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10 hours ago, Honey-chan♡ said:

What You Got is an underplayed jt song? :Laugh: 






ok that snippet of a song near the end sounded good and I want more

6 hours ago, E.V.I.L said:

I had 2 get up so early 2day unsubscribe :bruh:


That's not cool cool cool cool. No doubt. :bruh: 

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1 minute ago, Yuri said:

How's college been?

I actually graduated last month, but it's had its ups and downs. Definitely wasn't an easy four years and my social life was nonexistent but at least I left with a good GPA

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3 minutes ago, Yuri said:

Congrats on graduating. What is your degree in?

Journalism, and I have no idea what I'm gong to do next haha

Hope school is going well for you if you're still in it 

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10 minutes ago, E.V.I.L said:

omg I <3 rad onc, makin a career choice is tough af? :Laugh:

Dude you have plenty of time, you shouldn't be expected to choose your career now :P Just explore and see what you like 

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