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  1. Can i have $20000? 

  2. What will your iFish look like next year?
  3. In 2014, the Toy Story halloween special was released on DVD. in 2019, i went to my local thrift shop, and i found Toy Story of Terror. The case was very damaged, with random drawings on it, including one of Thomas the Tank Engine. I bought it, went home, and popped the disc into the DVD player. However, the trailers- didn't fit. They were all for non-disney things. The trailers were one for SpongeBob DVDS, one for the Turbo DVD, and one for new Thomas and Friends episodes, which likely explained why there was a drawing of Thomas on the cover. It then went to the DVD menu, and i clicked Play All. The special then started. The special went normally for the first half, up until the point where Jessie was sold. Instead of the Tow truck guy coming in and Jessie getting left on a counter, Ron the motel manager was quick enough to place Jessie in a box. However, there was no paperclip in this box, making it impossible for her to escape.. The box is then laid on the reception counter, ready to be taken away. The other toys just fall dead like there is no tomorrow, and never wake up again during the special. Then, the delivery truck is loaded, and it goes away. Woody and Jessie ended up going to Al, who immediately calls konishi, as his collection is complete. with the special ending with the collection sent to the toy museum. there is a credits scene of Mrs. Potato head commiting suicide by cutting herself up using a dremel because her husband is now gone for good, that's especially creepy when you realize Estelle Harris died in april 2022. That Mrs. Potato head death scene was the final straw for this DVD. I threw the DVD in the trash, along with the drawn on case. I then found out this wasn't an official Disney DVD, but a bootleg made by MegaDiscs, and MegaDiscs had stolen the unaired version from Disney, like they had done with other unaired versions of media. The company went out of business following a lawsuit in 2017, and TS of Terror was their final release ever. I eventually bought a legal copy of Toy Story of Terror for christmas 2020, and i never bought another bootleg by MegaDiscs anywhere again. In march 2021, i noticed that someone else uploaded the MegaDiscs DVD of Toy Story of Terror to Youtube. I never watched the video, since i never wanted to see this creepy, unaired version again! THE END.
  4. You have too many doubloons.

    Give 35000 to me, and give some to Steve, Joe and Josh.



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