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185. It Came From Goo Lagoon



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Monday, February 17th @ 7:00pm ET/PT

Saturday, February 22nd @ 10:00am


A giant goo bubble emerges from Goo Lagoon and threatens Bikini Bottom; Plankton plans to use the goo bubble for evil.






Already saw this one in Greek. I won't say what I thought until it airs in English though.

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While this special wasn't amazing, it was definitely better than You're Fired. I actually did chuckle a few times. My only problem was it felt like it'd work better as an 11 minute episode, because it dragged a bit near the end, and it turned into another generic Plankton wants the formula plot. But, for the low expectations I had, I was somewhat impressed. I didn't really like the abrupt ending though. Still, I'd give it a 7/10.

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I'd say 9/10. The beginning was kind of boring/annoying, but it got interesting once Plankton got his plan going. It was a great episode and hey we get Sandy in this episode that's rare these days. Even rarer... Perch Perkins. :) Plankton's plan was well thought out this time. I loled at the part where Plankton opened the "formula" and it had TNT in it.

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Overall Thoughts:

I only saw the second half, to me, it was just okay. I thought it was your basic Spongebob season 9 episode. You have Spongebob using his playful antics to make a good amount of random humor, you have Patrick being a derpy idiotic weirdo, you have Sandy being a female equivalent to Albert Einstein (you know what I mean), you have everything that makes Spongebob Season 9 Spongebob Season 9 to me.


Main Pros:

If this was a parody of old horror movies, I approve.

I thought Plankton's plan was a little creative. At first, I thought, "What about taking the Krabby Patty formula? Why did he suddenly want world domination a while back?". Then we came to the end, and went, "Oh, I didn't expect that." The very end made me think...."KRABS I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL"


Main Cons:

It could have been funnier.

It did not need to be half an hour long. It would great as 11 minutes.


Stray, random thoughts:

Toward the end, I heard Patrick tell Spongebob, "Bubbles are your answer for everything.". I like that line because I can actually think of a few times where bubbles WERE SB's answer (Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost, etc.). That may not be the best example, though.


Overall, I'd give about a 5.5/10

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Didn't really like it, just another poor excuse for a special. The advertisements went all over the place, and the actual episode was bland and boring. Going more in-depth, it's never explained why the goo is so dangerous. When the big bubble pops in the end, nothing bad happens minus Bikini Bottom being covered in goo. Whenever Plankton is involved in a plot, it usually ends up being the same cliche that we all know. Also, did the episode really have to be advertised as Spongebob vs. The Goo? Really? My faith in S9 is just getting lower and lower.


tl;dr I hate it.

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Wow, this was better than SB You're Fired. It was more like a long episode than a special, but still it was fun to follow. Before watching I thought it would be just another "supernatural" things meet the cast like in the Legends series and etc. I think it didn't have to have a big plot or anything, it was more on the adventure side. And we've been seeing A LOT of fate-of-Bikini-Bottom adventures with this trio before. (Whelk Attack, that new 4D SB ride, Flea in Her Dome, etc)

References/Continuity, I LOVE this kind of stuff : SB/Pat can't swim, what a continuity to SpongeGuard on Duty and many more.

Squidward's cucumber bike

Sandy's Submarine that's been appearing a lot in late post movie. (Hide and Seek and Then What Happens, Bubble Troubles and etc.)

More Plankton/Squidward talk (even if it was only for like a minute) We've been getting that a lot lately from recents like Sour and Sweet Squid and Chum Fricassee huh?

(I'm probably missing a bunch.)


The jokes. I actually found myself chuckling to some of them and it didn't really feel forced. Did anyone realize that Patrick displayed little to no overly dumb humor in it? That made me happy.

Plankton not only Krabs for the formula, but threatened to destroy the town as well. (SPOILER: he actually did does destroy it even when he gets the formula) That's a small step in a new direction.

But.. if you say that the Plankton schemes plot is just overdone and they didn't need it, I'd totally except that opinion too.

Oh snap, we got to see the sea floor of Goo Lagoon which we haven't before. (Maybe in Slide Whistle Stooges, correct me if I'm wrong.) I'd love to see a story down there one day.

Negatives: Again, it suffers from just being an extended episode like I've heard someone say before. If you're not into quest episodes, this is probably not your thing.

SpongeBob should have came to his senses and the citizens too for that matter. They didn't listen to who say said was "the smartest creature there" Sandy. Well, the fish kind have ignored her before, so it's nothing really new. At least SpongeBob could say "Patrick this is probably not a good idea" and then Patrick persuading him to keep playing with the goo. I dunno, that's just my thoughts on that.

Ehh anything that upset me isn't new. I thought it was decent and entertaining.


I only watched this once, so it's possible for me to change my thoughts.

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Finally saw it, and without expectations, this was a great episode. Notice how I don't prefere the word 'special', since I really believe this is just an extended episode, with nothing really special about it.


It was enjoyable, the characters weren't annoying, and it was funny. Just how I like it. If the first half wasn't kinda slow, it would have gotten a 9 out of 10.


But for now, 8,6/10.

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