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  1. i have been watching a lot of that 70s show lately
  2. i am feeling very sad i grew up with an abusive dad and i am having one of those nights where i can't stop thinking about it. he was abusive in every way possible, including sexually. i remember being very scared when i was little. i remember how no one in my family did anything to get me out of that situation. my mom's boyfriend isn't abusive, but he hates me and thinks i'm retarded ( i am autistic and i do not like being called that ) and he sees me as competition for my mom's attention which is so petty. i did have a father figure, but he started ghosting me when i tried to get in touch with him after a year, i guess that is over. i do not usually care that much, but tonight is just one of those nights and i am by myself until sunday and i just needed to get this off my chest.
  3. i am glad you like the show! i haven't watched in years, i should watch it again. i remember when i went to see the movie, a mom gave me a really ugly look, i guess because i was 18 years old and there with my mom, and she continued to stare at me when the movie was over and everyone left. who cares what people think though, people are allowed to like whatever they want!
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