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The Ren and Stimpy Show


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I used to love the show as a kid. Now, I've sort of lost my overall interest in it from watching it too much, but I still like it. My thoughts about the seasons:

1 - 2: Classic

3: Pretty good for Games episodes

4 - 5: As George Liquor would say, "What's this crap?"

APC: Seen all episodes except for Naked Beach Frenzy. I really don't like this show much--I think John K should have just revived the old show or at least made a new Ren and Stimpy but kept it so that it wasn't all about real nudity instead of the humorous censored type.

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Nick Latin America never aired this show. No channel ever aired this show on LAtin AMerica. I wonder why?

hm, you sure? Cuz I grew up watching Nick Latin America and I remember watching Ren & Stimpy there!....I don't think they aired it anywhere else, and I'm pretty familiar with the show :S

But anyway, always liked this show, it was very edgy and quite hilarious. So wrong it was good =P

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yay i found this topic

i kinda didn't wanted to start the new one, so i will use this one instead

Okay, I genuinely hated this show from premise and some screenshots alone. Audience-Alienating Premise at it's finest. But somehow, SOMEHOW I really like it now. It's not gonna make my top 5 shows ever or anything, I still think and always will think that pre-movie (and some episodes after pre-movie) are much superior entertainment, but this series is definetly worth watching if it is clearly isn't for everyone. I watched fully three seasons. I doubt that I will watch seasons 4 and 5 fully, I will check out recommendations from my friends, but that's it. Alright, onto rankings and short reviews.

Season 1

"Stimpy's Big Day"/"The Big Shot! – 7/10. Good "first" (not pilot) episodes. Presents nothing special in either story or animation, but decent start that shows what to expect from this show.
"Robin Höek"    - 7/10 - Much funnier ride than previous two episodes, but still pretty lacking in animation department and has some pacing issues.
"Nurse Stimpy"    - 7/10 - Same as above.
"Space Madness" – 10/10 - First AMAZING episode of the series, with fantastic animation and writing. It has some pacing issues too (probably all of s1 has that problem), but episode is so good that I can forgive it that. "History Eraser" button scene is still one of the best comedic animated moments I ever saw.
"The Boy Who Cried Rat!” – 7/10 - Decent episode, but nothing special. It tries to be "Tom and Jerry" parody and that actually could've worked if this episode had animation of "Space Madness". But alas, even if animation isn't bad, slapstick falls kind of flat. And ending feels forced too, but I guess this comeuppance was well-deserved for out main duo.
"Big House Blues" – 8/10 - Good pilot with superb animation. It has flaw with being too... wacky and abstract. Also plot resolves pretty dang anticlimactically. 
"The Littlest Giant" – 5/10 - BORING AS SIN
"Fire Dogs" – 8/10 - Great episode, would've been even better with slightly more well-done animation.
"Marooned" – 8/10 - Space episodes in s1 as a whole are all great and this one is no exception even if I wished they done more with this concept.
"Untamed World" – 5/10 - BORING AS SIN
"Black Hole"  - 9/10 - Really creative ride overall. Nothing much to say really. Also, ending scene was one of the first scenes from this show I saw, actually. 
"Stimpy's Invention" – 10/10 - Simply classic, fantastic animation and great comedy. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY

Season 2

"In the Army" – 8/10 - I usually don't like this cliched plot, but it was done hilariously here.
"Powdered Toast Man" – 8/10 - It was aimless but Powdered Toast MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN is so godly that I can forgive it.
"Ren's Toothache" – 4/10 - ew
"Out West" – 8/10 - Slow-paced, but hilarious and made hanging jokes FUNNY. Also top-tier animation.
"Rubber Nipple Salesmen" – 9/10 - Simply classic. It was super weird and enjoyable.
"Svën Höek" – 9/10 - Slow-paced middle was worth it because of simply fantastic animation and awesome ending.
"Haunted House" – 8/10 - "I'm alive. Killer." Pretty good episode with great color palette.
"Mad Dog Höek" – 9/10 - "Krusty Krushers" only actually really entertaining.
"Big Baby Scam" – 6/10 - First episode of Ren and Stimpy I ever saw. Not particularly good first impression, I'd say.
"Dog Show" – 7/10 - George Liquor's character can be either funny or annoying. In this episode it's both. Some needless gross-out also drag this episode down. But some genuinely hilarious comedy bits make it worth watching.
"Son of Stimpy"     - 10/10 - ...I genuinely didn't believed how good this episode was. I'm still shocked that people made such great piece of animation about someone making his first fart. I still feel surreal thinking about it and typing right now about it.
"Monkey See, Monkey Don't!"    - 7/10 - Why John K hates it? It's hilarious! But animation is really unremarkable and some gross-out is ew.
Fake Dad" – 10/10 - My favorite 11 minute episode in the entire show. Fantastic animation, fantastic comedy, fantastic everything.
"The Great Outdoors" – 9/10 - This episode was truly "GREAT" outdoors, amiright?
"The Cat That Laid the Golden Hairball" – 6/10 - It was just... there. It wasn't bad, but it was.... there.
"Stimpy's Fan Club"- 10/10 - Fantastic special, probably my favorite episode in the series. Ending nearly made me tear up (I'm not joking, by the way, it was that touching.)
"A Visit to Anthony" – 8/10 - Good special, could've worked a bit better with more well-done comedy.
"The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen" – 7/10 - I simply don't understand love for this one, it's not BAD per say, it's good, but nothing special compared to other specials in this season. Yeah, animation was fantastic and song is superb, but writing and comedy was lacking for me.
“Man’s Best Friend” – 7/10 - I don't understand why Nick banned this episode if in this season alone we had, ahem BLOOD and SMOKING? Alright episode overall, it has the same problems as "Dog show". George Liquor is either funny or annoying and in this episode, he, unfortunately, both.

Season 3

 "To Salve and Salve Not!" - 9/10. - Great episode, fast pacing and really fluid animation helps.  

"A Yard Too Far"  -  9/10. - Same as above.

"Circus Midgets" - 7/10 - I think this episode is fairly underrated, it's pretty funny, has great animation and fast pacing. Overall, it has some flaws like Ren and Stimpy not doing much in it, but it's overall enjoyable.

"No Pants Today" - 7/10 - I'm salty that writers haven't done with comedy much and that scene in the car dragged a bit too much, but other scenes, especially in the forest, made up for it.

"Ren's Pecs"  - 6/10. - It was ok. It feels unfinished, like first half of 22 minute special. In the result it has really abrupt ending and catastrophical lack of comedy.

"An Abe Divided"  - 9/10 - The level of qualiy of first two episodes in the season was finally reached here!

"Stimpy's Cartoon Show" - 10/10. - Great episode, besides few minor pacing issues. Great premise, great animation, great comedy. 

"Jimminy Lummox" - 2/10 - it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

"Bass Masters" - 7/10. Nothing special, but enjoyable episode with some godly moments. But that prisoner felt really pointless, some jokes didn't hit and animation was "just" okay, nothing more.

"Road Apples"  - 3/10 - it exits

"Ren's Retirement" - 3/10 - Idea is not bad, but execution is heavily flawed one. 

"Jerry the Bellybutton Elf" - 5/10 - It was boring, but at least isn't THAT bad.

 "Hard Times for Haggis"  - I think it's hot take but... Solid 8/10. Animation is simply the best since Spumco seasons, plot is interesting and enjoyable and comedy isn't always there, but hits when it wants to. Episode got a bit aimless in the end, but I still really liked it.

"Eat My Cookies" - 4/10 - probably the most mediocre episode in the season and that's sad.

"Ren's Bitter Half"  - 8/10 - Great plot, great animation and hilarious comedy. What not to like? 

"Lair of the Lummox" - 1/10 - Boring, gross, pointless, I can' take those precious minutes of my life back. 

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