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Welcome to “OMJ’s MocvtWorld Showcase”! In which I will unveil a few new projects I’ve got cookin’ as well as address some of the other projects that I already have going on. 

Why “MocvtWorld” and just WTF is a “Mocvt”, you might be wondering? Well going forward, most of my spin-off projects will be posted in the tv.com format as a way of helping to keep the legacy of that site alive, and because I’ve gotten pretty lazier and a tad bit busier in my old(er) age. At this point in the game, I just wanna get the main idea for most of my shit out there if anything. Of course, I’ll still post long-form shits for any forum contests I may want to partake in or the occasional one-shots, but I can’t see myself doing anymore full-length series like a Community Deathmatch or anything of the like for the foreseeable future. Hope y’all understand. So without any further ado, let’s get on with the showcase! *snaps* Wait, I think that’s only for Directs. So let’s just forget that snap even happened.


The last time I did one of these big ass updates, I failed miserably trying to upkeep it throughout the past year. Let’s hope for the opposite with this year’s newest slate!


  1. (tentatively titled) “Squidward Torture Porn”:  In what will probably be one of my main focuses for the immediate future, join Squidward Tentacles as he’s unwittingly cast to star in the violent nature docuseries, “Fall Prey”, only on the Graphic Nature channel! Inspired by Rockstar Games’ “Manhunt” and Tripwire’s “Maneater, Squidward must tap into his latent animal instincts in order to combat all threats and ratings grabs put in his way. Will he survive the season, or will he ultimately Fall Prey? Watch new episodes next-day on Breakthrough+ starting in February 2022!
  2. “Ghost of Krustshima”: That’s right! The One-Shot Glory-winning one shot has finally been given the green light to be adapted in the tv.com format. With the Blandy Empire encroaching on businesses across all of Bikini Bottom, Mr. SquarePants is the Krusty Krab’s last hope for survival. Inspired by Sucker Punch’s “Ghost of Tsushima” and that one throwaway gag where SpongeBob commits seppuku, join SpongeBob as he seeks to tear down the Blandy establishment board by board! Will he honor the traditions that Mr. Krabs instilled in him, or will he carve out a new, destructive path to a brighter future for The Krusty Krab? Find out when The Ghost returns from the battlefield Late 2022!


Wait…*best Nintendo presenter impression* Woah, is that a SHARK in the water?!


  1. “Sea Dogs”: First announced back in July 2020 under the working title “Megalo Don”, OMJ’s brand of sharks looks to finally make its splash in 2022! Expanding upon SpongeBob’s underwater world, “Sea Dogs” follows finless spurdog, Cur, as she strives to fulfill the purpose that is expected of her species. Though, this fulfillment is not without many complications. Under the wing of a troubled bull shark and based in a city under constant siege, can she surpass her limitations and prove herself necessary to the ecosystem? “Sea Dogs” will breach the surface come Shark Week 2022!


Well, that’s everything brand new that’s currently on tap. Up next, here are some updates for current ongoing projects!


  1. “Boating School Badass”: After an extended break, SpongeBob is back on track to becoming Mrs. Puff’s #1 Badass! In (much belated) celebration of “BadBob CoolPants’” 10 year anniversary, bear witness as SpongeBob finally embraces both the gift and curse that comes with being a total badass when the “Prelude to Badass” saga concludes later this week! Production of (tentatively titled) “Squidward Torture Porn” will interfere a bit with the making of Badass’ next major story arc, “Badclass”, but you can expect to see that drop in May 2022, just in time for Summer Vacation! *best Nintendo presenter impression* Fuckin’ cherry.
  2. “Wumpa Defender! Crash Bandicoot!!”: I’m currently in the process of redoing the story and working out many of its kinks. The characters and the main basic plot line will stay intact, I’m just “repaving” the road that gets us from beginning to end since I was dissatisfied with how quite a few episodes turned out. I tried basing each episode off of each level from the first game one by one, but I realized that doing things that way kind of put a limiter on what I could do and it just disrupted the flow I was going for. I just have to re-tool the format a bit. It’ll return, although I can’t say when exactly. I don’t want to put too much on my plate, otherwise I’ll be more likely to burn myself out, lose the spark yet again and end up having another unproductive year. This is a project that is still very near and dear to me, so rest assured that it will return. I’m aware that it was nominated for a couple GCAs this last round, and I very much appreciate that support!
  3. “Super Mario Bros Z: Kong”: After much deliberation, I’ve decided to, unfortunately, pull the plug on this for now. I’m trying to clear up my plate to make way for those newer projects and SMBZ: K is the one I’m most willing to part with. There’s always a chance of it returning, tho I’d say its chances are way slimmer than Wumpa Defender and the next project I’m about to bring up. I can’t recommend the original Super Mario Bros. Z enough, and last I heard, the reboot is still a thing. Go support Alvin-Earthworm’s efforts if you were a fan of my own!
  4. “Cherish”: I very much want to see this one through to the end. It’s a short enough miniseries that I wouldn’t mind resuming the long-form style for it. I have my fingers crossed for an October 2022 return for Cherish. But don’t quote me on it.
  5. “OMJ’s Die-In Theater”: I don’t see this returning this year, especially with Cherish in the cards for October. I honestly don’t know if I even want to re-open the Die-In. It’s fun to do, but writing and formatting it all on my phone seems kinda humbug nowadays. For now, unfortunately, I’d consider the Die-In to be closed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it got an award last month as well. I’m very grateful for  the support it got! I hope the theater served its purpose well. But with that being said, I guess can announce here that I’m officially on board for the Riffing Theater’s upcoming return! So I still got some riffing’ left in the tank.
  6. “Skodwarde”: I absolutely refuse to call it “Skodwarde Expanded Universe” because there is nothing to even expand on. The final installment of Skod on the Run will be posted hopefully by month’s end. And that will be it for the squid nazi. I’d like to thank jjs for helping me bring this one last movie parody to life! Without his input and motivation, I would’ve just left Skodwarde to rot in Davy Jones’ Locker with that crap original ending. He’s put up with all my crazy ideas for this one and he really helped carry the load for me these last couple months while I checked myself out of writing duties for personal reasons. I can’t say appreciate him blatantly going behind my back to produce “spin-offs” for this spin-off, but he’s earned my thanks and gratitude for all the work he’s put in for SOTR. Now please, just kindly stop with the Mein Kampf Koral bullshit. Nobody needs “Skodwarde Kids”. Just look how well that shit turned out for Yogi Bear.


And that’s it’s for this very first MocvtWorld Showcase! There may be more later on down the road, but I’m digging this current roadmap right now so I just might not fuck with it. Here’s to getting some shit done in 2022! Otherwise, I’ll never post in this thread again. Probably.

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As it should already be evident that I didn't have a big Q1 2022 announcement to share, and the clear reason for that is because I don't have any big updates to share, so it's fitting that I post some news for my remaining projects here before entering the second quarter next month as they are mostly rather small updates:

SBSP: Lost in Translation: The final episode is being written up and will soon be completed later this month. Because this is meant to be a big surprise, I still can't give much away about it, including the title, which is still a work in-progress. Afterwards...

Rebirth of a Storm: ...I will then focus on writing up the final episode for this spin-off. The writing process for the finale might stretch into months, given the length of the other previous episodes, but if I can try, I will churn it out sooner than later.

Tiki Land: I've been meaning to finish this after finishing RoaS, so this will be next on my docket and I'm still going along with my original plan in publishing the last five eps back to back. More info on this will be unveiled once I get most of those remaining episodes written up.

Chemist Bob's Catastrophic Creations Cinema: With the first subject of this riffing series entering the year 2022 (which, as I've already mentioned before, is the year Guru Gakuto is set in), and with the NC riffs already being completed several months ago (and therefore I shouldn't have my hands too full now for this) I feel the need to bring this back from hiatus. However, for the time being, I only intend on getting one new pair of riffs out this month.

Trinity Leaf Pegasus: While I plan on getting a preview for the next CBC3 out of the way later this month, I can only promise that I plan on getting a preview for the first ep of my own personal Duke Nukem Forever written up later this month as well. Once I do, I should be able to have an official release date for the very Literature that's given me so much time to develop.

Total Drama Treasure Tour: This series is currently on the backburner for the time being, but after finishing up SBSP:LiT, RoaS, and TL, I should be able to resume production on this other Lit of mine. Otherwise, until Q2 2022, I have no other info to share.

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Here's a quarterly check-in on how my works for this year are going.


For those who didn't see my Discord announcement, Season 7 will be the final season. It's been fun to continue Clap's legacy but there's only so many times you can do this, so I want it to go out on a high note now than drag it on forever. It's amazing this has gone on for a decade, but eventually old works deserve to rest. S7 will start next Monday with a premiere week (or at least I'll try to do one). I've tried to make enough room to cover parodies people want to see. If you want to guest write on the final season, let me know asap as this will be your final chance to write on SBCinema. 

One-Time Star Wars Characters: Where Are They Now?:

Seasons 5 and 6 will be 5 episodes each, adding up to 50 total episodes which OWM and I feel is a good number. You can consider them Parts 1 and 2. Season 5 will drop sometime this spring and Season 6 will follow not too long after. May the one-times be with you.

Family Guy Funny Moments:

This is still coming along, the first three episodes are in various stages of production at the moment. Riffing this is a bit trickier than expected, but not impossible, so we're making sure we get it right. Unlike last year's theater, I won't be riffing every episode this time around due to time and wanting to allow everyone else to flourish on their own like the old days. For those who have been curious, here's the episodes we'll be riffing:


1. Lethal Weapons

2. Bill & Peter's Bogus Journey

3. Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

4. German Guy

5. Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q

6. Turban Cowboy

7. Life of Brian

8. Brian's a Bad Father

9. Stewie is Enceinte

10. Quagmire's Mom

11. A House Full of Peters

12. Trump Guy

13. You Can't Handle the Booth

Most Wanted:

This will begin in either late April or early May, but no set date yet. The more I outline this, the more I'm really proud of how it might turn out. I think this will show how far I've come as a writer since the tv.com days. 

Scooter's Paradise: Remastered

No real info to give on this other than this will more than likely start in the summer. Be sure to not experience high tide before then.

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For anyone who still reads ("Remember when people USED to read? Pepperridge Farm Remembers."), the final two episodes of "Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back" have now been finished, and are ready for potential reviewing! I'll try to come up with the official roster of "Total Cartoon Legends" as soon as I possibly can, and I will report back once it is officially ready! /

Edit: As promised, it's time to reveal the official roster for "Total Cartoon Legends", in order of the original order where they were first eliminated and/or won. There will be no surprise new contestants joining mid-season, so there will be no need to update this roster. This roster will also reveal which one of FOUR teams, they will be a part of. / 1. Aang, Silver Snakes. 2. Daggett Beaver, Silver Snakes. 3. Treeflower Fields, Green Monkeys. 4. Spongebob Squarepants, Green Monkeys. 5. Otto Rocket, Red Jaguars. 6. Sandy Cheeks, Red Jaguars. 7. Stimpy J. Cat, Green Monkeys. 8. Judy Funny, Red Jaguars. 9. Gerald, Red Jagaurs. 10. Haggis McHaggis, Silver Snakes. 11. Pearl Krabs Barracuda, Red Jaguars. 12. Darwin, Green Monkeys. 13. Invader Zim, Silver Snakes. 14. Marlene Otter, Green Monkeys. 15. Larry The Lobster, Red Jaguars. 16. Dog, Green Monkeys. 17. Kitty Katswell, Silver Snakes. 18. Verminious J. Snaptrap, Silver Snakes. 19. Sway-Sway, Blue Barracudas. 20. Harvey Beaks, Blue Barracudas. 21. Super Chum, Green Monkeys. 22. Keswick, Green Monkeys. 23. Kaput, Silver Snakes. 24. Heffer Wolfe, Red Jaguars. 25. Buhdeuce, Red Jaguars. 26. Monster Krumholtz, Green Monkeys. 27. Blonda, Silver Snakes. 28. Taotie, Silver Snakes. 29. Tigress, Red Jaguars. 30. Gonard, Blue Barracudas. 31. Po, Green Monkeys. 32. Wally, Green Monkeys. 33. Dudley Puppy, Blue Barracudas. 34. Zarbon, Blue Barracudas. 35. Bulma Briefs, Silver Snakes. 36. Chameleon, Blue Barracudas. 37. Fee, Blue Barracudas. 38. Johnny Krill, Red Jaguars. 39. Kowalski, Silver Snakes. 40. Jenny Wakeman, Red Jaguars. 41. Private, Blue Barracudas. 42. Bubble Bass, Blue Barracudas. 43. Brand New Contestant Yakety Yak, Blue Barracudas! 44. Brand New Contestant Squidward Tentacles, Blue Barracudas. / I'll be sure to write the first episode of "Total Cartoon Legends" as soon as possible! Enough said, true believers!

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I needed to write about the Cast Roster.
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Okay, "Total Cartoon Legends" is now officially up and running! As usual, I'll write my episodes whenever I can, and update whenever possible. I hope you'll enjoy reading this season as much as I do writing it! Enough said, true believers!

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The climactic third act of Patrick Star in the Multiverse of Madness was released last night, and the thirteenth chapter of Mabel's Fables will be released tomorrow. Finally, The Bobfather, a parody of The Godfather, will be released for SBCinema this Saturday.

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It's been a while since I've used this (mostly because I've been USING my time to ACTUALLY write "Total Cartoon Legend" episodes), but I just wanted to announce that I WILL be making the latest "Power Rangers Multiverse Force" mini-arc a five-part instead of four, with Part Two now being known as "Burning Up!", with all the other episode names unchanged! Also, I AM going to start FINALLY finishing that arc SOMETIME in the near future! I'll let you know when it's up. Enough said, true believers!

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Been 5 months since my last update, so figured it was time.


The final parody will be posted by Clappy in due time. He's taking his time to make sure it's satisfying and fitting send-off to the literature. 

Family Guy Funny Moments:

Four riffs remain and progress on them is going well. I decided to cut the miniseries down to 12 episodes because I didn't feel Trump Guy was worth riffing in the end. 9 is almost done and will be posted soon, which is one of my favorites.

One-Time Star Wars Characters: Where Are They Now?:

OWM and I are hard at work on the final season, which will come this fall. One tease I can give is the final episode will be structured differently than the usual format.


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It’s that time of the year again, and for my Christmas Eve present, here's my next Spin-Off Direct! I got a lot done this year in terms of writing: gave Skodwarde a better send-off, closed the SBCinema’s doors with Clap's beautiful ending, ended One-Time Star Wars Characters, gave Scooter’s Paradise a surprisingly decent new coat of paint, riffed Family Guy's not so funniest moments, and put in some of my strongest writing in Most Wanted. Due to how much I juggled this year (which is impressive given my job), my writing output for 2023 will be smaller, but there’s still enough on the plate to pack a punch. Here's what I have in store...

1.) Aquatic Avengers: Unite!

This is a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy miniseries which will be the final entry in my Jjsverse. Yes, for real this time. I’ve milked out all I could from this formula and I’m ready to move on, but not before going out with a bang. Mermaid Man: The Brave and the Bold was my first spin-off going onto SBC and I felt it’d be a poetic full circle ending to do another Mermaid Man work for my last SpongeBob spin-off. I always wanted to take another crack at a Mermaid Man story but could never think of a good idea until now. Since we’re never seeing the dynamic duo in the actual show properly again, I figured this would be a touching tribute to do. A couple of points I can share about it:

  • Synopsis: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are brought out of retirement by a powerful threat to all superheroes and supervillains alike.
  • It will be 10 chapters.
  • There will be shoutouts and easter eggs to JCM and terminoob’s Mermaid Man spin-offs (as you can already see from the title) along with teenj’s superhero works.
  • Some characters from Brave and the Bold will be loosely canonized into the Jjsverse. Night City will also appear.
  • It will have a present and past flashback structure similar to Most Wanted.
  • Since this is my grand finale to the Jjsverse, there will be tie-ins and cameos from Storm Racers, Mystic Guardians, Pirate Legends and Most Wanted, but nothing too crazy.
  • This will also act as my own personal response to the overexposure of the superhero genre, so there will be inspiration from The Boys in there.

I firmly believe this will be a very high note to end the Jjsverse on. It's been a hell of a ride, starting all the way back with Storm Racers in 2011, and I never even intended to branch it out this far. It was fun building an expansive undersea version of our world. However, sticking to that setting has shown its limitations and has been awkward when my past few entries have barely related to SpongeBob anymore lol. Five books in this story is a good number to end it on. This will come around spring and I’m going to spend the next few months mapping out every beat so it’s perfect.

2.) Jjs’ Riffing Theater 3000: Tales from the Internet

This 10 part miniseries will celebrate JRT’s 10th anniversary in June 2023, and to bring us back to its roots, we’ll be riffing fanfiction again…but this time, from outside of SBC! Each fanfiction will be a goofy one-shot from something SBC’s had common interest in over the years. (such as SpongeBob, Breaking Bad, Owl House, etc) This is basically an expanded version of the original theater's One-Shots finale. One fanfiction we’re definitely riffing will be the infamous Dipper Goes to Taco Bell. Since these will be from people we don't know at all, these will be more fun to riff. Yes, this is a cheeky way around me not wanting to riff SBC works anymore. I will start production on this around May. If anyone wants to be a part of this or provide story suggestions (note that it must be a one-shot), let me know in advance. There are obviously a lot of contenders to pull from across the internet, so I'm going to choose only the best, most legendary candidates to riff.

3.) One-Time Power Rangers Characters: Where Are They Now?

Yep, not letting that One-Time torch die just yet. This will be a collaboration writing between Ex and I, celebrating 30 years of Power Rangers and acting as a tribute to Jason David Frank. (RIP 😔) Unlike One-Time Star Wars Characters however, this will only be a brief for fun miniseries, it won't go on any longer than that. This will come in the summer, closer to the 30th anniversary of Power Rangers.

Will this be my final year of writing stories in general? Probably not, because you know how many times I’ve promised that before. :funny: However, I’m getting older and don’t have the time I used to, so we’ll see. Not gonna make any concrete promises yet, but if there has to be a final year for me as a regular SBC writer, then I think 2023 would be a much better note to end on than 2019 would’ve been. At the very least, should I write anything again after 2023, it won't be anything SpongeBob related or adjacent, I'm positive on that.

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I'm sorry it's been a while since my last update, I've been in a bit of a depression since the suicide of Jason David Frank. Even though that doesn't really affect my writing, since Tommy has been retired from "Power Rangers Multiverse Force" and I was never planning on using him again; it still hurt. But anyways, once the holidays are over; I'll get back to writing regularly, finishing up "Total Cartoon Legends" (and yes, I am planning on doing my own version of "Total Drama Pahkitew Island" and "The Ridonculous Race" eventually). And to show everyone that "Power Rangers Multiverse Force" is still on my mind, I'll show you the last bit of fiction I got written for it while Jason David Frank was alive, to give a preview of what's on the horizon! /

(Cold Open)
Words flash on the screen, and they say: "Coastal Falls, California. Present Day, April 1st, 2179; 4:34 P.M."
From the perspective of the Thunder Rangers, the older Battle Fever Power Rangers, and everyone else, it's only been a few minutes since the main Power Rangers have entered into the Time Portal to go back in time to the 1980's. D.O.G., turns around, and he asks Omnus: "What I don't understand is, why couldn't WE have gone back in time to help Captain Retro and the others?"
Omnus says: "In the first place, YOU and Krash'ir were already ALIVE back than! We couldn't run the risk of you accidentally running INTO yourselves and causing a temporal paradox!"
Alpha 8 says: "And secondly, you KNOW that we need to have a Ranger presence here; just in case Queen Beryl or someone ELSE decides to start something!"
Patsy says: "I highly doubt THAT'S going to happen! From MY experience, the 'MAIN characters always end up doing EVERYTHING'; and I've CERTAINLY never done enough things in MY life to qualify as a 'Main character'!"
And at that moment, the alarm in the Command Center goes off! Queen Hedrian says: "Oh, why can't ANYONE ever have an 'OFF' day anymore?!"
Coop groans, and he says: "PLEASE tell me that what I think IS happening; isn't happening!"
Krash'ir (stuck in her Krystal form), turns on the Viewing Globe, and she says: "I'm afraid it isn't good! Some...blonde haired alien human has a gigantic squadron ATTACKING Queen Beryl's compound!"
Omnus says: "That's Queen Galaxia and her cohorts! But by all rights, they shouldn't BE here at THIS time, at this place!"
Coop says: "I TOLD you NOT to TELL me that!"
Samson says: "Well, that's NOT going to change the fact that they are! What should we do?"
(Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!)
Omnus says: "It seems like Captain Retro is contacting us! Alpha 8, patch him through immediately!"
Alpha 8 says: "Yes, of course!"
And Captain Retro's voice comes in, and he says: "Omnus, I'm in a bit of a situation here!"
Alpha 8 says: "WE'RE in a situation in OUR time, to! Queen Beryl's PALACE is being ATTACKED!"
The other Rangers hear screeching and honking in Captain Retro's reception, and Captain Retro yells: "WHAT?! By WHOM?!!!"
Omnus sighs, and he says: "Queen Galaxia, summoned by Dr. Maniac himself; PURELY to secure Queen Metalia out of SPITE against his former employer!"
Captain Retro says: "By all rights, Queen Galaxia SHOULDN'T be involved in this! Dr. Maniac must be planning something TRULY diabolic in relation to the Nazi realm!"
Queen Hedrian says: "He's HARDLY the only interested party! I over-heard Kaolite and Villuy talking with Queen Galaxia on my PRIVATE Pirate radio! Let's you hear ANY frequency, ESPECIALLY yours! Anyways, they're SIPHONING the energy that Dr. Maniac is using from his Wormhole Creator, to create a rift to access the Nazi realm! They're GOING to get RID of all the leaders there, and infect ANY remaining Nazi's, in order to have them be POSSESSED by Youma's!"
The other Rangers hear MORE screeching, and Captain Retro says: "Well, just have the Thunder Rangers deal with it until we're able to come back! Speaking of, where are the OTHER Power Rangers?! None of them have contacted me!"
Alpha 8 says: "I HATE it that you're asking me that! You KNOW we get HORRIBLE Internet reception for anything that happens PRE 1981!"
Captain Retro says: "Than you better hurry up and FIND someone! I have to PARK this limo!"
Queen Hedrian says: "I didn't even KNOW you can drive!"
Captain Retro says: "I'm NOT supposed to! I only HAVE my DRIVER'S permit, and I NEVER envisioned myself having to make my WAY, through such INSANE New York traffic! At least I've finally FOUND a parking lot! You would THINK New York City, even in 1979, would put their parking lots a LOT closer to their important BUILDINGS! At least I'll be able to park, and than I can--."
But than, the other Rangers hear laser blasters over Captain Retro's reception! Captain Retro says: "Oh, GREAT! I SO didn't need THIS distraction right now! Well; guess I'll just have to do what I ALWAYS do while playing the arcade version of Cruisin' World released in 1997; drive like CRAZY!!!! I sure hope Diane picked some good DRIVING music!"
And the feed between Captain Retro and the others gets cut off. D.O.G., says: "Well, Patsy; it looks like Captain Retro is counting on US, now. Looks like you're going to be a 'Main character' after all. Whatever THAT means!"
Scrappy-Doo says: "That means, you'll be needing MY help to, won't you?!"
Patsy says: "Well, seeing as how we're SHORT on options otherwise; we do!"
Omnus says: "I'm afraid we can't just DIVE into this situation!"
Queen Hedrian says: "Why ever not?!"
Alpha 8 says: "For all we know, this might be what Dr. Maniac WANTS! To get rid of BOTH Queen Beryl and the Thunder Rangers in one fell swoop!"
Omnus says: "And besides; I've only trained the Thunder Rangers for individual battles against monsters! They are not yet ready to fight a war for us! And Coop and Scrappy-Doo specifically, shouldn't ever HAVE to!"
Coop says: "Well, we've got to do SOMETHING to protect Core Earth. Don't we? It's what BlackHawk would want us to do."
Alpha 8 says: "I'm afraid that at this time, all we can do is WAIT for Queen Galaxia to FINISH attacking Queen Beryl and inevitably supplant her position! By that point, we'll have a better idea on what course of action we should take!"
Queen Hedrian sighs and says: "I guess what Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sang in 1981 is true; 'The waiting IS the hardest part'!"
"Back To The 1980's Part III: Miami Ice!"

/ I hope you enjoyed that little preview, as much as I did writing it! Enough said, true believers!


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