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  1. Thanks! It feels weird seeing names here I haven't encountered in 5 years (I assume Todd Phillips isn't here haha) Does this forum have a discord surver?
  2. Sports Team - Here's The Thing. One of the best songs of the year, definitely worth a listen.
  3. Hello! Some of you might know me from 2014ish as the name 'BeanoSponge' (a name that I've retired online) - mainly on SpongeBuddy Mania (it seems I left before all that drama which I just caught up on). It's so weird recognising so many usernames here haha, and I've got back into SpongeBob lately - so I hope to be active often here. I was just looking back at some of my SBM posts and christ some of them are so cringe, and my general interests have changed so much since then!
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