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On 7/28/2020 at 1:33 PM, E.V.I.L. said:

Leslie telling Ben that she once thought she was a fascist and hated him :Laugh:

We love character growth :Laugh:

13 hours ago, E.V.I.L. said:

Daria characters wh00 would have voted for Trump:


Kevin's parents, Kevin would have but he's too dumb to have figured out how to vote


Brittany's parents (but I don't think Brittany)


Principal Li

Jodie's parents (but NOT Jodie herself obviosuly)



Sounds pretty accurate :Laugh:

13 hours ago, kev said:

Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift

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21 hours ago, E.V.I.L. said:

I've reached a pint where I have started filling out CBT Thought Records becuase my overthinking is out of control? :bruh:


That actually sounds like a good idea! Writing your feelings down can be very helpful 

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2 hours ago, E.V.I.L. said:

ASDFGHJK when APril is like unlike you me and Andy have jobs when Ben says he wont take care of the dog Champion :Laugh:

I totally forgot about this thread lmao so sorry ?

April is such a savage 

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27 minutes ago, E.V.I.L. said:

Thus show is so wholesome i almost want to happy vomit :Laugh:

happy vomit, that's a new one :Laugh: but I feel ya, it's very sweet and optimistic which is much needed right now

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