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Jjs Goodman

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1.) Win in games like Jeopardy.

2.) Play in special forum events with prizes when we have them. (spoiler: There is going to be a forum event next month)

3.) Mine for Doubloons in SpongeCraft. (new feature)

4.) Play in the Lottery.

5.) Open a bank account to get interest at the end of the month.

6.) Have your songs liked in SBC Music.

7.) and probably more methods I forgot.

Overall, if you post a lot, you can definitely get a lot of doubloons. Just don't spam and actually contribute meaningful things to topics.

Also, this was a new rule added to the other day, and since this fits with the topic, I'll bring it up:

No more "doubloon begging"; meaning forcing someone to give you doubloons. It's stupid, childish, and it's just an imaginary currency on an internet forum. If someone donates doubloons out of "pity" to the beggar, they can be punished too.

Thanks, I appericiate it.
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