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Fa's Top 10 South Park Episodes

Minty Car

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(Warning: There are spoilers in this countdown. If you do not want to be spoiled, please proceed with caution)


Before we get this countdown started, a couple of honorable mentions. These episodes were extremely close to cracking my list, but no dice. Regardless, they're all fantastic episodes nonetheless that are worth your time:


Honorable Mentions (In no particular order):


- Fat Butt and Pancake Head (S7 E5)

- Trapped in the Closet (S9 E12)

- Casa Bonita (S7 E11)

- Fishsticks (S13 E5)

- The Jeffersons (S8 E6)


Without further ado, my tenth favorite episode of South Park...


All About Mormons? (S7 E12)




Synopsis: One day at School, a new kid named Gary shows up from Utah. While pissing off the majority of kids due to his academic excellence at his prior school and being the new kid, he acts kindly to all of them in response, including Stan. Originally intending to beat him up, Stan gets invited to, and accepts, dinner with Gary and his family later that night. Stan is struck by the open kindness that Gary's family facilitates throughout the night, even towards him. Later they sit around and discuss the story of the book of Mormon, the holy book of Mormonism. The story is told throughout the episode, all in musical numbers illustrating the story of Joseph Smith meeting God/Jesus and translating the book from golden scribe plates that no one else saw. Returning home and seeing his family exactly the opposite, he asks Randy about Mormonism which makes him go to confront Gary's dad. Upon leaving however, Randy is convinced that the family is this way because of Mormonism and converts the Marshes immediately. Around this time, Stan becomes discontented with the story of Mormonism, finally blowing up when the families meet for dinner after hearing the end of the story. The next day, Stan sees Gary again, who chides Stan for being unable to see past his religion to be his friend and wishes him goodbye.


Best Moment: As someone who is not terribly fond of musicals, I have to say every musical number here is done to perfection, dum dum dum dum. The best part is that the story is actually accurate as silly as it is presented. The audio is here below, but I personally feel it's woefully incomplete without the video. (Oh well).




Why it Makes the List: Quite truly, this just barely missed my original cut until I re watched it. Originally this stuck out for it's musical numbers (and still does) but now I really caught this episode's message, with Mormonism just being the prop here for the bigger message. Religion is just a backdrop for people to base their own core beliefs in as perfectly equivocated by Gary at the end here.



This for me was what catapulted it barely past Trapped in the Closet into my list. Sometimes folks it's not all about the religion, it's about the person and this expressed it perfectly.


Why it's not higher on the list: Compared to some of the other episodes on this list that will be revealed, especially regarding religion, the criticism wasn't quite as sharp. Granted Matt and Trey essentially let the story tell itself, but for me at east, it backfires in comparison to some higher up episodes. Therefore it gets caught right at the tail end at number 10.


Check back in on Thursday for the number 9 episode on this list!


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Also inspired their Broadway production as well. But the episode is still one of the best of the series (like the other 40-50 god tier episodes of the show). I grew up with a few Mormon friends myself. The history of the religion itself is so intriguing that the way this episode handles it is just so perfectly fitting.

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(Spoilers ahead. Beware with caution)


The 9th best episode...

Fantastic Easter Special (S11 E5)




Synopsis: One Easter while coloring eggs, Stan reaches the point where he began to question the traditions of Easter, which angers Randy. After asking an Easter bunny at the mall about this, he is promptly chased by a group of Easter Bunnies and then returning home sees Randy is one as well. Randy then decides it is time to reveal to Stan the origins of Easter, taking him to the Lodge of the ancient "Hare Club for Men" and initiates Stan into the society. Just as they are about to reveal the secret, the club is attacked by armed ninjas, sent out by the Pope, allied with American Catholic League leader Bill Donohue, to destroy the dissenters and capture their revered rabbit, Snowball. Randy hurriedly gets Snowball to Stan. With the help of Kyle, the two boys track down Professor Teabag who reveals to them the truth of Easter, that Saint Peter the first pope of the church, was in fact a rabbit (Peter Rabbit.) With the help of Teabag, the two escape with Snowball. Feeling he has nowhere to turn, Stan turns in prayer to Jesus, still dead following Red Sleigh Down, to help figure out what to do. After no response from Jesus, the boys decide to head to the Vatican and agree with Donohue to hand Snowball over in return for the release of the Hare club members. Donohue quickly reveals to have double crossed them and imprisons them again, when Jesus arrives. He corroborates the story of the Hare Club and denounces the corruption of Donohue. While the Pope comes to his senses, Donohue refuses to listen and plans to execute both the Pope and Jesus along with the Hare Club, crowning himself as the new Pope. In the jail, Kyle and Jesus are imprisoned in the same cell, while the Pope is in another cell. Jesus, who only gets his powers in death, asks a hesitant Kyle to kill him so he can resurrect himself. Kyle eventually does so, allowing Jesus to defeat Donohue with a ninja star. The episode then ends with the crowning of Pope Snowball I in the Vatican.
Best Moment: 

Why it Made the List: This episode is essentially a giant parody of the Da Vinci Code, which was a favorite of mine (for a time) in such a way to almost render it silly, replacing the holy grail storyline with the idea of Saint Peter the rabbit. But underneath the rabbits, the storyline works out to illustrate the way religion is corrupted. Donohue essentially overthrew the Pope and tried to kill the very guy the religion as based on so he could keep his influence. It's almost rather telling of the way it really happened.
Quote of the Episode: "Bill, I don't think it's very Christian to kill Jesus."
Why it's not higher: First of all it's not the best episode of the show regarding religion, although it's one of the better ones. Secondly, the end felt a tad anti climatic in that the rabbit is expected do nothing (well for me at least.) And thirdly, there were just better episodes ahead of this one.
See ya next time for #8!
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(Spoilers ahead. Beware with caution)


The 8th best episode...






Synopsis: One day, Butters Stotch finds a package on his doorstep, apparently from Japan for him. Out steps the A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 3000, the latest in personalized robotics! In reality, it's Cartman pulling another cruel prank on Butters, completely pulling the wool over him. Just as Cartman is about to reveal himself, Butters tells him that he has a disturbing video tape of Cartman pretending to be Brittany Spears and that if Cartman ever bullied him again, he'd reveal it to everyone. This scares Cartman, and forces him to continue his act as AWESOM-O in order to find the tape, failing every time. Later, the Scotch's (completely aware that it's Cartman), invite him to go with Butters to Los Angeles to see heis Aunt Nelly, who also figures out AWESOM-O is not a real robot. Later, the two visit Hollywood and get recruited by an executive to come up with movie ideas for them, 80 percent of which star Adam Sandler. At the same time, the military sees the headlines created by the robot and decide to kidnap him and convert him into a military weapon. They get their chance when Cartman runs off following an advance by one of the television executives, whisking him away to a nearby center to conduct tests on him. Although Cartman tries to explain that he is not a real robot, everyone believes otherwise. Cartman is saved from death by a scientist who believes AWESOM-O the robot has developed consciousness/intelligence and doesn't believe in killing it. Cartman is about to explain that he's not a robot, when Butters somehow finds the base, forcing back into his AWESOM-O persona. The military kills the scientist (poor guy) as a result, but restrain from killing Cartman after seeing Butters' emotion at finding him. A monologue on intelligence and humanity is interrupted by a smelly fart from Cartman, exposing him. The episode ends with everyone from town and the episode watching the embarrassing video of Cartman together and laughing at him.


Best Moment: 


So much Cartman abuse in this episode, but he kind of has it coming. Nothing really tops... that though. Have fun forgetting this one.


Quote(s) of the Episode: "Oh, well, I'm not sure. Actually, Eric is still supposed to be grounded for trying to exterminate the Jews two weeks ago". (Continuity!)


"It'd be Pearl Harbor all over again. But with robots!"


"Within one day that Robot has come up with over 1,000 movie ideas. 800 of which feature Adam Sandler."


Why it Made the List: Confession: Butters is my favorite character on South Park. By far, no contest so pretty much any episode with him is gold to me. But even more so are the ones where he essentially co-stars with Cartman, and this is easily the best of them. Also Butters getting revenge on Cartman in the end is pretty awesome since it really doesn't happen again. Savor it people, savor it.


Why it's Not Higher: There was just a little too much Cartman abuse for my tastes here for it to really break above number 8. Plus Butters has a couple more classic moments ahead.


See ya next time for #7!

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I wouldn't call Butters my favorite character (Kenny is), but he has some pretty funny moments, especially in this episode. And I personally thought Cartman totally got what he deserved in this episode after what he did to Butters in Jared Has Aids and Casa Bonita. XD

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Apologies for the far too long delay. I'll get number 6 in tomorrow to make up for lost time. Anyhow..

The 7th best episode...

Christian Hard Rock (S7 E9)


Synopsis: One day while attempting to make music under the band name MOOP, the boys realize they're lacking a consistent/distinct sound. Kenny, Kyle and Stan agree to buy several albums to discover their sound, while Cartman argues the boys should perform Christian rock instead to pander to what he sees as a gullible sort of masses. The other three entirely disagree and kick Cartman out of MOOP, but not before Cartman and Kyle agree to a $10 bet that he can get a platinum album with a Christian Rock band. Cartman then recruits Butters and Token to play drums and bass respectively. Cartman mostly changes love songs from featuring "baby" to "Jesus" and plays piano along with singing. After creating their first album, under the moniker "Faith Plus 1," the boys end up playing a Christ fest, a music festival for Christian rock, and their popularity instantly skyrockets. Meanwhile. Stan, Kenny and Kyle get arrested for illegally downloading music instead of buying it and eventually come to the error of the ways. MOOP then goes on strike to protest illegally downloading music, which recieves much more attention when Metallica, Brittany Spears and other artists join MOOP in their protest. During the protest, Kyle receives a letter from Cartman's record company, informing him that Faith Plus 1's album has sold over million and that their invited to attend the awards ceremony for it. It's shown Cartman has extravagantly spent all the money the album made the group on the ceremony to rub it in Kyle's face. Unfortunately the boys are surprised to learn that Christian Rock's equivalent of Platinum is called Myrrh, which wasn't part of the deal so Kyle doesn't have to give Cartman his $10. Cartman goes nuts upon this, cursing Jesus and God and scaring the entire crowd off. Token then beats up Cartman for all his racism in the episode leaving him battered and beat, to which Stan mutters "I guess he got what he deserves." as the episode ends.

Best Moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU1taFr17QU (Audio only, but hilarious stuff nonetheless)

Quote of the Episode: 

Stan: You don't even know anything about Christianity!

Cartman: I know enough to exploit it

Why It's On the List: As someone who grew up in a Christian household, I frequently listened to this sort of music on end and almost aways disliked it (except for Creed, which is debatable as a Christian band anyhow.) This episode hits it all right on the head, from the music being carbon copies of actual songs for the most part to Cartman being the perfect archetype for the Christian rocker. That whole section is basically golden and hilarious...

Why It's Not Higher: ...Now the other storyline is where I have some issues. While in 2003 it was a relevant storyline, music piracy as a whole has completely changed. Nowadays you could get free trials for months and over and over if you were really cunning, and quite honestly, it's really affordable compared to 12 years ago. So in truthfulness the second story has not aged well, and with some other more complete episodes up on this list, it got stuck in a bad spot at number 7 despite some of the greatest moments in the series honestly.

See you tomorrow for Number 6

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