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1 hour ago, E.V.I.L. said:

My friend told me that TV doesnt show the parts in betweenw here friends forever dont meet up, and I needed to hear that tbh? :Laugh:

Sounds like a good friend to me! There’s defo parts of friendship that tv doesn’t show bc it’s not as exciting or funny or whatever 

30 minutes ago, SpongeOddFan said:

yeah i'm doing good?

that's good to hear!

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59 minutes ago, E.V.I.L. said:

TV also (generally) does not show the reality of friends drifting apart which happens more often than not? ?


Yeah ? I feel like I’ve seen it happen before but I can’t remember where ?

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16 hours ago, E.V.I.L. said:

Omg I went to barnes and noble and read a book by myself for the first time in years? :Laugh:

Love that for you :Laugh: I haven’t been back there in so long omg

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2 hours ago, E.V.I.L. said:

I'm not sure how many ppl agree but I think the characters are in some ways more loveable in teh reboot? :Laugh:

(Except Spencer. Spencer is just as awesome as he always was)

I think I agree! I definitely love Carly more in the reboot :Laugh:

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11 hours ago, E.V.I.L. said:

I have made my roadtrip spotify playlist, even though it is 15 hours long I cannot get myself to trim it? :funny:


well if you ever go on a 15-hour drive then that’s perfect :funny:

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On 7/27/2021 at 9:43 AM, E.V.I.L. said:

Sam wasted those perfectly good brownies too he should have just taken the brownies and THEN filed the restraining order? :Laugh:

ikr :Laugh: it’s perfectly good free food, man!

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