruger has previously had to capture! FireHawk says: “I was NEVER a fan of puppet shows before, and this certainly doesn't help to improve their image in MY mind!”

Doggie says: “No matter HOW many I slash, they just don't seem to STAY down! Why do they KEEP coming for more?!”

(WHIR!) Than, as if to answer his question, the puppets suddenly hiss, and then dissipate! FireHawk says: “They were nothing but holograms! No WONDER you couldn't do a thing against them!”

Than a really MENACING monster appears, looking like an EVIL version of Pinocchio, and says: “Those fake puppets might have been holograms, but I'm the REAL deal! I'm Psycho Puppet, and I will take the duty of pulling the strings on YOU today!”

FireHawk says: “I don't THINK so! Black Fire BLAST!!!!”

And spewing out a blast of black fire, she SCORCHES Psycho Puppets' remote control, and melts it into a useless goo of electronic wires! Psycho Puppet says: “You RUINED my grand control!”

Doggie says: “We'll ruin more than THAT before we're through with you! Let's take this guy head on! He's not so tough without a remote to control victims!”

FireHawk says: “Agreed!” /

Finally, Captain Retro, Sans, and Windsor reach the doorway, which has eight different panels, for the eight different passwords needed. Sans says: “Well, we made it to the master door. Now, we just need to figure out which password goes where!”

Windsor says: “It's very simple. Each of the panels are numbered, one through eight, corresponding to which pathway each of you had to go through. So, the password for panel four, would be the one I gave to you.”

Captain Retro says: “So, in other words, '4', for panel four.”

Windsor says: “That about sums it up.”

Sans says: “'4 for four'?! You would THINK Dr. Maniac could be a LITTLE more creative than that!”

Windsor says: “Well, like I said, he didn't THINK you would GET this far!”

Captain Retro says: “And it's time for ME to help the other Rangers get this far!”

Windsor asks: “What do you mean?”

Captain Retro says: “I'm sorry, you're new to this. Allow me to explain. See, I'm a cosmic Radio D.J., and it's my job to play songs that the Rangers can hear, in order to spur them on, and help them in their fights against the EVIL monsters they have to fight, which you NEVER truly were! And as such, I think this occasion, calls for a 1984 hit song, by The Jacksons!” /

And while all the Rangers are fighting their respective monsters, Captain Retro plays a familiar 1984 hit song by The Jacksons, in the background, the hit song, “Torture.” / (Instrumental Opening) The Jacksons sing: “It was on the street so evil, so bad that even hell disowned it. Every single step was trouble, for the fool who stumbled on it. Eyes within the dark were watching, I felt that sudden chill of danger. Something told me to keep on walking; told me I should not have gone there. Baby, because you cut me like a knife, without your love in my life. I'm out, I'm walking the night and I just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture. She was up a stair to nowhere. A room forever, I'll remember. She said as though I should have known her. Tell me, what's your pain or pleasure? Every little thing you find here, is simply for the thrill you're after. Loneliness or hearts on fire. I am here to serve all masters. She said, Reality is a knife, when there's no love in your life. Unmerciful is the night when you just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture. And I still can't find the meaning, of the face I keep on seeing. Was she real or am I dreaming? Did the sound of your name turn a wheel, strike a flame in me? Whoo-hoo! (Instrumental solo) Baby, because you cut me like a knife, without your love in my life. I'm out, I'm walking the night and I just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture. She said, Reality is a knife when there's no love in your life. Unmerciful is the night when you just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture. When you call my name, it's torture! When you strike a flame, it's torture! When you call my name, it's torture! When you call my name, it's torture! When you strike a flame, it's torture! When you call my name, it's torture!” (Instrumental finish) /

And the Rangers all destroy their respective monsters, except for Scorpina, who gets KNOCKED into the pit meant to swallow Tommy, and she disappears magically before she is swallowed into darkness; and the passwords reveal themselves to the Power Rangers! Billy says: “All right! Our password, is the number, '1'!” /

Usagi says: “I can't believe it! You did everything RIGHT, and she STILL got away!”

Tommy sighs, and says: “To the past. I have a feeling that I might have to go back in time to my OWN time, soon. I have a feeling that I'll have to go on another mission. And I have a feeling that whatever outcome happens, that next mission may very well BE my last.”

Usagi says: “You can worry about that, later! For now, we've got our password, and the pit is being closed up, so we can cross now! Our password, is the number, '2'!” /

Lettuce says: “Transparent Tanks aren't so scary, when they aren't transparent!”

Adam says: “And we've got our password! Our password, is the number, '3'!” /

Naruto says: “Wow! You did it! You ERASED the eraser!”

Andros says: “I couldn't have done it without YOUR help! And we've got our password! Our password, is the number, '5'!” /

Pinkie says: “So much for Dr. Maniac's Brain Beast! For a boss that was BASICALLY a brain, it's REALLY not that hard to defeat it when you know HOW to!”

Karone says: “And we've got our password! Our password, is the number, '6'!” /

BlackHawk says: “Guess THAT flame...went down in flames.”

Kira says: “Seriously?!”

BlackHawk says: “Coop has always BETTER at coming up with witty remarks than I can. Besides, we've got our password! Our password, is the number, '7'!” /

FireHawk says: “So much for THAT puppet show! Hope there aren't any encores!”

Doggie says: “Agreed! And we now have our password! Our password, is the number, '8'!” /

Captain Retro says: “I have a feeling that my song worked! The other Power Rangers should be along in 3...2...1!”

And Captain Retro turns around, and sure enough, all the Power Rangers arrive at the big, steel door, no worse for the wear! Sans says: “Great! You guys ALL made it!”

Billy says: “Wait! Why is Bionic Gorilla with you?”

Captain Retro says: “His real name is Windsor, and I saved his life, and gave him back his freedom! He's one of the good guys, now!”

Lettuce says: “Awesome! And Pinkie?”

Pinkie says: “Yes?”

Lettuce says: “I'm...REALLY sorry about that whole SHRINE business! It wasn't FAIR to you. You...didn't deserve to have to put up with that ordeal, and I'm sorry I ever let that devotion get to such a bizarre state. I promise you, when we get back home, my romantic attentions will NEVER be focused on another woman EVER again! From now on, my heart will be set on you, and ONLY you. So, will you PLEASE give me another chance?”

Pinkie sighs, and says: “I suppose so. After all, I suppose MAYBE I over-reacted a little to the Shrine. After all, it's not like you WERE Karone when she was Astronema, basically GROOMED into being an evil villain for most of her life, than forcibly BRAINWASHED into being evil by Darkonda. The point is, I was upset by it, but I understand that you made a mistake, and that you are willing to learn from it. I can move past all this, but I need you to prove yourself to me for a little while, before I'll fully commit to anything, like us being together forever, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.”

Lettuce says: “Sure, I can live with that. I've waited THIS long to get together with you. A couple more months or so is worth the wait.”

Captain Retro says: “All right! Now it's time to put in the passwords, for the combination! Sans, tell me everyone's password!”

Sans says: “Right! You DID get all your passwords, didn't you?!”

BlackHawk says: “Of course we did!”

And the Rangers all whisper their passwords to Sans. Sans turns back around and says: “Okay! The passwords, in chronological order, for all the different panels, are as follows! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!

Captain Retro says: “So, the combined password combination is; '1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8'.”

Lettuce says: WHAT?!!! That's the STUPIDEST password combination I've EVER heard in my LIFE! That's the kind of combination an IDIOT would have on his LUGGAGE!”

Naruto says: “Wait! Did you SAY the password combination is, '1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8'?”

Sans says: “Yes.”

Naruto says: “That's AMAZING! I've got the SAME combination on my LUGGAGE! Captain Retro, open the door! And when we get back home, in a completely unrelated matter, remind me to CHANGE the combination on MY luggage!”

Captain Retro puts in all the passwords, and the big steel door swings open. A big, booming voice says: “COME FORWARD!!!!”

Tommy says: “Get ready, guys! We're about to enter the belly of the beast!”

And they all walk into the spacious room, which is filled what APPEARS to be a large cauldron, and a bunch of fiery FLAMES coming out of it, and a HUGE, floating, green head image of Dr. Maniac, appears OVER the cauldron! Pinkie says: “Oh, in Equestria's name, what have you DONE to yourself?!”

Dr. Maniac's voice booms: “I AM DR. MANIAC!!!! THE SMART AND POWERFUL!!!! WHO ARE YOU?!!! (DUH! DUH!) WHO ARE YOU?!!!”

Usagi says: “What are you TALKING about?! You know who WE are! I am Usagi, the brave and pretty! And we've come to ask--.”



And Windsor says: “WOAH!!!! Yes, sir. Yes, your honor. You see, a while back, Captain Retro saved my life. And--.”


Sans says: “Yes, your honor! I mean, your excellency! I mean, your BRILLIANCY!!!!”

Captain Retro shouts: “ENOUGH!!!!”

And he walks over to a conspicuous green curtain, and OPENS it, revealing the REAL Dr. Maniac! Dr. Maniac turns around, and shouting through a voice amplifier, booms: “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!!!! THE GREATEST, DR. MANIAC, HAS SPOKEN!!!!”

Karone scoffs, and asks: “Oh, come ON! Who are YOU?!”

Dr. Maniac shouts through the voice amplifier, and booms: “I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL--!!!!”

Than he steps away from the voice amplifier, and finishes: “Dr. Maniac!”

Captain Retro says: “I expected MORE from YOU, Dr. Maniac, but THAT was just SAD! How STUPID do you THINK we ARE?!!!”

Dr. Maniac says: You don't REALLY want me to ANSWER that one, do you, you PEONS?!”

Than suddenly Alphys' voice shouts: “RANGERS!!!! Have you come to rescue me! I'm up HERE, on this CHANDELIER!!!!”

And the Rangers look up, and sure enough, they see Alphys tied up to a LARGE, yellow chandelier, without ANY means of a method that she could POSSIBLY use to escape, or get herself down safely! Sans says: “Alphys! Don't worry, we'll get you down soon!”

Dr. Maniac says: “Don't BET on it, bone boy! Make ONE wrong move, and I will RELEASE the mechanism holding that chandelier in place! In other words, you MESS with me; Alphys WILL DIE and it WILL ALL BE YOUR FAULT!!!! I WARNED YOU NOT TO MESS WITH ME! BUT YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN!!!!”

StarHawk says: “Dr. Maniac, you are TRULY a--!!”

And then she starts SQUAWKING in high-pitched Hawkian, and although nobody can see it, BlackHawk is blushing from EMBARRASSMENT from what he is hearing! Bionic Gorilla asks: “What in the WORLD did she say?!”

FireHawk says: “She was speaking in our native Hawkian, and what she said, I can't repeat it exactly, because it might OFFEND Captain Retro! However, I can paraphrase what she said. She said, 'You are truly a most DEGRADING excuse for a poop-filled, fatherless child I have ever seen, and when we DO free Alphys, I am LITERALLY going to RIP up your BUTT and SHOVE IT DOWN your FREAKING MOUTH like the DONKEY that you ARE'! Totally paraphrased, of course.”

Captain Retro says: “Of course.”

Dr. Maniac says: “OOH, such spirit! Professor Bias always DID warn me to BEWARE of the Nice Ones! Of course, you won't LIVE much longer to CARE for such witty banter!”

Adam says: “And what's your DERANGED plan THIS time?! ANOTHER monster?!”

Dr. Maniac says: “THE monster! Allow me to present, the MENACING METTAON!!!!”

And he reveals a small, brown robot with a bunch of buttons, on a singular wheel. BlackHawk says: “Weird. He seemed a LOT more menacing down in the underground. Of course, I WAS younger back then, but STILL...”

Dr. Maniac says: “He may be small, but it's the SIZE of the fight IN the robot that counts! And don't think that you can MERCY your way through THIS one, all of his original programming is gone, and he WILL fight to YOUR deaths, or his! So much, for a TRUE PACIFIST ROUTE!!!!”

Sans' eyes start to glow red, and he says: “I'll SHOW YOU WHAT NO MERCY LOOKS LIKE!”

Captain Retro says: “THINK!!!! Alphys' life is STILL in danger! If YOU fight against Dr. Maniac, he WILL kill her!”

Sans says: “And if we fight against Mettaton, we'll kill HIM!”

Alphys shouts: “I MADE a hard-drive back-up of Mettaton's original programming while I was still in the underground! It's back in the lab! Don't worry about destroying THIS Mettaton, he's just a PAWN in Dr. Maniac's SICK game, like Windsor was! I can make a NEW Mettaton with his ORIGINAL programming once we get back home! Do what you NEED to do!”

Sans says: “We have no choice. We HAVE to destroy this Mettaton. It's the only way!”

BlackHawk says: “I'll take care of this QUICKLY, I remember how Alphys told me to beat him the LAST time! HEY, Mettaton! There's a BIG, SHINY MIRROR behind you, if you just STARE and LOOK!”

Mettaton turns around, and robotically says: “What? Where IS the mirror?”

And he reveals a HUGE On/Off Switch on the back of him! Lettuce says: “Pinkie Pie, NOW!!!!”

And Pinkie Pie QUICKLY switches Mettaton, from “On,” to “Off.”

Usagi says: “Phew! THAT wasn't so hard!”

Naruto says: “Yeah, Dr. Maniac usually FORCES us to fight for 28 minutes before WE can take care of a monster!”

Than a sexy, male voice COMES from Mettaton, and he says: “OOH, you switched me from 'On', to 'Off'. You must WANT to see my NEW form!”

Than Mettaton suddenly SHEDS its robotic exterior, and reveals a handsome, somewhat skeletal, tall, thin body! Mettaton sexily says: “Say hello to Mettaton Exe.!”

BlackHawk says: “WHAT?! That didn't happen the LAST time I went through the Underground!”

Captain Retro says: “You must have been playing a Beta Version with Gaster still in it.”

Alphys shouts: “I thought EVERYONE in the Underground AGREED that we would NEVER speak of 'Gaster', again!”

Captain Retro says: “Well, if you dig around hard enough...it's NOT important! Rangers, BLAST everything that Mettaton Exe., shoots at you, but DON'T hit him! I've GOT to play a radio song, and set up my phone lines for EVERYONE in the Multiverse!”

Kira asks: “What for?”

Captain Retro says: “I need to exploit Mettaton Exe., and it's ONLY weakness, his DESPERATE need for high ratings! And I've got the song that can make it happen! Rangers, you KNOW what YOU need to do!”

All the Rangers say: “Right!”

BlackHawk says: “Let's power up!”

Captain Retro begins his telepathic radio broadcast, and he says: “This is Captain Retro, coming to you with a special LIVE broadcast from the Planet Onyx, and they need YOUR help! Only with plenty of calls from YOU, the loyal listeners, will help defeat the latest threat they have to fight! So be sure to send all phone calls to 555-2278. Remember, that's the same as dialing, 555-CAPT! Here's a song that will SURELY get you in the right mood! From 1984, this is The Jacksons and Mick Jagger, with their mega hit song, 'State of Shock'!” /

/ And while all the Rangers are fighting Mettaton Exe., Captain Retro plays the familiar mega hit song by The Jacksons, and Mick Jagger, in the background; “State of Shock”! / The Jacksons and Mick Jagger sing: “Yeah, come on, baby. You gotta be mine, cause you're so fine. I like your style, it makes me wild! You take it to me good! You like it. Know, you should! You get me on my knees! Come on, baby! Well, please, baby, please. Listen, she looks so great, every time I see her face, she puts me in a state. A state of shock! We're doing it! Oh, ha, come on, baby. Oh, come on, baby. Come on, let me in. She put me on my knees! Please, baby, please! I know you like to tease, but please, baby, please. You take it to me good! You like it. Know, you should! I love the way you walk and talk, baby, talk! Listen, she looks so great, every time I see her face, she puts me in a state. A state of shock! She put me, ooh, in a state of shock. Now come over here. No, come over here. Ooh, talk, talk to me. State of shock! You know I really love you, baby! Want you, I really want you! You got me paralyzed! You got me paralyzed! You got me catatonic. You got me catatonic baby. You got me supersonic! You got me supersonic, baby! You know I'm deep fried. You know I'm deep fried. Yeah, look what you've done to me. Look what you've done to me! Look what you've done to me! Yeah, how you move! A state of shock! You know I need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Come on, baby! You know I've really loved you, baby! (Michael Jackson, starts singing “Now” over and over until the end of the song). State of shock! You know I really want you! Yeah, baby, yeah, baby. Just look at me, look at me. State of shock! You drive me! You got me, you got me, you got me in a state of shock! Look at that, look at me. Look at me, look at me. Look at me. Ooh, look at me.” / And the hit song ends. /

And the listener tally clocks in at 44 MILLION listeners! Mettaton Exe., sexily says: “OOH! The ratings are at their absolute PEAK!!!! I have NEVER been more popular! I have reached the pinnacle of my popularity! This shall be my final fight! With your skills, you truly DO have the ability to stop Dr. Maniac, and save Core Earth from his wicked whims! I KNOW you will do me proud!”

And then Mettaton Exe., shuts down for good! BlackHawk says: “Do you see what you're dealing with NOW, Dr. Maniac?! No matter WHAT you throw at US, we ARE going to stop it! And that INCLUDES YOU, you VILE MONSTER!!!!”

But then, Dr. Maniac LOSES it in a way the Rangers have NEVER seen him lose it before! Dr. Maniac screams: “No, NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!”

Captain Retro says: “Uh-oh! He's having a Villainous Breakdown!”

Dr. Maniac screams: “I must be DREAMING!!!! I'll be RUINED!!!! I didn't WANT to do THIS, but now, I have NO CHOICE!!!!”

StarHawk asks: “What is he talking about now?”

FireHawk says: “Oh, he's just bluffing again.”

Dr. Maniac says: “I am doing NO such THING!!!! You may have THWARTED every single ONE of my MECHANICAL creations, but now you must face against ME, the MASTER of ALL MACHINES! And I will PERSONALLY KILL YOU, even if I HAVE to take EXTREME MEASURES!!!!”

And with his cybernetic arm, he HACKS into Mettaton Exe., than he PULLS out FIVE CRIMSON red vials, marked “SUPER PSYCHO SERUM! Warning: DO NOT USE UNLESS THERE IS REALLY, REALLY, NO ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION!!!!”

Karone shouts: “STOP!!!! That's PURE concentrated ESSENCE of the five Psycho Rangers! Even just ONE of those vials, and you'll be--!”

Dr. Maniac screams: “It's TOO late for THAT!!!! I TRIED to be NICE about it, but you have SQUANDERED ALL YOUR CHANCES!!!!”

And Dr. Maniac INJECTS all five vials into his body, and he begins pulsating with a CRAZY amount of energy that even KARONE has NEVER felt before! Billy says: “This is not GOOD!!!!”

Captain Retro says: “Get inside my shield barrier!!!! This is going to get UGLY!!!!”

The fortress starts to shake and crumble apart, as if it can't WITHSTAND the energy entering into Dr. Maniac's body! Dr. Maniac's voice starts to MUTATE into the VOICE of the Legion, and he says: “I FEEL LIKE A NEW MANIAC!!!!”

And Dr. Maniac's body, FORCIBLY and SICKENINGLY MERGES ITSELF with Mettaton Exe's., body, and it begins to contort and WARP itself into a TWISTED, MANGLED mash of Machine and Organic parts from the two former, separate bodies, WARPING into a LARGE, HORRIFIC body horror that would make even TETSUO blush! Pinkie Pie says: “WOAH! Somebody call for a plastic surgeon!”

Dr. Maniac's voice booms: “I feel BIG again!”

Captain Retro says: “Windsor, get to the Astro Mega Ship, you're just collateral damage, here!”

Windsor says: “Whatever you do, don't get KILLED!!!!”

And Windsor runs outside to wait for the Astro Mega Ship to pick him up! And without even the NEED for a Bigga Ray, Dr. Maniac grows to a GIGANTIC size, and his body now seemingly LOOKS like 1995 C.G.I., computer graphics, ALMOST the same as the body utilized for movie villain, Ivan Ooze! Despite the Fortress coming apart at the seams, the section of ceiling that Alphys, and the chandelier she is tied to, is still safely secure in place! Dr. Maniac's voice booms: “All right, you Power brats! It's the Eleventh Hour, and your time is up!”

Tommy says: “Don't bet on it! It's time to summon ALL our fire-power!”

Billy says: “Right! I need Dino Megazord power, NOW!!!!”

And in a sight not seen since 1994, the original Dinozords roar back to life, and come rushing towards Billy! Tommy says: “I need Tigerzord power, now!”

And the Tigerzord runs towards Tommy, and he jumps into the cock-pit! Adam says: “I need Zeo Megazord power, now!”

And all five of the Zeo zords come together, and form into the Zeo Megazord! Karone says: “Go, Galactic!”

And the five Lost Galaxy zords, come together, and form into the Lost Galaxy Megazord! Kira says: “Dino Thunder, power up!”

And all three of the main Dino Thunder Zords come together, and form the Dino Thunder Megazord! Doggie Kruger says: “S.P.D., Emergency!”

And the S.P.D. Megazord appears, and Doggie Kruger jumps into it! BlackHawk says: “Now it's my turn! I need Lionzord power, now!”

And a familiar tune plays in the background, and says: “Gold Ranger, Lion Power! Gold Ranger, Lion Power! Gold Ranger, Lion Power! Gold Ranger, Lion Power!”

BlackHawk jumps into the cock-pit, hooks Saba II in, and BlackHawk says: “All right! Time to fight out what this Zord can TRULY do!”

The tune continues: “Gold Ranger, Lion Power! Gold Ranger, Lion Power! Go, Gold Ranger! Go, Gold Ranger right NOW!!!!”

The other Rangers look at all the completed Zord formations, and Pinkie says: “It's INCREDIBLE! Seven FULL Zord formations! This might be the biggest gathering of Zords, ever!”

Billy says: “Rangers, we could use a hand! I've modified the controls, but each Zord formation STILL needs at LEAST one more Ranger in order to run, properly!”

Naruto says: “What do you think? Same partnerships as last time?”

Andros says: “With one small modification. I'll go with BlackHawk. Naruto, you go help Kira.”

Naruto says: “Right!

StarHawk goes with Billy, Usagi goes with Tommy, Lettuce goes with Adam, Naruto goes with Kira, Pinkie goes with Karone, Andros goes with BlackHawk, and FireHawk goes with Doggie! Dr. Maniac says: “Impressive machines, to say the least! Now, let's see how well you handle them!”

To Be Continued... 

I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I did writing it. Enough said, true believers!

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FINALLY! A normal episode of normal length! It's still a good one, though. / 

(Cold Open)

The show opens up on the five Thunder Rangers, doing battle against Fruit Freak. Fruit Freak says: “You think you Rangers are so tough?! I'll show you that I'm made of tougher stuff! Take THIS, green boy!”

And she fires a pineapple bomb at Coop, but it passes RIGHT through him, because it's an Aura illusion! Coop says: “WRONG direction!”

And he hits her from behind with his Lion Staff! Fruit Freak says: “Well, YOU say 'Tomato', I say, 'You're FINISHED'!”

D.O.G., says: “Slowaga!”

And time slows WAY down for Fruit Freak, as she fires tomatoes in slow motion, but D.O.G., uses his Cat of Nine Tails to whip them all away harmlessly!

Krash'ir says: “Hey! CAN Fruit Freak ACTUALLY fire tomatoes?”

Samson says: “Well, they ARE technically a fruit, ALL fruits have SEEDS, you know!”

Fruit Freak says: “Well, TECHNICALLY, I'm going to be firing Watermelon SEED bombs at you!”

Patsy says: “Phoenix Wind!”

And she spins her spear around like an electric windmill propeller, blowing ALL of Fruit Freak's seeds back at her! Fruit Freak says: “I've got SUCH a splitting headache!”

Samson says: “And it's about to get worse! Patsy, do that wind trick again! I've got an idea! Let's see if I can combine my fire attack in my swords, with your wind technique!”

Patsy says: “Sounds like a plan!”

Samson says: “Red Dragon Fire!”

And Samson's swords glow red hot, and he puts the flaming swords in front of Patsy's spinning spear, and the wind BLOWS the flames at Fruit Freak, scorching her, and bubbling up her insides!” Fruit Freak says: “YOW! I'm boiling hot!”

Coop says: “I think it's time to finish her off! Let's use the Thunder Cannon!”

The other Rangers say: “Right!”

All the Power Rangers say: “Activate Thunder Cannon!”

And a green cannon, with a Golden Dragon head, appears in their hands! D.O.G., says: “Channel your auras together...”

Fruit Freak says: “No, wait!”

All the Power Rangers say: “Fire Thunder Cannon!”

And the Aura energies from all five Thunder Rangers fire at Fruit Freak, blasting her into her individual fruits! The people she turned into fruits, are then returned to normal! Samson says: “All right, we did it! Our first monster down!” /

Queen Beryl says: “NO! It CAN'T be over!”

Kunzite says: “I thought this might happen, which is why I enacted a little extra magic ritual on this Youma. It's about to get a WHOLE lot bigger!” /

Than suddenly, the fruits that came apart from Fruit Freak begin to vibrate, and they begin to REJOIN together, and GROW into a gigantic monster! Fruit Freak says: “Okay, Power Punks! It's time for Round Two of this fight, and I WON'T be playing NICE this time!”

Krash'ir says: “I HATE it when these monsters WON'T stay down!”

D.O.G., says: “We can handle them! We need THUNDERZORD power, now!” /

Coop says: “Green Lion Thunderzord Power!” / Patsy says: “Pink Phoenix Thunderzord power!” / Krash'ir says: “Blue Kirin Thunderzord Power!” / D.O.G., says: “Yellow Korin Thunderzord power!” / Samson says: “Red Dragon Thunderzord Power!” /

The five Thunderzords come together, as a familiar theme song plays. The song sings: “They've got, a power and force that you've never seen before. They've got the ability to morph and to even up the score. No one, will ever take them down. The power lies on their si-yi-yi-yi-ide!”

Samson says: “Let's go!”

And they all jump into their cock-pits, and they are pleasantly surprised to see, that the insides of their individual zords, now look like the inside of the Tigerzord! Coop says: “This is the Green Thunder Ranger, checking in!”

Krash'ir says: “Blue Thunder Ranger checking in, all systems go!”

D.O.G., says: “Yellow Thunder Ranger checking in, ready to fight!”

Patsy says: “Pink Thunder Ranger checking in, NICE stereo!”

Samson says: “Red Thunder Ranger checking in, time to form the Thunder Megazord!”

And the five Zords form together, into the familiar form of the Thunder Megazord! Fruit Freak says: “The Thunder Megazord?! That's SO 1995!”

D.O.G., says: “It may be retro, like my brother, but it's STILL more than a match for you! Let's get up close and personal with THIS beast! Our fight's not over yet!” /

State of Shock: Part III

Captain Retro narrates, and he says: “Previously, on Power Rangers Multiverse Force; Dr. Maniac retreated to the safety and security of his fortress. Having no choice but to go inside, the Power Rangers, along with the Legendary Rangers, Sans, the unexpected help of Bionic Gorilla, now known as Windsor T. Gorilla, and myself, we have battled against six of Dr. Maniac's most evil monsters, and Scorpina. After doing battle against Mettaton Exe., Dr. Maniac suffered a villainous breakdown, and decided to take drastic measures, to fight against the Power Rangers. After injecting five Super Psycho vials into himself, and doing a forced Fusion Dance with Mettaton Exe., Dr. Maniac has now mutated into a gigantic cybernetic beast, threatening to destroy Planet Onyx. It will take the combined fire-power from all of the Rangers, to finish him off once, and for all!” /

Words appear on the screen, and they say: “Now, Present Day, the second to last Tuesday of 2178, Planet Onyx, Dr. Maniac's RUINED Fortress.”

The mutated, gigantic Dr. Maniac, is staring down the gauntlet, at seven megazord formations! Dr. Maniac, in a booming voice, says: “NOW, THAT'S HARDLY FAIR! SEVEN AGAINST ONE! BUT WITH MY NEW BODY, COMES NEW ABILITIES! YOU REMEMBER MY FRIENDS, THAT YOU KILLED IN MY FORTRESS?! WELL, SAY HELLO TO THEIR BIG BROTHER VERSIONS, THAT I'LL CREATE, JUST FOR YOU!!!!”

And twisting and contorting his own body, he produces GIGANTIC versions of Blast Bot, Transparent Tank (STILL in Lettuce's Green Aura Color blast), Evil Eraser, Brain Beast, Feminine Flame, and Psycho Puppet! Pinkie says: “EW! Gross! I don't think that I'm EVER going to be able to 'Un-see' that!”

Billy says: “We beat these beasts before! We can beat them again! Everyone, take the beast that you took down the last time! Tommy, you and Usagi go after Dr. Maniac!”

Tommy says: “I'm on it!”

Dr. Maniac asks: “Shall we tango?”

Usagi says: “Don't make jokes like that! Let's see if MY powers will work with YOUR Zord! Calling on the Sailor Moon Staff!”

And to Tommy's surprise, a GIGANTIC version of Usagi's Sailor Moon Staff appears in the arms of the Tigerzord! Tommy says: “Wow! I didn't know you could do that!”

Usagi says: “I've been practicing on our Simulation Planet, but I haven't HAD the occasion to try it out before with a REAL battle experience! This is my FIRST real test with this!”

Tommy says: “All right, Usagi! You're familiar with YOUR staff! You take the controls!”

Although Tommy can't see it, Usagi is blushing inside of her helmet, and she says: “Tommy, I'm SO flattered! In another time, in another place...well, it's not important! Let's focus on taking this creep DOWN, once and for all!”

Tommy says: “Right!”

Billy says: “Haven't used THIS trick for a while! Activate the MASTODON Shield!”

And Blast Bot BLASTS a bunch of rounds at the Dino Megazord, but the Mastodon Shield harmlessly absorbs all of his rounds! StarHawk says: “Looks like 1985 technology is no match for a 10,000 year old Megazord!”

Billy says: “Right! It's time to call upon the Power Sword!”

And the Power Sword streaks through the sky, and lands on the ground! The Dino Megazord picks it up, and glints it's eyes! Billy and StarHawk simultaneously says: “Power Sword Lightning Strike!”

And summoning lightning from the sky, The Dino Megazord swings the Power Sword, strikes THROUGH Blast Bot! It falls over, and PROMPTLY explodes on the ground!

Billy says: “That's one beast down, and six to go!”

Transparent Tank says: “You may be able to SEE me, but you STILL can't match me for PURE strength, when it comes to fire-power!”

Adam says: “Want to bet? The Zeo Megazord might surprise you! Activate Zeo Ranger I Battle Helmet Mode!”

And the helmet on the Zeo Megazord switches to have the helmet of Zeo Ranger One's Zord! Lettuce says: “Fire Power Blast!”

And Lettuce pushes the firing button! Although Transparent Tank fires a powerful energy shot at the Zeo Zord's blast, the Zeo Zord's attack is MORE powerful, and HITS Transparent Tank, knocking it back! Transparent Tank asks: “Is that ALL you've got?!”

Adam says: “You wish! Activate Zeo Ranger II Battle Helmet Mode!”

And the helmet on the Zeo Megazord switches to have the helmet of Zeo Ranger Two's Zord! Lettuce says: “Fire Double Blaster!”

And Lettuce pushes the firing button! This time, Transparent Tank tries to BLOCK the attack with his tough Tank exterior, but he STILL gets knocked back, and falls over! Transparent Tank says: “You LITTLE cheats! Why don't you try fighting ME fair and square?!”

Lettuce scoffs, and he says: “NOW you WANT to talk FAIRNESS?! Sorry, but you're a day late, and a dollar short!”

Adam says: “I agree! Activate Zeo Ranger 4 Battle Helmet Mode!”

And the helmet on the Zeo Megazord switches to have the helmet of Adam's Zeo Zord! Lettuce says: “Fire Lightning Blast!”

Transparent Tank says: “No lightning can hurt--!”

But Transparent Tank is INSTANTLY proven wrong, as Transparent Tank is SHOCKED to its core, and becomes PARALYZED, and unable to move! Transparent Tank says: “My joints have all FRIED!!!!”

Adam says: “It's time to finish him off! Activate Zeo Ranger V Battle Helmet Mode!”

And the helmet on the Zeo Megazord switches back to have it's normal Zeo Ranger Five's Zord! Lettuce says: “It's time to call upon the Zeo Sword!”

And wielding it's powerful Sword, the Zeo Megazord swings it at Transparent Tank, and Transparent Tank says: “I'm heading for the SCRAP HEAP!!!!”

And Transparent Tank falls down, and explodes! Lettuce says: “Scratch one Tank!”

BlackHawk asks: “Andros, who is THAT big, pink freak?!”

Andros says: “That's Evil Eraser! I don't know HOW we're going to get close enough to fight him, without him blasting his erase ray in our faces!”

BlackHawk says: “I think I might, though!”

BlackHawk activates his communicator, and says: “Alpha 7, can you read me?!”

Alpha 7 says: “I read you loud and clear, BlackHawk!”

BlackHawk says: “Good! I need you to fly the Astro Mega Ship to blast at Evil Eraser, and distract him so WE can deliver the finishing blow!”

Alpha 7 says: “I'm on it! D.E.C.A., you know what to do!”

D.E.C.A., says: “Activating interception attack routine, #3.”

And the Astro Mega Ship flies in, and starts shooting energy blasts at Evil Eraser, tricking it into firing its Eraser Rays at it! BlackHawk says: “Now's our chance!”

Andros says: “Brilliant! You know YOUR Zord better than I do, you do the honors!”

BlackHawk says: “Right! To quote George Harrison of The Beatles; Here Comes the Sun! Solar Energy Blast Attack!!!!”

And firing a BIG yellow blast of energy, the Lion Zord fires its solar energy at Evil Eraser! Evil Eraser is KNOCKED down to the ground, and PROMPTLY explodes! BlackHawk says: “Personally, I like the type of gun you ONLY need to fire once, like THAT!”

Brain Beast says: “You WON'T be taking me down a SECOND time, because THIS time, my brain waves are AMPLIFIED!”

And Brain Beast begins shooting electricity at the Lost Galaxy Megazord! Pinkie says: “He's got us in some electric-magnetic dead-lock, I can't break free!”

Lettuce says: “Hold on, Pinkie Pie! Activate Zeo Ranger III Battle Helmet!”

And the helmet on the Zeo Megazord, switches to have Zeo Ranger Three's Zord on it! Adam says: “Ground strike!”

Lettuce says: “On it!”

And Lettuce pushes a button, and the Zeo Megazord POUNDS on the ground, and the ripple effect CAUSES a gigantic Earthen pillar to appear underneath Brain Beast, and KNOCKS him off balance, causing it's electric blasts to HIT itself! Brain Beast says: WOAH! My senses are all scattered!”

Pinkie says: “Thank you, Lettuce, that was CLOSE!”

Lettuce says: “Anytime for you, Pinkie! No beast is going to hurt YOU on my watch!”

Pinkie says: “We can't take another blast like that!”

Karone says: “I've got an idea! I just hope it works! Lights of Orion, ACTIVATE!”

And to Karone's surprise, Golden Bracelets appear on ALL of the Rangers, and all the Zords now have a GOLDEN Glow to them! Karone says: “Wow! I didn't THINK that would work! Apparently, you just need at least FOUR other Rangers with you to activate the technique, not JUST your four other Rangers from the same team!”

Pinkie says: “Let's put this fire-power to good use! Time to use the Lost Galaxy Power Sword!”

Brain Beast says: “Have MERCY on me!”

Karone says: “MERCY THIS!!!!”

The Lost Galaxy Megazord STRIKES at Brain Beast, but instead of falling over, it evilly says: “If I GO DOWN, I'm TAKING ALPHYS WITH ME!!!!”

And Brain Beast FALLS Toward Alphys, threatening to CRUSH her! Sans says: “SOMEONE HELP HER!!!!”

Captain Retro FLIES towards her, and says: “Hold ON, Alphys!”

Captain Retro gets to the yellow chandelier that Alphys is on, and Captain Retro says: “Kamehameha!!!!”

And Captain Retro FIRES a blue wave of energy at Brain Beast, and not only STOPS it from falling, but actually PUSHES it into the vacuum of outer space! Brain Beast can only say: “Curses! Foiled AGAIN!”

And Brain Beast EXPLODES as soon as it leaves the atmosphere! Captain Retro undoes the chains holding Alphys, and Alphys says: “Thanks, Captain Retro, I thought I was FINISHED!”

Captain Retro says: “Not on MY watch, you're not!”

Captain Retro activates his communicator, and says: “Alpha 7, warp Alphys, Sans, and Windsor T. Gorilla into the Astro Mega Ship! We'll finish up here!”

Alpha 7 says: “I'm on it, Captain!”

Alphys turns around, and says: “Good luck, Captain Retro!”

And Alphys, Sans, and Windsor are warped onto the Astro Mega Ship! Captain Retro says: “Well, that's one task down. Now, all that's left is Doctor Maniac!”

Feminine Flame says: “You may have beaten me with BlackHawk's help, but I will NOT go down a SECOND time!”

Kira says: “Don't bet on it! The Dino Thunder Megazord has got more gadgets on it than a Swiss Army Knife! Activate the Parasaurus Zord!”

And a Green Dinozord appears on one of the arms of the Dino Thunder Megazord, and Naruto says: “Double Scissors attack!”

And with lightning fast speed, the Dino Megazord, ATTACKS Feminine Flame with a lightning cut attack, and the Megazord doesn't even GET hot! Feminine Flame says: “YOW! How did you do that?!”

Kira says: “It's all a matter of timing! Speaking of, time for the Ankylosaurus Zord!”

And an Orange Dinozord appears on one of the arms of the Dino Thunder Megazord! Feminine Flame says: “You think you're SUCH hot stuff, get a taste of THIS!!!!”

And Feminine Flame begins spewing flames at them, but Kira says: “Activate Ankylo Shield!”

And the Ankylosaurus Zord acts as a spinning shield, protecting it from the fire produced by Feminine Flame, until it completely EXHAUSTS itself! Feminine Flame says: “Ooh, I'm all out of FIRE, and I'm all out of power!”

Kira says: “Now's our chance!”

Naruto says: “Right! Double Drill Attack!”

And using it's twin drills, it STRIKES at Feminine Flame, Feminine Flame FALLS down to the ground, and LITERALLY explodes in flames! Naruto says: “Now, THAT was a hot battle!”

Psycho Puppet says: “It's time for ME, to PULL the strings on you, for REAL, this time!

And Psycho Puppet SHOOTS a bunch of puppet strings at the S.P.D. Megazord, and starts to DRAG it toward Psycho Puppet! Anubis 'Doggie' Kruger says: “Bad move, Psycho Puppet! You want to play at Tug of War? You're going to lose!”

The S.P.D. Megazord REACHES for the puppet strings, pulls ON Psycho Puppet, and Psycho Puppet flies STRAIGHT into the fists of the S.P.D. Megazord, and the S.P.D. Megazord TIES Psycho Puppets' arms, and makes Psycho Puppet HIT himself with his arms! FireHawk says: “Come on! Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!”

Psycho Puppet says: “I cannot! You're even making it an EXTRA irony, by implying the fact that I'M the one who is hitting myself!”

FireHawk says: “We've got this puppet on a string! Doggie, do the honors!”

Doggie says: “Right! S.P.D., Final Judgement!”

And it FIRES a big energy blast at Psycho Puppet, it's puppet strings disintegrate, and it falls to the ground and explodes! FireHawk says: “Too bad you didn't have a conscience to help you learn the difference between right and wrong!”

Meanwhile, the Tigerzord is brandishing the gigantic Sailor Moon Staff in Dr. Maniac's mutated face, hitting him in every single direction, not letting up for a minute! Tommy says: “We've got him on the ropes! Time for a little fire-power!”

And Tommy activates the fire orb, and the Tigerzord shoots flames at Dr. Maniac, and he falls over! Dr. Maniac says: “This is ABSURD! How am I getting beaten by ONE lousy Zord!”

Billy says: “It's about to get a lot WORSE for you! We've BEATEN all your gigantic creations, and you're the LAST menace standing!” /

Meanwhile, back at Core Earth, the Thunder Megazord is busy throwing its STRONGEST punches, kicks, and throws at Fruit Freak, but NOTHING is keeping her down! Fruit Freak says: “You can't defeat me! I'm part of a balanced DIET, after all!”

Coop says: “How are we going to beat this freak? Nothing is working!”

Than Omnus contacts the Thunder Rangers on their communicators, and says: “Thunder Rangers, I just received news from the Planet Onyx! The Power Rangers have beaten ALL of Dr. Maniac's evil beasts, and now, only Dr. Maniac remains! Use your Power Sword, and use it to deliver the finishing blow to Fruit Freak!”

D.O.G., says: “Omnus is right! If the Power Rangers can win THEIR fight, we can win ours!”

Samson says: “Than let's do it! Activate the Power Sword!”

And the Thunder Megazord reaches for the Sword within its sheath, and pulls it out! Fruit Freak says: “Uh-oh! That's a REALLY sharp knife!”

Patsy says: “Activate Thunder Lightning Strike!”

And with one SWIFT swipe, the Thunder Megazord strikes at Fruit Freak, and it says: “I'm going to that Juice Bar in the sky!”

And Fruit Freak falls down and explodes! Krash'ir says: “Now THAT'S how you beat a monster, and OLD School, at that!” /

Queen Beryl puts her head in her hands, and MOANS in frustration! Queen Beryl says: “I can't believe a team of five, almost COMPLETELY inexperienced Rangers, totally thrashed our Youma! What a complete WASTE today was!”

Abaddon says: “Not quite! Look at the energy we've gathered for Queen Metallia!”

And they look at the container reading, indicating the energy needed to revive Queen Metallia! Abaddon says: “Remember our true goal. Even if your Youma should fall, the energy they generate ALL goes toward reviving Queen Metallia! Fruit Freak has already generated 5%, all by herself. It may take some time, but it will ALL be worth it, once Queen Metallia is brought back to life!”

Queen Beryl says: “Quite right! Perhaps today WASN'T a total loss, after all! Everything is proceeding EXACTLY as we have planned!” /

Meanwhile, back on Onyx, Dr. Maniac is positively FURIOUS! Dr. Maniac says: “I am SICK and TIRED of you Power Rangers always RUINING my plans! Do you honestly think you can stop ME?! I am the Purely EVIL Rick! And there's NO force in the Multiverse, powerful enough to DESTROY me!”

Tommy says: “You're wrong, Dr. Maniac! We're destined to destroy you! Because we've got something that you'll NEVER have! The power of team-work! And with our combined fire-power, we can bring even YOU down! Captain Retro, you've got a song that can get the job done?”

Captain Retro says: “You know it, and I think it's a song, that you, Billy, AND Adam will be familiar with! The Red Hot Chili Peppers 1989 hit cover version of “Higher Ground!” /

And the seven Megazords begin utilizing all of their attacks on Dr. Maniac, while the Red Hot Chili Peppers begin rocking, by singing their hit cover version, of “Higher Ground!” / (Instrumental Opening) The Red Hot Chili Peppers sing: “People, keep on learning! Soldiers keep on warring! World keep on turning cause it won't be too long! Powers keep on lying! While your people, keep on dying! World keep on turning cause it won't be too long! I'm so darn glad they let me try again, cause my last time on Earth I lived a whole world of sin! I'm so glad that I know more than I knew then! Gonna keep on trying till I reach the highest ground! Teachers keep on teaching! Preachers keep on preaching! World keep on turning cause it won't be too long! Oh, no. Lovers keep on loving! While believers keep on believing! Sleepers just stop sleeping! 'Cause it won't be too long!!!! Oh, no! I'm so darn glad they let me try again, cause my last time around, I lived a whole world of sin! I'm so glad that I know more than I knew then! Gonna keep on trying till I reach the highest ground! And Stevie knows nobody's gonna bring me down! Till I reach the highest ground! Cause me and Stevie, we're gonna be sailing on the funky sound! Till I reach the highest ground! Busting out and I'll break you out, cause I'm sailing on. Till I reach the highest ground! Just sailing on, sailing on the higher ground! Till I reach the highest ground!!!!” (Instrumental Finish!) /

And the epic song ends as ALL the Megazords pull out ALL their respective finishing moves, and HIT the mutated Dr. Maniac SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!! Dr. Maniac screams: “NO!!!! My body is DISINTEGRATING!!!! NO, No, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!!!!)

Sans says: “They DID IT!!!!”

Tommy sighs, and says: “It's over. It's FINALLY over!”

Kira says: “Even Dr. Maniac couldn't survive THAT!”

Billy says: “Come on, everybody. Let's get back on the Astro Mega Ship.” /

The Rangers have all de-morphed, and are now back on the Astro Mega Ship. Everyone is giving hugs to everybody, but Lettuce is getting a special treat! Pinkie says: “Lettuce, I wanted to personally thank you, for helping to save my life today.”

Lettuce says: “Come on, Pinkie. I was just doing my job as a Ranger. You know that I'd do it for anybody, whether they were a fellow Power Ranger or not.”

Pinkie says: “Still, I think you deserve a little reward for all your trouble.”

And Pinkie gives Lettuce a BIG kiss on his beak! Lettuce's cheeks turn red, and he dreamily says: “I could get USED to getting THIS type of reward!”

Captain Retro says: “Alphys, sorry about that whole Mettaton thing. You know if we COULD have used mercy with him, we would have.”

Alphys says: “Well, perhaps THIS time, maybe I'll be able TO fix Mettaton so that he WON'T malfunction and try to kill people LIKE he did the last time!”

BlackHawk says: “I'm all for that. But what I DON'T understand is why Dr. Maniac tried to kidnap you in the first place!”

Alphys snaps to realization, and says: “I can't believe I forgot! Right before he captured me, I FINALLY figured out a way to DESTROY the Dark Kaiser for GOOD!”

Captain Retro says: “Really?! What is it?!”

Alphys nervously says: “Well, you're not going to like it, though. It appears as though the body that Dark Kaiser has been using, isn't REALLY his body, it's just an empty shell controlled by his mind. The Dark Kaiser's REAL body, is ACTUALLY the Dark Kaiser's very own FORTRESS itself, located WITHIN the DREADFUL Nazi Realm! If you WANT to finish the Dark Kaiser off for good, and we DO need to, we have no choice, but to eventually venture INTO the Nazi Realm, fight the Nazi's within, and DESTROY Dark Kaiser's Fortress itself. Than, and ONLY than, can Dark Kaiser be killed off for good.”

Captain Retro says: “Well, it can't be helped. But just know this. The Dog Guardian can only ALLOW me to protect you while you're in THIS dimension, or an EXACT mirror dimension of this dimension. If you go into the Nazi realm, I'm afraid you must do it on your own. I cannot be allowed to interfere in that dimension.”

Usagi says: “Don't worry, Captain Retro. We'll cross that bridge, when we come to it!”

Andros says: “Guys, I'm picking up a visual transmission from Omnus and the Magi-Mother.”

Adam says: “Well, what are you waiting for? Put them on-screen.”

Andros turns on the visual screen, and Omnus, and the Magi-Mother appear, with the FIVE Thunder Rangers behind them. Tommy says: “Wow! New Ranger powers! And they look a LOT like my Tigerzord power!”

The Magi-Mother says: “Captain Retro, I want to thank you for your decision to entrust the Thunder Morphers, to a new generation of individuals. These individuals have been selected, to help and defend Core Earth whenever necessary. We WELCOME them now, into the POWER RANGERS family!”

And the Thunder Rangers unmask themselves, although Coop has to shrink back to his normal size BEFORE he can do so! Karone says: “Samson, Patsy, Coop, D.O.G., and Krash'ir! You're the NEW Thunder Rangers!”

Captain Retro says: “Wow! My own brother is a Power Ranger, now! I guess it runs in the family!”

BlackHawk says: “Mine, to. I guess that means I'll have to take Aura Training with you, a little MORE seriously now!”

Windsor says: “Congratulations, Samson and Patsy, on becoming Thunder Rangers, you two really deserve it!”

Omnus says: “And congratulations, Windsor, on becoming one of the good guys! Any help you can give to us, will be very much appreciated by us in any future endeavors to come!”

Usagi says: “That's not all! We defeated Dr. Maniac, and Alphys has figured out how we can destroy the Dark Kaiser once and for all!”

Omnus says: “The Dark Kaiser can wait, for the time being. You have all gone through a terrific battle, and I am proud of all of you. Tommy, we will soon return you to your own time. It may have been only a short time for you, but Scorpina's WAITING for you, back in the year 2028. It's time to fight with Scorpina, one last time, and ensure your legacy, as a Power Ranger.”

Adam asks: “Are you nervous, Tommy?”

Tommy sighs, and says: “A little. But I know that whatever happens, I know the future of the Power Rangers, is in good hands.”

StarHawk says: “Thank you, Tommy. To hear you say that to us, really means a lot to us.”

Andros says: “Come on guys, let's ALL go home! After all, soon, it WILL be, Christmas Day!”

Naruto says: “I'm just glad the threat of Dr. Maniac is FINALLY all over!”

And the Astro Mega Ship flies BACK to Core Earth, with The Pretenders singing: “Hear them sing; soon it will be Christmas Day.” /

But BACK on the Planet Onyx, a SINISTER Psygorn, looks through the RUINS of Dr. Maniac's fortress, and FINDS what he's LOOKING for! The PULSATING, Powerful MASS of intellect, of Dr. Maniac's STILL living BRAIN!!!! Psygorn picks up Dr. Maniac's brain, and Psygorn says: “Oh, you're not OVER with Dr. Maniac, YET!!!!”

Pysgorn pulls out BLUEPRINTS, that reveal DETAILED instructions, for a COMPLETELY cybernetic body, for Dr. Maniac's brain, and Psygorn says: “WE have BARELY begun! MWA, HA, HA!!!!” /

(Stinger) A Gray Rat, walks into a prison on Planet Onyx. He walks up to a guard, who's guarding the place. The guard says: “What exactly are YOU, sir?!”

The Rat says: “Well, I'm NOT a regular MONSTER, sir. I just happen to be the RAT guardian, Templeton. And, I understand, you have a, Mr. Cornelius Doo, here. I'm here, because I want to make him an offer, as part of modifying his sentence, and hopefully redeeming him in the eyes of millions.”

The guard sighs, and says: “All right. We'll let you see him.”

The guard opens the door into the inner jail cells, and Templeton walks past a bunch of doors, that contain FORMER “Power Rangers” monsters, including Eye Guy, Peckster, Commander Crayfish, Pirantis Head, Bloom of Doom, the Scarlet Sentinel, and Silverhorns. Templeton walks all the way down to the last door, which reads: “19-77”. Templeton opens the door, and shines light on a VERY familiar, small, brown puppy. In a SCRAPPY voice, the little puppy says: “Yeah, what do YOU want?!”

Templeton says: “Mr. SCRAPPY Cornelius Doo, have I got a preposition for you!” /

Episode Notes: Dr. Maniac's body is FINALLY destroyed at the end of this three-parter, but if Psygorn's blueprints are any hint, this may NOT be the last we ever HEAR from Dr. Maniac! Samson, Patsy, Coop, D.O.G., and Krash'ir, are officially welcomed into the Power Rangers family as the Thunder Rangers! Alphys reveals that the only way to destroy the Dark Kaiser for good, is that the Power Rangers WILL eventually have to venture into the Nazi Realm in order to DESTROY the Dark Kaiser's fortress, once and for all! Songs included in this three-parter are “Torture, State of Shock”, and the Red Hot Chili Pepper's cover version of “Higher Ground”. Eris is officially introduced into the Multiverse with this three-parter, and Radiguet's REAL voice, is revealed to sound like Adam Driver's. Lettuce and Pinkie Pie more or less, officially make up with this episode. Bionic Gorilla makes a “Heel-Face Turn” and joins the good guys under his real name, Windsor T. Gorilla, from “My Gym Partner's a Monkey”. First time an episode has concluded with a stinger, and it involves Templeton and Scrappy-Doo from “Scooby Doo” in some way. /

Personal Notes: I really want to thank everyone who stuck with us during these long, hard, uncertain times. It hasn't been easy for us, but we wanted to continue this series for you, our wonderful fans. Whom without, writing this series would not be as fulfilling as it currently is. We write this series for you, to remind you that no matter how hard something is, it can ALWAYS be conquered in the end. I hope you enjoyed reading this episode, as much as I did writing it. Enough said, true believers! /

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Sorry for the delay, but at long last, the latest episode of this show is FINALLY finished! Co-written with Renegade the Unicorn, here is the latest episode of "Power Rangers Multiverse Force", in the spoiler, to avoid the dreaded data limit lengths that have sometimes plagued this series. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as we did writing it! /

Yes, Destiny

Captain Retro is on-screen. He narrates, and he says: “It has been roughly a month and a half since the Power Rangers Multiverse Force, teamed up with Legendary Rangers from the past, and brought Dr. Maniac's evil fortress crashing down on him, metaphorically speaking. Now, it is almost Valentines Day in the year 2179. In that time since the Power Rangers fought Dr. Maniac, BlackHawk and StarHawk have officially begun adjusting to being parents, with StarHawk learning how to be a mother to Aquila, and BlackHawk getting a job as a Camp Counselor at Camp Kidney. The new Thunder Rangers, Samson, Patsy, Coop, Krash'ir, and my older brother D.O.G., have begun to make use of their new powers, by mastering them in training sessions on the Simulation Planet, which is sure to come in handy once the Power Rangers must make their inevitable assault in the Nazi realm, which I cannot help them in. Usagi and Krash'ir, will often fight the various Youma that Queen Beryl sends after the population of Core Earth, together, proving that the family that fights evil together, stays together! Tommy went back to his own time to deal with Scorpina and Lokar, once and for all. Upon completing his mission, he announced his retirement from the “Power Rangers” squadron. The age of a new generation, having officially dawned on Core Earth. Naruto is trying as hard as ever to catch up to BlackHawk, hoping that his stubborn persistence will one day lead to him being able to become leader of the Power Rangers Multiverse Force again. After a fall-out, Lettuce and Pinkie Pie have now made up, determined to make their relationship work this time around, even without knowing all the possible pitfalls that might come ahead, they are determined to face it head-on. But FireHawk, however, still remains a mystery to me. What her motives are, or what her passion truly is, I cannot say for certain. Even MY powers of foresight cannot see into the riddle that she is. Whether her true goal turns out to be for good ends or for ill, that remains to be seen. Even though Dr. Maniac's body has been destroyed, I remain unconvinced that he is truly gone for good. It has been too quiet in the last month and a half. And Dr. Maniac's troops still remain loyal to him, and would certainly not go away without a plan to follow. I think Dr. Maniac ordered his troops to do something big for him, and that something may be revealed soon, especially since it is now OFFICIALLY Valentines Day, a perfect time for an evil plan to be put in motion.”


The camera pans around, to REVEAL that he's been saying all of this, to SCRAPPY-Doo! And Scrappy asks: “Why are you telling me all THIS for?!”


Captain Retro says: “First off, I wasn't JUST talking to you, I was talking to the GUARDIAN who has GRACIOUSLY decided to take you in as HIS avatar. Namely, the Rat Guardian, Templeton! You should realize how LUCKY you are, that Templeton took pity on you. The Dog Guardian would've left you to your OWN devices, since you've NEVER listened before, while any other Guardian—except for MAYBE Aslan if he IS somehow still around—would've LEFT you to rot in that Onyx Prison, without a modification to your sentence.”


Scrappy says: “First of all, whatever you MIGHT think of me, it's WRONG! I was NOT in that prison of Planet Onyx, because I did ANYTHING illegal! Onyx IS a planet FILLED with monsters and villains, lest YOU forget that important fact! I went to Planet Onyx, because I volunteered to be a test subject on an experimental rocket designed by Velma, that COULD fly 4,000 times faster than the speed of light! It was SUPPOSED to go to KO-35, but a rogue asteroid knocked it off course, and landed me on Planet Onyx, instead! Once I learned what Onyx was, I thought it would be a GREAT opportunity for ME, to show my friends back on Core Earth just how truly heroic I could be, by bringing in a BUNCH of evil criminals to justice, ALL by myself!”


Captain Retro nods, and he says: “Uh-huh. And how did THAT work out for you?!”


Scrappy sighs, and he says: “Not very well! Apparently, when you're only 2 feet 4 inches, your punches and kicks don't do diddly-squat on REAL monsters! Not to mention, they THREW me in jail only because they presented the judge with doctored photos and trumped-up charges of ME, disturbing the peace, assaulting them WITHOUT provocation, and JAYWALKING! Now, I might have done a LOT of things, but JAYWALKING was NOT one of them! They threw me in after a Kangaroo Court declared me guilty, and I had to sit in prison and stew until Templeton came to bail me out.”


Captain Retro says: “So, the live-action movie about the Scooby-Doo gang WASN'T completely true, then?”


Scrappy asks: “What do you mean?! WHAT live-action movie?!”


(One viewing of the 2002 “Scooby-Doo” movie later).


Scrappy does a spit-take, and he says: “I look and sound nothing LIKE that, those IDIOTS!!!! They took MY enthusiasm and passion for catching ghosts, and used it COMPLETELY out of context! Not to mention, the only reason I'm still short, is because of a genetic defect on my mother's side of the family, bless her heart. My sweet mother, Ruby-Doo, and all SHE had to go through, because she had to bear me out of wed-lock on her OWN, after her husband LEFT her!”


Captain Retro is STUNNED, and he says: “WOW! I had NO idea you WENT through that!”

Scrappy says: “That's why my mother thought it would be a GOOD idea for me to be with Scooby. She thought he would be a positive role-model in my life, as a surrogate father figure for the father I never REALLY had. And...I guess, maybe I came ON too strong. I just wanted to impress Scooby SO badly, that I never THOUGHT that I might have come across as annoying, or put myself in any danger. Maybe they just thought of me as a kind of tag-along kid, so they never BOTHERED to explain to me that any of the criminals we faced might have ACTUALLY been dangerous, not even those REAL ghosts we had to catch for Vincent Van Ghoul! Do you have ANY idea what kind of NIGHTMARES we had to face while CATCHING those ghosts?”


Captain Retro says: “Well...”


Scrappy says: “Rhetorical question, you DON'T want to know what kind of Nightmares WE had, TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! That's why I volunteered to go in that rocket after catching that 12th Ghost, I just couldn't STAND having to deal with those nightmares anymore. I guess Daphne and the others took it the wrong way, and thought I was being a selfish jerk. I wasn't TRYING to be, I was just trying to SAVE what LITTLE sanity I STILL had after all those HORRIBLE nightmares! The cartoon series BASED on our experience trying to capture the Ghosts from the Chest of Demons, were NOTHING like the 'Jolly Good Times' that were often depicted in that series!”


Captain Retro says: “Well, to be FAIR, television guidelines were a LOT stricter back then. They could probably make the REAL deal on Netflix now. Of course, if what you're saying is any indication, what YOU really experienced would be more suitable for an 'After the End/What-If?' Comic-book series like, Scooby-Doo Apocalypse.”


Scrappy asks: “They MADE a 'What-If' comic-book series called Scooby-Doo Apocalypse? MAN! You disappear into a worm-hole, find out that while only FIVE minutes passed for you, 193 years passed for everyone else, and the WHOLE world went nuts!”


Captain Retro says: “Anyways, the reason I'm explaining this to you, is to catch you up to speed with what the Power Rangers have been up to. And since I CAN'T go into the Nazi Realm, and YOU have a Guardian who CAN, I think you would be an ideal candidate to help the Power Rangers out in that realm. It would be, good practice for you, should you ever prove qualified enough to someday, maybe even take MY place as Dog Guardian!”


Scrappy asks: “Why would I need to take YOUR place?! You have amazing powers, I don't!”


Captain Retro says: “The times are changing. Power Rangers don't live forever, even WITHOUT occasionally getting killed. Even the avatar of a guardian can only last as long as their will can hold out. Besides, I don't WANT to do this by LIVING forever, I would be a fool and a cheat to try. Besides, I've got a girlfriend that I've fallen in love with. And I don't want to fall into a May-December Romance, where she grows old and dies without me, while I remain young. That's why I want to be able to 'Pass the Torch' myself someday, so I can live an HONEST life with her. She deserves that, from me.”


Scrappy says: “I'll do my best, Captain Retro. That's both ME, and Templeton talking. But if that live-action movie is any indication, I don't exactly HAVE the best reputation on Core Earth.”


Captain Retro says: “That movie was a LONG time ago. Time...often heals a lot of wounds, Scrappy-Doo, even the ones that you CAN'T see on the inside. My older brother can show you the ropes on how to be a TRUE hero, and teach you how to do heroics, the right way!”


Scrappy says: “So, you're sending me to learn how to be a true hero, with your older brother, D.O.G.–STILL can't believe THAT'S his real name—and hopefully, be redeemed in the eyes of millions! Tell me, is your older brother anything LIKE you; is he good?”


Captain Retro says: “Oh, he's very good, but kind of a 'Cloud-Cuckoolander', and DON'T tell him I said that. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but I think he will be good for you. He has an AMAZING amount of patience, and is FIERCELY loyal to anyone he considers his friends.”


Scrappy says: “Well, if your brother means THAT much to you, I'll certainly do my best to live up to both YOUR, and your older brother's expectations!”


Captain Retro says: “That's certainly good to hear!”


Captain Retro pushes a button on his communicator, and says: “Omnus, he's been given the orientation. He's ready to be warped.”


Omnus says: “Acknowledged. Activating the warp system for Mr. Scrappy Cornelius Doo.”

And Scrappy is warped from Captain Retro's Pocket Dimension, to the Command Center on Core Earth. Captain Retro says: “Good luck, Scrappy-Doo.” /


Meanwhile, in the Neo Empire Gear Factory, the Mecha-Clones, Mettzler, Fara, Farrah Cat, and Meison, are working under Psygorn's instructions, to finish a project that they have been hard at work on for quite a while now!


Psygorn says: “You Mecha-Clones, let's show a little initiative! And you Farrah Cat, GET your rear in gear! Put your WEAK backs into it!”


Meison says: “Yeah, I had a weak back, about a WEEK back!”


Mettzler says: “Hey, temporary boss! Construction is completed!”


Fara says: “Yeah, when's lunch?”


Psygorn says: “Soon. It's time to play the instructions that Dr. Maniac has left for us one last time, before we begin the integration process.”


And Psygorn slips a D.V.D., into a Disc player, titled, “Dr. Maniac's Super Secret Plan!”

The Disc begins playing, and Dr. Maniac's old, human appearance graces the screen. He says: “Greetings fellow minions, those who have LOYALLY remained! I trust the construction process has been completed based on MY genius blueprints, and NO short-cuts were taken, that means YOU, Psygorn! The time has come to COMPLETE the integration process, so if you ARE watching this, than my old human body IS permanently deceased! It is time to COMPLETE my transition, and become the machine I was ALWAYS meant to be! It's time to put the 'Neo', into Neo Empire Gear! Psygorn, place the brain!”


Psygorn grabs Dr. Maniac's brain, now safely encased in a jar with a weird, liquid gel surrounding his brain, and Psygorn says: “You've got it, boss!"


Psygorn places the brain in the jar, into a COMPLETELY metallic body, and slams the HEAD lid on it, TIGHT, with metallic, silver hair over the head! On the Disc, Dr. Maniac says: “Supply the initializing ingredient, the most POWERFUL machine fuel, EVER invented by men!”


Mettzler says: “On it!”


And Mettzler, grabs a hose, and pumps it into a machine chest cavity. The hose, is pumping from a TANK load of liquid, and the liquid container says: “Mulan Szechuan McNugget Sauce!”

Mettzler says: “It's full!”


On the Disc, Dr. Maniac says: “Close the chest cavity!”


And the chest cavity is slammed shut, revealing a Titanium-Steel Alloy body, covered with the clothes that Dr. Maniac wore while as a human. On the Disc, Dr. Maniac says: “Now, turn the electricity conductor to 2,000 WATTS! Give my NEW body LIFE! LIFE, I tell you, LIFE!!!!”

Meison turns on the electricity conductor. It SURGES through the metallic body, bringing it on-line, and JOLTING it to a sitting position! The metallic body suddenly SPEAKS, in UNISON with the Dr. Maniac disc, with Dr. Maniac's VOICE, now sounding more metallic than before, and the metallic robot says with his former human self: “I have transcended DEATH! Dr. Maniac now LIVES, and WALKS again! I feel so GOOD, I can CONQUER a planet! And best of all, NOBODY, not even RADIGUET can get in my way, THIS time! ALL will bow before me!”


The disc stops playing, and the robot says: “Say hello to NEO Dr. Maniac! New and improved, you might say! With fire-power and strength my former human self could only DREAM of! Mettzler, what is the status of Queen Beryl, and her quest to revive Queen Metallia?”


Mettzler says: “Well, boss, her progress has been slow, but she has been hard at work on it. Our secret computer link to HER inner system, let's us monitor EVERYTHING they are doing, with them being NONE the wiser for it! Our scanners indicate, that they've gathered 20% of the energy that they need to revive Queen Metallia. Furthermore, we have reason to believe, that the Power Rangers will mount an assault on the Nazi realm, sometime in the future. If we can gather up ALL the Nazi weapons in the Nazi realm, modify and IMPROVE upon them, as WELL as pulling a 'Grand Theft Me' ON Queen Metallia once she IS revived as YOU plan to do, taking on Radiguet, even WITH Chaos God Powers, shall prove to be a Cake Walk for YOU, Neo Dr. Maniac!”


Neo Dr. Maniac coldly says: “Excellent! Most excellent, indeed! What FOOLS those mortals be! They shall RUE the day they EVER thought they COULD destroy NEO Dr. Maniac! MWA, HA, HA! MWA, HA, HA, HA, HA! MWA, HA, HA! MWA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!” /


Meanwhile, in a Lounge Bar, Lettuce is dressed up in an Elvis wig and jumpsuit, holding a microphone, and singing. Oddly enough, he's singing the Weird Al Yankovic song, “One More Minute”! /


Lettuce sings: “Ah, ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Well, I heard that you're leaving. (Leaving) Gonna leave me far behind. (So far behind) Cause you found a brand new lover. You decided that I'm not your kind. So I pulled (I pulled) your name out (name out) of my Rolodex. And I tore all your pictures in two. And I burned down the malt shop where we used to go, just because it reminds me of you! (Dippity dippity doo) That's right (that's right), you ain't gonna see me crying. I'm glad (I'm glad) that you found somebody new. Cause I'd rather spend eternity eating shards of broken glass, than spend one more minute with you. I guess I might seem kinda bitter. You got me feeling down in the dumps. Cause I'm stranded all alone in the gas station of love, and I have to use the self-service pumps! Oh, so honey, let me help you with that suitcase! You ain't (you ain't) gonna break my heart in two. 'Cause I'd rather get a hundred thousand paper cuts on my face, than spend one more minute with you. I'd rather rip out my intestines with a fork, than watch you going out with other men. I'd rather slam my flippers in a door, again and again and again and again and again! Oh, can't you see what I'm trying to say, Darling...I'd rather have my blood sucked out by leeches. (Leeches) Shove an icepick under a toenail or two. I'd rather clean all the bathroom in Grand Central Station with my tongue, than spend one more minute with you. Yes, I'd rather jump naked on a huge pile of thumbtacks! Or stick my nostrils together with crazy glue. I'd rather dive into a swimming pool filled with double-edged razor blades, than spend one more minute with you! I'd rather rip my heart out of my ribcage with my bare flippers, and then throw it on the floor and stomp on it 'till I die! (Gasps!) Than spend one more minute with you.” /


The song ends, and Lettuce hears scattered applause, notably, from Toby and Ebony (who Lettuce doesn't REALLY recognize), and Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow. Bash Buzzard says: “Interesting song choice, Smash. Why did you pick it?”


Smash sighs, and says: “I feel depressed. Not only has our search for the secret identities of the Power Rangers turned up NOTHING of interest in the last few months, but my relationship with Pinkie Pie is officially over!”


Ebony asks: “Who's Pinkie Pie?”


Smash says: “Only the most interesting girl in the world. She BROKE my heart, than chewed it up, than spit it out, than stepped on it, than threw it down a sewer, called it names, and then LAUGHED!”


Toby says: “First of all, Pinkie is NOT the most interesting girl in the world, Ebony is. Second of all, I don't think you're SUPPOSED to find out the secret identities of the Power Rangers. If you WERE, it would be a LOT easier to do so!”


Ebony says: “Might be cool, though. If you KNEW who the Power Rangers were, imagine what being friends with THEM would be like!”


Lettuce says: “Well, you'll have to imagine without me, my shift is over. And while I feel sorry for your loss, Smash, I have a date, with MY girlfriend, I have decided that the time has come to OFFICIALLY announce my feelings for her! She IS the one for me! I'm going to follow my heart, and say, 'Yes, Destiny'. I'm going to marry her. Today is going to be the HAPPIEST day of our lives...so far!”


And Lettuce leaves the building. Smash says: “This is the SADDEST day of my life!”


Toby asks: “Why? I mean, you seem like a decent enough guy. Who would Pinkie Pie rather be with, if NOT with you?”


Bash Buzzard says: “The SAME guy who just sung that song, Lettuce Manchot! If that wasn't bad enough, he sometimes fancies himself as a Private/Penguin Investigator! What's he GOT that Smash hasn't got?!”


Ebony says: “Well, money AND good looks...for a penguin. But I don't think dating someone BIRD like would work out well for me. That's why I'm with Toby, he likes me for the girl I am!”


Smash says: “Lucky! And Toby, what's YOUR secret?! How did YOU snag a girl, like Ebony?!”


Toby says: “First of all, 'Snag', is not the word I would use for ANYTHING, not even for obtaining Pokemon, about 444 of them from four generations worth of adventures that I treat ALL with the loving respect and care that they all deserve. I know it's cliché, but with great power, DOES come great responsibility, and that's something that I don't want to take lightly. Second, I'm not sure why, but the first thing we BOTH remember, is falling out of some kind of a worm-hole together. We started talking, we got to know each other for the past month or so, and we found out that we have a healthy relationship with each other. If you want to find someone of your own, I'm afraid it takes time. You need someone you have a healthy amount of things in common with, someone you can cherish and care for, and someone who KNOWS that you might have your own quirks, but will STILL like you, because they know that you ARE good at heart, and are willing to LEARN from any unintentional mistakes that you might make, because you are WILLING to be good to your soul-mate, no matter WHAT kinds of things that life may throw at you!”


Smash Swallow says: “A soul-mate. Say, Bash, do you think you and I–?”


Bash immediately says: “No.”


Smash chuckles, and he says: “That's actually, pretty funny.” /


Meanwhile, outside of the lounge, Lettuce packs up his performance gear, and gets out a BIG, impressive GOLD Ring, with the words, “Love you forever, Pinkie”, engraved in the ring. Lettuce says: “It's perfect, she'll LOVE it!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!)

Lettuce says: “Duty calls. A Ranger's work is never done.”


Lettuce answers the communicator and says: “Yes, Omnus, what is it?”


Omnus says: “Rangers, warp to the Command Center at once! The Rat Guardian has chosen a new avatar, and he wants you all to meet him!”


Lettuce says: “Right! We're on our way!”


And Lettuce warps to the Command Center. The other Power Rangers, AND the Thunder Rangers arrive soon after Lettuce does! Lettuce says: "Samson! You guys came to?!"


Samson says: "Of course! If we're going to be real Power Rangers like the rest of you, than we need to stay on the same page, don't we?"


Krash'ir says: "Obviously, I think that should go without saying."


Omnus says: "Rangers, I'm so glad you could come. Even though the last month and a half has been relatively quiet, save for the occasional attack by one of Queen Beryl's Youma creatures, I feel that today will be a momentous occasion for all of us!"


Lettuce says: "Oh, it will be! For more reasons than ONE!"


Omnus says: "Anyways, the Rat Guardian, Templeton, has decided that the time has come for him to take on a new avatar body. And while normally, he would take on the body of another rat; this time, he has decided to take on the body of something different. Templeton is doing this, in order to help his avatar body gain some redemption, and become a TRUE hero, hopefully in the eyes of millions! Say hello to Templeton's NEW avatar..."


And a white light materializes in the Command Center, and dissipates to reveal a FAMILIAR small, brown dog. Omnus finishes: "Scrappy Cornelius Doo!"


FireHawk says: "You FREAK!!!!"


And she TRIES to fire one of her fire attacks at him, but Queen Hedrian stops it COLD with her Magic Wand! Queen Hedrian says: "What are you TRYING to do, BURN this place down?! I have worked REALLY hard to get this place CLEANED for Scrappy-Doo's introduction!"


Windsor Gorilla appears, and he says: "And I would be really disappointed if anything were to happen to this place, seeing as it has become my temporary home, unless Omnus can find somewhere else where I can reside."


FireHawk says: "Scrappy-Doo is a Grade-A JERK!!!! He HAS to GO!!!!"


Samson says: "Isn't that the kettle calling the pot black? Or...something, like that?"


FireHawk says: "What is THAT supposed to mean?!"


Patsy says: "Well, you're not EXACTLY the most social and outgoing among us."


FireHawk says: "Oh, and I suppose that YOU are considered Miss Congeniality at Camp Kidney, or Acorn Flats, or, WHEREVER it is that you come from?!"


Patsy says: "Well, of course! I'm the most ATHLETIC girl at Acorn Flats, AND the most attractive, and I never ONCE got attracted to a pair of DUNG beetles like my good friend Nina, once did!"


FireHawk says: "Well if you're SO attractive, than tell me WHY Samson isn't head over heels in LOVE with you?!"


Samson says: "Because I already HAVE a girlfriend!"


Patsy scoffs, and she says: "As if! Who would be your girlfriend if NOT me?!"


Samson says: "A fellow Squirrel Scout of yours named Almondine. And for YOUR information, beauty is NOT the most important quality I look for in a girl. I prefer a woman who has brains and a nice personality. Almondine fits those qualities like a glove."


Patsy says: "I could fit those qualities like a glove!"


Samson says: "With YOUR track record of beating Bean Scouts up, just so you don't disappoint your daddy? I highly doubt that!"


Naruto says: "At least you HAVE a girlfriend, Samson! Even I don't really have that luxury!"


Usagi asks: "What are you talking about?"


Naruto says: "HELLO!!!! Being in a long-distance relationship SUCKS! And everyone ELSE here has a significant other EXCEPT for me! Usagi and Krash'ir are in a relationship, Lettuce and Pinkie have repaired THEIR relationship,  BlackHawk and StarHawk are great in THEIR relationship, Samson is in a relationship, even COOP has a relationship! Patsy, FireHawk, and D.O.G., have...well, I don't KNOW if they have a relationship, unless ONE of them has a date with 'Rosie Palms'."


StarHawk asks: "BlackHawk, who is this 'Rosie Palms'?"


BlackHawk says: "THAT, you don't want to know. TAKE my WORD for it!"


Naruto says: "And YOU think you're SO great, aren't you?! You and your STUPID new powers! Ever since you got the power of the Gold Ranger, you've been SHOWING it off every single chance you GOT! If I had new powers, than Omnus would SEE how truly great I am, and put me BACK as leader of this team!"


Coop says: "Look, if you're SO upset by BlackHawk currently being stronger than you, than why don't you get some therapy like BlackHawk did AFTER his forced servitude with the Night Master, and talk things over with a therapist?"


Naruto says: "Look! Trying to be BETTER than BlackHawk is my ONLY defining characteristic trait on this WHOLE stupid team! Now, it is a STUPID characteristic, but I'M GOING TO USE IT!"


Alpha 8 says: "Look, can we PLEASE get back to the REAL reason why we're here?! Omnus is waiting to tell us the reason WHY Scrappy-Doo is here!"


Naruto groans, and says: "FINE! I'll deal with this problem later, NOT that it would be any NEW information to anyone here!"


Omnus says: "Anyways, the reason why Templeton has chosen Scrappy-Doo to be his avatar, is for two reasons. The biggest reason of course, is to help Scrappy-Doo redeem himself in the eyes of MILLIONS, and hopefully become a TRUE hero!"


FireHawk mutters under her breath: "Fat chance of THAT happening!"


Scrappy-Doo says: "I HEARD THAT!!!!"


D.O.G., says: "IGNORE HER!!!!"


Omnus says: "Noted, moving on. The second reason Templeton has chosen Scrappy-Doo to be his new avatar, is because as you know, Captain Retro can't and isn't allowed to protect you in the Nazi realm, but Templeton CAN enter that realm, and ANY avatar he is currently using. Therefore, Captain Retro has agreed with me, that he should stay with D.O.G., and Coop, seeing as how BlackHawk and StarHawk have now moved out and gotten a place of their own."


BlackHawk says: "Well, we had to. We have a child of our OWN to raise, lest you FORGET that important fact! Speaking of, I wonder how Sans and Papyrus are DOING with our infant daughter right now?"


(Gilligan Cut!) Sans is looking absolutely MISERABLE, as he is ROCKING the infant Aquila in his arms, trying to get her to fall asleep, while Papyrus is trying to multi-task with cleaning BlackHawk's new apartment building area, and making a new smoothie for Aquila. Sans says: "Oh, why do WE always get STUCK with these babysitting jobs?!"


Papyrus says: "Because YOU never complain, Sans! Besides, it's the closest WE'RE probably ever going to get, to experiencing the joys of raising a child ourselves!"


Sans sarcastically says: "Ho, ho, very funny. Ha, ha. It IS to LAUGH!!!!"


(PLOP!!!!) Sans shouts: "Are YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!!"


(Cuts back to the Command Center) Omnus says: "In any case, D.O.G., and Coop, you ARE willing to take Scrappy-Doo in, and teach him EVERYTHING he needs to know about being a TRUE hero, aren't you?"


Coop says: "Of course! We WILL have to get permission from my parents first, but I'm sure they'll go for it. After all, now that BlackHawk's old room is empty, Abby could use something to keep her mind off of having empty nest syndrome, even though it's STILL going to be at LEAST five and a half years before I can even THINK about finding my OWN place!"


Scrappy-Doo says: "Coop, you ROCK! FireHawk, you DON'T!!!!"


FireHawk screams: "OH, SHUT UP!!!!"


Patsy seriously says: "FireHawk, DON'T make me HURT you."


FireHawk screams: "You and WHAT ARMY?!!!"


Patsy seriously says: "You don't really want me to ANSWER that one, DO you?"


Omnus says: "Anyways, today is OFFICIALLY Valentines Day, so Queen Beryl is BOUND to send a Youma of one kind or another, in order to gather up energy for Queen Metalia. It's not an ideal situation to think about, but heaven knows that if we DON'T stop the Youma, Queen Beryl would ONLY gather up the energy FASTER! So, the LONGER we can DELAY her process, the better shape you guys will be in. The Thunder Rangers should be fully trained by then. Speaking of, does anyone already HAVE any plans for today?"


Lettuce says: "As a matter of fact, I do. Pinkamena 'Pinkie' Pie, today, I am going to take you on the most ROMANTIC day of your dreams, and I have a SURPRISE planned for you later!"

Pinkie says: "I LIKE surprises! Especially the romantic kind!"


FireHawk mutters: "Can't wait to see what THEIR kids end up looking like!"


Samson says: "You WISH you had someone of your OWN to love like that!"


FireHawk says: "And be THAT diabetic?! Everyone has STANDARDS, Samson; I'm just telling it like it is! If you don't like it, TOO bad for you!"


Patsy says: "Even so, you DON'T have to be so ABRASIVE about it!"


Samson says: "Patsy, I think that might ACTUALLY be the first thing you've said that I've ever agreed with."


Patsy says: "Oh, an AGREEMENT! We're making PROGRESS!"


Samson says: "You're still not my type."


Patsy says: "YET!"


Samson says: "You ONLY want me because I now have MUSCLES in addition to my brains. Before BlackHawk trained me, you wouldn't have even given ME the time of DAY!"


Patsy says: "I did ONCE!"


Samson scoffs, and says: "YEAH! When you thought I was a MOVIE star named Hanly Manster that one time!"


Patsy says: "Which I have PROFUSELY apologized for about a MILLION times! ONE mistake, and I'M paying for it for the REST of my life!"


FireHawk says: "I could say the same thing about NARUTO'S parents!"


Naruto says: "BITE ME!!!!"


FireHawk says: "In your DREAMS, you FREAKY Casanova WANNABE!"


Naruto says: "Are you saying that I'm PERVERTED?!!!"


FireHawk says: "Of course not, for a guy who watches the movie Fritz the Cat every single chance he can get!"


Windsor says: "BURN!!!! Sorry, but you got to admit, that WAS actually pretty funny!"


Naruto says: "For some people and/or creatures, it WOULD be! But, seeing how we have to work together on a team, I'll let it go, for now."


Lettuce says: "Anyways, Pinkie and I have a schedule to maintain, and I will not have my schedule interrupted. I trust everyone else can manage without us?"


Queen Hedrian says: "Why do you think the Magi-Mother wanted us to find candidates who could and would use the Thunder Morphers? Specifically for this kind of scenario! And don't worry, we'll call you both ONLY as a LAST resort!"


Lettuce says: "Thank you, I REALLY appreciate that! Come along, Pinkie! It's time to begin our day of fun, and LOVE!"


Pinkie says: "I'm excited already!"


And the two of them warp to the local amusement park! Coop says: "It's time for us, to go, to. Come along, Scrappy-Doo, D.O.G., and I, have to introduce you to my parents."


Scrappy-Doo says: "Do you think your mom will LIKE me?"


Coop says: "If ANYONE would understand what YOU have gone through, it's my mother. But don't ask HER about it, she'll tell you when she FEELS like she can trust you WITHOUT you being judgmental about it! She's understandably STILL a little sensitive about what SHE had to go through. And quite frankly, I can't blame her."


Scrappy-Doo says: "Fair enough. Let's go!"


And Coop, Scrappy-Doo, and D.O.G., warp to Coop's mansion! BlackHawk says: "And Samson, Patsy, and I better get going as well! I've got my job at Camp Kidney to get to!"


FireHawk says: "You only TOOK that job because it allows you to be NAKED; like, ALL the TIME!!!!"


BlackHawk says: "It's not like we DO anything PERVERTED there, it's not ALLOWED! Camp Kidney is STRICTLY only for those who are MATURE enough, and LAWFUL enough, to handle the PRIVILEDGE of going there! Camp Kidney takes any and ALL allegations of misconduct VERY seriously, and will hook up ANYONE to a Lie Detector test. And if ANYBODY is FOUND lying about ANYTHING regarding an allegation, OR did anything immoral or illegal, they're BANNED from Camp Kidney, and Camp Kidney will SEND the ban status to any and ALL Nudist Resorts on Core Earth! In other words, we wouldn't want YOU to be there, even if YOU wanted to be there!"


FireHawk says: "Lucky for YOU, even if I could and/or WANTED to go there, I wouldn't! I'm not a big fan of sausages and bananas, IF you know what I mean!"


Naruto claps sarcastically, and says: "Congratulations, you just reached the maturity level of a third grader!"


FireHawk says: "You WISH you were as interesting as I am! Of course, you'd probably wish you could make it WITH Usagi, and DON'T try to DENY it! If she WASN'T with Krash'ir AND a Lesbian, you'd be ALL over her!"


Naruto says: "I hope you don't expect ME to dignify that with an actual response!"


BlackHawk says: "Remind me, StarHawk, WHY do you put up with HER again, and DON'T say it's because she's your sister, AGAIN!"


StarHawk says: "Come on! It's not like I WAS going to say that--well, actually, it WAS pretty MUCH THAT!"


Windsor says: "It's times like this that make me GLAD I'm an ONLY child! No offense, Queen Hedrian."


Queen Hedrian says: "No, I'd agree with YOU if I could! I could be the Magi-Mother if I had to! STUPID older sister, always has to be better than ME at EVERYTHING, that grumble, grumble."


BlackHawk says: "Anyways, I would LOVE to stay and hear some MORE colorful insults from FireHawk, is what I WOULD say, if that were even REMOTELY the truth! But, duty calls! Come Samson and Patsy!"


And they warp to Camp Kidney! Alpha Eight sighs, and says: "Well, don't the REST of you have places to be?"


Usagi says: "Yes, Krash'ir and I have to get back to Sally Anne! Toriel is expecting us! Come along, Krash'ir!"


Krash'ir says: "Yes, my darling!"


And they warp back home! StarHawk says: "And I need to warp back home as well, Sans and Papyrus should be EXHAUSTED by now!"


And StarHawk warps back home as well! FireHawk says: "Too bad YOU don't have a home to warp back to, Naruto! And even IF you did, I wouldn't CARE!"


Naruto says: "You know, I wish that for ONCE, you'd actually CARE to learn SOMETHING about me!"


FireHawk says: "I WOULD if you ever actually DID anything INTERESTING besides those STUPID Youtube POOP videos. But, you haven't, so I won't! Later, loser!"


And FireHawk warps away! Naruto groans, and yells: "OMNUS!!!! Set the Simulation Planet for Level ELEVEN!!!!"


Alpha Eight says: "But all the way to ELEVEN has RADIGUET on it! Don't you think--."


Naruto screams: "NOW!!!!"


Alpha Eight says: "All right! Sheesh! What a GROUCH!" /


Naruto finds himself in a desolate and ruined Coastal Falls, resembling something more out of "Mad Max" or "Escape from New York" than it does the city he calls his home. The sky is dark with streaks of color: red, green, purple...yet also grey. All around him, Naruto sees countless dead, but what shocks him the most are the bodies of his fellow Rangers, their helmets dusty and cracked. In the distance, he can see...something: Radiguet. But it doesn't even resemble Radiguet anymore, now he resembles something out of HP Lovecraft's worst nightmare - a many tentacled beast with six faces; those of the Chaos Gods, as well as the Renegade God Malal (also called Malice, or "Misery" by Radiguet) and Radiguet's own in the very center. Naruto observes that the Chaos Gods' powers were too much for Radiguet to handle, so they consumed his soul, and then they were in turn consumed by Malal, becoming a singular horrifying Chaos Spawn. Its only desire was hunger. And it would feed on everyone still remaining in Coastal Falls and Core Earth-no, the entire multiverse-if not stopped. With determination in his soul, Naruto morphs into his Ranger form before summoning his Power Weapon and charging at the Chaos Radiguet. He doesn't get too far before being stopped by..another Ranger? This one is in gold and white armor, its body shape informing Naruto just who this Last Ranger is: BlackHawk. Instead of being happy at the sight of the Simulation BlackHawk, Naruto is BEYOND ANGRY! "What do you want, BlackHawk!?"


 The Simulation BlackHawk removes his helmet; he's scarred on his cheeks, and he's missing an eye. The Simulation BlackHawk says: "I'm TRYING to SAVE YOUR LIFE, THAT'S WHAT!" Lowering his voice, he says: "I'm glad to see you're alive, Naruto. Now stay close to me, and we won't die as quickly."


 Naruto whispers back: "You're really expecting to kill that...THING all by yourself?"


 The Simulation BlackHawk rolls his eyes: "Is this REALLY the time to keep holding your grudge against me? Anyways, I'm not expecting to kill off Radiguet all by myself. I only want to hold him off as long as I can before he devours all of existence. The both of us are likely to die trying, but if we do, he'll just have the Crimson King to deal with once the entire physical multiverse is eaten." Both of them feel uneasy at the mention of the King, and shudder.


 Naruto says: "Now that's a battle I don't want to think about!"


 The Simulation BlackHawk says: "Good. Now get ready!" And the both of them arm themselves; Naruto with the Fire Blade, and BlackHawk with Saba. They charge forth, slaughtering through hordes of less powerful (when compared to Radiguet) Chaos Spawn, and when they're done, they are at the foot of Radiguet, the now-mindless Emperor not even noticing them. The Simulation BlackHawk turns to Naruto and salutes. He says: "It's been an honor Naruto." And with that, he begins muttering the Gunslinger's Creed: "I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye. I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart." But just as BlackHawk is about to strike Radiguet, Naruto remembers his anger, and it overcomes him. He snaps the Simulation BlackHawk's neck, killing him instantly. From above him, Naruto hears Omnus.


Omnus says: "Alpha, turn off the simulation. I think we have seen enough." Naruto falls onto the floor, grunting and almost grinding his teeth in rage. Omnus looks at him, disappointed .


Omnus says: "I expected better of you, Naruto."


 Naruto says, through gritted teeth: "Of course you do. I'm a Ranger."


 Omnus, sternly, replies: "Not anymore you're not." Naruto, deep down, understands why, but he still acts shocked.




 "And that," Omnus says, "is where your problem lies. You are so concerned about being a Power Ranger and nothing else, you are blind to your own arrogance and ego. There is nothing wrong with being proud, but when it consumes you and turns into hubris, then it becomes a problem." Omnus turns to Naruto with his hand out. Realizing there is no winning this, Naruto hands his morpher in. "Until you are once again proven worthy of the power of the Morphing Grid, you can no longer be allowed into the Command Center. I am sorry, Naruto." Without saying a word, Naruto leaves.


Windsor, watching him leave, observes: "I wish I could give him my usual pearls of wisdom, like I have to my friends in middle school. But part of growing up means you have to figure things out on your own. Life won't always give you easy answers."


 Alpha nods and agrees. "Far too true." /


Meanwhile, in Queen Beryl's fortress, there are only three people within it: herself, Ahzek Ahriman, and the youma Abbaddon. Queen Beryl has decided that Kunzite and Zoisite, being lovers themselves, deserve a day to themselves; so they've both treated themselves to a movie, lunch at Bucca di Beppo, and some self-care at a spa. Abbaddon, having nothing better to do, is outside Beryl's throne room, standing guard. So that leaves only Beryl and Ahzek. And yet, Beryl is watching all the happy lovers in Coastal Falls spend a happy Valentine's Day together, feeling QUITE unhappy herself!




 Letting out a sigh, Ahzek puts down his spellbook, and looks at Beryl. Ahzek says: "Do you really mean this, my queen? Because I think there's something more to this. You don't seem much like the 'petty evil' type like all the other villains the Rangers have faced."


 Beryl looks at Ahzek and with a sigh, she says: "You don't know much about me, do you?"


 Ahzek says: "In spite of all the passionate lovemaking we have done? I have to admit I don't."


Beryl rolls her eyes and says: "I sold my soul to Metalia because I was scorned by Prince Endymion thousands of years ago. Then Sailor Moon defeated me the first time. And now that I have found that I too am romantically attracted to her, I just can't help but be jealous of her marriage to that Bloodthirster Kra'shir."


 Ahzek nods in understanding, and he says: "Ah. You're envious, aren't you?"


 Beryl nods, and she says: "If I cannot be happy with Usagi, then she nor anyone else can be today. Ahzek, I wish to create a youma. One that'll not only absorb love energy, but cast binding romance spells on whoever it chooses, so more energy can be absorbed!"


 Ahzek sighs, and he gets his materials ready, muttering: "I don't get paid enough for this."


 Beryl snaps back, her tone calm yet with a hint of venom: "I don't pay you at all." /


 Meanwhile at Bucca di Beppo, Kunzite and Zoisite are enjoying lunch before they go see the movie. Kunzite is eating spaghetti and meatballs, and Zoisite is eating two calzones. Suddenly, Zoisite tenses up, his eyes having a thousand yard stare. He says: "Kunzite, I sense a disturbance in the Force."


 Kunzite, about to stuff a rather large meatball into his mouth, stops and asks his boyfriend worriedly: "What is it, Kunzite? Is something wrong? Does Queen Beryl need our help?"


 Zoisite says: "No, no. I feel that she's probably doing something risky and is gonna regret it later."


 Kunzite nods and says: "I'm sure she's well-aware of what she's doing. Besides, Beryl gave us the day off. She can handle it on her own for once." Before either can say anymore, the two hear a shout of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" from a nearby table. Kunzite puts his head in his hands and mutters: "Oh, COME ON! ANOTHER birthday!? How many times have we had to hear that stupid birthday song now!?"


 Zoisite counts on his fingers: "One...two...three...Eight times!"


 Kunzite responds by slamming his face into his spaghetti and screaming, although it's muffled and given an almost gurgling effect by the marinara sauce! /


Back in Coastal Falls, Naruto is walking around downtown, dejected yet trying to at least see something positive in all this. As he muses on his current situation, Naruto, like Beryl, sees all the other happy couples in Coastal Falls; they aren't exactly helping his mood. Who should he see next, then, but Toby and Ebony? Toby's currently riding his bike slowly and carefully, with a tipsy Ebony behind him and holding on around his waist. Toby is saying to Ebony: "How many times have we had this conversation, Ebony? Pace yourself when you're drinking! That's why they say 'drink responsibly'!"


 Ebony, who can't seem to hold her liquor well, seems on the verge of crying and is obviously suffering from a headache. Ebony says: "I know, I'm sorry. It's just...when you're in a lounge bar, sooner or later, you're gonna have more than a few shots of Jack Daniels!'


Toby retorts: "Then why not...oh, nevermind! Let's just get you home and into bed. I'll have Magenta brew you some coffee to get rid of that hangover." That's when the two see Naruto, and Toby shouts: "Hey! What's wrong?"


Naruto looks at Toby and says bitterly: "What do you care? I'm just some nobody. You have a girlfriend, and a home you need to get back to. Just leave me to wallow in my own pity."


 Toby looks concerned, and he stops the bike, parking it and getting off, holding an unsteady Ebony's hand. Toby says: "Look, I don't know who you are, or what's going on in your personal life right now. All I care about is helping someone in need." Toby extends his free hand, shaking Naruto's. "Toby Jones. Nice to meet you."


 Naruto shakes Toby's hand and says: "Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet you."


 Toby says: "So, what's bugging ya?"


 Naruto sighs, and thinks to himself: "Well, I guess I don't have a choice." And Naruto comes clean about being a Power Ranger, about being nearly-homeless, and about his relationship troubles. Toby can barely contain his excitement, but he keeps himself composed.


Toby says: "Wow, that's...that's tough. If you want, you can crash at mine and Ebony's place until you get back on your feet."


 Ebony interrupts; in spite of her inebriated state, she's still aware enough of her surroundings to point out something important in Toby's idea: "Maybe we ought to bring it up to Frank. He might not like the idea of some stranger taking up space. We already have 11 people in the house as it is."


 Toby considers it, and says: "Eh, I'm sure he won't mind. After all, the more the merrier!"


 Naruto asks, perplexed: "11 people? What, do you guys live in some kind of boarding house?"


 Toby replies: "More like a hippie commune...sorta. Come on, we'll show you. You're gonna love this place!" He and Ebony get back onto the bike, with Naruto following them. Soon, the three arrive at a rather large and spooky castle on the edge of Coastal Falls, sitting atop the mountains overlooking the floating island and complete with (somehow) a perpetual rainstorm. Toby gets off the bike and slowly approaches the door, knocking three times. The door slowly opens up to reveal a hunchbacked man with long, stringy platinum blonde hair, wearing a black cloak. says


He stares at Toby and Ebony and says: "You're back later than expected. Not by much, but you know the master expects punctuality."


 Toby sighs, and says: "I know, and I'm sorry, Riff Raff." Naruto tries to hold back his laughter, and both Toby and Riff Raff glare at him. Toby turns back to the hunchbacked man and says: " Actually, I was hoping to talk to Frank about something. " He gestures to Naruto. 


Riff Raff nods and says: "Come on in." He says to Naruto: " Make yourself comfortable, please. I must inform the master of your...unexpected arrival." 


Toby watches him leave, and looks around the castle entrance. Naruto can see it's fairly normal: a standard set of stairs, a chandelier overhead, and a velvet carpet covering everything. A pale woman, dressed in a French maid outfit with long, frizzy red hair, slides down the banister, cackling insanely. Toby says: "There you are, Magenta. Ebony's not feeling too good."


 Magenta rolls her eyes, and in a thick Transylvanian accent, asks: "Hangover again?"


 Toby nods and says: "Yup. Can you please get her something to drink for it? Maybe put her in bed so she can sleep it off?"


 Magenta nods and turns to Naruto: "Very well. Would you like something to drink while you wait for the master?"


 Naruto nods and says: "Surprise me." Magenta turns away and, dragging Ebony by the arm and scolding her like a mother or older sister would, takes a nearby elevator upwards. Naruto raises a brow, and mutters: "Wow. This feels like I tumbled down the rabbit hole into Wonderland." 


Toby looks at him as Magenta comes back with Naruto's drink. As Naruto slowly drinks his tea spiked with a bit of Irish coffee, Toby says: "You ain't seen nothing yet. Just wait till you meet the others." Before Naruto can say another word, he sees the nearby elevator slowly descend, and out steps a man wearing a sparkly leotard, pearl necklace, and fishnet stockings with high heels. He has his dark hair in a perm, and is wearing makeup; Naruto doesn't even react to the sight of him, but he does think he looks rather handsome, even if Naruto isn't 'into' men, he won't deny such an obvious fact.


Naruto says: "You must be Frank, the master."


 Frank, who speaks with a rather pronounced English accent, nods. Frank says: "Indeed I am." He looks Naruto over and grins. "Hello, handsome." 


Naruto grins back, and replies: "I could say the same thing." This only makes Frank's grin (and already large ego) grow wider.


Frank says: "Oh, I like YOU already! Tell me, what is your name?"


 Naruto says: "Naruto Uzumaki."


 Frank licks his lips a bit, as if savoring Naruto's words. "Naruto...a strong name for a strong young man! I am Dr. Frank N. Furter." Naruto tries not to laugh again, but Toby attempts to silence him before he can. Frank rolls his eyes and says: "Oh, come now, Toby. Let him have a laugh at my expense. You did when you and that girlfriend of yours first met me." 


Toby, knowing Frank is right, nods. Toby says: "Sorry."


 Naruto goes on to explain his situation, and when he's done, Frank says: "Such a shame you had to go through that. I'll tell you what - you are allowed to stay here, but you must live under my rules."


 Naruto nods in gratitude: "Thank you, Frank. I promise you that I'll try and be a good guest."


 Frank nods back, and replies: "I hope so." Frank gets up and leaves, but before he does, he turns to Naruto and smirks. Frank says: "And by the way, call me Frankie if you'd like." Frank blows a kiss to Naruto before going down the elevator again. 


Naruto stares, before turning to Toby, and asks: "Does he flirt with everyone?"


 Toby shrugs and says: "Pretty much, yeah."


 Naruto asks: "Doesn't it get uncomfortable sometimes?"


 Toby mulls it over for a minute and says: "Frank can come off too STRONG a lot of the time, but uncomfortable? Not really."


 Naruto decides to not push the question further, and asks: "So, wanna show me around?" 


 Toby says: "Sure." And so Toby begins his own personal tour of the castle. /


Back in Coastal Falls proper, everyone is still enjoying their day. At the amusement park, Kras'hir and Usagi have just gotten themselves some cotton candy, while Lettuce and Pinkie are currently getting off of a roller coaster. Lettuce, a bit dizzy but otherwise fine, says: "You know, it's been a really fun day, but you know what'd make it better?"


 Hopefully, Pinkie asks: "What's that?" 


And Lettuce slowly pulls out the engagement ring, and he begins: "Pinkie Pie, will you-" but before Lettuce can finish, he sees what looks like a massive, bright pink female ladybug, along with several smaller youma surrounding it. "-get down!" And Lettuce drags Pinkie to a spot where they can't easily be seen by Love Bug. Pulling out his communicator, Lettuce says: "Omnus, one of Queen Beryl's youma is at the amusement park! What do we do?"


From the other end, Omnus says: "Do not worry. The Thunder Rangers should be able to handle this, but I advise you and the others to be on standby just in case."


 Lettuce nods, and watches Love Bug closely as it begins attacking the parkgoers, firing love beams every which way, causing various pairings, whether they be straight, gay, or bisexual to start making out (and in some cases, to forgo even that and just start going each other like animals). Usagi nearly avoids getting hit by a beam as Kras'hir gets her to cover.


Kras'hir pulls out her sword, and says, "I'll distract it while I wait for the other Thunder Rangers! Just stay down, all of you!" And Kras'hir charges at Love Bug, screaming: "LORD KHORNE WILL HAVE YOUR SKULL, YOUMA!" 


 Meanwhile, the other Thunder Rangers get the signal from Omnus. Samson turns to Patsy and says: "You know the drill!"


 Patsy says: "Right! It's Morphing Time! Pink Phoenix Thunderzord power!"


 Samson says: "Red Dragon Thunderzord power!"


 In the Littles' mansion, Coop and D.O.G. are showing Scrappy how to hold a bo staff. Coop says: "OK, holding a bo staff, while simple, requires at least a bit of practice."


 D.O.G. nods, and says: "Yeah, like this." And he bops Coop on the head, causing him to fall backwards! D.O.G. says: "Whoops, sorry!"


 Coop gets up, and says: "It's OK." But before their lesson can continue, Coop and D.O.G.'s communicators go off! (Beep beep ba ba beep beep!) Coop says: "Kras'hir, what's up?"


And between her grunts and screaming rather colorful swears and praises to Khorne, Kras'hir says: "No time! Amusement park, now!"


 Coop says: "Duty calls! Scrappy, practice hitting this bean bag chair with the bo staff while we're gone!"


 Scrappy says: "Got it!" And he turns to the bean bag chair and challenges it like a real opponent: "Let me at him, let me at him! I'll get you with-da da da da da duuum!-PUPPY POWER!"


 Coop shakes his head, and says to D.O.G: "It's Morphing Time! Green Lion Thunderzord Power!"


 D.O.G. says: "Yellow Kirin Thunderzord Power!" And the two teleport to the amusement park! 


Back at the amusement park, Kras'hir is still fighting Love Bug on her own, unmorphed, when the other Thunder Rangers arrive! Love Bug laughs and says: "Oh, how cute! You have some friends. But no matter! You will not stand in my way!"


 Kras'hir gets out her morpher and says: Oh yeah? Blue Pegasus Thunderzord power!" And she morphs into her Ranger form!


Together, the Thunder Rangers ssy: "We are the Mighty Morphin' Thunder Rangers!" Cue explosion! And so the fight begins as a hit song by Joan Armatrading begins! Joan Amatrading sings: "It may rain tomorrow, but tonight is all that's on my mind. My baby is here, in my arms; you know we've got it bad. Cause tonight we've got the love virus. We've both come down with the love bug, and it means we've got to stay in bed. I hope yous guys don't catch this, cause it knocks you right off a your legs. Love bug, talking bout love bug. I said love bug. You know I mean love bug. Let me explain the symptoms. First of all, there's hardly any pain. With the love bug, you kind of lose your memory. You see, hear, think, talk, dream, care, just for one person, only. Don't come down with the love bug, cause it drives the sense right out of your head. This thing strikes in a curious way. It only hits when you're not looking. (Instrumental section) Don't stand close to anybody who'll contaminate you. If you come down with the virus, well you'll never be alone again. Don't come down with the virus. We've both come down with the love bug, and it means we've got to stay in bed. I hope yous guys don't catch this, cause it knocks you right off a your legs. Love bug, talking bout love bug. I said love bug; you know I mean love bug. I said love bug, talking bout love bug. Yeah, love bug. You know I mean love bug. Yeah, love bug. Talking bout love bug. Yeah, love bug." And the epic song ends as Love Bug ends up incapacitating the Thunder Rangers!


Standing over them, Love Bug says: "And now that I have defeated you, I have you right where I want you!" And she fires a love beam at Samson and Patsy, who immediately demorph!


 Patsy says: "Samson, I never knew how handsome you were! And those muscles...mmmmm! So sexy!"


 And Samson looks into Patsy's eyes, and he says: "Patsy, excuse me for saying this, but I like your hips and thighs! And your chest too!" Patsy blushes and pulls Samson into a passionate French kiss! 


 Love Bug turns to Kras'hir, Coop, and D.O.G. and says: "Now, as for you three...I always DID have a fondness for triads!" And as she fires a love beam at the three of them, Kras'hir grabs the stand where Pinkie and Lettuce are hiring behind, and throws it at Love Bug, knocking the monster backwards, and the love beam onto Lettuce!


 Lettuce blinks and says: "...I don't feel any different. Lame!" He then notices a tamale cart and says: "I AM really hungry, though!" And he proceeds to devour all the tamales, husks included, as well as the cart! Lettuce lies down and says: "Man, that hit the spot!"


 Kras'hir grabs Usagi and Pinkie by the waists, and teleports to the Command Center. Kras'hir says: "Omnus, we have a...bit of a problem."


Alpha says: "I'll say! I mean, I've heard of free love, but this is going too far!"


 Kras'hir gets her communicator and says: "Coop, D.O.G.! Get Lettuce out of there, and get the others!"


 Both say: "On it!"


 Omnus sighs, and says: "This is a rather inopportune time for this, but Naruto is no longer the Red Ranger."


 Usagi, Pinkie, and Kras'hir all say in unison: "WHAT!?" /


 As all this is going on, Naruto is getting a tour of Frank N. Furter's castle by Toby; currently, he is being shown the parlor, where Sibella Dracula and Winnie Werewolf are on the couch watching TV. Both of them are significantly older than when they were last seen at Grimwood's, now being about 18 or 19. Sibella still looks the same as ever, if a tad bit curvier and wearing a sensual, slitted dress. Sibella says: "Oh, hello." Naruto can't help but find her accent attractive. Winnie, who is now wearing a plaid flannel T-shirt and ripped jeans, having outgrown bows and dresses, waves.


Winnie says, casually: "Hey. You the new guy?"


 Naruto says: "Yep! Nice to meet you both!" He walks over, and like the charmer he is, he kisses Sibella's hand. 


Sibella giggles, and says: "It's so nice to meet you as well. It'll be fangtastic having you around!"


 Naruto blinks and asks: "D-do you make puns like that all the time?"


 Winnie rolls her eyes and says: "Trust me, you ain't seen nothing yet. We both make tear-able, tear-able monster puns." Naruto groans, but he can't help but laugh a bit himself. Toby then shows Naruto the library, where Lydia Deetz is busy reading the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe to herself. 


Lydia looks up from the book and says: "Hey, Toby. Who's this?"


 Toby says: "This is Naruto. I think you'll like him." Toby turns to Naruto, and says: " Naruto, this is Lydia. She's really cool."


Naruto says: "Hey." He sits next to Lydia and peers over her shoulder and asks, "Edgar Allan Poe? Neat!"


Lydia giggles a bit, and replies: "Yeah, he is! I love creepy stuff."


 Toby mutters: "Every day is practically Halloween around here."


 Lydia rolls her eyes and says: "No duh! That's why I love living here!" She turns to Naruto and says: "Hey, you wanna meet someone who's REALLY cool, though?" Naruto nods, and Lydia calls out three times, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!" And as thunder crackles in the room, and the library momentarily fills with fog, who should appear but the Ghost With the Most himself?


Beetlejuice hugs Lydia, and says, "Hey, Lyds! What crazy stuff we got planned for today? Putting spiders in Frank's wine? Maybe going inside these books and wrecking their stories?"


 Lydia giggles and says, "No, Beej. I just wanted to introduce you to my new friend. This is Naruto."


 Beetlejuice grins, and he says, "Hey there, new bud!" Beetlejuice then takes out a business card, reading Beetlejuice: The Ghost With the Most. BIO-EXORCIST - Guaranteed to cleanse the living from your home, just say it once, say it twice, say it thrice, or your money back (possibly).


Naruto blinks, and asks, "Bio-exorcist, huh? How's that going for you?"


 Beetlejuice shrugs, and says, "It's a living. Anyways, I only got one rule if you wanna be my pal - Don't . HURT. LYDIA. " And Beetlejuice punctuates each word as he slowly transforms into a hybrid of himself and a sandworm. In a deep, warped voice, Beetlejuice screams, "GOT IT!?" And as he says this, a wall of fire appears, and Naruto can hear the screams of the damned being tortured. 


Naruto, absolutely terrified, nods and meekly says, "Wouldn't dream of it anyway."


 Beetlejuice turns back to normal, and cheerfully says, "Good. Now if you'll excuse me, my soap opera's on. Rick's evil twin Rick is marrying their sister, but neither of them know it!" With a loud, cackling laugh, Beetlejuice disappears!


 Lydia leans in and whispers, "He's always like that. You'll get used to it."


 Naruto replies, "Noted."


 Toby says, "Come on, we only have the pool and ballroom left to see. Bye, Lydia! Talk to you later!"


 Lydia, having gone back to reading, waves goodbye as Toby, Ebony, and Naruto leave the library. And so, the two move on to the pool - the room is large and spacious, with a large pool taking up the majority of it. And in the middle, resting on a pool chair and reading Anton LaVey’s “The Satanic Bible”, is Wednesday Addams, now 18 years old; she wears nothing but a black bikini, her hair now long and flowing to her mid-back, and sunglasses. She stares at Toby, Naruto, and Ebony for a bit before going back to reading.


Naruto asks, “Not the friendly or outgoing type, huh?”


Ebony answers, “Nope.”


Naruto shrugs, and asks, “Wanna go for a swim?”


Wednesday answers from her pool chair, “Come anywhere near me, and you will suffer!”


Naruto, visibly cringing, mutters, “That’s a no, then…” And so, they moved onto the ballroom, where they see three people: Rocky Horror, a buff blonde and tanned creation of Frank, his ‘sister’ Roxy Horror (who resembles Carolyn Jones), and Frank’s ‘groupie’ Columbia. Columbia is listening to some jazz on the jukebox, before she stops and turns to the group.


Columbia says, her voice having a thick Brooklyn accent, “Hi there! You must be the new guy! Frankie told me to keep an eye out for ya!” Naruto walks over to Columbia, and before he can shake her hand, she suddenly pulls him into a quick yet passionate kiss; Naruto is left stunned, and Columbia smirks. Columbia says, “Just to give you a taste of what to expect!”


Before Naruto can introduce himself to Rocky and Roxy, however, Coop and D.O.G. burst in! Coop says: “Naruto, you need to come with us! The city’s in trouble!”


Naruto scowls and says, “Why should I care? I’m not even a Power Ranger anymore!” He gestures to Columbia and says, “I have new, better friends and a home now! So you can just shove it, the both of you!”


D.O.G. puts a hand on Naruto’s shoulder and says, “Is that what this is about? Are you so blinded by arrogance that you’re so willing to abandon your teammates, your family, just so you can spend your days partaking in mindless pleasure?” He turns to Columbia. “No offense.”


Columbia shrugs. “Eh. None taken.”


Naruto stares at D.O.G., at a loss for words as he realizes just what an IDIOT he’s been. Almost crying, Naruto clenches his fist and says, “....I’m sorry. I was so concerned with my own wants…”


D.O.G. smiles and says, “You’re forgiven. Now come on, we need to stop Love Bug!” With that, Naruto, D.O.G., and Coop teleport away! 


Rocky Horror blinks and says, “Tell me you all saw that.”


Roxy nods and says, “Yup.”


Columbia says, “Uh huh.”


Toby says, “Capiche.”


Ebony says, “Can confirm.”




Naruto meets up with the other Rangers at the amusement park, where Love Bug continues to terrorize! Love Bug turns to the Rangers and says, “Ooh, more cute couples for me to play with!” And she fires a beam at Naruto and Usagi. Thankfully, the two of them manage to dodge the love beam just in time!


Naruto turns to Usagi and says, “That was close! Ready to squash this bug?”


Usagi says, “You know it!” 


And the Rangers retrieve their morphers and say in unison: “It’s Morphin’ Time!”


Naruto says: “Red Mars Leo power!”


Lettuce, in the middle of raiding a now-abandoned hot dog cart, stops and turns. Hia mouth now full of hot dogs, Lettuce says: “Green Sagittarius Jupiter Power!”


Pinkie says, “Pink Taurus Jupiter Power!”


Starhawk says, “Blue Pisces Mercury Power!”


Firehawk says, “Black Capricorn Saturn Power!”


And Usagi finishes with! “Sailor Moon! Cosmic Power!” 


And the Rangers pose and shout in unison, “Power Rangers Multiverse Force!”


Love Bug scoffs and says, “Oh, how cute. More Rangers. Well, I’ll show you what I did to that last bunch!” And she summons several smaller youma to attack! The Rangers all charge forth, stronger than ever, as a hit song by Joan Jett plays! Joan Jett sings: “Midnight gettin' uptight, Where are you? You said you'd meet me, now it's quarter to two.I know I'm hangin' but I'm still wantin' you. Hey Jack, It's a fact they're talkin' in town.

I turn my back and you're messin' around. I'm not really jealous, don't like lookin' like a clown. I think of you every night and day. You took my heart and you took my pride away. I hate myself for loving you. Can't break free from the things that you do. I wanna walk but I run back to you. That's why I hate myself for loving you. Daylight spent the night without you. But I've been dreamin' 'bout the lovin' you do, I won't be as angry 'bout the hell you put me through. Hey Man, betcha you can treat me right. You just don't know what you was missin' last night. I wanna see your face and say forget it just for spite.I think of you every night and day. You took my heart and you took my pride away. I hate myself for loving you. Can't break free from the, the things that you do. I wanna walk but I run back to you. That's why I hate myself for loving you. I think of you every night and day. You took my heart and you took my pride awayI hate myself for loving you. Can't break free from the things that you do.I wanna walk but I run back to you. That's why I hate myself for loving you. I hate myself for loving you. Can't break free from the the things that you do. I wanna walk but I run back to you. That's why I hate myself for loving you. I hate myself, For loving you. I hate myself, For loving you. I hate myself. For loving you. I hate myself, I hate myself for loving you. I hate myself for loving you…” And the epic song ends as the Rangers defeat the minion youma! Now that the smaller ones have been dealt with, the Rangers turn to Love Bug!

Naruto says: “Now you have nothing, Love Bug! So stand down!”

Love Bug says: “Oh, and YOU five have something?”

Naruto nods and says: “FIRE BLADE!”

Starhawk says: “CHAIN AXE!”

Lettuce says: “THUNDER HAMMER!”

Pinkie says: “LASER PISTOL!”

Firehawk says: “SHADOW DAGGERS!”

Usagi finishes with: “EMPEROR’S BLADE!”

And all six Rangers combine their weapons, and say in unison, say: “POWER BLASTER CANNON!” before firing at Love Bug, who explodes!

Meanwhile, back in Queen Beryl’s fortress, Queen Beryl grumbles and says, “No matter. We have more than enough energy for our quota.”

Kunziite offers her some leftovers from his and Zoisite’s date, and Queen Beryl begins eating ravenously, as if she were drowning her sorrows in alcohol.

Back in the Juice Bar, all the Rangers, Multiverse Force and Thunder, are sitting around the table with drinks. Sampson says: “Well, I’m glad that’s over. I did enjoy making out with Patsy, admittedly.” And Patsy slaps Sampson, who rubs his cheek. Sampson says: “Sorry.”

Patsy says: “It’s fine.”

Naruto turns to Firehawk, and says: “Look, Firehawk….” before Firehawk shushes him with a sudden and passionate kiss! After several minutes, Firehawk breaks it and grins.

Firehawk, in a low seductive voice, says: “All is forgiven….lover boy.”

Coop fake-gags and says: “Get a ROOM, you two!”

Naruto chuckles and says: “Oh, don’t worry, Coop. We’ll have an entire CASTLE to get freaky in now!”

Lettuce interrupts, and says: “Sorry to interrupt, you three, but I have an important question for one future Mrs. Retthi Manchot…” and he pulls out the necklace he had proposed to Pinkie with almost a year before and says, “Pinkie….will you marry me again?”

And Pinkie practically crushes Lettuce in a hug and kisses him repeatedly while saying: “Yes! Yes, Destiny!” And the episode ends with all the Rangers laughing! /

No episode notes this time, I hope you enjoyed reading that, as much as we did writing it! Enough said, true believers!

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Okay, I haven't heard from Renegade for more than a week. I hope he's doing all right, but since it's bad luck (and quite frankly), a bad idea, to let an episode idea (or story) to ferment and stew too long, I feel that the show must go on. So, to avoid the dreaded data limit plague, the show will be presented in spoiler format, for the curious person's viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did writing it! /

No Train, No Gain

It looks like a sunny, uneventful day in Coastal Falls, except that what appears to be one of Queen Beryl's Youma, a Giant, Female Slug, is attacking the town, and spewing out a lot of poisonous barbs! Naruto, already morphed in his Red Ranger form, is leading the Thunder Rangers, on a plan of attack! Usagi contacts Naruto via communicator! Usagi says: "I've got the Necron invasion under control with FireHawk and StarHawk. How are you and the other Thunder Rangers doing?"
Naruto says: "Not good! We're totally PINNED down here, and getting nowhere fast! They're NOT ready for this!"
Patsy says: "HELLO! I'm standing RIGHT here! I can HEAR every single WORD you are SAYING!"
Naruto says: "Than I don't have to repeat myself!" He says as he opens up a can of Mountain Dew, only for the giant slug to SHOOT a poison needle at it, RIGHT out of his hand!
Naruto angrily says: "That, was my last, can of MOUNTAIN DEW!!!! Samson, come here!"
StarHawk communicates to Naruto, and she says: "Naruto! Remember the plan!"
Naruto rolls his eyes and says: "Good luck with that! Samson, how's your throwing arm?"
Samson asks: "Does Camp Kidney, V.I.P. Baseball Player of 2009 sound impressive enough for you?!"

Naruto says: "It's impressive enough!"
Krash'ir says: "Come on! Work with the REST of us!"
Naruto says: "THROW!!!!"
And Samson throws Naruto, and Naruto says: "FIREFOX BLAST!!!!"
And Naruto channels the energy of a Fox Shaped Fire Attack, and Naruto pierces STRAIGHT through the Giant Slug monster, DECAPITATING it's head, and INSTANTLY rendering it dead! Naruto looks at the mess the Slug Monster has made, and he says: "Class Dismissed!"
Coastal Falls FADES around them, as it's revealed that they've been training in the Simulation Planet, and Queen Hedrian says: "Simulation Planet, Level Nine, completed."
Naruto says: "That was a good throw, Samson!"
Usagi asks: "What was THAT?!"
Naruto says: "Basic Simulation Planet training exercise."
Usagi says: "You KNOW what I mean! I was trying to teach the Thunder Rangers a DEFENSIVE exercise!"
Naruto says: "I TAUGHT them a defensive exercise: The best defense is a good offense! Or...is it the other way around in reverse?"

D.O.G., says: "Naruto, you CAN'T just change the rules to fit your own mood whenever you see fit!"
Coop says: "I don't mind! I found the experience enlightening!"
Naruto says: "Look; I'm just the sub! If you want to complain to somebody, complain to Lettuce and Pinkie! THEY were the ones who were supposed to DO this with the Thunder Rangers!"
FireHawk says: "So why didn't they?"
Naruto says: "I guess Pinkie and Lettuce both got hit HARD with puberty! Pinkie is shedding, and Lettuce is molting!" /
The scene cuts to Lettuce's house, where Pinkie and Lettuce are now BOTH living, due to having married, but Pinkie is in the restroom, DESPERATELY trying to keep her fur on! Pinkie cries: "My MANE!!!! My beautiful, perfectly groomed MANE!!!!"
Lettuce says: "You think YOU'RE the only one WORRIED about stuff?! I can't BELIEVE I'm molting my luxurious penguin feathers! It is SO undignified!"
Pinkie says: "My mother WARNED me this would happen, but I thought it would be GRADUALLY, NOT all at ONCE, like THIS!"
Lettuce says: "I don't like it anymore than you do!"
Pinkie says: "We CAN'T go out and about like THIS! I'd NEVER hear the END of it!"

Lettuce says: "We won't have to! I already called Omnus about it, he's perfectly understanding. He told us to stay home unless there's an absolute emergency! Until than, I'm going to try to cook something up for us, to see if it will help us grow in my adult feathers, and your adult mane. Besides, ever since I've fought the Love Bug, I have been feeling unusually hungry."
Pinkie asks: "Is that REALLY relevant right now?"
Lettuce says: "With the way we live our lives, it probably WILL be!" /
Back at the Command Center, Alpha 8 is checking the diagnostics, and he says: "Most excellent work, Rangers! And a MUCH better display of restraint and patience from YOU today, Naruto!"
Naruto asks: "So what else is new? Omnus, I thought these training simulations were supposed to make us STRONGER, and give us NEW moves! But it just feels like we've been going through the motions! I mean, what have we REALLY been taught by training here?"
Omnus honestly says: "I have taught you...NOTHING!!!!"
Naruto says: "Come on! Don't give me that! In case you've forgotten, we STILL have a situation against Queen Beryl! We need to get stronger! I know that the Magi-Mother gave Captain Retro some SPECIAL training! We want the EXACT same training that Captain Retro got!"
Omnus sighs and says: "Very well. Captain Retro!!!!"

Captain Retro warps in, and says: "You rang? I ALWAYS wanted to say that!"
Omnus says: "Naruto and the Thunder Rangers want YOUR training! You got somewhere to train them?"
Captain Retro says: "We'll do it at Briarwood, at the Magi-Mother's place, that should be adequate! Naruto, Thunder Rangers!"
Naruto, and the Thunder Rangers say: "Yes, sir?!"
Captain Retro says: "I'm taking it upon myself, to remold you like a sculptor would a piece of wet clay!"
Coop says: "Cool! We're like wet clay!"
Captain Retro thinks about it, and says: "I suppose I better train Scrappy-Doo, to! Alpha Eight?"
Alpha 8 says: "On it, Captain Retro!"
And Alpha 8 warps Scrappy-Doo into the Command Center! Scrappy-Doo says: "Cool! You want me to help you fight?!"
Captain Retro says: "Kind of. You're training with us! Besides, it will help me to gauge your actual strength and prowess. Once I know WHERE it is, I can help you improve from there!"
Scrappy-Doo says: "Awesome!"

Captain Retro says: "Very well, than! Usagi and StarHawk, keep watch over Coastal Falls! If something comes up, contact BlackHawk to help you out, and THAN us in case you need help! And FireHawk; DO stay out of trouble for once!"
FireHawk rolls her eyes, and says: "No promises!"
Captain Retro sighs and says: "Closest I'M going to get from her! Very well than, we're off!"
And Captain Retro, Naruto, and the Thunder Rangers, warp to Briarwood! Alpha 8 asks Omnus: "Say, do you think everything is going to be all right?"
Omnus says: "Knowing Captain Retro, I don't see any why everything WOULDN'T be all right!"
Alpha 8 says: "I didn't really mean THAT! I meant Coastal Falls! What if Queen Beryl sends down another Youma?!"
Omnus says: "We should be thankful, that's ALL that the Power Rangers CURRENTLY have to deal with!" /
Meanwhile, a spaceship that hasn't been seen for two months, SUDDENLY emerges from a wormhole, and the Diabolic spaceship appears from it, right over Core Earth! On board the ship, Vipera screams: "UGH!!!! I can't believe it! I give you ONE simple task, Kraky! Steer the ship TOWARDS the Planet Onyx; and instead, you sent us on a wild GOOSE chase half-way across the Milky Way Galaxy, and by the time we GET to Planet Onyx, the Rangers already LEFT it one month ago, and you SOMEHOW managed to make getting back to Core Earth take ANOTHER month! How do you explain yourself?!"

Kraky says: "It's not MY fault space has SO many directions you can go in! I KNEW I should've taken that LEFT turn at Alpha Centauri!"
Drako says: "Well, no use crying over spilled Nuclear Waste, as Finster used to tell me. The important thing is, the Power Rangers are still alive, and according to my sensors, there's now MORE of them!"
Vipera yells: "MORE of them?! Are you FREAKING kidding me?!"
Drako says: "I'm afraid not. The Thunder Morphers, which I thought had been lost during the Great War 10,000 years ago, were rediscovered by the Magi-Mother. And now, five brats have HARNESSED those powers!"
Baphomet says: "This is absolutely INFURIATING! As if SEVEN Power Brats weren't irksome enough! Vipera, you should send me down to Core Earth to TEACH those meddling Power Rangers a lesson!"
Drako says: "I'd advise against it. For one thing, have you forgotten BlackHawk and his Gold Ranger powers? At your current strength level, he'd mop the floor with you in five minutes, maybe literally! Besides, why risk destroying ourselves? We still have 184 Necron Doom Bots at our disposal. They're QUITE dangerous in or themselves! I think sending 14 of them down, will be an adequate enough challenge, to see exactly HOW strong the Power Rangers have become in the past two months!"
Vipera says: "Not a bad idea! But perhaps we should hedge our bets a bit!"

Kraky says: "I've got an idea that I've been saving for a rainy day...SOMEWHERE on Core Earth!" Kraky reaches into his pockets, and pulls out a model of a toy train! Kraky says: "Trains our POWERFUL machines, strong, fast, and VERY durable! If we turn this toy train into a blood beast, we could use it to conquer Neo Austalia-Asia!"
Vipera excitedly says: "What an INGENIOUS scheme! You're a GENIUS, you IDIOT!!!! Drako, make it happen!"
Drako focuses his NEW, dark powers, and lets the evil magic FLOW through him! Drako says: "By the power invested in me, and ALL the scheming techniques of T'zeen'tch, let this Toy Train, be TURNED, into RUNAWAY TRAIN!!!!"
And a flash of red energy flows from Drako's hands, into the Toy Train, and the Toy Train turns into a Blood Beast, shaped like an Anthropomorphic train! The train says: "Choo-Choo! I am Runaway Train! Tell me where to run to, and I will RUN it over!"
Vipera says: "Excellent! There's a continent on Core Earth, that I would very much LIKE for you to conquer! You see the GIANT continent?! That's Neo Australia-Asia! There's TOO MANY people on it! Run it over, so that enough room can be made for my GLITTERING Golden Palace! I want a full four square miles for it AT the very least!"
Runaway Train says: "What you ask for, shall be DONE!!!!"
And in a puff of steam, the Runaway Train zooms down to Core Earth! Baphomet asks: "One thing, Vipera; suppose Queen Beryl tries to interfere with Runaway Train?"

Drako says: "No fear of THAT! Queen Beryl's Youma will find themselves quite outmatched by Runaway Train! I also took the magical liberty, of modifying Runaway Train, so that ANY opponents he kills or damages, will SIPHON their energy, DIRECTLY into you, Baphomet! So the next time you FIGHT BlackHawk, you'll be READY for him!"
Baphomet says: "I like this new, IMPROVED you, more and more all the time!" /
Meanwhile, down on Neo Australia-Asia, who of ALL characters, except for Bash and Smash, should be down there?! Smash says: "This sun is too hot, and there's nowhere NEAR enough shade in this outback section of Neo Australia-Asia! Remind me again, WHY did I agree to do this with you?"
Bash says: "We NEED the extra credit badly! Our High School Professors could hold us BACK if we don't get our grades up! This excursion is our ticket to future job benefits! Not to mention, we MIGHT run into some Power Rangers!"
The Runaway Train appears on the scene, and he says: "I don't know about Power Rangers, but you're about to RUN into me! Or should I say, I'm about to run INTO, and OVER, you; unless you get out of the way!"
Smash says: "Hey! You have no idea who you're talking to! I just lost the love of MY life to some freaky little penguin! I'm in NO mood to take orders from YOU! Bash, throw me at him!"
Bash groans and says: "This plan reeks of FAILURE!!!!"
Bash picks up Smash, and throws him at Runaway Train! Smash screams: "Smash SLAM!!!!"

And his fists connect with Runaway Train, but Runaway Train utterly NO-SELLS the attack, and instead, Smash recoils in pain, and screams: "OW!!!! OW! OW! OW!!!! I never thought hitting a train could hurt THAT much!" /
The alarm blares off in the Command Center, and Alpha 8 says: "Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! We have trouble already! What's Queen Beryl up to THIS time?!"
Omnus says: "Unfortunately it's not Queen Beryl! It seems that Vipera STILL hasn't given up her dream of conquering Neo Australia-Asia. Unfortunately, it seems the Blood Beast that Drako has created is stronger than his old brand of Blood Beasts, filled with the Dark Magic of a Chaos God!"
Queen Hedrian said: "It must be the doing of...the scheming Chaos God! Who else would scheme such a diabolic plan?! However, it's more desperate than I would expect from HIM! He must have really been WORRIED about Radiguet to make a plan THIS well thought out!"
Omnus says: "Agreed! I'll contact BlackHawk, he'll want to protect his friends personally!" /
At Camp Kidney, Lumpus is looking through a bunch of papers and folders, and he asks: "BlackHawk, do you have the schedules for this upcoming spring camp session?"
BlackHawk says: "Yes, Scoutmaster Lumpus, I just had my hands on them!"
Lumpus says: "Oh, good! They'll be nice and smudged!"
BlackHawk opens up a file cabinet and says: "Here they are! If it had been a snake, it would have bitten me!"

Lumpus looks at the papers, gains a sour look, and says: "BlackHawk, these are the schedules that Slinkman couldn't find for the LAST spring camp session! Now, maybe next year, you'll FIND the ones for THIS spring camp session!" (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!)
BlackHawk says: "Hold that thought!" BlackHawk answers his communicator, and says: "What is it, Omnus?"
Omnus says: "BlackHawk, a new Blood Beast named Runaway Train has appeared in Neo Australia-Asia! Your friends, Bash and Smash are the first in his sight!"
BlackHawk says: "I'm on my way!" He turns off the communicator, and says: "Sorry, Lumpus! My OTHER duty that I told you about is calling! I have to take it!"
Lumpus says: "Don't take TOO long! You won't GET paid for any hours you spend as a Ranger, we DO have a budget we have to adhere to!"
BlackHawk says: "This shouldn't take too long! You fight ONE Blood Beast, you've fought them all! It's Morphing Time!" /
BlackHawk says: "Power of the Sun, SOLAR!!!!" /
BlackHawk appears morphed, and Lumpus says: "Nice outfit!"
BlackHawk says: "It gets the job down! I should be back in...22 minutes!"
And BlackHawk warps away! Lumpus says: "It sure would be nice to be a hero like a Power Ranger someday!" /

BlackHawk appears in Neo Australia-Asia and KICKS Runaway Train just BEFORE he can run over Bash and Smah! BlackHawk says: "Hey! Didn't anyone ever teach you to look at WHERE you run?! You're not the ONLY creature in the outback, you know!"
Runaway Train says: "Well, this is my lucky day! It's a Power Ranger!"
Bash says: "This is our lucky day! We've been saved by a Power Ranger!"
Smash says: "Still doesn't stop my hands from throbbing in pain!"
BlackHawk says: "Don't even bother trying to find out my identity, I'd be too fast for you!"
Bash asks: "What? How did YOU know we wanted to find out your identity?!"
BlackHawk says: "Because you just TOLD me, DUH!!!!"
Smash groans and says: "Oh, I HATE when others do THAT to us!"
BlackHawk says: "Anyways, you better get out of here, you're just collateral damage, here!"
Bash sighs, and say: "Oh, all right! Come on, Smash!"
And they run to their Outback Jeep, and get the HECK out of Dodge! Smash says: "Say, Bash, didn't he sound FAMILIAR to you?"
Bash says: "Smash, EVERYONE sounds familiar to you!"
Runaway Train says: "Now that you're all alone, it's time to unveil my SURPRISE!!!!"

And Fourteen Necron Robots appear around Runaway Train! BlackHawk says: "I see that Drako's learned a few new tricks! Luckily, I've figured out a few new tricks to! I'd like to introduce you to Saba II!!!!"
And BlackHawk pulls out his talking sword! Saba II says: "At your service, BlackHawk!"
BlackHawk says: "Saba II, Pincer Movement Technique #4, you KNOW what to do!"
Saba II says: "On it!"
And using solar propulsion, Saba II flies FORWARD of its own volition, and quicky circles around the Necron Robots, who are bewildered in amazement by how FAST the sword is traveling! Meanwhile, BlackHawk charges up his Solar Power, and he says: "Solar STORM!!!!"
And he fires a blast of Solar Energy at the Necron Robots! Saba II flies back to BlackHawk, and the Necron Robots are are BLASTED into a fiery explosion, which ends up HURTING Runaway Train, who is tossed several feet away! Runaway Train says: "Hey! That's not FAIR! Now it's one against one!"
BlackHawk says: "Too bad I never AGREED to play by YOUR terms! Now, the fight will just be between you, and me!" /
Meanwhile, Captain Retro has warped Naruto, Scrappy-Doo, and the Thunder Rangers to Briarwood! Windsor T. Gorilla, is there to greet them! Windsor says: "Captain Retro, Scrappy, and the Thunder Rangers, what are YOU doing here?!"
Samson says: "I could ask you the same thing, Windsor!"

Windsor says: "I decided to take an apprenticeship here! The Magi-Mother thinks she can teach me how to use offensive magic, and help me augment my cybernetic enhancements! After all, if you're going to have to face Radiguet someday, you could probably all the help that you can get!"
Coop says: "We're certainly glad to have it, Windsor! It will be GREAT having you to fight with us when the time comes!"
Captain Retro says: "All right! This is where we will train! This is Briarwood, the very place where I took my place as the avatar of the Dog Guardian, and gained all my current powers. While you won't be training to become avatars of any Guardain, you WILL be training to unlock more true potential! Now, before we go any further, how many of you have had any previous training in the martial arts?"
And everyone present, raises their hands. Captain Retro says: "Good! In that case, we can skip the difference between what a punch and a kick is! Now, despite some of your pre-conceived notions, Martial Arts is about TRAINING to beat your enemies, get rich and famous, or even get the girls, or the guys, to fall head over heels in love with you, its about using your strength to DEFEND yourselves from enemies, and to protect others! Now, since you're all at different skill levels, you will all need to train at a level best suited to your current needs! Lucky for you, I'm proficient at detecting power levels and latent skill, so I will let you know, the best kind of training that you need! Scrappy-Doo!"
Scrappy asks: "You want ME to train under you?!"
Captain Retro says: "Not yet! You have to build up to it first!"

Scrappy's face droops, and he says: "Oh, man!"
Captain Retro says: "Fortunately, you can do that building up right here! First, I want you to spar with Coop!"
Coop says: "Hold up! Why me?!"
Captain Retro says: "Because technically speaking, you're both the youngest and the least experienced! Scrappy will be able to last LONGER training with you, and will have an easier time catching up! Besides, him sparring with you, will help YOU improve, as well!"
Krash'ir says: "I can't argue with THAT! I wouldn't know HOW to!"
Captain Retro says: "And just to make it more fair, you should power down as well. If you truly want to get stronger, you need to improve your BASE power level, instead of your levels as Power Rangers!"
Patsy says: "But what about not HITTING a GIRL?!!!"
Captain Retro rolls his eyes and says: "Do you THINK Queen Beryl is going to care about THAT?! Of COURSE not! She's already tried to murder Usagi on MULTIPLE occasions, and threaten the lives of StarHawk and Pinkie as well! Trying NOT to hit you is the LAST thing on her mind! You want to be a Power Ranger? Here's Lesson #1, don't EVER expect the villains to play fair, because they WON'T!"
D.O.G., says: "I hate to say it but, my little brother has got a point. Power Down!"

And Naruto, and the Thunder Rangers power down! All right, Scrappy-Doo and Coop, basic sparring; punching and kicking, but NO energy manipulation, yet!"
And Scrappy-Doo and Coop pick out a corner of the forest, and decide to start sparring there. Captain Retro looks at everyone else and gets an idea! Captain Retro says: "I know what will help YOU, Patsy! YOU, will spar with Krash'ir!"
Patsy says: "Me, against her?! Are you CRAZY?!"
Captain Retro says: "This is PRECISELY the kind of training that you need! If you're going to be a Power Ranger, you NEED to be prepared to fight ANYTHING! And I DO mean anything! Besides, Krash'ir, I can trust you to hold back, and try NOT to kill anybody here, right?"
Krash'ir says: "I already filled MY quota for the week. My battle aura is completely calm!"
Captain Retro says: "Good! Anything goes, EXCEPT for morphing and killing for the BOTH of you two!"
And Patsy and Krash'ir choose another section of the forest, and begin sparring there! Captain Retro looks around and asks: "Samson, are you going to be able to handle this?"
Samson scoffs, and he says: "You're kidding, right? Do you have ANY idea of what MY life used to be like at Camp Kidney before YOU and BlackHawk showed up?! Sparring will be a PICNIC compared to THAT!"
Windsor says: "Speaking of, the Magi-Mother says SHE has a picnic lunch prepared for whenever you get hungry!"

Captain Retro says: "We'll keep that in mind! And Samson, I think you'll be able to fight against D.O.G.!"
Samson says: "Woah! Hold up! I have no qualm against your older brother!"
Captain Retro says: "Hey! You just said you would be able to HANDLE this, and that this would be a PICNIC! Besides, do you know how EXPERIENCED my brother is? Fighting with him, is only one STEP below fighting with me! You should consider yourself lucky!"
D.O.G., says: "Thank you, brother. I'm flattered!"
Samson nods his head in resolve, and says: "Very well, then! I shall rise to the challenge, and prove myself worthy of this power!"
Captain Retro says: "Very well, a test of endurance for the two of you! Strive to push PAST your limits, and aim for a higher potential! Give me 110%! Go!"
And Samson and D.O.G., choose another section of the forest, and begin sparring there! Naruto looks around, and asks: "And what about me?"
Captain Retro says: "You will be sparring with ME!!!! You wanted the EXACT same training I got? Well, you're going to get it! And everything that entails with it! Now, before we officially start my training, I want to see what kind of tricks that you've got!"
Naruto chuckles, and he says: "I've been WAITING for a chance to show THIS off! Clone Jujitsu!"

And in a puff of smoke, Naruto has produced 1,000 copies of himself! All the Naruto's speak in unison: "So, you want to fight me? Go ahead! But which one of us is the REAL Naruto, and not just a fake copy? Just remember, we have 2,000 eyes between us, so we HAVE no blind spots to speak of!"
Captain Retro scoffs, and says: "Amateur hour! I can already spot TWO weaknesses with this technique!"
The Magi-Father says: "TWO weaknesses?"
The Magi-Mother says: "Is there even ONE?"
Captain Retro says: "I'm gonna borrow another move from Dragonball Z on this one; Solar Flare!"
And everyone EXCEPT the Naruto clones, close their eyes, and a blinding flash of light radiates in the area, during which, Captain Retro quickly zooms, around, knocks down 500 of the Naruto clones, causing them to dissipate into the remaining clones! The light disappears, and Captain Retro says: "That's your FIRST weakness! 2,000 eyes are TOO good! They make you FAR more susceptible to light blinding attacks! And if I can use them, we know for a FACT that your enemies are going to use them!"
The Naruto clones say in unison: "Yeah, well, don't think we'll far for THAT trick again!"
Captain Retro says: "I wouldn't, that's why I'm going after your SECOND weakness!"
Windsor says: "He's won this."

Captain Retro says: "KamehameHA!!!!"
And producing a strong burst of energy, Captain Retro EASILY blasts all the remaining Naruto copies, causing the rest to dissipate, until only the original remains! Captain Retro says: "THAT was your SECOND weakness! By dividing yourself into 1,000 individual copies, you've also divided your own power level equally into every single copy of yourself! So, instead of one strong warrior, you've got one VERY weak army!"
Naruto gasps, and he says: "I don't believe it! Back in MY home land, no opponent has EVER managed to TRULY overpower me, and here, YOU, a flying dog, have overtaken me EASILY! You're AMAZING!"
Captain Retro says: "Well, it all comes from being a--."
Naruto screams: "FIREFOX PUNCH!!!!"
Windsor says: "Naruto, you really can't!!!!"
(KONG!!!!) And Naruto punches Captain Retro right in the stomach, only for Captain Retro to utterly NO-Sell the attack, and for Naruto to recoil in pain! Naruto screams: "OW!!!! OW! OW! OW!!!! I think I broke my ARM while trying to punch the Anti-Cthulu!"
Captain Retro says: "That's a new one. I'm going to have to remember THAT one! And for future reference..."
Captain Retro blasts ANOTHER Kamehameha and says: "Kamehameha!!!!" And pushes Naruto backwards into a sturdy tree!

Captain Retro says: "The element of surprise works FAR better when you announce your attack WHILE you're doing it, INSTEAD of BEFORE you do it!"
Naruto gets angry, and says: "Why...YOU...!!!!"
And Naruto produces another puff of smoke, and produces a bunch of transparent images of himself! Captain Retro feigns surprise, and he says: "SO many fake copies of Naruto! WHERE is the real one?!"
And without even LOOKING Captain Retro punches to the left, and PUNCHES Naruto away! Captain Retro says: "Oh, LUCKY me!!!!"
Naruto says: "Cheap shot!!!!"
And Naruto produces the transparent images and disappears again! And STILL, without even looking, Captain Retro punches to the right, and PUNCHES Naruto away, and Captain Retro says: "Oh, lucky me AGAIN!!!! Or, maybe you're NOT as skilled as you so claim to be?"
Naruto angrily says: "That's it! NOW I'm MAD!!!!"
And Naruto unleashes a BARRAGE of punches and says: "Firefox BARRAGE!!!!"
And despite Naruto unleashing what APPEARS to be a THOUSAND fists at Captain Retro, he EASILY blocks ALL of the punches with just his left hand! Captain Retro says: "No matter WHAT you TRY, the end result is STILL the same!"
Naruto says: "Same THIS!!!! Firefox BLAST!!!!"

And Naruto TRIES to produce the Firefox Blast, but instead, Captain Retro, and everyone else, seemingly vanishes! Naruto says: "What? Where am I?"
And an eight tailed Kitsune suddenly appears before him. Naruto says: "YOU?!"
The Kitsune says: "Do you STILL not see it? After all this time?"
Naruto asks: "See what?"
The Kitsune says: "Your own inner rage and anger that blinds you to the techniques that Captain Retro is using! You're too busy trying to follow with your eyes, and NOT locking onto his energy! You waste your time with displays of flashy attacks, instead of focusing on your true power!"
Naruto asks: "Wait! How are you here?!"
The Kitsune says: "It doesn't matter. Are you REALLY going to let the ten-tailed Kitsune appear and destroy the planet that you live, or are you willing to PURIFY your soul, and claim the power that SHOULD be yours?"
Naruto asks: "What do you mean?"
And suddenly, energy radiates from Naruto, leaves its body, and manifests itself into the image of Naruto's former friend TURNED enemy, Obito!
Naruto asks: "HIM?!!!"

The Obito image says: "Hello Naruto. Remember me?"
Naruto angrily says: "How could I ever FORGET?!!! You BETRAYED me, BETRAYED Sasuke! BETRAYED everything the Hokage School ever stood for! How DARE you stand here before me?!!! DIE!!!!"
And Naruto produces a FIRE sword and starts attack at the Obito image, while the Obito image defends itself with ANOTHER fire sword, but the Obito image is helplessly overpowered by Naruto's SHEER anger and fury, and Naruto HACKS at the Obito image, until Naruto KNOCKS Obito's Fire Sword away, and CUTS off Obito's left hand! Obito evilly SAYS: "Good, GOOD!!!! Your hatred has made you POWERFUL!!!! Now, fulFILL your destiny! Take MY place, as the MASTER of ALL EVIL!!!!"
And then, for the first time in his life, Naruto FEELS the evil energy within him, that had lain dormant inside of him all his life. And instead of feeling excited, he feels afraid, of just how CLOSE he had come, to succumbing to the darkness inside of him. Naruto dissipates his Flame Sword, and Naruto defiantly says: "Never! I will NEVER succumb to the darkness again! You failed, Obito! I'm a Power Ranger! I always have been! I always will be!"
The Obito image says: "So be it, Power Ranger. But if YOU will not succumb to the evil, you will be DESTROYED by it!"
And the Obito image shoots LIGHTNING at Naruto, overwhelming Naruto! The Obito image says: "Young fool. Only now, in the end, do you realize!"

And the Obito image continues to shoot lightning at Naruto everytime he finishes a sentence. The Obito image says: "You are no match for the power of MY evil! You shall pay the PRICE for your lack of vision!!!!"
And while Naruto is able to endure and RESIST the lightning bolts, they are CLEARLY causing him pain! Naruto says: "Spirit Kitsune, PLEASE!!!!"
And the Kitsune looks on, as if KNOWING that Naruto truly MEANS his words, and has FINALLY understood compassion and the true meaning of being a Power Ranger! The Obito Image says: "Now, Young Naruto, you will die."
But Naruto REFUSES to let the electrical surges overpower him, so the Obito image continues to fire at him! But the Obito image is SO consumed with attacking Naruto, it FAILS to see the Eight Tailed Kitsune using it's EIGHT Fire Tails against the Obito image, each one COMPLETELY burning him with the FURY of 8,000 volcanos, pushing the Obito image COMPLETELY away, and the Eight Tailed Kitsune suddenly leaps INTO Naruto, and Naruto says: "It's Morphing Time!" /
Naruto says: "Power of Mars! Fire!!!!" And to Naruto's surprise, he powers up even FURTHER!!!! And the Eight Tailed Kitsune speaks through him, and together they say: "Eight Tailed Fire Battlizer!!!!" And Naruto's Power Ranger costume suddenly gains a shiny, golden armor over his Power Ranger suit, with the face of the Kitsune facing forward, and eight fire tails facing in multiple directions, to enable Naruto to attack any opponent coming his way! /
Naruto says: "Wow! I got a new Battlizer! Time to see what this thing can do! Eight Tailed Fire BLAST!!!!"

And he fires ALL eight tails worth of FIRE at the Obito Image, and it suddenly CRACKS into a thousand pieces, as it screams, and disintegrates into nothingness!!!! /
Suddenly, the blast BREAKS Naruto back into Briarwood, and Naruto has actually PUNCHED Captain Retro in the left leg, in his golden Battlizer form! Captain Retro honestly says: "That...was more than I expected."
Windsor asks: "What happened? It was as if Naruto and Captain Retro suddenly froze up for a few minutes, than before I knew it, Naruto is morphed, AND with a brand new battlizer!"
The Magi-Mother says: "His spirit animal has finally come for Naruto! It sensed Naruto's inner turmoil, and decided to come to him, in order to purify his soul, and allow him to reach a higher level of power!"
Captain Retro says: "I never thought I'd say this, but, you passed the test. You all have."
Coop says: "We have?"
Captain Retro says: "All this training, has been to see whether or not you could move past your limitations, and confront them. All of you, have not only been able to do this, but you did so with flying colors. Especially you, Naruto. Your Aura now feels as strong as Usagi's and BlackHawk's."
Naruto says: "Thank you, but strangely enough, it wasn't enough just to want to be as STRONG as them, but wanting to defeat the evil within myself, that had been plaguing me for so long. Once I was able to confront that evil, I was able to let go of my ego, and access my spirit animal."

Captain Retro says: "That's all I ever wanted you, to be able to do. You've learned all you can from me, at least for today."
(Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Captain Retro says: "What is it Omnus?"
Omnus says: "BlackHawk is currently fighting against a Blood Beast called Runaway Train. He's holding his own, but he can't take down this improved Blood Beast alone."
Naruto looks at the Thunder Rangers, and he asks: "What do you think?"
Krash'ir says: "The best defense is a good offense."
Samson says: "We work better as a team!"
Captain Retro says: "Than you know what to do!"
Coop says: "Right! It's Morphing time!" /
The Thunder Rangers all morph together, and say: "Thunder Rangers, power up!" And they all morph together in a singular action! /
The Thunder Rangers, and Naruto all leap into action, and all take turns kicking at Runaway Train! Runaway Train says: "WHAT?! More Rangers?!"
BlackHawk says: "Naruto?!!! When did YOU get new Battlizer powers?!"
Naruto says: "It's a long story, but I'll explain later!"

BlackHawk says: "Right!"
Naruto says: "Fastball special! Let's make it a strike!!!!"
BlackHawk throws Naruto to Samson, Samson throws Naruto to Krash'ir, Krash'ir throws Naruto to Coop, Coop throws Naruto to D.O.G., D.O.G., throws Naruto to Patsy, and by the time Patsy throws Naruto towards Runaway Train, Naruto has built up a tremendous amount of energy, and Naruto says: "Firefox BLAST!!!!"
And Naruto flies right THROUGH Runaway Train, causing him to short-circuit! Runaway Train says: "NO!!!! I'm heading for the last roundabout!!!!" (BOOM!!!!)
D.O.G., says: "And that, is the TRUE power of teamwork!" /
Vipera looks at the action, and she says: "Runaway Train has been de-railed, utterly."
Baphomet says: "Just make him big, and we'll crush the Rangers."
Drako says: "There's no point. He's already been trounced once, it would be POINTLESS to make him fight again. Let's cut our losses for now and call it a day."
Kraky says: "Sorry that train didn't measure up to your expectations, Drako."
Drako says: "It's not your fault, it's mine. I haven't QUITE gained complete mastery of all my powers yet. But mark my words, someday soon, I will! And when I do, watch out, Power Rangers, and the Thunder Rangers, to!" /

The Power Rangers, and Thunder Rangers, are back at the Command Center; Lettuce and Pinkie are communicating via the Viewing Globe. Lettuce says: "WOW!!!! Naruto got a Battlizer?! That's really amazing! I wish we could've seen it in action!"
Naruto says: "Don't worry about it, you'll see it soon enough!"
Pinkie says: "Lettuce's home-made cures are working miracles! His adult feathers and my adult mane will be grown in by the time for our next adventure!"
Usagi says: "We're looking forward to it!"
The Viewing Globe is turned off, and StarHawk says: "Sorry we couldn't help you fight; Queen Beryl unleashed an alligator monster on Coastal Falls that we had to take care of. That took priority for the three of us."
Coop says: "No problem. We'll all fight together the next time!"
Naruto turns around to Captain Retro, and says: "Thanks again for helping me train, Captain Retro! I'm glad that everything turned out okay!"
Captain Retro says: "I'm glad to! Just remember THAT sense of optimism when YOU find out the AWFUL truth about your current 'Girlfriend', FireHawk!"
Naruto says: "Hey, wait!" But Captain Retro has already disappeared! Naruto asks: "What did he mean by THAT?!!!"
FireHawk says: "Obviously, it means I'm NUTS about your strong, new, Ranger Powers!"

Queen Hedrian rolls her eyes, and says: "Obviously!"
Naruto says: "And whatever our next challenge is, we'll face it together, as a team!"
They all put their hands together and simultaneously say: "Power Rangers!" /

I hope that was as good of an episode for you, as it was for me. Enough said, true believers!

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At long last, here is the long awaited next installment of "Power Rangers Multiverse Force", "The Obligatory Food Pyramid Episode", co-written by Renegade and myself. Enjoy! /

4EverGreen's Disclaimer: Due to my personal strong convictions, I wish to state that the following episode, is in no way, shape, or form, an indictment on the eating habits of Americans, or any one person and/or being in particular. This is meant to be a farce, first and foremost, and is meant to entertain (and possibly educate) readers and/or viewers if such time ever comes to pass. Hope you enjoy the episode (unexpectedly) started by Renegade the Unicorn, and finished by myself!

The Obligatory Food Pyramid Episode

The episode begins with the Rangers, Multiverse Force and Thunder, at the Juice Bar. Each of them had various drinks and foods; the only one missing was Lettuce. The small penguin arrived at their corner of the bar a bit later, carrying a tray with what looked like a standard twelve-inch pizza wrapped like what Blackhawk might have described as a "burrito from hell", globs of cheddar and mozzarella cheese oozing and bubbling outward from the edges. All the Rangers stared at him, mouths agape. No one said anything; that was, until Firehawk exclaimed (appropriately and profanely) "DAMN, LETTUCE!" Her tone was more out of awe and astonishment more than anything. Patsy's, on the other hand, was a far more befitting expression of horror.
 "What. Is. That!?" the mongoose girl whispered, her tone slowly rising into a shrill shriek as she pointed at Lettuce's monstrous meal.
 "Oh, this? It's just a Cheesy Blaster." the penguin replied, picking up the ' Cheesy Blaster' and admiring it in the same way one might admire the works of, say, Andy Warhol. "You take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza! You've got Cheesy Blasters!" As if to top off his reciting of this commercial jingle, Lettuce did an air guitar solo.
 "Uhhhh, I'm not one to talk, Lettuce, but that doesn't exactly look healthy." Pinkie said worriedly. "You might wanna be a liiiitle more careful with what you're eating."
 Blackhawk and Naruto looked at each other and visibly cringed. "I swear I'm getting a heart attack from just looking at that thing." Naruto whispered through clenched teeth.
 "Me too." Blackhawk replied as he watched Lettuce devour the Cheesy Blaster in two, maybe three bites.
 "Lettuce is gonna have a heart attack if he keeps this up." Usagi said. "Don't you care about your own health?" she asked the penguin.
 "Ah, don't worry about it, Usagi!" Lettuce reassured her. "We penguins are kept warm by our fat, so I can pretty much eat whatever I want and not have any problems whatsoever!"
 "...Yeah, he's gonna screw himself over." Kras'hir, in her human disguise of ' Krystal' replied, before biting into a Renaissance faire-style turkey leg.
Sure enough, over the next several weeks, we see Lettuce's diet grow progressively unhealthier, all the while a famous parody by "Weird Al" Yankovic plays:
"Your butt is wide, well mine is too. Just watch your mouth or I'll sit on you. The word is out, better treat me right. 'Cause I'm the king of cellulite. Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right. My zippers bust, my buckles break. I'm too much man for you to take.
The pavement cracks when I fall down. I've got more chins than Chinatown. Well, I've never used a phone booth. And I've never seen my toes. When I'm goin' to the movies, I take up seven rows because I'm fat, I'm fat, come on.
(Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it. (Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, I'm fat, come on you know. (Fat, fat, really really fat) Don'tcha call me pudgy, portly or stout. Just now tell me once again who's fat. When I walk out to get my mail, It measures on the Richter scale.
Down at the beach I'm a lucky man, I'm the only one who gets a tan. If I have one more pie a la mode, I'm gonna need my own zip code. When you're only having seconds, I'm having twenty-thirds. When I go to get my shoes shined, I gotta take their word. Because I'm fat, I'm fat, sha mone.
(Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it. (Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, you know. (Fat, fat, really really fat) And my shadow weighs forty-two pounds. Lemme tell you once again who's fat. If you see me comin' your way, better give me plenty space.
If I tell you that I'm hungry, then won't you feed my face? Because I'm fat, I'm fat, come on. (Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it. (Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, you know. (Fat, fat, really really fat) Woo woo woo, when I sit around the house, I really sit around the house.
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, come on. (Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, you know it. (Fat, fat, really really fat) You know, you know, you know, come on. (Fat, fat, really really fat) And you know all by myself I'm a crowd, Lemme tell you once again. You know I'm huge, I'm fat, you know it.
(Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, you know, ho. (Fat, fat, really really fat) You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it, you know. (Fat, fat, really really fat) And the whole world knows I'm fat and I'm proud; Just tell me once again who's fat?"
And the song ends as we cut back to the Juice Bar, where Lettuce is now unhealthily obese, as he waddles slowly and unsteadily with heavy, Darth Vader style breath to the usual table. But the mere exertion from walking causes him to pass out. The Rangers, now having to take action after Lettuce ignored their warnings, teleported to the Command Center.
Omnus and Hedrian were currently working on improvements to the Thunder Zords, to better suit their new masters' abilities. When Omnus saw Lettuce, he immediately rushed over to the unconscious penguin with concern on his face. "Alpha, run diagnostics. We need to make sure Lettuce is not in critical condition."
 "On it." the little robot replied, pressing some buttons on a few machines. Omnus turned to Usagi.
 "What happened? How did Lettuce's weight get so out of control?" he asked. Usagi explained what had happened, and the Eltarian man let out a sigh of disappointment.
 "So Lettuce's own hubris got a hold of him. Not to worry, however. I may just have a solution to this problem." With that, Omnus left to another part of the Command Center.
Meanwhile, in Queen Beryl's fortress, said evil queen was busy watching the events unfold. Ahzek Ahriman, her lover and second in command, was busy muttering ancient chaos magic incantations, and mixing up a potion for...something. So it was up to Kunzite to assist his queen in her plans, which he was all too happy to do. Upon seeing Lettuce in his current condition, a smirk of a genius idea spread across his face. "My queen, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
 Queen Beryl stared at him, a brow raised. "Are you suggesting we steal energy from health-conscious humans? Do you not remember that was one of Jadeite's schemes from our first conflicts with Sailor Moon?"
Ahzek says: "That was not what I was suggesting at all. That plan of Jadeite's failed for good reason if you recall. No, what I was thinking...well, this might sound rather ridiculous to you."
 "No plan is ridiculous if well-thought out enough." Beryl reassured him. For all her aloofness and cold-heartedness, Queen Beryl still cared about those beneath her and even against her. Kunzite could see, for a moment, a smile.
 Ahzek says: "Yes. Well, I was thinking: what if, instead of stealing energy from humans, we stole energy from food?"
 "Energy from food?" Beryl replied. "Surely you jest. Queen Metalia desires human energy, not food energy."
 "I do not." Kunzite said. "And I will tell you why, for my logic is sound. Sure, it may not have the same emotional connection as human energy, which is what Metalia feeds on. But if we stole energy from food, then it would be bland, tasteless and nutritionless. Humans would be susceptible to mass energy harvesting when they're weak enough from hunger. And harvesting energy from food? Surely the Rangers would think it was too ridiculous to even investigate!"
 Beryl pondered it over. "So, harvesting energy from food is just a front? Why did you not say that in the first place?"
 "Because as every good pitchman knows, you must first sell a ridiculous idea before selling a practical one." Ahzek interrupted.
 "Yes, exactly!" Kunzite said.
Zolsite says: "I don't remember Ahzek asking for YOUR opinion!"
Kunzite says: "No one ever seems to, unless Queen Beryl needs me to create another Youma, which inevitably gets destroyed! Need I remind you, it was MY idea to create the Love Bug, which is the ONLY reason why Lettuce is acting the way he is in the first place!"
Ahzek says: "That's the one thing I don't understand. The Love Bug was designed to make people/beings, fall madly in love with other people and/or beings, not food. What gives?"
Kunzite says: "Something I couldn't have anticipated. Apparently, Lettuce's 'Real' love for Pinkie Pie, over-rode any feelings for anyone else that the Love Bug could make him feel. So, she settled on making him fall in love with eating food. However, that oversight may work to our advantage in this case!"
Zolsite groans in detest, and says: "I hate it that YOU'RE the lucky one!"
Queen Beryl says: "Instead of complaining, why don't YOU make a Youma, to keep the Rangers from being distracted from stopping this evil plot of ours?!"
Ahzek asks: "With Zolsite's WEAK skills, you're JOKING, right?!"
Zolsite angrily asks: "What's THAT supposed to mean?!"
Ahzek says: "Even when Kunzite and Zolsite worked together to create a Youma, Fruit Freak, the Thunder Rangers STILL managed to take it down, and it was ONLY their first mission! With two teams of Rangers working about, the result would be FAR worse for us! And while I don't doubt your Youma making capabilities, we CAN'T just keep making Youma forever! After all, Radiguet will eventually make his way back to Core Earth! And I can only PROTECT Queen Beryl, I can't fight a war against Radiguet and his forces for you!"
Kunzite says: "So what do YOU suggest?"
Ahzek says: "I, myself, will attack the Rangers and carry out this plot! Besides, with my access to powers from the Chaos Realm, I'm the ONLY one who can successfully accomplish this plot!"
Zolsite says: "You DO know how dangerous it is for anyone, even YOU, to access powers to the Chaos Realm? The Chaos Realm doesn't CARE who you are, or what powers you have; they'll corrupt you all the same, and you'll lose sanity and composure, the longer you use them! You could become NOTHING but a host for a Chaos Realm demon, if you use those powers for too long!"
Ahzek says: "I only need to use these powers, long enough to generate power to revive Queen Metalia! We're currently at 30% capacity for the energy needed to revive her. If I set my sights for bringing that total to just 60%, that should speed up our plans enough to revive Queen Metalia, without putting any long-term ill effects on my overall sanity and composure."
Kunzite asks: "But what if BOTH teams of Power Rangers attack you?!"
Ahzek, with absolute DEAD seriousness, says: "Than may SLA'NEESH have mercy on my soul, if such a thing exists! Farewell!"
And Ahzek disappears in a puff of smoke! Zolsite says: "Is it just me, or are we losing hired help by the Galactic Standard Month?!"
Kunzite says: "Rest assured, you'll never see ME performing NO suicide mission against the Power Rangers; Thunder OR otherwise!" /
The action shifts back to the Command Center. Coop looks over the very fat Lettuce, and he says: "This is WORSE than the time Yin and Yang ate nothing but SWEETS for a month, and nearly got themselves cooked and eaten by a witch for their naivety! Or so I've heard!"
Lettuce cries in anguish, and bellows: "I'm so hideous! Pinkie, how can you love a man who such a humongous FREAK?!"
Pinkie says: "I've seen much worse! YOU never had to deal with Tirac, he nearly DESTROYED Equestria, and he WOULD'VE, if Discord didn't betray HIM!"
Usagi says: "This is PRECISELY what happens, when you don't take care of your health!"
Samson says: "He's going to have to exercise the fat off, and eat nothing but low-calorie, healthy foods, that's all there is to it. That's how I gained MY muscles!"
StarHawk says: "That only fixes PART of the problem! The question is, how do we make it so Lettuce doesn't go BACK to eating unhealthy foods?"
Lettuce says: "I haven't felt the desire to eat healthy foods since Love Bug tried to zap me with her love ray!"
D.O.G.'s eyes light up, and he says: "Say that again!"
Lettuce asks: "The part about being a humongous freak?"
BlackHawk says: "No, the part where Love Bug zapped you! Queen Hedrian, how are your magic skills?! Can you diagnose Lettuce?"
Queen Hedrian says: "I'm a former evil galactic conqueror! Not a dietician! But yes, I can and WILL diagnose him!"
Queen Hedrian waves her wand over Lettuce's stomach, and visualizes the content of Lettuce's stomach, and everyone is SHOCKED at the image! Naruto says: "No WAY!!!!"
And everyone sees a BUNCH of Love Bug viruses attacking the hormones and other cells of Lettuce's stomach, causing Lettuce to growl in hunger! Queen Hedrian rolls her eyes, and says: "Boy, if I had a dollar for EVERY TIME some brain dead idiot had the 'Bright' idea, to try to attack somebody with an eating disorder from the INSIDE of their body, I'd have at LEAST five dollars!"
Pinkie says: "It's just like the time Mirror brainwashed me to crave NOTHING but sweets! A few of you remember the ordeal you had to go through in order to stop me! So, the cure should be just as simple!"
Omnus says: "If only that were the case. That was a mere spell you were under, Pinkie. This is monster viruses inside of Lettuce's body. The thing of it is, HE'S hungry, but with Love Bug viruses inside of him, aggravating his body, THEY are getting ALL of the nutrients, while Lettuce gets NOTHING but the unhealthy filler!"
Lettuce asks: "So, it's not my fault I'm like this?"
Krash'ir says: "Oh, no! You're not getting off the hook THAT easily! You DID let your own hubris get to this point! And now, it's going to be your own possible blood, sweat, and/or tears that's going to help you get out of this, not necessarily in that order!"
Lettuce asks: "Can you ask Captain Retro to train me, like he did some of you guys?"
Scrappy-Doo says: "I already TRIED calling him, but apparently, he's on vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico!"
Coop is puzzled, and asks: "Albuquerque?! What's he doing in Albuquerque?!"
Scrappy-Doo says: "Dang it if I know what his reason is!"
Patsy says: "You mean you DIDN'T get an answer from him?!"
Scrappy-Doo says: "Not exactly, but I did get SOME kind of message from him!"
He holds up a vintage 2021 smart phone, and Scrappy-Doo says: "Do you want to hear the message I got?! I'll tell you the message I got!"
He plays the message, and inexplicably, a snippet of Weird Al Yankovic's hit song "Albuquerque" plays! Weird Al sings: "If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again. If you need help, hang up and then dial your operator. If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again. If you need help, hang up and then dial your operator in Albuquerque. Albuquerque."
Scrappy-Doo turns off the cell phone, and he says: "And THAT'S just the part of the message that was actually RELEVANT! The whole thing LASTED for like, eleven minutes or something!"
Alpha 8 asks: "So, no other news from Captain Retro?"
Scrappy-Doo says: "Well, he DID text me to say that he was otherwise indisposed, but he would be sending a surrogate helper to aid in helping out Lettuce."
Omnus asks: "A surrogate helper? Who would THAT be?"
Scrappy-Doo says: "Now that, I'm not sure. But he...she...whatever! Goes by the initials 'M. M.' as their stage name."
Lettuce says: "Well THAT'S maddeningly unhelpful!"
Omnus says: "In any case, someone will have to make SURE Lettuce exercises and eats right! And by 'Someone', I mean Scrappy-Doo!"
Scrappy-Doo asks: "Wait! Why me?!"
Alpha 8 says: "Well, we do have to send ONE team of Rangers inside of Lettuce's body, in order to fight the Love Bug viruses, and completely eliminate them! Otherwise, Lettuce will inevitably go back to eating junk food, no matter HOW strong his will power is! No offense, Lettuce!"
Lettuce says: "None taken, I think!"
Firehawk asks: "And what about US?! May I dare ask?!"
(WHIR! WHIR!) And as if RIGHT on cue, the alarms in the Command Center go off! Alpha 8 says: "Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! Ahzek is zapping all the food around the world with some kind of energy, but our sensors are unable to detect and lock down on it!"
BlackHawk's eyes widen in horror, and he says: "I can feel that energy. That's NOT mortal energy, that's energy from the Chaos Realm!"
Naruto says: "He WOULDN'T! Would he?"
Patsy says: "I'm a little new here, but what's the Chaos Realm?"
BlackHawk says: "It's a HORRIBLE place! The Night Master once sent me there when I was six! I only lasted the equivalent of six Core Earth minutes there, but ever since then, my body's had an energy connection to that place! Anytime someone uses energy utilizing Chaos Realm abilities, I can sense it! It's also part of the reason why I was able to seal General Krush back to the Chaos Realm in the first place! Since I had been there, I could seal IT back!"
Coop says: "But the Chaos Realm can't be THAT horrible; can it?"
Krash'ir says: "Well, the rest of you haven't even BEEN there! I COME from the Chaos Realm, don't tell ME what the Chaos Realm is like! You go through what Usagi and I had to go through, THEN you can tell us whether or not the Chaos Realm is THAT bad or not!"
D.O.G. asks: "What DID you have to go through?"
Usagi sourly says: "You do NOT want to know! Take MY word for it!"
Queen Hedrian asks: "What could Ahzek POSSIBLY be thinking?!"
Usagi says: "There's only ONE possible explanation; some kind of plot to speed up Queen Metalia's resurrection!"
Pinkie says: "They're still ON that whole thing?!"
StarHawk says: "Well, what else could it be? Their forces are formidable, but even if Queen Beryl utilized ALL her Youma forces against Radiguet, the chances that SHE could win would STILL be very slim, and that's ONLY if Radiguet HASN'T been level grinding, WHICH I highly doubt!"
Patsy says: "Than Lettuce can wait until later! We'll fight Ahzek, to!"
BlackHawk says: "This time is different! Ahzek is NOTHING like Love Bug or Fruit Freak! If Ahzek is willing to utilize Chaos Realm powers at the cost of his own sanity, he MUST be desperate to get Queen Metalia revived in a hurry! After all, Queen Metalia may be the ONLY being that COULD actually stand a chance against Radiguet's full power! If Ahzek gets backed into a corner, he'll get desperate. And the DESPERATE villains are ALWAYS the most dangerous villains to watch out for!"
Samson asks: "So, what should we do?"
Omnus says: "Thunder Rangers, you'll proceed into Lettuce's body as planned! If my guess is correct, Ahzek must be zapping the food items of Core Earth, in order to induce something similar that Lettuce is going through right now!"
Coop asks: "Wait! If Lettuce is eating because he's technically NOT getting the calories, than Ahzek MUST be zapping the food items, in order to DRAIN the calories from them! Without the proper nourishment, many will panic, and that would just about DOUBLE the current energy capacity needed for Queen Metalia's revival!"
Queen Hedrian looks dumbstruck, and she says: "That's...actually pretty spot-on, Coop."
Coop says: "I had a VERY tough Fifth Grade course! There's no WAY I wasn't going to learn SOMETHING from it!"
Krash'ir says: "Anyways, how are we supposed to fight the Love Bug viruses, anyways?"
Alpha 8 pulls back a curtain, and reveals a ship that wouldn't look out of place on "Fantastic Voyage"! D.O.G. says: "WOAH! And I thought my younger brother was retro, in terms of references!"
Coop says: "Billy and I modified this thing ourselves! It may look simple, but where it counts, it's REALLY got a lot! But, we're in bit of a rush; so, I suggest we get on with it!"
Omnus says: "Right! Everyone except Lettuce, intercept Ahzek and stop him! Removing his ties to his Chaos Realm powers will reverse his effects! Thunder Rangers, morph, and head into the Interbody Ship! But be careful; just because the Love Bug viruses will be tiny, that doesn't make them any less dangerous! And you'll be tiny, as well!"
Samson says: "Just out of curiosity, how LONG will we be shrunk? And I don't mean medically, either!"
Coop says: "The Shrink Ray can keep the Interbody Ship and anyone inside of it, shrunk for one Core Earth hour! BUT...to be on the safe side, let's try and finish this in fifty-five minutes, so we're NOT pushing it! Because, if the ship were to grow back to regular size in Lettuce's body, it would break apart, EXPLODING!"
Lettuce winces, and he says: "I could've LIVED, WITHOUT that unnecessary image in my head!"
Krash'ir says: "I'm NOT going to let it come to that! You better believe it!"
Omnus says: "Scrappy-Doo, you take Lettuce so he can get fit again!"
BlackHawk says: "You might as well use Adam's gym, he gives a 10% discount to Power Rangers, as long as you have the proper identification."
Scrappy-Doo says: "Well, it will cut into MY training, but I'll do it!"
Omnus says: "Right! Rangers, you know what to do!"
BlackHawk says: "Right! It's Morphing Time!" /
A five screen-split shot of Naruto, Usagi, Pinkie, StarHawk, and FireHawk morphing is seen, followed by a solo shot of BlackHawk morphing and saying: "Power of the Sun! Gold!" /
And the normal Power Rangers, minus Lettuce warp to intercept Ahzek! Queen Hedrian says: "Thunder Rangers, its your turn!"
Patsy says: "Right! It's morphing time!" /
Krash'ir says: “Blue Kirin Thunderzord power!”
Samson says: “Red Dragon Thunderzord power!”
Patsy says: “Pink Phoenix Thunderzord power!”
Coop grows to FULL adult height, and he says: “Green Lion Thunderzord power!”
D.O.G. says: "Yellow Korin Thunderzord power!” /
They finish morphing, and Alpha 8 says: "Right! Into the Interbody Ship! Rangers, and keep your wits about you! The molecular world can be an outright nuclear nightmare if you're not careful!"
Krash'ir says: "I've personally been through FAR worse, but I'll take your word for it."
They enter the Interbody Ship, buckle up, and close the entrance hatch! Omnus says: "They're ready, Alpha. Shrink them now!"
Scrappy says: "I sure hope the Interbody Ship's warranty will cover this!"
Alpha 8 turns on a shrinking ray, and zaps the Interbody Ship until it's the size of a medicine pill capsule! Alpha 8 picks up the Ship, holds it over Lettuce's beak, and Alpha says: "Open up, Lettuce! It's time for the pill!"
Lettuce says: "Barnacles, I hate the pill!"
But Lettuce opens up, Alpha 8 drops the Ship into Lettuce's mouth, and the tiny ship is quickly sent through the esophagus, straight into Lettuce's stomach! Samson says: "Wow! That was a lot faster than I thought it would be!"
Coop says: "It's Lettuce's hunger! He's not getting any nutrients, so his stomache is desperate to have something fill the void in his body!"
A bunch of Love Bug Viruses surround the ship, and they all talk in unison, like a Hive Mind, saying: "Hello, Thunder Rangers! Remember us?!"
Patsy says: "I'm not likely to forget YOU anytime soon!"
The Love Bug Viruses say: "You may have destroyed our creator, but our presence is alive and well inside Lettuce! You couldn't even take on ONE of her, the last time! How will you fare against an army of us?!"
D.O.G. says: "It will take a LOT more than a CHEAP shot to fight against us THIS time! We've received training from MY brother! Krash'ir, fire up this Interbody Ship and see what it can do!"
Krash'ir says: "All right! But we need to be careful! Remember, we're STILL in Lettuce's body for...how long before we NEED to get out of here?"
Coop says: "53 minutes."
Krash'ir says: "Just until then! Let's ROCK their world!"
And the Interbody Ship unveils their medicinal weaponry, in energy torpedoes and rockets, and begins zapping the Love Bug Viruses! /
Outside of Lettuce's body, Lettuce says: "I'm already feeling SOMETHING happening! They must be returning my body's appetite back to normal!"
Queen Hedrian says: "Good! Scrappy-Doo, can you ROLL Lettuce down to Adam's gym at once, please?"
Scrappy-Doo says: "Why do I have to ROLL him?! Can't you just warp us there?!"
Omnus says: "It WILL burn off some of his calories!"
Lettuce and Scrappy-Doo simultaneously say: "Fine! HEY! How did YOU know I was going to say that?! And THAT?! This is weird! Antidisestablishmentarianism! Seriously?!"
Queen Hedrian can't help but chuckle! Queen Hedrian says: "Sorry! That's actually pretty funny!"
Omnus sighs, and says: "It's a fair cop."
And Scrappy-Doo carefully rolls Lettuce down to Adam's gym. Once they get there, while Lettuce goes through a montage of diet and exercise, the Thunder Rangers go through a montage of destroying all the Love Bug viruses inside of Lettuce's body, all to the tune of Olivia Newton John's, "Physical"! /
Olivia sings: "I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like, making good conversation. I gotta handle you just right; you know what I mean! I took you to an intimate restaurant, then to a suggestive movie. There's nothing left to talk about unless it's horizontally. Let's get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, Let's get into physical. Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk. Let's get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, Let's get into physical. Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk. I've been patient, I've been good, tried to keep my hands on the table. It's gettin' hard this holdin' back, if you know what I mean. I'm sure you'll understand my point of view, we know each other mentally. You gotta know that you're bringin' out the animal in me. Let's get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, let's get into physical. Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk. Let's get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, let's get into physical. Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, Let me hear your body talk. (Guitar solo) Oh, let's get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, let's get into physical! Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk. Oh, let's get animal, animal, I wanna get animal, let's get into animal! Let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk! Let me your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk!" /
And by the time the Thunder Rangers have reduced the Love Bug Viruses to a mere five of them, Lettuce has reduced his fat, not completely BACK to his normal weight, but STILL far lighter and less wide than at his heaviest! Samson says: "All right, Love Bug Viruses, you've got one last chance to make this easy on yourself! Are you going to do this easy, or hard?"
The five Love Bug Viruses simultaneously say: "The Love Bugs choose to do this...HARD!!!! I guess we'll have to get serious!"
They interlock their arms together, and they say: "Group formation, HO!!!!"
And the five Love Bug Viruses merge together, and grow from a 1/16th inch group of five monsters, into a (much bigger seeming to the pill sized Interbody Ship), singular six inch Love Bug parasite! The bigger sized Love Bug says: "How do you like THESE apples, Thunder Rangers? You may have been able to destroy tiny viruses of us, but you'll NEVER destroy THIS gigantic parasite!"
Patsy says: "If I had a dollar for everytime a monster said, 'NEVER', before they got destroyed...well, I'm not sure HOW many dollars I'd have, but I'm SURE it would be a lot!"
D.O.G. activates his communicator, and asks: "Omnus, what should we do?"
Omnus says: "Put the Thunder Cannon into the weapons bay of the Interbody Ship. The Interbody Ship! The energy pulsars will supercharge the weapon, and destroy that virus once and for all!"
Coop says: "On it!"
The Thunder Rangers put their Energy orbs into the Thunder Cannon, and lock it into the weapons bay! The Love Bug Virus Parasite says: "What are you waiting for?! Hit me with your BEST shot!"
Krash'ir says: "Be careful what you wish for! FIRE AWAY!!!!"
And they fire at the Love Bug Virus Parasite, and the blast is FATAL! The Love Bug Virus Parasite says: "Looks like I bit off, more than I could chew!"
And it falls over, exploding! Samson says: "That should take care of Lettuce's hunger problems!"
Coop looks at the time remaining clock, and he says: "And LITERALLY not a minute to spare! Our fifty-five minutes our almost up!"
So the Interbody ship zooms out of Lettuce's body, out of his beak as quick as it can, and zooms outside of Adam's gym, until it's parked into a wide enough space for the Interbody Ship to safely grow back into it's normal size! Patsy says: "That was a wild ride!...Not that I'd WANT to do it again anytime soon! But Coop, why did you want to get out of Lettuce's body in fifty-five minutes? We HAD a whole hour!"
Coop says: "Simple! Because trying to cut it TOO close...!"
And at that moment, the Interbody Ship (and everyone in it,) grows BACK to normal size, and onlookers are understandably surprised (though not shocked, since they've all seen FAR stranger by this point), and Coop finishes saying: "...Is for chumps!"
Lettuce waddles out of the gym, and he says: "Thank you Thunder Rangers, for taking care of my problem! But, why am I still a little chunky?! I've been exercising!"
D.O.G. says: "Hey! A 50 minute montage can only take CARE of so much! It will still require a little bit of work to get back to your normal weight!"
Lettuce sighs, and says: "Understandable."
Lettuce activates his communicator, and he says: "Talk to me Omnus, what's the situation?"
Omnus says: "Lettuce, the other Power Rangers are holding their own against Ahzek, but they need your help to take them down. Thunder Rangers and Scrappy-Doo, stay on standby in case we need the extra muscle for this task!"
Scrappy says: "On it!"
And Lettuce says: "It's morphing time!" /
Lettuce says: "Power of Jupiter! Lightning!" /
And Lettuce warps, and manages to kick Ahzek RIGHT before he's about to punch Naruto! Naruto says: "You really know how to make an entrance, Lettuce! We've been having a TERRIBLE time dealing with Ahzek's Chaos Realm dark light creations!"
Lettuce whips out his hammer, and he says: "Well, it's time to cut the knot!"
Ahzek says: "You think THAT archaic weapon SCARES me?!"
Lettuce says: "It should! Eat THIS!"
And Lettuce swings down as HARD as he can! Ahzek tries to BLOCK the blow with his hands; but apparently, this is what LETTUCE was hoping for, because Lettuce confidantly says: "All right, let's see you fight now!"
Ahzek says: "You've GOT it!"
And Ahzek tries to zap the Rangers, but NOTHING comes out of his hands! Ahzek says: "What did you DO to me?!"
Lettuce says: "The simplest thing in the world! You conduct your energy only through your hands! Physically disable them, and YOU can't use your powers anymore, meaning YOU can't keep your energy connection to the Chaos Realm, anymore!" /
And sure enough, Kunzite and Zolsite watch in horror, as the gauge for Queen Metalia's revival, currently at 60% capacity, drops all the way back down to 35%! Kunzite says: "That stinking little Lettuce! And only 5% more energy obtained after ALL Ahzek's posturing?! This day couldn't get ANY worse!!!!"
Than a loud thunderclap is heard, that they, Ahzek, and the Power Rangers all simultaneously hear! Zolsite, worringly, says: "It COULD get worse, and I think that it's about to!"
Ahzek worringly says: "No! It CAN'T be! My calculations should've been correct! There's no WAY that a Chaos Demon could--AHHH! AHHH! AHHHH!!!!!!!"
Pinkie asks: "What's happening to him?!"
BlackHawk seriously says: "It's just what I was afraid of! Ahzek tapped too MUCH into the Chaos Realm! He's opened a portal, allowing a Chaos Realm to infect and take over his body!"
StarHawk says: "But who would THAT be?!"
Than, to EVERYONE'S surprise, Ahzek's body BREAKS apart, and reveals a familiar creature that Lettuce, Pinkie, Naruto, Usagi, and BlackHawk haven't seen for one FULL season! The reptilian-like creature, General Krush, licks his reptilian lips, and says: "Hey, BlackHawk! Remember me? Because I sure remember you!"
Usagi says: "I can't BELIEVE we have to deal with YOU again! Well, BlackHawk sealed you back into the Chaos Realm once! He can do it again!"
General Krush chuckles maliciously, and he says: "I'm afraid that's not going to work this time. You see, I've taken that factor into account! You see, there's a reason WHY I infected Ahzek. You see, I needed to absorb his mortal body and energy. By doing so, I have shed all traces of my connection to the Chaos Realm, weaknesses included, so you CAN'T send me back to the Chaos Realm!"
Naruto says: "Than we can just simply beat you up! It would be EASY!"
General Krush says: "I have no doubt you'd try! However, you are in LUCK today! I am in no mood to fight you, having just gotten here. And even if I were, I probably wouldn't be able to make full use of my powers as they are! So, I'll bide my time! And as for YOU, BlackHawk, I can't WAIT to pay you back for sealing me BACK to the Chaos Realm, so just watch yourself! We will meet again, HA!!!!"
And General Krush vanishes in a black ray of light! FireHawk sarcastically says: "Anyone care to wager on WHERE General Krush has vanished to?" /
The scene shifts to the Diabolic, General Krush appears, and he says: "If anyone guessed THIS place, they win! I don't know WHAT they win, but they WIN!"
Kraky is startled, and says: "You! What are YOU doing here?!"
Vipera says: "You are NOT welcome back here, and you know it!"
Baphomet says: "You humiliated me and made a fool out of me!"
Drako says: "And forced ME to work with the Power Rangers! Why do you THINK we would let you stay here?!"
General Krush says: "You must forgive me. You see, it was my connection to the Chaos Realm that FORCED me to act that way! I have SHED my connection to the Chaos Realm! I have a mortal body now! True, that means I won't be able to heal as quickly or as effortlessly as I used to be able to, but NOT having to constantly kill for the Blood God on HIS whims anymore; I'd say that advantage FAR outweighs the drawbacks!"
Vipera says: "But WHY would you come back here?"
General Krush says: "Simple. I know that I wouldn't be welcome at Queen Beryl's. You see, I DID have to kind of absorb and kill Ahzek's mortal body, so that my body would in exchange become mortal. But I just want you to know, that I bare no ill will towards any of you for what you did against me. And to prove it, I would like to join your ranks, as a loyal general!"
Kraky says: "We COULD use another soldier! With Circe gone, we could stand to have all the help that we can get!"
Drako thinks about it, and he says: "All right, you're in. But you BETTER behave yourself this time! We will NOT tolerate any funny business!"
General Krush smiles, and he says: "Don't worry. You'll be BEGGING to keep ME!" /
At Queen Beryl's place, she is crying uncontrollably! Kunzite rolls his eyes, and says: "MAN!!!! And I thought Jaedite was bad whenever HE had a bad hair day!"
Queen Beryl says: "Ahzek was my lover! My confidant! My go-to! My muse! How could I ever go on without him?!"
And without missing a beat, who should warp in except Abaddon?! Abaddon says: "Hi, honey! I'm home!"
Zolsite says: "Oh, right! Abaddon! The guy who for some reason, we conveniently forgot about until just now! Where have YOU been?!"
Abaddon says: "Investigating the Chaos Realm, and I just discovered something SHOCKING!"
Queen Beryl says: "That Ahzek's mortal life force has been stolen, and is now being used by General Krush, who has COME from the Chaos Realm?!"
Abaddon is surprised, and says: "Actually, I missed that part! But, I do believe that I may have found the reason why General Krush might have done that!"
Kunzite asks: "Really?! Why?"
Abaddon says: "Simple. General Krush was activating on a prophecy, laid down by Aslan himself! It says; 'The year that is twenty years before the beginning of the 23rd century, will be the END of the Chaos Realm!' Next year IS the year that is supposed to happen! I mean, how else COULD Radiguet possibly be able to take out T'zeene'tch like he was NOTHING?! I'm guessing that's why General Krush chose to get out of the Chaos Realm and leave it behind! He wanted to leave, while he STILL had a chance to do so!"
Queen Beryl says: "So, THAT'S why Radiguet is doing what he's doing! He believes that HE is the one, who will bring an end to the Chaos Realm!"
Abaddon says: "Yes. The trouble is, I'm not sure if that will end up being a GOOD thing, or not! After all, for as long as evil has attacked the forces of good, we've always relied on the powers of the Chaos Realm, directly or otherwise! Without them, how are we supposed to fight against the Power Rangers and their ilk?!"
Queen Beryl says: "Well, Radiguet obviously found a way, if he was able to successfully defeat T'zeene'tch. We'll just have to find a way of our own! And I believe reviving Queen Metalia will be our way, of severing our reliance to the Chaos Realm!"
Zolsite asks: "Do you really believe we can do it?"
Queen Beryl says: "I believe if we put our minds to it, we can do ANYTHING! Now, give MAMA some sugar, my love!"
And Queen Beryl and Abaddon make a GHASTLY display of carnal love, and Kunzite asks: "But what about Ahzek?!"
Queen Beryl increduously asks: "Ahzek WHO?!"
And continues to her love-making as if it were just another Tuesday to her! Zolsite groans, and says: "Oh, boy! This is SIX years of therapy right here! I'm just going to look over THERE and--oh, look! It's a SPONGE Cake! THAT'S what I was looking for!"
Kunzite says: "I SWEAR to Sla'neesh, I will LITERALLY kill myself if they EVER have kids!" /
Lettuce, the Power Rangers, the Thunder Rangers, and Scrappy-Doo, all arrive at an outdoor ampitheater, where Kira Ford has often played in the past. Lettuce says: "So, thank you for, not treating me like a social pariah when I went crazy. I...promise to do my best to NOT get infected by any monster's spell or virus infection anymore in the future. That's the best that I can honestly promise."
FireHawk says: "Well, I'm glad YOU had fun!"
Pinkie says: "And what's THAT supposed to mean?!"
FireHawk says: "I BARELY got to do anything important in this episode...of my life! Even the Thunder Rangers saw more action than ME, and they're just the Auxiliary Rangers!"
Samson says: "You know we're right HERE and can HEAR every single word you're saying!"
FireHawk says: "Than I don't have to repeat myself!"
Lettuce says: "What I really want to know is, why did you bring me to this ampitheater?"
Scrappy-Doo says: "Because Captain Retro says this is where you'll meet M.M., remember?"
Lettuce says: "Well, yes. But I still don't know..."
But before Lettuce can finish his thought, the lights turn on and colored spotlights focus on the center of the stage. A hole opens up, and who should rise out of it, except inexplicably, MARILYN MANSON?!!! Lettuce says: "Is that...Marilyn FREAKING Manson?!!! AHHH!!!!"
And he falls on the ground in utter amazement! Patsy says: "Okay, Scrappy-Doo. Who did you HAVE to bribe to get Marilyn Manson to appear here?"
Scrappy-Doo incredulously asks: "SERIOUSLY?! Why am I always the first to get blamed for everything that even LOOKS suspicious?!"
Lettuce asks: "Oh, Marilyn Manson, how does a growing boy like me eat a healthy, balanced diet?"
Marilyn says: "Well, Lettuce, I'll tell you; the only way I know how."
And Marilyn begins singing "The Food Pyramid Song" from his appearance in the original run of "Clone High".
Marilyn sings: "The ancient Pharoahs were not too bright, they say. But they made one contribution that I live by to this day; it's the food pyramid, and it's approved by the U.S.D.A. Oh, grains are the foundation, so please take my advice. Have five to eleven servings, of bread, cereal, or rice. Three to five of vegetables, and four fruits is best. Their antioxidants and fiber, help you to digest. Three servings of, yougurt, milk, and cheese, will help your bones and subsidize the cattle industries. A body needs to grow, and grow, it takes routines. That's why meat can be a tasty treat like fish or human being."
Coop interjects: "Only if you're a member of the Donner Party from late 1846 to early 1847; but otherwise, it's not recommended in civilized society, or MOST societies, for THAT matter!"
Marilyn sings: "When you eat your sweets, make sure you try, to limit your servings, or you'll DIE!!!! Everybody!"
And everybody else inexplicably joins in singing: "My body is a pyramid, it's made of healthy food, so do what we say, eat right every day. I love you. Buy American."
And everyone claps as the episode fades to black. /
Episode Stinger:
Scrappy-Doo meets up with Captain Retro at the Albuquerque Holiday Inn, in Albuquerque New Mexico. Apparently, Captain Retro is engrossed in playing "Dragonball Xenoverse 2" for the Nintendo Switch. Scrappy-Doo says: "Captain Retro, Lettuce is back to normal weight now! The Magi-Mother wants you to come back to Coastal Falls, now!"
Captain Retro pauses the game, and he says: "It's over? That took LONGER than it ever should have! I've just finished celebrating National 'No Interfering With Power Rangers Plots' Day!"
Scrappy-Doo weirdly asks: "National 'No Interfering With Power Rangers Plots' Day?"
Captain Retro says: "Yeah! It's a whole day dedicated to avoiding any WERID stuff that the Power Rangers have to go through!"
Scrappy-Doo screams: "A DAY?!!!! But you've been away for WEEKS!!!!"
Captain Retro blushes, and says: "Yeah, well, I kind of milked it, a LITTLE!"
Scrappy-Doo shouts: "A LITTLE?!"
Captain Retro, exasperated, says: "Okay! I milked it a LOT! The thing of it is, it was my BIRTHDAY!"
Scrappy-Doo says: "But your birthday's on August 27th!"
Captain Retro says: "I don't experience time flow the same way you guys do! I'm on MY time wave length, and everybody else is on their present/future time length! And besides, weird things, tend to happen on my birthday, and I just didn't feel like dealing with the whole thing, which is why I got Marilyn Manson to do it!"
Scrappy-Doo says: "So, you went on a sabbatical to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to play video games and who knows what else for WEEKS, JUST because you didn't want to deal with whatever Lettuce was going through?!"
Captain Retro groans, and says: "FINE! That's what I did! I never SAID I was PERFECT, you know! But the difference is, at least I ADMIT that I'm not perfect! Also, we are NEVER to speak of this moment to Omnus, or anyone else again!"
Scrappy-Doo says: "No promises!" /
And the episode truly ends! /

Episode Notes: The beginning of the episode, and the end of the episode prior to the stinger was written/suggested by Renegade, the middle and the stinger were written by 4EverGreen. Included songs include "Fat", a snippet of "Albuquerque", "Physical", and "The Food Pyramid Song". Ahzek is killed by an unexpectedly returning General Krush, who absors Ahzek's mortal life force in order to sever his ties to the Chaos Realm, and NOT be able to be sent back there ever again! General Krush goes to work for Vipera, due to the very reasonable assumption that he would not be welcomed in by Queen Beryl. Part of this story was inspired by "Fantastic Voyage", and the ending of the second episode of season one of the original "Clone High". No personal notes this time, because the episode has gone on as long enough as it is. Enough said, true believers!

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