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Skodwarde: Still trying to get the rest of Scrapped Dimension all squared away before posting. But here's another sneak peek for you patience! I appreciate it.

We head to the Scrapped Cum Bucket, where Plankton finally arrives to help the others. He shares a heartfelt reunion with his first dog, his lab. The version of Karen here appears to be afflicted with a computer virus, which Plankton decides to do nothing about because she's scrap, it doesn't matter. However, things take a turn when he hears the sound of a baby crying coming from somewhere in the restaurant. He heads into his lab where a crib has been set up. His heart and eye begin to swell up at the thought of him and Karen having a child. He looks upon it lovingly before bludgeoning the mangled half amoeba, half fucking computer thing with a hammer in order to put it out of its misery.

"Fuck a Season 12."

Spinoff Festival 2019: Been thinking about just bringing back OMJ's Variety (as a completely different thread from the previous one, of course) since I have ideas for a bunch of stuff in mind, but I probably won't be dedicated enough to justify creating topics for all of em, you know. Or I could just pick one to stay dedicated to and just focus on that. I'll mull that one over. But, working on the Skodwarde finale lately has me wanting to revisit another work of mine from good ole 2011. That's right, the yearly talks of me bringing back Post Fiction are making a return this year! I at least have a better idea of where I'd wanna go with it this time around, which is more than what I can say about the last couple times this idea ran through my mind. Bring it back to its God of War 1-3 roots unlike that V12 or whichever one I wrote about a year or two back, looking like Bomberman: Act Zero or some shit. Currently plan on it being just a single season, about as long as the initial season was back in 2011. Or it could just amount to nothing like past years. Just count on at least one new thing from me for this year.

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Well, now that this year's spinoff festival is officially in the rear view mirror, here's a lil update on my post-SOF plans

Skodwarde: Posted my final solo episode, "Bad Times at the Scrapped Dimension", in the the thick of the festival. And let's just say that it finally answers a longstanding question that's left fans wondering since the very beginning. The actual ep is long af, I know, but it's one of the contributions I have on here that I'm most proud of. The journey from that first episode I posted 8 years ago to this last one, it's some full circle shit, mang. Spent more than a month trying to make sure it was up to snuff. All that time and effort for a goddamn Skodwarde episode, whereas the time I would take to write an episode would usually be a day tops. If you're a longtime Skodwarde fan, it's definitely worth the time and the read, but I understand if it's a bit much.

Jjs and I are currently working together to make sure the squid nazi gets a sendoff befitting of his godliness. It'll come soon enough, that's all I can guarantee. Until then, we've got a few more episodes left in between from some good damn writers. Hope you stick around for the last ride!

Community Deathmatch: Finally decided that there will officially be two more episodes left in Community Deathmatch's run. The final feud headlining these two episodes may not be an ideal conclusion in the eyes of everyone, but I'm Deathmatch's Vincent Kennedy McMahon damn it! And it's my way or the highway! sure it'll be serviceable in the eyes of most people who kept up with the product throughout the years. It's a match that hasn't happened yet, but one that should've taken place a long time ago. I'll be trying to redeem myself for that in the coming months.

Post Fiction V13: Along with the Skodwarde finale, this is where most of my time and effort will be put into for the next month or so. Actually got two episodes of this latest iteration up, which is more than I can say for the rest of this franchise since the initial season's run ended in 2011. Was hoping to do a premiere week during the festival, but those plans kinda fell through. Hope to end up doing one in the coming weeks tho. Here's a synopsis for the next episode

"As SOF wallows in the face of imminent danger, Imposter SOF faces his biggest hurdle yet in the form of the community's elite defense force, Task Force 51. Meanwhile, a new threat makes landfall, bringing hell with him."

Other stuff: Won the Creation Glory contest during this past spinoff festival with my Swell Time pilot. Don't know if I'll continue it just yet. Maybe later on down the line, but not at the moment. I am very grateful that it ended up winning tho. I really wanna finish up Super Mario Bros. Z: Negative Zone, especially now that it's already gonna be like a whole two years since I started it. I'll probably make it a top priority once Skodwarde is over and done with.

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I'm just writing this update to let you know that the newest episode of "Power Rangers Multiverse Force", called "How to Save a Life" is now up, and I will try to write the next two episodes as soon as possible, you might see the first part up by the end of next week. I've started writing a new series called "Star Fox: The Lylat Wars!"; as part of the brand new Nintendo-verse, the first chapter called "Desperado" is up and ready for potential reviewing! And I have finally finished the latest "Total Cartoon Global Cruise" episode, "Girls (And Boys) On Film!" Enough said, true believers! :cool:

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I'm here to announce that I'll be posting my spin off "Future Shock 2" here on SBC. I've already posted the original "Future Shock", so I might as well post the sequel here too. This will also probably be the last spin-off I post here since I'll be retiring from writing SpongeBob stories. I hope everyone will enjoy my final spin off posting.

Future Shock 2: SpongeBob has become happy with his life, even when he stopped his evil future self and became manager of the Krusty Krab 2. But he soon becomes shocked and upset when a squirrel named Rocky comes to see Sandy and is hanging out with her. Then when three young sea sponges named Crash, Junior, and Buster come and take SpongeBob to the future, he sees that DarkEvil LaserPants has somehow come back and has captured SpongeBob’s good future self. It's up to SpongeBob and his friends, old and new, to save the future once again and perhaps do something that will change his...and Sandy's life forever.

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Just thought I'd dump these episode summaries for future NN episodes, plus one for C&WS if I ever do anything with it:


Bubble Bob: SpongeBob creates a bubble version of himself so he can work and play at the same time.

Dutchman Abbey: When the Flying Dutchman abducts Squidward in search of a crew, the octopus; disgusted how ugly and gaudy the ghost pirate's ship looks; decides to renovate it into a fancy mansion of a ship.

Formula for Disaster: Sandy takes her nieces to the annual Bikini Bottom Science Convention, where the little devils wreak havoc.

House Tricks: Squidward tricks SpongeBob and Patrick into thinking their houses are alive and can talk.

Patrick's College Chum: Patrick's old community college buddy Rube comes to Bikini Bottom to visit him and SpongeBob.

Shoe Land: SpongeBob finds himself in a strange town where even the birds are sentient shoes.

The Mad Popper: SpongeBob is sent to Bubbletown to take care of a dastardly character who delights in popping everything in sight.

Vicious Cycle: Patrick wreaks havoc around town when SpongeBob lets him borrow his old unicycle.



Tweet Little Wendy: Casper mistakes a bird that Wendy made a little version of her hat for the witch herself and thinks her aunts turned her into a bird.

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So since this is where news and stuff about lits go, I have some news regarding my Nonsensical BFBB Parody...for those of y'all who are sweet enough to put up with the silliness of my first ever spin-off :p

Chapter III, appropriately known as Jellyfish Fields, will probably hopefully be written and ready to be uploaded by the end of the month. I do, as it stands, have an estimated third of the level written, if not more than a quarter. Most of my delay has been due to how I'm on vacation til the middle of the month, have has a bit of writer's block and it has also dawned upon me that since this is the first actual level I'm satirizing, I'm having to rethink how I approach my writing for a vast majority of the parody. I've decided on just focusing on the dialogue since action scenes don't work well with the writing style I'm using. Although that's not to say I'll never do anything for a few of the action scenes.

Also, I haven't forgotten my Oneshot Treasury...however since I'm more into writing such oneshots at my own pace (that is, without a system/plan/routine/whateveryoucallit) uploads will probably be spontaneous and random. I do definitely want to get into writing more for the world of Ben and Alex again. But yeah, on the whole I doubt I needed to make a point about the Treasury but just know it's not dead in my heart at least. :Laugh:

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I have finally finished up writing my latest "Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back" episode, "Melter Skelter!" It is now ready for potential reading, reviewing, and enjoying! I'm going to write up a two-part "Power Rangers Multiverse Force" episode, called "State of Shock", and I hope to have both parts up as soon as I am able to get them done! You'll be the first to know when that happens! Enough said, true believers!

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation: Season 1 will end this Friday with two episodes. One will be a traditional LiT episode, but the finale will have a similar scheme to the translated episode of "Ugh." The second and final season will start next month, November 8th, in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a SB episode that is, of course, getting that Google Translate treatment to cap off the season. Go ahead and "try" to guess what episode I'm referring to.

Sub-Tropical Academy: Will continue it this month and will hopefully be completed by the end of this month as well. For those unaware, I had posted a new episode of this spin-off back in late July, so if you're interested, take a look at that.

Rebirth of a Storm: While I'm currently focused on STA, I will definitely be writing more of this spin-off soon. I don't have a current guarantee on when I will finish this, but I will at least say that I intend to finish this before the end of the year. A little bit more information regarding this spin-off's progress may be revealed once I announce my future project towards the 10th anniversary of my spin-off writing career later this week.

Tiki Land: Also set to return soon, but I'd like to get STA out of the way first before I can (finally) give you folks a new ep of this spin-off.

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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation: Due to some scheduling conflicts, I've decided to postpone the S2 premiere to the week of Thanksgiving. But to make up for the delay, a little special something will be posted very soon.

Sub-Tropical Academy: The final five episodes will eventually be posted in the form of a premiere week later next month. They won't be ready for next week since I have some school stuff and list season stuff to get out of the way for this week and likely the first half of next week as well.

Rebirth of a Storm: Thanks to good progress during my 24 hour writing challenge, the next episode will be posted later this month. Hopefully afterwards, the final two eps will be done before the end of the year.

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Warning: This is done in fun, does not at all reflect my real thoughts and opinions. Nor does it reflect my actual votes.

After eight months on hiatus, Community Deathmatch finally makes its long forgotten return THIS MONTH with its first ever GCA-themed show titled; "Popularity Contest"! A show where the members of SBC nominate their favorite combatants to compete in each category for fabulous prizes, so if you didn't get your nominations in, like me, then tough shit! You had your chance and now your favorites might not even be competing!

So with that being said, we here at Community Deathmatch would like to give our thanks and utmost gratitude to all those who sent in their ballots and helped make our first ever Popularity Contest possible! Especially those who didn't bother filling out the spinoff/lit categories:

Patty Rose
Danny DeVito
Steel Sponge
Aquatic Konquest

And we would also like to extend a very honorable mention to Kev, for his cheap pops all while not nominating! I think I speak for all of us at Community Deathmatch when I say that you 8 are all our favorites here (and therefore will win in each of your categories)!

All thanks to their selfless contributions, our match card has officially been set:

Best Debater Championship Match
Clappy vs Nuggets vs Dr. WhoBob vs Wumbo vs HawkbitAlpha

Funniest Member Championship Match
Cha vs Goobz vs Katniss vs Kev vs OWM vs Fred Rechid

Spongiest Member Championship
BeachBob95 vs NegiSpongie vs 4EverGreen vs President Squidward vs Wintermelon43 vs Coffee_Lover

Kindest Member Championship Match
Cha vs Katniss vs Goobz vs Patty Rose vs SOF vs Wintermelon43

Most Competitive Member Championship Match
Hayden vs DarknessDG vs dmandamanAndKnuckles vs SRRS vs Trophy

Most Mature Member Championship Match
HawkbitAlpha vs jjsthekid vs Clappy vs SG19 vs Tyeam

Most Contributive Member Championship Match
Patty Rose vs Aquatic Konquest vs Cha vs jjsthekid vs JCM

Most Creative Membership Championship Match
Patty Rose vs Cha vs Aquatic Konquest vs Coffee_Lover vs SRRS

And fighting for the right to be in the Community Deathmatch Hall of Pain:

Honorary Creator Wing
NegiSpongie vs Renegade the Unicorn vs Fa

Honorary Staff Member Wing
Cha vs Aquatic Konquest vs OWM vs Trophy vs Fred vs Terminoob

Honorary Member Wing
Steel Sponge vs Halibut vs SBL vs 4EverGreen vs DarknessDG

Popularity Contest will also play host to the first ever "Shell of a Man Open Challenge"! Who will be the first member to knock on Mr. Krabs' office door and pick a fight with The Killer Krab himself? Whoever steps up and finishes the deed will win all the money in me vault! Ar ar ar!

And current reigning Deathmatch Best Member, @Moxley♥, will also be on hand to provide special guest commentary! Plus a few other select appearances by your favorite Deathmatch characters!

Please note that outside of the Honorary Creator Match, no spinoff categories will be represented on this show because AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHAT, and this isn't Wrestle Kingdom. This show's gotta end some time, folks! We hope you all join us as Community Deathmatch celebrates our favorite members, all in one night, in what could very well be Deathmatch's last hurrah! We guarantee that this show will win Best Episode next year or your time back!

Community Deathmatch presents "Popularity Contest"! If you ain't there, you weren't NOMINATED!

And 200.gif , the winners will reflect my votes Flawless_picardia_by_epycwyn-dbkbyfq.png

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In case you haven't noticed yet, Tyeam Universe is back! I'll start updating it twice a week as long as I remember to keep doing that (which likely won't be for long.)

Also, The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star is coming back later this month with another Star Wars-themed special! Here's a sneak preview:


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Encouraged by @jjsthekid to find my writing "spark" once again and the kind words of @Steel Sponge as well as @4EverGreen, I'm using this year to start work on not one, but two new works: one a traditional meta lit (that actually will be written this time) entitled The Sims: SBC Stories, and in a possible first for the site, a work of nonfiction - The Godspell According to Renegade: How I Found (Dis)Enlightenment Through Postmodern Zen Buddhism, which is a mix of satire, religious text, autobiography, and tract on my experiences embracing the "joke disguised as a religion, and religion disguised as a joke" known as Discordianism. I've started the work itself on MLP Forums, and plan to publish chapters both here and there simultaneously.

Stay tuned, true believers.

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I've posted a new JCMovies, and a new Tyeam Universe is coming tomorrow! After that, I'll kick off March with the second part of Patrick Star Wars: The Rise of Starwalker, and every weekday in March after that will feature new Tyeam Universes as I try to burn the whole thing off finish it in style!

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Big update time:


Sub-Tropical Academy:

Clearly, the final five episodes in a week thing didn't pull through. Nonetheless, the final episode is being written up, as I aim for it to be posted by today or tomorrow. Should be done by early April. After I finish this spin-off's 8 year(!) run, it will be followed by an epilogue/prelude to Oracle of the Cosmos.

Tiki Land:

After its near 4 1/2 year(!) radio silence, I will write out the next episode for the coming month to make up for the hiatus that went on longer than it needed to. Afterwards, I shift my focus back on Rebirth of a Storm, as I plan for the epilogue of that spin-off to follow after STA's. Once I return to Tiki Land the second time, I will conclude it with a final five episodes in a week format that I will try and make do this time.

Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm:

Will return next month as well. I can't guarantee when it will end, but as I said before, there's two episodes and one epilogue left before it's done.

Rift and Drift:

...is officially discontinued after just one written part. Of course, I've been putting this on the back-burner for a while, thinking I would still be committed to finish it, but after all this time worth of thinking about whether or not I will finish it, I've decided it's best to ax it. So, what made me change my mind?

While it wasn't because of my feelings on the spin-off itself, in retrospect, I thought I did a fine enough job on it, it was due to my lack of commitment in continue it. I conceptualized and wrote one part of Rift and Drift to challenge myself as a fan-writer by trying to write a competent horror story, and the case is the same for Trinity Leaf Pegasus whereas I try to write a competent FiM story with a serious storyline with cyberpunk and mecha themes added to the mix. To make things less challenging for myself, I've decided that I would have to drop one of the two dormant projects. Because I've been having a lot of thoughts about how I'm probably never going to finish Rift and Drift the more I think about it, I decided that I would continue to try and challenge myself as a fan-writer with Trinity Leaf Pegasus and...yeah, you how the rest goes.

Including one other small factor, in which I felt it would be of bad taste, as we lost SB's creator since 2018, these are the reasons why I decided that I won't continue RaD. How the rest of RaD's story would've panned out, I will detail later on the Oh Yeah! Collections thread. However, the consideration that I have in writing a competent horror is not dead. What does that mean? I can't say.

Trinity Leaf Pegasus:

Again, I will try and get something new out for this series for 2020. Since it has been dormant for 5 years (!(yeah, again with these exclamations), I should explain myself why I've been holding this back. Honesty time: it's mainly because of a sheer lack of good ideas. It's already easy to tell that my original vision on this project has changed a whole lot within time. Whenever I try to continue putting my focus on this project and come up with some ideas, it's hard for me to come up with some that I feel would work well with the story's setup. Other than that, I'm very much intimated by a few factors that have been preventing me from trying to continue it. First things first, I've joined the creative side of the brony fandom too late as FiM established so much of its and world and characters to quash some of the ideas I originally had for it, topping it all off with the fact that the series concluded just last year. Second, from the bits and pieces of what I've seen of the fandom's creative side, they are a lot more creative than I am. Lastly, the fanfiction writing community for MLP:FiM is of a large scale, so they're also more open to receiving and giving careful criticism on fan-written works, and whenever I think about continuing to write TLP, I've always been thinking that I have to make it impressive.

I know I may be worrying too much about a project that I've written little of as of this writing, and I do intend to brush off this intimidation. I can't say when I'll get back to working on this one, but I'll surely return to it sometime after I finish watching the rest of FiM.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation:

Will hopefully start the second season next month. The premiere episode is going to be a larger scale experiment, so it's taken me a lot of time to focus back on this. To make up for the absence, I will post an off-series special later on Oh Yeah! Collection, which will also be a surprise.

Oh Yeah! Collection:

In a rare announcement for my spin-off/lit anthology thread, I've been making plans to conduct a special project that will take place here and on my Wordpress blog (you can see the link on my sig). This will be explained further in April, or if I'm lucky, late this month.

Oracle of the Cosmos:

There's nothing that I need to say about this one yet, so here's a cryptic post:

Winter came

And so has spring

Maybe summer should it aim

Or may the autumn leaves sing

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