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Total Cartoon Legends!


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Former TV.com viewers/readers may remember me and my series of "Total Cartoon Island" from TV.com, and while I DID initially like posting my episodes on that website, the site on the "Spongebob Squarepants" forum topics has become a ghost town, and there's no thrill in posting there anymore. So I'm moving operations from TV.com to this website, but just so that potentially new readers/viewers aren't confused, instead of picking up from my newest episode, I feel that I should start at the beginning. Fortunately, in the spirit of "Dragonball GT," I've decided that in a special twist, I will gloss over the first 11 episodes of "Total Cartoon Island" via way of the recap episode of "Dragonball GT" called "A Grand Problem," where the beginning, not as exciting early episodes are condensed and therefore, made more exciting. This is a hybrid brand new/old recap episode of episodes I've already written, featuring the characters that have already left the game show and the challenges that have already occurred. This is an alternate way of presenting the events of Episode 11, as this recap episode will set up the action for all of the future episodes of my series to follow. Also, if I feel the need to, I may tweak some parts of some episodes in order to make certain characters more themselves and not parodies of "Total Drama" characters. Consider calling the following story idea: Episode 11 Redux! Edit Update: Starting after the "Total Cartoon Action" episode, "The Grand Finish! It's Not Over 'Til It's Over!"; the series will be upgraded from being rated General to being rated PG. Also, expect me to update some posts with some story ideas that have been previously lost, but shall now be "Re-discovered," and added back into the continuity with the new PG rating! (NOTE: TV series is rated TV-G, for General Audiences Everywhere for seasons one and two of the "Total Cartoon" series, TV series is rated TV-PG starting with the "Total Cartoon Action" Reunion special.) Edit Update: Topic is now OFFICIALLY called "Total Cartoon Legends!"

"The Greatest Game Show On Earth!" Sniz is on the dock and says: "Welcome to a special recap episode of Total Cartoon Island, a cartoon reality game show featuring your favorite Nicktoons, especially characters from "Spongebob Squarepants." This game show started with 22 contestants split into two teams with 11 contestants for each team. Their goal is simple. The teams are competing against each other for a chance to win $150,000 in cash money, and lets face the facts; most of them will probably blow that money in the week. While the goal is simple, the obstacles put between the contestants and their chances to win the $150,000 are anything BUT easy! The two teams have to face hard challenges for invincibility, in order to avoid the elimination ceremony, and from walking the dreaded Dock of Shame. Already we've had 9 contestants eliminated, 2 contestants return, 1 contestant eliminated a SECOND time, and a NEW contestant join after the game had already started! But don't take MY word for it! Listen to the contestants themselves as they reminisce in this upcoming episode of "Total Cartoon Island!"" (Festive music plays and snow falls over the opening sequence for this Christmas episode only.) Camp Nickelodeon is all decorated for Christmas, as there are wreathes, ribbons, holly, angels, LED blinking lights, tinsel, popcorn string, mistletoe, ornaments, and snow as far as the eye can see. Sniz announces over the loudspeaker to wake all the campers up! Sniz says: "Listen up campers! Be sure to dress warm today! It's the season for giving and the giving will start in the cafeteria in 10 minutes! / I'm glad you're all here. I know you campers have some differences with each other, but I'm asking you to put that aside for now. Because this is going to be a happy challenge, especially for a bunch of lucky orphans! You see, Camp Nickelodeon believes in making dreams come true. And today, you'll be making 1,000 dreams come true. In this challenge, all you have to do is wrap up all the gifts in the cafeteria, and sort them out to where they are going. Then using the naughty or nice list, you'll have to determine whether someone deserves a gift, or if it should go to someone else. Whichever team does the best job overall wins invincibility for their team, as well as their favorite Christmas presents as a bonus! The losers will send someone home!"

(Confessional) Ren says: "I was hoping for something special, but nobody sent ME a Christmas card this year! I almost wish that there were no holiday season! I already know I'm not the most popular cartoon around! Why does there have to be a holiday season to emphasize it? It could always be worse, though. I could've ended up like Roger Plotz." (Flashback.) Ren narrates: "It was the first challenge we had. We had to jump off a cliff into shark infested waters, than put together a good hot-tub. My team of the Screaming Cats did an excellent job of working together. But the Killer Beavers were another story. They sucked royally, and were originally considering sending either Treeflower of Chuckie Finster home. Until Roger Plotz opened his big mouth." (Roger: "I just don't get why we lost! I mean, THEIR team is the one with six girls! Everyone knows that boys are better and superior to girls. My dad says I should help out the girls, in case they can't keep up!") Ren says: "Needless to say, THAT comment didn't sit well with the female contestants on the Killer Beavers, and Roger Plotz was the first contestant sent packing." (End flashback.) Ren says: "To make a long story short, I'm sure glad I'm not THAT guy!" / Spongebob says: "I love the winter, because I can catch snowflakes on my tongue, and its fun! One thing that WASN'T fun though, was watching Helga G. Patacki lose." (Flashback.) Spongebob narrates: "After a grueling run and an intense eat-off, Sniz expected us to keep our will strong by NOT falling asleep. I didn't worry, because I thought our team could and WOULD dominate. Thankfully, my friend, my girl pal Sandy Cheeks with her brains and her endless wits, would see to it that our team was going to win no matter HOW tired any of us got. Even after I finally succumbed to slumber, Sandy Cheeks prevailed and we won another challenge. But there was trouble at the Killer Beavers campsite. Helga G. Patacki was freaking out about her cell phone missing, and she accused her teammates of stealing it. But as it turns out, Helga had actually dropped her cell phone at the camp site, and Angelica Pickles found it. While Helga admitted that she made a mistake, it didn't sit well with her teammates, and she became the second contestant eliminated. In the seventh episode, when we all had to face our worst fears, Helga tried to make a comeback as a contestant who had a chance to be reinstated as a prize for the winning team. She tried to intimidate her teammates into making SURE they won, but Reggie lost it for the Killer Beavers, so Helga was sent packing again with my best friend, Patrick Star." (End flashback.)

Spongebob says: "I'll tell you one thing, it was a REAL shame to lose Patrick. I wonder if he's doing well at the place where the Boat of Losers ended up taking him?" / Jimmy says: "The snow needs sugar." / Treeflower says: "I actually think it is much too early. I NEVER eat DECEMBER snowflakes. I always wait until January." / Jimmy says: "Still, I think the snow looks all right to me." / Reggie says: "Incidentally, I know how Ren feels all about this Christmas business, Getting depressed and everything. It happens to me every year. I never get what I really want. I always get a lot of toys, or a bicycle or clothes, or something like that. What I really want is real estate. One thing I DON'T want is to see Daggett again! He was SO annoying, that I'm not even going to BOTHER flashing back to his elimination episode. The only good thing about that episode was that we got a new team-mate in Bunny." / Patty says: "I wonder if I can contact Santa Claus with this Confessional. I think that I'll try it! Dear Santa Claus, how have you been? Did you have a nice summer? How is your wife? I have been EXTRA good this year, so I have a long list of presents that I want. (Pulls out list) Please note the size and color of each gift, and send as many as possible. If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself and just send money, preferably in $10's and $20's. All I want is what I've got coming to me, like my boyfriend, Doug Funny. I lost him in the ninth episode after the Expression challenge where Doug was eliminated, and now I want Doug back. All I want is my fair share." / Norbert says: "Let's face it. We all know Christmas is a big commercial racket. It's run by the same people who promote Easter and St. Patrick's Day you know." / Lil says: "Do you know what would make this Christmas perfect? A great big shiny aluminum Christmas tree! Maybe painted pink! That would REALLY bring Christmas close to a person!" / Rocko says: "Australia is one of the few countries I know of where Christmas takes place during the summer. I wonder if that Aang guy from "Avatar, the Last Airbender" celebrates Christmas? He wasn't even on my team, but I think Angelica messed up his talent performance in the talent challenge in the fifth episode, leading to Aang's elimination. I'm keeping my eye on Angelica." / Suzie says: "Personally, I prefer to celebrate Kwanzaa myself. But Christmas is a good holiday to. Chuckie Finster would agree with me if he were still here, until he decided to be an attention hog liar and fake an injury in order to get out of the challenge. I'm glad we eliminated THAT jerk after the Skull Island challenge!" / Sandy says: "I've got a good feeling about this challenge. I think the Screaming Cat's can win this one. Now that Phoebe's Tiki Idol is no longer cursing our team to Phoebe's elimination in the Cooking challenge, there's nothing to stop the Screaming Cats from going all the way to the top!" / Stimpy says: "It's all about the magic! You've just got to believe in yourself and your team. And I believe in all of them! Even Ren! He might have been eliminated once, but I don't think he's going to get eliminated again!"

(Flashback.) Stimpy Narrates: "Both teams had to compete in a baseball challenge. At first, things were looking good. The Killer Beavers had no sport talent save for Reggie and Otto Rocket, while Ren and I were dominating the game. But then Otto busted out a really TRICKY technique, and got their team back in the game! But it ended up being Jimmy Neutron who made the last out, causing our team to lose! Ren lost his patience and snapped at all of our teammates who didn't perform as well as Ren and myself. Of course, Ren realized he messed up and I tried to apologize on his behalf, but it wasn't enough at the time. Ren was voted off, but he finally got the opportunity to redeem himself in the seventh episode when we all faced our worst fears. Ren Hoek was to be the Screaming Cats prize as a contestant we could reinstate should our team win the challenge. Ren had learned to become a calm, nicer dog and was no longer freaking out as he had in that one unfortunate moment. With Ren's help, our team won the challenge, allowing Ren to get back in the game." (End flashback.) Stimpy says: "As long as Ren is on a team with me, I feel as though I can accomplish anything!" (End confessional)

Sniz says: "Starting at 8 AM, you have 10 hours to do all the wrapping and sorting. I hope the best team wins this challenge. On your marks, get set, (Jingle!) go!" And the two teams begin their packing! Ren, Spongebob, Patty, Lil, Rocko, Suzie, Sandy, and Stimpy all turn out to be good gift wrappers, and they make good decisions about who should get the Christmas gifts! Jimmy and Bunny waste time with inventions that do more harm then good when wrapping the Christmas presents, Reggie's clumsiness slows down the wrapping of the Christmas gifts, Otto and Angelica don't even try, Treeflower and Norbert only do okay. So at 6 PM, it's time for Sniz to decide which team has done the better job. Sniz says: "The Screaming Cats, you win! You've wrapped 642 gifts and correctly sorted out gifts for 96% of them! Killer Beavers, you lose since you wrapped only 358 gifts and only correctly sorted out 32% of them. So one of you Killer Beavers will be HOME for Christmas!" / At the bonfire, the Killer Beavers are facing judgment. Sniz says: "In addition to getting a marshmallow, you will also get hot cocoa to enjoy for this Christmas vote-off. I've got 7 campers but only 6 marshmallows. When I call your name, come up to claim a marshmallow. The camper who doesn't receive a marshmallow must immediately go to the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave. And you can never come back, EVER! Rocko, Norbert, Treeflower, Reggie, Otto. Campers, this is the final marshmallow of the evening.

(Dramatic music plays.) Jimmy. Sorry Bunny, it looks like you have to hop on the bunny trail back home." Bunny says: "I would've done SO much better if this was an Easter competition!" And he jumps to the Boat of Losers. Sniz says: "The rest of you are safe, for tonight." (Confessional) Otto says: "I don't wonder what Angelica is going to get for Christmas, I KNOW! She's going to get coal because she's been a MEAN little lady! There's no way that she's NOT on the Naughty list! At least I'm honest with others, so I think there's a good chance I could get something good this year. One can always hope." (End confessional) Episode Notes: The Screaming Cats win, and Bunny from "The Angry Beavers" is eliminated.

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SBlover95 said:
Next Time make your paragraphs either 1. shorter or 2. seperated from each other, because nobody is going to read over that entire thing, as it's just too damn long

Your post is awesome! You are my new friend 

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Here is the next episode of "Total Cartoon Island." I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. "When the Going Gets Tough..." Sniz is on the dock and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, it was the holiday rush and the two teams had to compete against each other to wrap up presents and determine who was nice or naughty. The Screaming Cats proved that their run of bad luck was over and dominated the game with their gift-wrapping expertise. And The Killer Beavers had to send someone home, so it was sayonara to big boy Bunny and his funny rabbit antics. As hard as the previous challenges have been, THIS challenge might be their toughest yet! And you'll see just how tough it is on this episode of Total Cartoon Island!"

In the morning, Sandy Cheeks is impressing Spongebob Squarepants with her athletic prowess! Spongebob says: "So you REALLY got a medal for bravery in the face of bear danger?!" Sandy says: "Shuckins, yeah! I owe it all to my California cousin Rocky Knees!" (Flashback, drawn in a crude animated fashion.) Sandy says: "Two years ago, Rocky took me hiking out in the forests outside of Yosemite National Park so I could prove myself worthy of the Independent Squirrel Survival Course. But we found something unexpected when we ran into a colossal grizzly! If you saw him, you would've thought he was 10 feet high if he was a foot, and he growled his terrible grizzly roar, RAWR! Rocky & I knew what we had to do. It was us, or the bear. So we grabbed our shotgun and took aim. We had nothing against the bear; it was raw survival of the wild. We pulled the trigger and BLAM! One shot was all it took to fell the great beast! We took his blood and marked ourselves with it to honor his spirit." (End flashback.) Sandy says: "It was a good death." Spongebob says: "If you can survive something like THAT, these challenges must mean NOTHING to you!" Sandy says: "Not Really!"

Then a loud voice booms in the sky and says: "ATTENTION! PUNY MORTALS! PREPARE TO BOW DOWN TO THE WRATH OF THE GREAT TRAINER! THE EPITOME OF MUSCLE AND MIGHT--(Clouds swirl in a storm formation and lightning falls out of the sky as all the campers rush out to see what is happening, and a familiar figure magically appears out of the lightning bolt.)--JORGEN VON STRANGLE!!!!" Jimmy Neutron says: "Say, I know who you are! You're acquaintances with Timmy Turner from Dimmsdale, aren't you?!" Jorgen, with his trademark German accent says: "Not only that, but I am also the boss of all the Fairies in Fairy World, and charged with making sure that the Pixies and the Anti-Fairies never take control over that world, and I am a great boss!"

Stimpy says: "Well, where are Sniz and Fondue?" Jorgen says: "Sniz is taking this challenge off to focus on his writing skills, and Fondue is earning his pilot's license, so they asked me to be in charge of this challenge! And all you WIMPS will be in for the hardest test of your LIVES! You've been having it far too easy with all these PUNY challenges! I've got a REAL challenge for you that will test your endurance as campers! I'm not going to lie to you, a lot of you won't complete this challenge, and that's the point! I've made this challenge so hard, it's going to make all but one camper quit! The last camper, who doesn't quit my unbelievably hard Fairy themed challenges, wins invincibility for their team! To signify you are quitting, you must ring my magical fairy bell of shame! Your 1st test; will be to hold up Magic Fairy Canoes!"

(Confessional) Ren says: "Okay. Whoever had the sick, twisted idea to let Jorgen Von McCrazy be in charge of this challenge, I must admit, I'm a little bit impressed!" / Reggie says: "My dad told me I should be lifting weights, he said. I should be doing more to tone my muscles, he said. That I shouldn't be surfing and skating all my free time, he said. But would I listen? NO! I just HAD to be Little Miss Popular of Ocean Shores, California!" / Otto says: "In addition to being a pretty radical skater and surfer, I've taken time out from my past 2 summers to tone up my abs, my gluteus maximus, my hamstrings, and my various arm muscles. Sure, Reggie may have become a better surfer than me thanks to all that time I spent at the gym, but it looks like for once, one of MY ideas paid off!" / Norbert says: "I may not look it, but Beavers are a lot stronger then they look! We can carry objects 10 times denser and 10 times heavier then our own body weight, whereas if you compare it with a human, they're lucky if they can carry 1 time their own body weight! We've got this challenge in the bag!" (End confessional)

The campers are motioned to the Magic Fairy Canoes. While not very big, they prove to be heavy thanks to their magical nature, and Jorgen has designed it so that the Screaming Cat's canoe would have proportional weight strain for their 8 campers compared to the Killer Beaver's 6 campers. The challenge endures for hours, because neither team wants to be the first to have a quitter. Norbert says: "Jimmy, having a hard time HOLDING UP?!" Jimmy sarcastically says: "Ha, that's VERY funny! When we're done, remind me to fake another laugh!" Treeflower says: "Everybody knows you're the weakest remaining physically. Just quit so we can be done with this stupid challenge!" Jimmy says: "No way! I've got brain power, and you do NOT want to mess with MY IQ! Do you know how many villains I've defeated with my cranial capacity?" Rocko says: "No. How many?" Jimmy says: "18! And that's not counting the entire Yolkian empire OR Cindy Vortex!" Treeflower says: "If you're so smart, then YOU come up with a way to make the other team lose!"

(Confessional) Jimmy says: "Norbert and Treeflower get on my nerves SO much, all they ever do is make fun of my short stature, my big hair, or my lack of big muscles! It's not the fact that I'm not physically endowed that bothers me; it's their ridiculing of MY genius! And when it comes to a reality game show, the last time I checked, brains beat brawn every time, hands down! I WON'T be the one who lets my team down! And if my team DOES lose, Treeflower is SO going to get it!" (End confessional) The hours have elapsed, but the campers still stand strong. Finally, at 5 PM, Patty breaks down and says: "I just can't do this anymore. I've lost all the feeling in my arms!" Angelica says: "Patty, don't do it!" But she rings the bell with her head, and both teams drop the canoes with exhaustion! Jorgen says: "The 1st test is done! We have our 1st quitter! Now listen Patty, you've got absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed about--EXCEPT FOR BEING THE BIG FAT CRYBABY THAT LET HER TEAM DOWN! As for the rest of you, report to the cafeteria in 30 minutes. You've got another test at 1900 hours!"

(Confessional) Lil says: "Jorgen Von Strangle is SO crazy! After straining our arms for 8 hours, he expected us to eat garbage out of the trash cans for nutritional value. He said that was done in war times and you had to take what you could find. Like HE would know! He was SO never in a real war!" / Rocko says: "I figure it helps to pace myself. As long as I don't over-extend myself during these challenges, I should be okay and make it through this challenge stronger and wiser from the experience. I just have to keep my mind focused on these tests!" (End confessional)

The next test begins at 7 PM right on the dot, with Jorgen Von Strangle leading the remaining campers in a Fairy-themed dance challenge to the tune of Chip Skylark's "My Shiny Teeth and Me" being looped on a CD player. At 9 PM, Ren Hoek says: "I've had ENOUGH of this nonsense!" And he walks over and turns the CD player off! Stimpy says: "Ren! What are you doing?!" Ren says: "It's simple! I drop out, and we're done for the day!" Jorgen yells: "YOU'RE DONE WHEN I SAY YOU ARE DONE! NOW DROP AND GIVE ME 50 PUSH-UP'S, PRIVATE!" Ren mutters: "My health insurance had better cover this stress on my Chihuahua heart!" Jorgen says: "Has anybody got anything else to say?" Sandy says: "Yeah. When can we use the restroom? (Scene cuts to Sandy in an apron and with a mop and a bucket of water) Okay, this wasn't what I expected."

With Ren having quit, the rest of the campers are taken into the cafeteria for the next challenge. Jorgen says: "Your next test is very simple. You have 3 hours to write a 500 word essay describing how much you love ME, Jorgen Von Strangle as the resident tough fairy boss of Fairy World! If any of you fall asleep or fail to complete your reports, you will be eliminated!" So 180 minutes elapse. In that time, Reggie is eliminated for falling asleep, and Spongebob is eliminated for failing to complete the essay. At Midnight, Jorgen uses his magic to quickly scan the essay's to make sure the remaining campers followed procedure. But one essay catches his attention. Jorgen reads: "I like Jorgen Von Strangle Very, very, very, very...this is just one long sentence spread over 3 pages with a bunch of VERY'S between the beginning and the end!" Otto says: "My report IS 500 words exactly! You can count the words, if you want." Jorgen says: "Do you WANT to run 20 laps around the campground?!" Treeflower answers: "No he doesn't! He wants to go to bed RIGHT now, DON'T you, Otto?" Otto says: "And what's eating you, all of the sudden?" Treeflower says: "He WANTS you to quit! Don't give him any reasons to make him want to make you quit even more!" Otto says: "It's not MY fault I don't know what to say about Jorgen, I barely even know him!"

Jimmy says: "You know, Treeflower. I could solve this competition dilemma with some inventions that would give us an unbeatable edge in these tests!" Treeflower sarcastically says: "Oh sure! Jeopardize our chances of winning with another invention that inevitably back-fires!" Jimmy says: "All of my inventions don't BACKFIRE! There was Goddard, the Time Pincher, the Life Elixir, the Jimmy Android, Brobot, my super strength medicine, and all my countless toaster conversions!" Treeflower says: "Jimmy, this is one simple way you can help." Jimmy says: "And what would you like me to do to help?" Treeflower yells: "DON'T! This is one challenge where our team can't afford disasters, you idiot!" (Confessional) Jimmy says: "Treeflower thinks that she can outsmart me. NOBODY can outsmart James Isaac Neutron, and NOBODY calls ME an IDIOT! Personally, I'm against wars, but if Treeflower wants to do battle with me and play ROUGH, then I'm happy to oblige her!" (End confessional)

The next test is BEYOND brutal! Jorgen says: "This is a grand achievement in Fairy fitness! My Magical Fairy Obstacle Course! Filled with the most magical and dangerous objects in all of Fairy World! They won't kill you, but if you touch any of the objects, or if you fail to complete the course in 30 minutes, you will be eliminated! So, START RUNNING!" All of the campers strain to keep their stamina up, and they all have a bit of trouble on parts of the course. Having to climb tall cacti, walk on a plank over thin ice while avoiding electric axes, swing on a rope avoiding snapping sea monsters, and jump through a giant pair of scissors and flaming tire wheels, and crawl through mud while avoiding swinging sword blades. Suzie Carmichael is eliminated when an electric ax touches her, Otto Rocket is eliminated when he gets stuck in the mud and can't move, and Jimmy is finally eliminated when a sea monster bites him! Only Norbert, Treeflower, Rocko, Stimpy, Lil, Angelica, and Sandy Cheeks remain. Jorgen says: "We are finally down to 7 campers! Time for the final test! This will determine the ultimate winner!" /

The remaining campers are presented with a magical Fairy Tree. Jorgen says: "This is the last test of endurance for you! You will climb up this tree and then hang upside down on it! The last camper who doesn't fall off the tree wins the challenge! There is no time limit! It will last until all but one camper quits! Campers, climb!" And the challenge endures into early morning. Norbert is the first to fall off the tree due to fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. Angelica says: "This is SO not good for my hair! I'm popular and I can't have my hair looking as though I have fallen out of bed in a hurricane!" Lil says: "Why not? It's fun! Do you want to know something else that is fun?!" Angelica says: "Why do you even THINK that I would want to listen to you?! UGH! I've had enough, I quit!" And she jumps off to land on the ground, but she is unexpectedly semi-crushed when Stimpy unexpectedly falls down on her when he loses his grip! Angelica says: "Get OFF of ME, you clumsy cat!" Ren says: "Way to GO, Stimpy!" Treeflower laughs: "That is TOO funny! I can't...its breathtaking! I can't--(slips off the tree)--I'm sorry! I can't help it! It's too much!" Jimmy says: "Nice concentration, NOT!" Treeflower says: "At least I lasted longer than you! You're in no position to threaten me!" Jimmy says: "You're not exactly the most popular around here you know!" Treeflower says: "You bet I am! Norbert says that he is MADLY in love with me! We've been making out heavily these past few weeks. He even gave me my first kiss after the 3rd challenge. It was WONDERFUL! And the love we share is something that YOU will never know nerd-for-brains!" And as Treeflower walks away, Jimmy menacingly says: "I will NOT be IGNORED!!!!" Sandy says: "You can jump if you want to Lil. I'm a squirrel. I can hang here all day." Rocko says: "Well I come from down under. And I LIVE for the head rush! Has your fur always been orange? Ooh." And he finally falls off the tree. Sniz finally comes on-screen and says: "And it's all over! Since Sandy Cheeks can hang on the tree until we get to Kingdom Come, Sandy and the Screaming Cats are the winners!"

Spongebob says: "You did it Sandy! You're the ultimate champion!" Jorgen says: "You've got a lot of spunk for a squirrel. If you were a fairy, you would definitely be a decorated lieutenant in my unit." Sandy says: "Thank you...I think." Jorgen says: "You're welcome Sandy, you're very welcome!" / That night, the Killer Beavers are facing judgment again. Sniz says: "You've all cast your votes via the secret ballot box. There are 6 campers, but there are only 5 marshmallows. After I call your name, come claim a marshmallow. And the camper, who doesn't receive 1, will be sent onto the Dock of Shame to catch the Boat of Losers which will leave the Island forever. And that means you can never come back, EVER! Norbert, Rocko, Otto, Reggie. Campers, this IS the Final marshmallow of the evening. (Dramatic music plays. Treeflower is looking confidant while Jimmy looks unsure.)

Jimmy." Treeflower screams: "WHAT?! YOU PICK THE WEAK GEEK OVER ME?!" Sniz says: "Yes, yes, it's always a shocker when someone gets the boot-off." Norbert says: "That's not POSSIBLE! I know for a fact there were at least 3 of us who didn't vote her off!" Treeflower says: "Norbert is right! I DEMAND a recount!" Sniz snaps his fingers and says: "Fondue, help me help Treeflower to the boat." And as they drag her to the boat, she's kicking and screaming. Treeflower yells: "I do NOT CONCEDE! Let me GO! I was THIS TEAM'S ONLY HOPE! I was an ACTUAL COUNSELOR IN TRAINING! You'll hear from my attorney on this!" As the boat pulls away, Norbert runs toward Treeflower and says: "Wait! I want you to have something, catch!" And Norbert throws a wooden heart to Treeflower, and she asks: "What is it?" Norbert says: "It's a heart representing our love! I gnawed it myself! I'm going to stay, play, and win, for BOTH of us!" Treeflower says: "Oh, I love your carving! I love you! I promise to wait for you until the game is over!" And Norbert waves a tearful good-bye. Meanwhile, Jimmy looks bitterly at the marshmallow.

(Flashback, confessional) Jimmy takes a device and says: "So Treeflower, you doubt the power of MY inventions?! You think it's funny to make fun of ME?! (Zaps the Secret Ballot Box) Let's see how funny YOU think my inventions are now that my text changer has changed all the votes in this box to primarily vote YOU off!" (End flashback and confessional) Jimmy says: "Payback is SO sweet!" / Episode Notes: The Screaming Cats win. Treeflower is eliminated, but Jimmy altered the votes so that SHE would be voted off!

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ExKizuna said:
Im not a true believer of tat Wumbo, because it's not as bad as someof the other things we've said to 4EverVirgin.

Well yeah, but you haven't said those things eighty times like you have with this "true believer" nonsense.

Anyway, I enjoyed this episode far more than the previous one, mostly because it was broken up into smaller paragraphs and therefore easier on the eyes. I also liked the conflict between Jimmy and Norbert/Treeflower, and SpongeBob failing to complete his essay was a nice allusion to Procrastination. Keep it up! 

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Thank you, Wumbology, here's my next episode installment now! "Change of Heart" Sniz is on the Dock and he says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, Jorgen Von Strangle decided to put the campers through their paces by making them endure Fairy boot camp. For most of them, the training was brutal, but they endured the best way they knew how, determined to win. In the end, Sandy Cheeks proved she was Texas tough and gave the Screaming Cats a solid win. When the Killer Beavers had to eliminate somebody, everything seemed normal until Treeflower was suddenly and unexpectedly voted off. The Killer Beavers smelled a rat among their ranks, and it was later discovered retro-actively, Jimmy Neutron had altered the votes to get Treeflower out of the game for making fun of his inventions. And in retrospect, that seems really unfair. But what are you going to do? Treeflower's gone, and there is nothing that can get her back in the game. But is something going to happen that will give Jimmy Neutron a change of heart about the things he's done? Find out on a brand new episode of Total Cartoon Island!"

Around the campfire circle, Sniz has gathered all the cartoon campers together, to announce his next challenge to them. Sniz says: "I thought of something totally original for you to do today. Some campers here are in love, others aren't, and others still are afraid to admit their true feelings for somebody else. So for the theme of this challenge, I have decided to call it: A Change of Heart! All campers will be paired off into 7 groups of 2. Now, since there are 13 campers, one camper will be pairing off with me. It is time to hear your partners for this challenge. Ren will be with Stimpy, Otto Rocket will be with Angelica Pickles, Reggie Rocket will be with Rocko, Jimmy Neutron will be with Suzie Carmichael, Norbert will be with Patty Mayonnaise, and Sandy Cheeks will be with Spongebob Squarepants, which means Lil Deville will be with me. The rules for this challenge are very simple and are as follows.

You will all be taking turns with each other discussing your love lives with each other. Discussing what you're proud of, what you're not proud of, and what you'd do differently if you had another chance. When you're done with your discussions, your partner will have to decide if they have a change of heart about you. If they forgive you, then you win a point for your team. In the unlikely but possible event of a tied score, I'll use my point to determine the winner based on what you discussed with each other and which team did the better job of discussing your honest feelings for each other. Each person has 10 minutes maximum to discuss their feelings. At the end of 140 minutes, judgment will be handed down on which team did the better job. I wish both teams the best of luck on this challenge." /

Norbert and Patty Mayonnaise decide to go first, and they take their turn in the Screaming Cat's cabin. Norbert says: "I have never loved another woman the way I love Treeflower. What I like about her is the way she looks, the sound of her voice when she sings, and she has such a great personality. What I'm not proud of is that sometimes, I can be a little self-absorbed. I think of myself as being a lot smarter than other creatures even if I'm not, I tease Daggett probably more than I should, and I sometimes pride my appearance more than the content of my character. What I'd do differently if I had a chance, is to tell Daggett I love him as my younger brother more often, remind myself that other creatures besides me have feelings to, and not be as reluctant to get a haircut, even if it means having the entire pelt below my neck shaved off again." Patty Mayonnaise says: "Well, you've certainly made some mistakes. But you're honest enough to you what you have done and what you should do in the future. And I believe that you're the kind of guy who wants to do the right thing. So I forgive you." And Norbert wins a point.

Patty Mayonnaise says: "What I'm proud of is that I have a crush on Doug Funny. Doug Funny is...well, funny. And he has a clever wit. He has a good taste in rock and roll, and has such a clever imagination. The only thing I can think of that might be a detriment to me is that I have a bit of a competitive spirit. What I'd do differently, is I would've told Doug Funny that I loved him a lot sooner than I did." Norbert says: "Well, you're nice and very honest. I believe that you know when you have a good thing on your hands. So I decide to forgive you." And Patty Mayonnaise wins a point to, tying the score 1-1.

Otto Rocket and Angelica Pickles are the next campers scheduled to talk to each other. Angelica says: "I've got nothing to say to you!" Otto says: "Why? Do you have some skeletons in the closet you don't want others to know about?" Angelica says: "I'm already perfect. There are no blemishes on my resume and there is nothing that I'm ashamed of." Otto says: "Do you expect me to believe that? Besides, I can't forgive you if you don't admit that you feel badly about something." Angelica says: "Are you saying that you're going to forgive me and give me a point if I admit to doing something imperfectly?" Otto says: "It couldn't hurt your chances." Angelica says: "Fine. The only reason I bullied Chuckie Finster, Lil Deville, and get into catfights with Suzie Carmichael when I was younger is that I like to be the center of attention positive or otherwise. I'm not proud of the fact other people think I'm mean, but I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of apologizing to them. I honestly wouldn't do anything differently." Otto says: "As much as I love aggressive women such as yourself, I can't forgive you." Angelica says: "But you said--!" Otto says: "I said that your admission couldn't hurt your chances. Besides, we both know that you wouldn't have given me a point. I just wanted you to admit something on camera to an entire viewing world." Angelica Pickles says: "You think you're so smart, don't you, Rocket Boy?!" Otto says: "I outsmarted you, didn't I?" The round ends in a draw.

Sandy Cheeks and Spongebob Squarepants are the 3rd team to take their turn. Spongebob says: "I'm a pretty happy individual. I love just about everybody, not to say I'm in love with everybody. But I always make it a point to be nice to everyone, because that's my honest nature, and I feel like I need to always be honest about my nature. My only regret is I have loved things that were maybe irrational to love. Odd things that I have loved are a Bubble Buddy, a spatula, and a Krabby Patty. Those are all things I have loved irrationally without good reason. If I had the chance to do things over again, I'd look for some real friendships from an actual person then resort to an imaginary partnership." Sandy Cheeks says: "Spongebob, you're odd. We both know that. But you're so nice, that you would NEVER be insincere about anything if you didn't have to. And for that, I forgive you." With that, Spongebob Squarepants wins a point!

Sandy says: "Before you, I never had a relationship on land. My main hobbies were doing karate, weight-lifting, studying science/astronomy, and inventing. I guess my regret is that I might focus too much on improving science and not having a social life unless it involves doing something active. If I had the chance to do something over again, I'd try to relax more often and take things a little easier." Spongebob says: "You have a competitive nature. It's natural for you to want to be active. But since you're willing to do different things, I'm willing to believe in you. I forgive you." And Sandy wins a point to! The score is now 3-1 in the Screaming Gopher's favor!

The 4th team to take their turn is Reggie Rocket and Rocko. Rocko says: "It goes without saying that I love my mom and dad, my relatives back home, all my Aussie friends in the wild outback; Alice Springs this shout-out is for you! My friends in O-Town, Heffer and his family, Filburt and Dr. Hutchison, my dog Spunky, I miss you; my neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Bighead; Really, Really Big Man; and I even like working for my boss Mr. Smitty at Kind-of-a-Lot-of-Comics. But you're the first true Sheila that I've really taken the time to get to know and love. I've had my fair share of failed relationships. Mainly because I was focused on lust and not on a deep, personal connection with the one I was crushing after. Melba, Giselle, and all the other girls I loved before, I'm sorry if I came on as too strong. If I had the chance to do things all over again, I'd take things a lot more slowly and form a relationship more slowly. Hopefully, I hope this doesn't change your opinion of me."

Reggie says: "I can sympathize. I have also loved without reason. Flirted with boys who didn't respect me for my mind and only for my body, boys who only wanted to learn skills from me so that they could beat me, or boys trying to be macho by trying to prove that themselves better than me. If I had the chance to do things all over again, I'd stop and pause to think about my actions. I would consider the pros and cons of a relationship before I got in to deep. But as far as you're concerned, I know that I can trust you." Rocko says: "And I feel a trustworthy bond in you, to." Reggie and Rocko simultaneously say: "I forgive you!" The score is once again tied 3-3!

The 5th turn goes to Ren and Stimpy. Ren says: "Stimpy, I know everything you've been through. I've seen what has happened to you and how you've grown/matured over the years. You don't need to tell me anything because I have already forgiven you. But you need to know some things about me that I've never told you. Things I've never felt brave enough to say to anyone else. I was born to a cruel father and a neglectful mother. I had an uncle that used to scold me when I was only 3. He told me that showing affection to boys wasn't something a real male would do. But I did show affection anyways and my father and uncle would always throw various switches at me. I was always a fragile child and it hurt me that my own family would hurt me. When I was in kindergarten, I met a woman named Mrs. Cadoo. She was a synthetic red-head. She would always spank me, and I mean spank me hard, even when I offered to clean up the room for her. I've always protected you from bullies. But the fact of the matter is; I've never been able to protect myself from bullies.

(Ren starts crying) What they couldn't do to you, they did to me. I suffered abuse for you, I took pain for you. I went through life never expressing the fact that I was in pain to you, because I didn't want you to lose your respect for me. I wanted to be your idol, your strength, your solid support. But now you've found another. Someone who doesn't carry the baggage I carry. Maybe she's eccentric, but she can be your love and affection more easily than I ever could. It's hard for me to show love to others, since I have so rarely felt love myself. I kept this inside to keep myself protected. The only reason I told you is so you could give me your honest opinion of what you thought of me, and I await your honest judgment." Stimpy is astonished. Stimpy says: "Wow, Ren. I never knew of the sacrifices you went through, just for me. You care for me a lot, don't you Ren?"

Ren says: "Is it that obvious?" Stimpy says: "You should never have felt that you needed to be ashamed to have love for me. I was never ashamed to have love for you, and it's not because I'm ignorant. I wanted to help you with the anguish you felt. I wanted to make you feel better. But if you never discuss it, how can I know what you feel in order to help you? I would've helped you with anything you needed help with, and I still can to. All you have to do is ask, and I will do anything I can in order to help you with anything you want help with, no matter how hard it is." Ren cries: "Stimpy, you don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that! (Ren hugs Stimpy) This is the first time in a long time that I've felt like a real dog." Stimpy says: "It's okay Ren. You should never believe anything negative anybody says about you. No matter what happens, you'll always be a real dog to me. And you don't need to be strong to be my hero; you just need to be honest and kind. In fact, if you want, for once, I can be your hero Ren. Now and for always." Ren stops crying. Ren says: "I have no problem with the honest part. But I still need a lot of work on the kind part." Stimpy says: "No matter how long it takes, I'll show you how rewarding it is to be nice. And to tell you the truth, I already forgave you for everything, a long time ago." And they hug again, making the score 5-3 in the Screaming Cat's favor.

Outside of the Screaming Cat's cabin, Sniz says: "Jimmy, you're the last Killer Beaver left in play. Only by gaining Suzie Carmichael's forgiveness can you keep your team in the game." And both Jimmy Neutron and Suzie Carmichael enter the Screaming Cat's cabin. Jimmy says: "Do you want to begin talking or should I start the discussion?" Suzie says: "I do not want to hear what you have to say." Jimmy says: "Please Suzie! Hear me out!" Suzie says: "I don't have to do anything!" Jimmy says: "Come on! We're both civilized people here. Sure, I'm definitely from the scientific community, and you're probably from the Ghetto, but that doesn't mean that we can't get along! But you'll never know that for sure unless you listen to me!" Suzie says: "But I already know that I can't trust you, because you didn't trust Treeflower." Jimmy is startled and says: "How did you know about that?!" Suzie says: "I was spying from the bushes to see and listen to who the campers on the other team were voting off, and I heard your bitterness towards Treeflower and your plan to get rid of her!"

Jimmy says: "You don't understand! She belittled my inventions, she mocked my genius! She wouldn't stop making fun of me! She constantly irked me! I couldn't take that sitting down! I had to do something to make her understand the pain I felt!" Suzie says: "Those aren't good reasons to get rid of somebody, and you don't know what you should do in order to get somebody to understand how you feel." Jimmy says: "And I suppose you would?" Suzie says: "You'll never know unless you talk to me." Jimmy says: "Okay. The reason I signed onto this show is because I had a falling out with Cindy Vortex. We had a quarrel about Quantum Physics, and just because I didn't want to hear about Cindy's opinion, she accused me of being a snobbish, stuck-up, know-it-all who can't admit that they make mistakes when they're wrong! First of all, I am not a snob, stuck-up, or somebody who makes mistakes! I signed up on this show to prove that everything Cindy thinks of me is wrong!"

Suzie says: "And in the process, all you've done so far is to prove her right. All you've been doing is trying to show off your inventions and act like you're the smartest person in the entire world. Well let me tell you something, you DON'T know everything! You knew nothing about Treeflower, and you don't know anything about me! I was the only protecting Chuckie Finster and Lil Deville from the tyrannical behavior of Angelica Pickles. I was placed with the responsibility of standing up for them and for speaking my voice when their voices couldn't be heard! You don't know what kind of burden that is! And no matter how bossy or mean Angelica got, I could never afford to move one inch backwards from the stance I took! I can never afford to show her or anyone else that I have weaknesses, have feelings that can be hurt, or show anybody that I do have limits. She'd never stop attacking me if she ever knew." Jimmy gets red in the face and looks ashamed.

Jimmy says: "Suzie, you're right. I didn't know anything about you. And in getting so wrapped up in trying to prove Cindy Vortex wrong, I ended up becoming something that wasn't me. As smart as I am, I can't believe that it took someone else to show me what was right in front of my face. And if I couldn't figure that out for myself, what kind of genius am I? Suzie, I just want to say, I'm sorry that I only thought of you as somebody who was big, loud, or was raised in a ghetto." Suzie says: "Apology accepted." Jimmy says: "And also, I have a confession to make. I love you with every fiber of my being, and I forgive you for anything you might regret." Suzie is totally shocked! Suzie says: "You're in love with me?!" Jimmy says: "Ever since I first laid my eyes on you." Suzie says: "It's wonderful to know that I have someone feels that way about me! I had no idea! You're some kind of crazy, you know that?!" Jimmy says: "What can I say? I guess love truly is blind." Suzie says: "Not this time. I can't forgive you for what you did to Treeflower, even if you are sorry. It's not because I want to win, it's the principle of the matter. Still, I hope you won't think badly of me, and maybe we can be friends after this show is over." Jimmy says: "I understand. You won't tell anybody what I did to Treeflower, will you?"

Suzie says: "I didn't, I haven't, and I won't. But you should tell someday! I mean, when you're ready of course." Jimmy says: "Maybe someday, I will." As Jimmy walks out, Sniz announces: "And it's all over! The Screaming Cats win 7-3! Killer Beavers, it looks like you're sending somebody home." At the bonfire, the Killer Beavers are facing judgment. Sniz says: "You have all cast your votes. There are five campers facing judgment, but only four marshmallows. The camper who doesn't receive a marshmallow must go to the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and leave this Island forever! Rocko, Reggie, Norbert! Campers, this IS the final marshmallow of the evening! (Dramatic pause) Otto. Jimmy, I don't know what to tell you, but you're done like dinner. It's time for you to leave." Jimmy grabs all of his scientific equipment and says: "Farewell, Camp Nickelodeon. I loved, I lost, and I learned. It has been a humbling experience. Suzie, if you're out there, I hope that someday, we can be together. Okay Fondue, I'm ready." And Jimmy hops on the Board of Losers, and it sails away from the Island. / Episode Notes: The Screaming Cats win this episode, and Jimmy Neutron gets eliminated, making "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" to be the 3rd show eliminated from "Total Cartoon Island." I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did writing it. 

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Well yeah, but you haven't said those things eighty times like you have with this "true believer" nonsense.

Anyway, I enjoyed this episode far more than the previous one, mostly because it was broken up into smaller paragraphs and therefore easier on the eyes. I also liked the conflict between Jimmy and Norbert/Treeflower, and SpongeBob failing to complete his essay was a nice allusion to Procrastination. Keep it up! 125508.gif

The true believer nonsense is just a referance to what 4Ever used to say on tv.com xD

ANyway, I hate to admit it, but I like these episodes because their broken up now.

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Here's my next installment of "Total Cartoon Island!" / "Speed Demons!" (Formerly called "Never Give Up, Never Surrender" on TV.com.) Sniz is on the dock and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, the cartoon campers had to talk about their love relationships with each other. Ren revealed his painful past to Stimpy, and the lovable cat took the sympathetic Ren in his arms, and told Ren that he had always been a hero to Stimpy. While Angelica didn't give a point to Otto, Otto still managed to trick Angelica into revealing something unpleasant about her life. Norbert and Patty, Spongebob and Sandy, Reggie and Rocko, Lil and I also managed to hit things off pretty good as well. While Jimmy decided to forgive Suzie Carmichael for her mistakes, Suzie revealed to Jimmy that she knew about how Jimmy had voted Sandy Cheeks off, and wasn't happy with Jimmy's deception. So when the Killer Beavers lost the game, Jimmy lost his chance for love with Suzie. But that's karma at work for you. Now that we're at the half-way point of this season, what new events will be taking place next? What unforeseen twists will be coming up in the challenges? Find out on today's brand new episode of Total Cartoon Island!"

All the campers are gathered around the cafeteria, waiting to hear the latest news Sniz has to give them. Sniz says to them: "Campers, you have all done a good job to get this far. You have officially made it to the half-way point of the game! Next week, the two teams will be dissolved and everyone will be playing for individual immunity in order to make it past challenges. Also, anyone who gets voted off after this challenge will have their chance to be on the official TCI jury to determine who the final winner of this game-show is going to be! This challenge, however, is going to be a special challenge. There will be no bonfire tonight, because nobody will be eliminated! It is for a special prize which is a special weekend cruise to the Bahamas! On this 5 star floating hotel, there is an all you can eat buffet, JacuzziÔÇÖs and spa's of all shapes and sizes for all comforts, entertaining games of all varieties, and you can get yourself healed from any disease or ailment you might have picked up during your stay on this island!"

(Confessional) Angelica says: "I need to win that cruise so I can get out of here and take some time to pamper myself! Dealing with the idiots on this Island is BEYOND annoying! Especially Patty Mayonnaise! I'm sick of talking to her! I've got pairs of flip-flops that are smarter than her!" / Patty says: "I really hope I can win this cruise. Of course, I really wish Doug was here with me to. If he were here, that cruise would be so much more special." / Norbert says: "As much as I love camping and nature, I have a deep need to stretch my legs out and get myself comfortable. I hear on that on cruises, there are a bunch of ladies who can rub my pains away and take care of my every need! And if I do manage to get that cruise, I'll be able to myself very pretty again! I do it all for my lady, Treeflower. And baby, if you're watching this out there at home or wherever it is you are; I really miss you." (End confessional)

Sniz says: "Here's your challenge for today. If you have ever played Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, or Mario Kart DS, then you're going to be happy when I tell you that you will all be racing Go-Karts for your challenge today! The rules are simple: You will all be racing around the simulated virtual track that Sniz has set up for you. The obstacles are random, difficult, and will challenge your driving skills to the limit. During the course, you have the chance to pick up random items that will help you in your attempts to win this challenge. The race will last for a total of 3 laps around the track. The first 6 campers to finish the race will be going on the cruise I mentioned. The losers will have to stay here and watch Fondue's home movies, all 60 of them!"

(Confessional) Spongebob says: "I've always wanted to have a chance to get behind the wheel, but I've always frozen up every other time I've tried in the past! But now that I have to race in order to win this game, I can finally put the pedal to the metal, and prove to Mrs. Puff that I've got what it takes to be a great driver!" / Sandy says: "I've been in a lot of races. I've been in pig races, horse races, dog races, moose races, cow races, and goat races. And I've always been a winner in every single race I entered. So believe me when I say that I will be winning this race as well." (End confessional) The campers now have to pick which Go-Kart they will be racing. Ren Hoek says: "Pink is my favorite color! I want to race the Princess Peach Kart!" Suzie says: "If anybody gets to race a royal Kart, it's going to be me!" Patty says: "I want to be the one who races the Princess Peach Kart!" Angelica says: "Shut it! Besides, I'm the Princess Peach Kart! I'm ALWAYS the Princess Peach Kart!"

(Confessional) Suzie says: "Angelica is SO spoiled and stuck up; she's more sticky then crazy glue. While winning this race would be sweet, making sure that Angelica loses would be even sweeter!" (End confessional) Stimpy says: "I'm going to drive the Yoshi cart. Green is my favorite color, you know." Otto says: "I'm driving the Bowser Kart! Don't try to stop me!" Reggie says: "I wasn't going to! The Bowser Kart is WAY too masculine for my tastes!" Rocko says: "And it downright reeks of macho sweat, to. I'd rather race something more down to Earth, like the Mario Kart." Reggie says: "In that case, I'm going to race the Luigi Kart. If I do come in 2nd, I wouldn't mind coming in 2nd to you, Rocko." Rocko says: "That's very sweet of you to say, fair Sheila. May I give you a kiss, please?" Reggie says: "You can even give me a hug while you're at!" So Reggie and Rocko quickly run towards each other, sharing a great big hug and kiss!

(Confessional) Rocko says: "I've never experienced love like that living down under. Reggie is a very special girl. Probably THE special girl! She knows how to treat a gentleman like me just right. My mom and dad will sure be happy to know that I've found my soul mate. They'll probably want to throw a big wedding ceremony for Reggie and me once we both hit 18. I can't wait for that!" (End confessional) Ren says: "I guess I'm stuck driving the Toad Kart, since it's the only other Kart that's not too big for me to race." Suzie says: "I'm going to race the Donkey Kong Kart, for the sheer, unadulterated power it provides!" Patty says: "Princess Daisy's Kart is yellow, but I'd at least be racing a Royal Kart." Sandy says: "I'm racing Wario's Kart! It's rough and tough, just like me!" Norbert says: "I'm going to drive R.O.B.'s Kart, because it's fancy and technological, things I'm very interested in!" Lil says: "I'm going to drive the Dry Bones Kart, just because I've never driven that Kart whenever I play the Mario Kart games!" Spongebob says: "And it looks like I'm going to drive the Koopa Troopa Kart. It's the only choice left." And with the campers having selected their Karts, the race is about to begin! Fondue says: "Campers, get into position! It's time to start your engines!"

And the racers begin to prime their Karts and turn up the juice. Sniz says: "On your mark, get set, (Blow Air horn) GO!!!!" And as Fondue waves the checkered flag, all the campers zoom over the starting line! Rocko zigs, zags, and hops to gain a mini-boost and zips past Angelica! Angelica says: "You can't do that! That's cheating!" Rocko says: "All is fair in a race, lady. Speaking of, it is time to get an item!" And the campers race past the first set of boxes! Rocko says: "Angelica, I'm leaving you something that's VERY a-PEELing!" And Rocko drops a banana peel behind him, and Angelica spins out on it! Rocko shouts back: "Appealing, like a banana peel! Get it?!" As Angelica regains her composure, she says: "I'll make you pay for putting me behind!" Sandy says: "Yee-haw! I've got a red-shell shield! Just TRY to pass me!" Suzie says: "I'll match your red-shell shield with a green-shell shield! I'll knock your shells off!" And Suzie fires her green shells at Sandy's Kart Suzie knocks off 1, then 2 of Sandy's red shells! Suzie says: "Time to finish the job!" Then Sandy drops her last red-shell behind her, and Suzie bumps into it! Suzie says: "Darn it! I forgot that drivers had the option of dropping items BESIDES banana peels behind them!"

Otto says: "I forgot how slow the Bowser Kart is! I'm way in last place! Wait a minute! I've got a lightning bolt!" And Otto looks insidiously at the other drivers! Otto says: "Here it comes, ready or not!" And in a flash of light, all the campers shrink down to such a small size. Otto says: "Time to crush you 1 by 1!" And Otto quickly runs over Lil, Ren, and Patty. As Ren returns to normal, he says: "That was a dirty trick! Thankfully, I've got one of my own! The unstoppable weapon! Feel the wrath of the blue-spiked turtle shell!" And Ren fires the only device that always affects any driver at any time, and the flying shell heads straight toward the lead. Rocko says: "Oops! Time to put on the brakes!" And Rocko stops and lets Sandy zoom past her. Sandy says: "Why did Rocko let me do that?" And then Sandy hears the whistling of the homing object, and she cries as it explodes upon impact. Sandy says: "Oh, THAT'S why he did it! Very clever!" And Sandy watches as Spongebob uses a Mushroom to zoom past her. Lil says: "Great, I've got Star Power! Time to get invincible!" And Lil becomes bathed in protective light and as she touches other Karts, they begin to spin out as Lil hits Patty, Otto, and Suzie in order to reach the 4th position! The campers complete the 1st lap with 2 more laps to go!

Norbert says: "Incredible! I've got a Boo!" Angelica says: "What luck! Triple Mushrooms! I'll get back in the lead for sure!" Then Angelica watches with shock as a laughing ghost takes her item away and gives it to Norbert! Angelica says: "That was such a rotten trick!" Norbert shouts back: "You snooze, you lose!" And uses the 1st of his 3 mushrooms! Reggie says: "I've got a fake item box! I'll drop it off right in front of the REAL item boxes!" And Reggie deploys her trick, and Otto runs right into it, flying into the air! Otto says: "That was down-right low! They make the fake item boxes look so much like the real ones!" Spongebob says: "This is much more exciting then I thought it would be! And is this possible? I've got a Golden Mushroom?! Do I dare? I DARE!!!!" And Spongebob begins zooming like crazy, quickly going past all the other campers! Norbert says: "Spongebob is zooming way ahead! I've got to use another mushroom! And Norbert uses the 2nd of his three mushrooms, struggling to keep up with Spongebob. Angelica says: "This looks like a useful item I've gotten! The Blooper! Hope you guys like driving blind under ink!"

And a white squid squirts ink over the windshields of all the other Karts! Spongebob says: "AHHH! I can't see!" Rocko wipes his wind-shield and says: "You've got to rub off the ink on the glass in order to make it go away faster!" And Spongebob simultaneously cleans and zooms at the same time, and his Golden Mushroom finally wears off! The campers complete the 2nd lap with 1 more lap to go! Norbert says: "It's time to put this game away and put myself in the lead, with the last of my mushrooms!" And Norbert uses his last mushroom, and zooms into the lead! Reggie catches up to Rocko and she says: "Rocko, we're going to lose! Do something!" Rocko says: "Don't worry! I've got our perfect item, and that's the Bullet Bill! Grab my hand, Reggie, it's time we finish the race!" And Reggie gets next to Rocko's Kart, and Rocko ignites the Bullet Bill! Stimpy is driving with a trail of banana peels behind him! Reggie and Rocko barely miss him, but Otto doesn't, and falls back into 11th place! Angelica spots a zoom pad, and tries to use it to get back in the race, but she slips on the remaining banana peels that Stimpy left behind! The speed is so great, Rocko's shirt flies off and he says: "Oh man! Not my clothes AGAIN!"

Before anyone has a chance to blink, Rocko and Reggie get into the lead. And in the final corner, everybody is neck and neck! Sniz says: "It's going to be close, Fondue! It's neck and neck! It looks like it's going to be a photo finish!" And as Fondue waves the flag, an automatic picture goes off. And as the picture is displayed on a big TV screen, Sniz says: "And it's a photo finish! In 6th place, it's Norbert! In 5th place, it's Sandy Cheeks! In 4th place it's Lil Deville! In 3rd place it's Stimpson J. Cat! In 2nd place it's Reggie Rocket! And the winner by a nose is: ROCKO! Young wallaby, you did it! You're the 1st place winner!" Rocko says: "That is so COOL mate! You didn't happen to see where my shirt and hat went, did you?" Sniz says: "I can't say I have." Rocko says: "Darn it! That was my last pair! Oh well. If Stimpy can live without wearing clothes, I guess I can to." Reggie says: "Oh Rocko. You're so humble and lovable. Don't ever change for me!" Rocko says: "If this is what you want, then I guess you've got it." Norbert says: "Well my 5 friends, it looks like WE'VE got a date with a cruise boat!" That evening, the 6 winners sail off into the sunset, while the losers sulk about their bad luck. Angelica says: "To think that I've got to spend a whole weekend here! It ought to be ME getting that vacation!" Ren says: "Shut up, you EEDIOT! You're here, you lost, get over it."

Patty says: "Besides, just how bad is it to watch Fondue's home movies, anyways?" (Scene cuts to the losing campers squirming as they watch a home viewing screen) Fondue says: "And this is when I scraped my knee after falling off a tree, this is me after I got maimed by a fox, and this is me when my brother caught me playing naked in mud!" Suzie cries: "PLEASE! Make it stop, make it stop; MAKE IT STOP!!!!" Patty says: "Wow. I guess his home movies CAN be pretty bad!" Episode Notes: Nobody gets voted off in this episode. Final Team Challenge episode. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. 

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Well, it IS my topic. Speaking of, here is my next episode of "Total Cartoon Island!" /

"Its Still Hot Couture to Me." Sniz is on the dock and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, the campers were in a kart race for a cool reward, a five-star luxury cruise for an entire weekend. Only 6 campers would be lucky enough in receiving this prize, by beating the other 6 campers. The kart race was fast and furious, but in the end, it was Rocko, Reggie, Spongebob, Sandy, Norbert, and Stimpy who qualified as the winners. This left Angelica, Lil, Patty, Ren, Otto, and Suzie on the island as losers. Now the 2 teams will say good-bye to team challenges as we prepare for the big merge! Who will be left standing after today's episode? Find out right now on Total Cartoon Island!" /

On the Island, things have been moving really slowly for the vacation-less campers. They've seen all of Fondue's home movies, and now all they are doing, is waiting for the others to return. Angelica says: "I am officially bored out of my mind! Even participating in a mindless challenge would be better than doing nothing!" Otto says: "There is ONE way we can pass the time! You can make out with me!" Angelica says: "How many times do I have to say it?! I'm not in love with you, and I don't even like you! So stop acting as though I'm interested in you!" Otto says: "Why don't you just drop the act, Princess? I know you like me, you know you like me, and Ren knows you like me. So let me give you a little advice. If you want me to kiss you, I might just let you have the pleasure of my company."

Angelica says: "You are so full of yourself! You are NOTHING but a package of dog--!" But her voice gets drowned out by a ship's horn, signaling the return of the other campers. Ren says: "Finally! They're back! Now maybe things can get back to normal around here!" The ship pulls up to the pier, and the returning campers come off the boat with a spring in their step, carrying their luggage with them. As the ship pulls away, Stimpy says: "We have returned! The cruise was great, Ren! I wish you could've been there! We were waited on hand and foot on our cruise! There was so much pampering, I almost didn't know what to do with it! They even smoothed out my case of alligator's elbow! Now my elbows are both strong and velvety to the touch!" (Confessional) Ren says: "I'm still mad at not winning that cruise! It should've been MY alligator elbows that got smoothed out!" (End confessional)

Sniz announces through the loud-speakers: "Welcome back, campers! As of right now, the two teams have been officially dissolved!" Suzie says: "That's fine with me; I was getting sick of having to get along with Angelica anyways!" Sniz continues: "From this point on, you will be competing for individual immunity. Only by winning a challenge can you score immunity and protect yourself from the bonfire. Everyone else will have to test their luck for today! Now for the moment you've all been waiting for, it's time to announce your challenge! Come to the outdoor amphitheater, where you will discover what awaits you for today." (Confessional) Otto says: "To be honest, being a lone shark looking out for number one has always been more for my tastes than any team challenge I've been through. I think things will be getting a lot easier for me from here on in." (End confessional) At the outdoor amphitheater, all the campers have gathered to find out what their next challenge will be.

Sniz says: "Campers, we've got a unique challenge for you this day. You will become fashion designers!" Patty says: "I know what fashion is, and I know what designers do, but what is a fashion designer?" Sniz says: "Very simple, my simple friend. Fashion designers are the people who come up with the latest trends and fashions for people to wear. They literally create the fabrics of our country. Here's how the challenge is going to work. Each camper must come up with a different design theme all of their own. Once you've done that, you will then manufacture your design into actual clothes, and then take a walk on the catwalk to display them. You will be judged on all three points in this challenge. After everyone has finished their displays, the judges will tally the scores up, and determine who scored the highest! Whichever camper scores the best in designing, manufacturing, and displaying their clothes, will win invincibility as well as a full year's shopping spree to any clothing store of their choice! The camper that scores the worst in manufacturing, designing, and displaying their clothes will automatically be eliminated. That means no bonfire ceremony. You don't pass go, and you don't collect $150,000. So please try your best in this challenge. Your future as a camper depends on it!" /

Stimpy says: "Ren, which fashion theme should I pick for the fashion display?" Ren says: "Well, if you REALLY want my advice, which I'm surprised that anybody WOULD want my advice at this point, go with a space theme. You can't go wrong if you're going for a space theme." Stimpy says: "Thanks Ren! But what are YOU going to do?" Ren says: "I don't know, and I don't really care. I can't sew, thread, mend, or knit to save my life." Stimpy says: "So you're not even going to try this challenge?" Ren says: "Stimpy, you know better than anyone that I have no fashion sense. So even if I was an expert at making clothes, I wouldn't make any good clothes. Besides, I'm just about done with this game. I've accomplished what I came here to do. I atoned for screaming at my fellow campers, and I feel as though I've made up for losing my temper." Stimpy says: "I'm glad that you're satisfied with yourself. But just the same, I'll still miss you without you here." Ren says: "Not too much. At least you have Lil to keep you company. Who's going to keep me company after I lose?" Stimpy says: "I wish I knew the answer to that, Ren. I truly do. Just remember that if worst comes to worst, I'll always be there for you, as your best friend for life." Ren says: "You're my best friend for life to, Stimpy." And they give each other a hug.

(Confessional) Ren says: "It's ironic, but on my last day here, I finally feel as though I'm truly happy for the first time in my life. Even if I didn't find the love I wanted, at least I know that there is somebody out there who supports me. It's so strange that I had to travel 2,000 miles to find out that my best friend, was the cat who lived next door to me for the past 15 years. Stimpy is my hero and I truly love him. If he could only know how much I do love him, things could have been so different if I realized the truth sooner." (End confessional) Suzie says: "I'm going to make a line inspired by my girl, Beyonce Knowles! She's such a great singer/dancer!" Angelica says: "Whatever. I'm going to do a royalty line. When you live like a princess, you should dress like a princess. I'm going to make my line fit for a queen." Otto says: "Yeah, the Queen of Mean." Angelica angrily says: "Shut it!"

Otto says: "I'm doing my line based on the muscle men of the gym. My design will be both functional, and make them look and smell better as well!" Reggie says: "That's really nice, Otto. But I prefer to be more creative. I'm going to design full body swimsuits for women that is pretty, popular, and practical!" Sandy says: "I'm rough, tough, and I'm gearing up for action! I'm going to make the most amazing design of Wild Western fashion anyone has ever seen!" Norbert says: "I'm going to explore the art of designing clothes from wood. There just might be a future for it." Patty says: "Fairy tales have always inspired me. I'm going to recreate the look of the Elizabethan era of 16th century Britain." Lil says: "I'm going to design wardrobes of Vegas showgirls! It's going to be TOTALLY amazing!" Spongebob says: "I'm going to design clothes for the business sponge, in all different types of situations." Ren asks: "Rocko, what are YOU going to do?" Rocko says: "I've got an idea. I can't tell you what it is, but it's going to be amazing, mate." Ren says: "We'll have to wait and see before we can be a judge on that. There's only so much time available before you have to display your wardrobe." /

After the campers have manufactured their clothes, it's time for Sniz and Fondue to look at them. Sniz says: "Now it's time for the campers to strut their stuff! Who do you think is going to win, Fondue?" Fondue says: "I don't really care. Their fashion can't possibly compare to MY fashion!" Sniz says: "I'd have to agree with you on that one. There's no WAY their fashion taste is as bad as yours! And now it's time for the first model, Stimpson J. Cat, doing a look he calls the Cosmic Cadet!" And Stimpy wears his trademark duds from his Commander Hoek episodes. Sniz says: "Futuristic, sleek, firm, and long-lasting. The fabric shows off the contours of his body, and fits as snug as a glove! I give his wardrobe choice a 7!" Fondue says: "Whatever." Sniz says: "Our next model is Suzie Carmichael, wearing a look that she calls the Single Ladies look!" And Suzie comes out wearing a bunch of different outfits modeled after outfits that Beyonce Knowles has worn in her career. Sniz says: "A lot of variety, a lot of flash, and a lot of panache. This is a girl who knows how to strut her stuff! I'd give it an 8!" Fondue says: "If you like it, why don't you put a ring on it?"

Sniz says: "Maybe I will. The next model is Angelica Pickles. I don't know about you Fondue, but I'd personally like to call her look the Queen of Mean!" Otto says to Angelica: "I told you!" Angelica says: "Otto, you are SO lucky that my license to kill is currently expired!" Otto says: "Not that you ever had one to begin with!" Angelica says: "Irrelevant!" And Angelica walks out on the stage in her glamorous outfit filled with sequins, jewels, baubles, and more glitter than anyone could possibly observe! And yet, Sniz says: "Fondue, this is what I'd like to call a hideous display of utter tackiness." Fondue says: "I agree. Apparently, Angelica has never heard the term of moderation in excessive, unnecessary fashion. Sniz says: "It's repugnant. I'd give it a 1 at best!" Fondue says: "That goes double for me!" Angelica simply growls and says: "Peasants! You don't know a good thing when you see it!" Sniz says: "Our next model is Otto Rocket, wearing a look that he calls the Boys of Summer!" And Otto Rocket walks out, decked in rugged pants, customized shirts, and wearing his earrings and shades. Sniz says: "It's not what I'd like to call original, but at least he did a good job fleshing out his design." Fondue says: "With a little practice, he could make something really great!" Sniz says: "I'd give him a 5 for effort!"

Fondue says: "So would I." Otto says: "Whatever. I KNOW I deserve better than that!" Sniz says: "Our next model is Reggie Rocket, wearing a look that she calls the Caribbean Queen!" And Reggie walks out with a bunch of differently colored swim suits patterned after the pink swim suit she is wearing. Sniz says: "An organized display, the colors don't clash against her skin, it's been mended and stitched by a skilled expert who knows what she's doing!" Fondue says: "And the end product is pretty good to!" Sniz says: "I'm going to give her a 9 for functionality and variety!" Reggie Rocket says: "Yes! I KNEW that I would get a great score!" Sniz says: "Our next model is Sandy Cheeks, wearing a look that she calls the Prairie Girl." And Sandy Cheeks bursts onto the stage, riding a wild bull! As the bull tries to buck Sandy off of its back, Sandy waves her cowboy hat and says: "Yee-haw! My blue jeans are built for dirt and durability! My snakeskin boots are built to last, and my plaid cowboy shirt and leather vest can withstand 20 different types of dirt from 17 different countries! And I've got my black hat to pull it all together for a look that can't be beat!" Fondue says: "Sniz, what do you think?" Sniz says: "The fashion itself; I would only give it a 4, but for the show, I'd give it a 6." Fondue says: "Sandy DEFINITELY deserves a 6!"

Sandy says: "Much obliged hombres!" And Sandy rides off the stage on her wild bull. Sniz says: "Our next model is Norbert McHandsome, wearing a look that he calls the timber mammal." And Norbert waddles on stage, with a bunch of paint and crayon drawings marked on his wooden clothes, in an effort to make it look pretty. Sniz says: "Highly impractical, ineffective, and scientifically unsound." Fondue says: "Jenny tried to pull this look off, and it was a total bust." Sniz says: "I can only give this look a 3." Norbert sighs and says: "Oh, man!" Sniz says: "The next model was supposed to be Ren, but he decided to drop out of this challenge, so instead it's Patty's turn to show off!" And Patty wears a tall green hat with a long green ribbon, and a green 16th century outfit fashioned after high society ladies in waiting from Britain. Sniz says: "That's not too shabby." Fondue says: "It's an old masterpiece with an updated taste." Sniz says: "Patty, I give you a 6!" Patty says: "I appreciate your honesty and consideration." Sniz says: "Our next model is Lil Deville, wearing a look she calls the Vegas showgirl! Let's hope this one ends well!"

And Lil Deville bursts onto the stage, wearing a sparkling red dress, black top hat, and dancing in red high heels! And Lil is twirling a fire baton! Lil sings: "There's no business like show business, it's like no business I know! Because when the end comes I know, I am just a gigolo. And life goes on without me! If you're blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits? I'm putting on the Ritz, as time goes by! There's no business like show business, it's like no business I know! Let's get on with the show!"

Sniz says: "That was quite a display of pyrotechnics, neon lights, and trained animals in the background that you had." Fondue says: "But it was distracting to the theme of your fashion choice. It also could've been more original." Sniz says: "I'd give the show an 8, but only a 2 for the actual fashion." Lil says: "Come on! I worked really hard to get all those steps right!" Sniz says: "Our next model is Spongebob Squarepants, doing a look that he calls the Goofy Goober and miscellaneous." Spongebob jumps out and begins blowing bubbles of his designs. He creates a bell-hop costume, a French Maid costume, a fire-fighter's costume, a doctor's costume, a dancer's costume, and a fancy costume, all designed for the sponge on the go! Sniz says: "Cheap, effective, transportable, and economic."

Fondue says: "Spongebob definitely has an eye for fashion, and a great hand in the craft of bubble-blowing." Sniz says: "I'd give Spongebob 8.5 out of 10!" Spongebob says: "I just do what comes naturally to me." Sniz says: "Last but hopefully not least, its model Rocko Wallaby, doing a look that he calls, the Wallaby." And Rocko wears out wearing a copy of his cowboy hat and his purple triangle on a blue field shirt. Sniz says: "Well, I definitely get the name." Rocko turns around and poses in many different angles, making sure that photographers capture him from every size. Then Rocko quickly un-buttons his shirt, and throws his clothes and hat off! Fondue yells: "Sniz! Can you believe it?! Rocko has become--! He's become--!" Sniz says: "Naked! That is by far the most original idea of fashion yet! Rocko, how did you think of such a great idea?" Rocko says: "It just came naturally to me, mate." Sniz says: "Well I like it. I think this look of yours is going to become all the rage! All the men will want to dress like this!" Norbert says: "That IS cool! Who needs wooden clothes or a pelt when you can be natural?! I don't need fur below my neck! I'm fine being natural!" And Norbert cuts off his pelt below his neck and throws his fur away. Spongebob says: "Look at me! I'm NAKED!!!!"

And Spongebob jumps out of clothes and says: "Its times like this that I'm glad to not have any shame." Stimpy says: "I'm with you. Space clothes are SO 1991!" And Stimpy tosses his clothes away to. Otto says: "Trend followers! You won't see me following a pack of fashion sheep!" Sniz says: "I think we all know who the winner is tonight! It's Rocko with his Wallaby look! Rocko, you've won immunity and the money equivalent of a year's worth of free shopping! Ren, since you didn't participate in the challenge, you are automatically eliminated. It's time for you to pack your bags and leave, again." Ren grabs his stuff and says: "I have no regrets. At least now I can be remembered for being more than just the 3rd camper who got eliminated off this Island. And Stimpy, will you promise me that you will do one thing?" Stimpy says: "Anything, Ren." Ren says: "Keep Lil out of trouble, okay?" Stimpy looks lovingly at Lil and says: "You know I will!" Ren says: "Farewell campers! I will remember the time I spent here fondly! Fondue, you can proceed in taking me back to where I once belonged." And Fondue drives Ren on the Boat of Losers, out of sight from the island a second time. Sniz says: "The rest of you are safe, for tonight."

(Confessional) Rocko says: "My mom and dad told me that I should always be myself. That's where I got the idea for my look. I never would've guessed it would be so popular. Sometimes unexpected things happen to you that make you very popular. I'm just glad that I've still got Reggie here to be in love with. She is such a nice girl. We were made for each other!" (End confessional) / Episode Notes: The two teams of the Screaming Cats and the Killer Beavers are officially dissolved in this episode. Rocko wins the first solo immunity challenge, and Ren Hoek is automatically eliminated, and Ren leaves the island for the second time on the show. / I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. 

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Keep waiting...forever. Or at least until either Teletoon or I gets tired of the whole "Total Drama" craze, whichever comes first. And now, its time for the next installment of "Total Cartoon Island!" / "Ghostbusting!" Sniz is on the dock and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Island, the two teams of the Screaming Cats and the Killer Beavers were officially dissolved, leaving every camper to fend for themselves. In the previous challenge, the fashion world was explored. From outer space, to wooden clothes, to cowboy clothes, to the athletic, the campers would try anything. But what nobody expected is what Rocko would try, and his theme was natural, and we DO mean natural! Rocko's look caught on with all of his male peers except for Otto, leaving Rocko to win the first solo immunity of the game. At the bonfire, Ren Hoek was eliminated a second time for being unable to come up with a fashion line. What twists await our campers next? Who's going to end up going home today? And why do I ask rhetorical questions to the TV audience? The answers to these questions; and more are coming up on Total Cartoon Island!"

The boys are sitting outside of their cabin, doing their best to get more tan during their stay on the island. Norbert says: "This life is the best! We might go through some puzzling challenges, but I think I speak for everyone when I say; life can't be any sweeter than just being able to hang around from time to time. Especially when it's just us guys." Spongebob says: "I know what you mean, Norbert. We are so lucky to not be burdened with having to wear clothes. I enjoy this luxury a lot. But still, sometimes I think it would be nice to share time with Sandy Cheeks." Stimpy says: "Well, my eyes are for Lil. We've already gone to 1st base already, and I think it's getting to the point where we will soon go to 2nd base." Otto walks outside and says: "Well, it's so nice YOU 3 have girls you can look forward to dating! Meanwhile, I've been busting my butt trying to get Angelica to notice me, and she won't even give me the time of day!" Norbert says: "Well, if she won't give you a chance to talk, maybe you should find something to impress her. Something you can do which will prove to her that you honestly love her without any doubt in your mind, or her mind. If you do that, chances are, she's bound to fall in love with you. That's what I did with Treeflower."

Otto Rocket says: "That's not a bad idea. I should DO something like that! The only question is, what am I going to do that will get her to notice me?" Sniz's voice comes through the loud-speakers and says: "Attention campers! Your presence is needed at the campfire in 30 minutes!" / The campers are all gathered around the bonfire, to see what Sniz and Fondue have in store for them. Sniz says: "First of all, I just wanted to be sure I gave my thanks to Rocko. Thanks to the Australian Wallaby mate, I feel I can finally host this show in the buff without any shame whatsoever." Angelica says: "Oh please! I bet that you have NEVER even HAD shame before!" Spongebob says: "And why would anybody need to feel shame in the first place? I've never felt shame about being naked before, and I certainly don't feel shame now!"

Sniz says: "Anyways, your next challenge, will take place in the forest. What you're about to do might be a little scary, but it can also be REALLY exciting!" Sandy says: "Well I certainly like excitement! What do we have to do?"

Sniz says: "I'm glad you asked. Thanks to the power of Jorgen Von Strangle, he has allowed me and Fondue to release Ember and the Box Ghost from their ghostly prisons on "Danny Phantom" onto this island. Those 2 spirits are roaming on this island. Thankfully, they're wearing un-removable shock collars on their necks and can't fly off the island. But they can STILL scare campers! So what you campers are going to do is you're going to hunt those spirits! Cosmo and Wanda have wished up 11 special ghost capture units, capable of firing anti-ectoplasm at the ectoplasm ghosts, which will temporarily paralyze them. When they're paralyzed, you can then vacuum the ghosts into the ghost capture units, where they will remain until you can store them in the anti-ectoplasm containers, which we're keeping safely here. There is 1 catch. In addition to the Box Ghost and Ember, there are also 5 Fairy Godparents posing as Box Ghost imposters, and 4 Fairy Godparents posing as Ember imposters. Only the campers, who capture the real Box Ghost and the real Ember, will win immunity. So needless to say, the ghost capture units only hold 1 ghost at a time, so choose your target wisely. So as soon as everyone gets suited up, we will all be ready to go!"

(Confessional) Stimpy says: "As far as ghosts go, I'm not afraid of them. Even though I've only had 1 encounter with a ghost, he was very lazy, sarcastic, and spoke in a deadpan, monologue voice. He was also small and not too inventive when it came to trying to scare me. So I think if he couldn't scare me, how can any other ghost hope to scare me?" / Rocko says: "Ghosts or spirits aren't necessarily scary. Once, I became friends with the spirit of my Appendix who was once in my stomach. Sure, he wanted to do some dangerous things I wasn't too thrilled about, but Pinky was a nice guy/Appendix thing. I'm just sorry I had to lose that friend before I really knew that I had him." / Norbert says: "I'm not afraid of ghosts! Daggett and I actually have some friends who ARE ghosts that hang out with us! And confidentially, they're kind of tired of being stereotyped as only being restless spirits who like to haunt people." / Angelica says: "The only ghosts I'm afraid of are the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future!" / Otto says: "Confidentially, I don't really believe these things we have to capture our ghosts, I don't even BELIEVE in them! But whatever it is that I have to capture, I'm GOING to capture it and impress Angelica Pickles once and for all! She will see soon enough, that she needs me." /

Sandy says: "Spongebob and Patrick once pretended to be ghosts. I bought it until Mr. Krabs called me to tell me 2 pranksters were playing a trick on me. He called me and a bunch of other people to the Krusty Krab to catch his ghost unveiling. I was shocked and strangely enough, also pleasantly surprised to see Spongebob and Patrick naked. It was the first time I learned Spongebob actually IS a man. And if Spongebob is smart enough to pull off a stunt like that for so long on so many creatures, who knows what else Spongebob is good for? He might even be good enough to be my husband someday. It's a long shot, but I've taken chances on creatures far odder than Spongebob, and I don't think I'll meet anybody else like Spongebob, so I hope when the time comes, Spongebob will give me everything he has to offer me and more!" (End confessional) Sniz says: "Campers, you're all strapped up and ready to go! The challenge will last as long as it takes for everyone to capture a ghost or facsimile there-of and bring it back to camp to see what they caught. On your marks, get set--(blows Air-horn)--GO!" And the campers race off in different directions, hoping they can catch 1 of the 2 real ghosts hiding within the forest on the island.

(Confessional) Stimpy says: "When I have to look for something and I'm not exactly sure where to find it, Ren always told me to follow my nose. And my blue nose KNOWS the difference between my toes and a rose, and where the rose grows!" (End Confessional) Stimpy begins to sniff about the forest. He looks high, he looks low. He looks here, he looks there. Stimpy thinks he might have to look everywhere, until he spots a big ghost guarding a big box. The spirit says: "I'm the Box Ghost, protector of my sacred box home, or a ghostly box! You mess with my box, you mess with me! And you don't want to mess with me!" Stimpy says to himself: "I don't intend to mess with your box, and I don't intend to make a mess out of taking care of you. So instead, I'm just going to say--(says out loud)--eat anti-ectoplasm, you ectoplasm fool!" And as the Box Ghost is shot by the electric ray, he says: "What's going on?! I can't move!" Stimpy says: "You're stuck, and this is my chance to make my catch!" And Stimpy turns on the vacuum suction, and the Box Ghost puts up no match against the inhaling wind, and neatly gets stored inside Stimpy's ghost capture unit! Stimpy says: "I did it! I'm cool! I caught the Box Ghost! Or at least, I certainly hope so!" /

The standard dance music song montage is played, with Ray Parker Jr.'s hit song of "Ghostbusters," showing Spongebob, Reggie, Patty, Rocko, and Norbert capturing 5 'other' Box Ghosts; while Sandy, Angelica, Lil, and Suzy catch what they think is Ember, but more likely, one of the 4 'other' Ember's. (Confessional) Otto says: "The way I see it, there's nothing more impressive than capturing a 'ghost.' So my goal is to look for the real Ember and show Angelica my mad moves while I capture the real Ember. Once she sees how I move and how excellent I am in the moving department, I think my love life with her will be guaranteed once I pull this off!" (End Confessional) Otto goes up to Angelica and says: "Princess Fame, I've got something to show you that will truly amaze you!" Angelica says: "I highly doubt that! Besides, I've already caught the real ghost, so I won't have to worry about you much longer." Otto says: "Did your ghost put up a fight?" Angelica says: "Hardly, but what difference does it make whether my ghost put up a fight or not?"

Otto says: "I think it will make ALL the difference because the Box Ghost may be an awful fighter, but Ember certainly isn't! Twister has BEEN to Casper, Wyoming, and he's seen Danny Phantom fight, and against Ember I might add. And Twister has never been wrong about anything important before!" Angelica says: "In that case, I'll play this game with you. Let's make it interesting. If it turns out that YOU caught the real Ember, I'll go on a date with you tonight. But since I HAVE the real Ember, you'll stop asking me out and never speak to me again!" Otto says: "I'll definitely be thinking of that when you're eating caviar with me tonight. And be sure to wear your most royal looking pink outfit. It will look great with the princely outfit I'M planning to wear!" (Confessional) Angelica says: "Otto is completely bluffing! He SO can't get the real Ember, especially not when I already have her! If there's one thing I never lose, it's a bet. And I've NEVER lost a bet before, and I don't intend to start now!" (End Confessional) Angelica is following Otto as he looks for Ember. It isn't too hard to find her since she's busy singing. Ember sings: "Oh Ember, you will remember. Ember, my favorite name. Ember, will never surrender. You will remember my name!"

Otto jumps out and says: "Avril Lavigne wanna-be, can't you ever think up of any new songs to sing about?!" Ember says: "Who are you to judge me, you skating creep?!" Otto says: "You've got a lot of spunk like Angelica does. Maybe I should let you haunt her so that you 2 will become friends!" Angelica yells: "OTTO! You wouldn't DARE!" Otto says: "Try me, Princess. Quite frankly, I'm tired of you ignoring me, so I'm going to force your hand. When you go on the date with ME tonight, you will do so lovingly and express your gratitude for me unconditionally." Angelica shouts: "In your dreams, you freaky little punk!" Otto says: "You can have it your way if you want. But I'd certainly hate to have MY mind controlled by an evil siren that will make your life even more of a living heck then it already is! If you think life with Suzie is hard, Ember will be absolutely insufferable!" (Confessional) Angelica says: "That little sneak! He used reverse psychology on me! That was clever! Underhanded, but clever! As much as I don't want to do ANYTHING with Otto, I certainly don't relish the thought of having some spectral singer haunt me! So, my choice is clear to me at this point." (End confessional) Angelica says: "Fine! Capture her! Just do it so I don't become a mere husk of my former self!" Otto says: "I knew you'd see it my way!"

And Ember fires ghostly musical notes at Otto! But Otto's skills with a skateboard and his ability to loop, swirl, twirl, pivot, dive, weave, turn, and spin away from Ember's notes makes him a practically impossible target to hit. Otto says: "I take it you're a fighter, not a lover." Ember says: "I love singing, with a fire of desire YOU can't possibly comprehend!" Otto says: "I bet you're not that great of a singer!" Ember says: "Shows how much you know! I've sold out 70 different stadiums in less than 30 nights over 49 states! If only California hadn't seen through my charade, but I'll show them someday!" Otto says: "Well, if you're such a good singer, then sing about the color of purple!" Ember says: "I'm going to blow your mind!" And Ember sings: "The color of my love is purple, and like the sky I shall be forever--forever--NOTHING RHYMES with Purple!!!!" And Otto zaps Ember with the anti-ectoplasm, and sucks the ectoplasm foe into the ghost capture unit. Otto says: "Ember, she made it all too easy for me." / Back at the campfire, all the captures have brought their Ghost Capture Units to Sniz and Fondue to see which 2 campers captured a real ghost.

Sniz says: "The ghostly objects are being downloaded into the Ghost Capture cans now. The light on the cans is currently blue, which means it's unoccupied. If the light turns red, it means that a Fairy Godparent and not a real ghost, has been captured. But if the light turns green, it means that a real ghost has been captured! So letÔÇÖs see who caught real apparitions! Stimpy, since you got back 1st, we'll start with you." And Stimpy is sweating, nervous to find out the outcome of his catch. (DING!) Sniz says: "The light turned green! You got the real Box Ghost!" Stimpy says: "Happy, happy, joy, joy! I've got a place at the campfire tonight!" Sniz says: "Now it's time for everyone else!" One by one, Spongebob, Reggie, Patty, Rocko, Sandy, Norbert, Lil, and Suzie are disappointed as their catches go into the can, and the light turns red, meaning that they didn't capture a real ghost. Angelica says: "Before you discover what I ALREADY know, I'd just like to thank all of the little people I had to step on to capture the real Ember and win immunity like I always do." (BZZT!) Sniz says: "The light turned red! Your ghost was a fake!" Angelica yells: "WHAT?! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! I KNOW I caught the REAL EMBER! THAT CAN IS BROKEN!"

Sniz says: "If you don't like your capture, go on the Internet and complain! Now it's time for Otto and the verdict of his catch. Survey says (DING!) the light is green! Otto, you caught the real Ember! That means tonight's immunity winners are Stimpy and Otto! And everyone else has to take a chance and vote someone off!" Angelica screams: "NO!!!! I lost the bet! I've NEVER lost a bet!" Otto says: "There's a 1st time for everything, Princess. And since you lost the bet, you know what you have to do now!" Angelica threatens: "I hope you die a long, slow, and VERY PAINFUL DEATH, OTTO!!!!" / At the bonfire, all the campers are gathered around waiting for their marshmallows. Sniz says: "Once again, the time has come to determine which campers get to stay, and which camper has to leave." Otto says: "Angelica, I hope you're not planning on leaving. I made sure that you won't leave tonight." Sniz says: "1st of all, automatic marshmallows to the immunity winners. Stimpy and Otto. Now there are 9 campers and 8 marshmallows left, so good luck! Sandy, Rocko, Norbert, Spongebob, Lil, Patty, Reggie. Campers, this IS the last marshmallow of the evening.

(Suzie is smiling; Angelica is just looking grouchy at everyone.) Angelica." Suzie says: "WHAT?! Why are you voting me off?!" Otto says: "It's called a matter of priority. I didn't want Angelica to lose, and I didn't want her to get out of her commitment to me. I convinced everybody to vote you off instead. You're the most likely camper to be a threat to me and Angelica later, so I decided to get you out now while we still had a good chance of doing so." Suzie says: "Excuses, that's all you've got! But if that's the way you want it, I'll pack! (Runs into the cabin and grabs all of her bags) When I run into Tommy, Phil, Kimmi, and Dil, we are going to get super-organized and make sure that Angelica is super sorry when she gets home!" Angelica says: "I should be worried! At least YOU don't have a date with Otto Rocket! Nothing YOU can think of could POSSIBLY be worse than THAT!"

Suzie says: "You'd be surprised. But you're asking for it. Your attitude is going to get you into a lot of trouble someday! And when you DO get into trouble, I'm going to laugh so hard, I'm going to need a 2nd set of lungs for all the air I'll use! And Otto, you're nuts if you think Angelica will ever truly fall in love with you. Being in love with her is more dangerous than ANY other stunt you've probably pulled!"

Otto says: "It's a calculated risk. But what are extreme sports without an element of danger? Besides, I've played against greater odds and beaten them, so I'm not too worried." Suzie says: "Whatever. I hope the rest of you enjoy yourself while you can. It's later than you think and the challenges are only going to get harder after this! And I won't be here to help you out when you get into trouble! And you WILL get into trouble; I can almost guarantee THAT much!" And Suzie boards the Boat of Losers with her bags and sails away from the island. Angelica says: "Well, at least I got rid of my worst enemy on this island." Otto says: "And now we can celebrate with that special dinner of ours." Angelica says: "Heaven help me get through this or kill me right now!" And Angelica stands still and waits for judgment, but nothing happens. Angelica says: "Crud! I was really hoping to be killed right now!" /

Angelica and Otto are all dressed up fancy for their dinner date with food provided by Sniz. Otto says: "Would you like some more crepe suzette?" Angelica mutters: "I'd like to kick your butt!" Otto sing-speaks: "I didn't hear what you said!" Angelica grits: "I'd LIKE some more crepe suzette!" Otto says: "And?" Angelica struggles: "Now, please?!" Otto says: "Now is this so hard to do?" Angelica says under her breath: "Just you wait! When I get through with this date, I'm going to make you SO sorry you ever met me! One way or another, I am going to make you sorry!" / Episode Notes: Stimpy and Otto Rocket both win solo immunity in this episode. Suzie Carmichael is eliminated. Angelica goes on her first, albeit forced, date with Otto Rocket. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing this. 

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