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Members you want to return?

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For me-

CBCD (seems to have an Elmyra fetish)

Jellyfish Jammer


Wish granted. I've actually been back for a few weeks. But uhh... Elmyra fetish? :P

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Meh, it's alright I guess. I got the series on DVD 'cause at the time it was extremely rare, and I guess that proved interesting enough. I actually don't like Elmyra much though... I think PE&TB made her even more annoying than she already is xD 

Back on topic, I miss having Delli around here. Her passion and love for all things Muppets was contagious and she was a pretty cool user overall. 


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Deli partially because I never got to chat with her

Same with Pakasa

Sabre and sbs1fan seem pretty chill. Would be nice if they were active again.

Sandman because even though he was sort of a prick that one time on Xat, he could've been having a bad day or going through some hard times in his life. I've forgiven him and want him to return. I miss his bubbly personality.

CF was one of my first e-friends and I enjoyed our conversations back in the day. Hope she makes a comeback, too.


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I'm not very familiar with older members since I'm relatively new here, but Jelly seemed like a cool person based on posts I've seen.

Oh man, how could I forget Jelly? She was like the pre-2011 Beatles-obsessed version of Cha.

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BillyBob_64, man. He used to log into SBC every day. Why did he give up doing that? What made him lose that tenacious spirit? :(

But yeah, I really miss Deli, CF, and Sandman. Jelly and Sabre were also really good company. It's sad how Pakasa just vanished. I'd also love to see SpongeSebastian again, he was super-cool. Same with Ex, I understand that he was going through some hard times in his life back when there was controversy surrounding him.



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