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Flame Dudes (Project In Progress) by thespongebobfan


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Smaller Version of the current Flame Dudes logo


Hey everyone, here is an introduction to a huge project I have been working on, Flame Dudes.


So what is Flame Dudes exactly? 

These dudes live in the flame age, otherwise know as post 3030. Individual flames developed intelligent minds of their own. 


 There are three main characters (at the current time) Flamey, Flake, and Flay. These three guys are best friends and all attend at the Flame Academy.


Flake, the silliest of the bunch, always seems to have extra energy that comes from thin air. Of course this is helpful at the Flame Academy, so he does not fall asleep in class. Flake also seems to have luck on his side, every day.


Flamey, the more reserved person of the bunch, tries to be an all around good guy. He enjoys his company with friends, and works diligently at the Academy even though his scores don't always reflect. Flamey just wishes he could rewind the hard times he has experienced and start new. He just seems to have a special spark that just tells him to keep looking foward to the future.


Flay: he has the "smarts"


What I am working on now is the comic book series that is looking great so far. I hope to have issue #1 out to be posted online (on the future website) and on here by March of 2014. Once I get the first issue out, I'm hoping everyone can get a feel for what the characters are like, and mostly just enjoy the comic. Though later this year, I hope to gauge interest and see If any of you would like to help write Flame Dudes. I think Flame Dudes is going to be something really unique and also stories/ideas/thoughts that will be easy to relate to.


Other future possibilities: animated short/show, written story


Plot: Every individual in the Flame Age has its own story to tell, these are the adventures of one special flame, Flamey.




Current Revealed Characters


Flamey- Main Character (Description Above)


Flake- Main Character (Description Above)

Flay- Main Character ( Short Description Above)

Mr. Fred (Flame Academy Instructor) He would just love to have all his students give effort for one single day.

Fayna- Girl in Flame Academy


Revealed Location:


Flame AcademyStudents learn the history of Flames (what the world was like before 3030 and when flames did not have developed intelligence), the Flame Science Industry, and much much more of course.


Currently I am a lot farther into character development, though this is all I really have ready to share at the moment. These are the first drawings of some of the characters. More exciting stuff will be posted on the 28th or 29th of this month.


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