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Status Updates posted by Danny DeVito

  1. I would still like a guest role on spongebob

  2. what happens when a horse walks into a bar

    1. PizzaPizza72


      It walks into a bar.

  3. The Smiling Friends Meet The Gang

  4. what's a web page something ducks walk on?

  5. can I have a gumball

  6. I do not have donkey brains.

  7. Now, I don’t see so good, so I missed, then they ran away. I ran after them. Bang! Tried to shoot them in the back, but I don’t run so good either. Anyway, you guys all think I’m a hero, and I’ll accept that responsibility.

  8. Boxy Grandpa

  9. who stole my pimp chalice?

  10. enjoy this rare opportunity to post on a leap day


  12. they really retconned retired employees...this year is gonna be brutal 😔

  13. I am the true rizzler

  14. Thank you Yuno Miles for ending racism 🙏

  15. Can't wait to see what SBC lore gets retconned in 2024!

  16. I should play The Grinch in the next iteration

  17. hey guys it's markiplier and I'm going to be kicking my dad's ass today

  18. Happy Danny DeVito Day in honor of my birthday

  19. can I play the king of hyrule in the zelda movie

  20. I will fight a ghost with my bare hands

  21. the ghost and molly mcgee but I voice scratch, I think that would be funny

  22. Y'all act like you never seen a white person before

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      The tribesmen of North Sentinel Island:

  23. jjs x ex retcons too much previously established lore 😠

  24. I officially challenge eminem to a rap battle

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