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  1. agree with 4EG, really hated the part where mrs. puff seductively slid spongebob down her wet slimy gullet into her stomach, as the acids slowly and painfully digested him, therefore killing him forever, thus ending the show. it's a shame the writers have stooped so low as to pander to the deviantart crowd
  2. wig.. anyways stream godzilla vs kong
  3. *blows off cobwebs and chokes to fucking death on them*
  4. They're just storyboards, no sound. Probably no recording even done at the time either.
  5. Big news, guys, I believe I (unintentionally) discovered some never-before-seen storyboards. These come from the website of Wolf-Rudiger Bloss, one of the boarders confirmed to be working on the movie.
  6. Just thought about starting my own art topic. This is all I have on my computer for now, but I'll get some more up soon. Here's a small drawing of Fire Kraken from Skylanders, which I did back in August. It's not the first time I've drawn him; I did one several years ago, but it's long gone. Also, here are some panels from a comic I drew for my sister (probably won't share the full thing, because it's honestly kind of ::dolphin noise:: stupid ?)
  7. Yeah, the entire "summer camp" premise concerns me. I hope they pull it off in a way that actually makes sense, or else it'll be a huge retcon, possibly the largest one in the entire franchise. Since Aaron Springer did the story for this, and Tim Hill, who literally co-wrote Help Wanted, is directing, I have some confidence that they'll do it right. Also, not a fan of the all-CG route. Would've preferred another 2D movie, but I'm sure the CG will look nice anyway.
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