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  1. it's crazy that i've been on SBC for 11 years!

  2. And then did you draw on it with crayon?!

  3. rev up those fryers because I sure am hungry for one-

  4. Just in time for my tenth anniversary, I have FINALLY reached the 5,000 content post mark! And to borrow a quote from The Beatles: "I'd like to thank you on behalf of the group, and hope we passed the audition." Enough said, true believers!

  5. Can't believe I'm 20 now. But at least I've been able to drink for a good couple years already cuz I'm craving a drink to celebrate. 

  6. well... bad news guys
    my cousin's brother got into a car accident, and now he passed away.

  7. Joined this website exactly ten years ago. Whew, where'd all that time go? <333

  8. you guys want another rinse cycle, i'm buyin

  9. My grandma passed away today, and i'm gonna miss her so much :(

  10. I gotta make sure you did it right!


  12. yoooo i wanted to tell you i go to walgreens near my house to go hot wheels hunting. i love it more than CVS since it's cheaper to buy there and has better stock

    also if you wanna join discord here's my room:

  13. do you kids play the PS2?

  14. Don't bring anything on a boat, that you ain't prepared to lose!

  15. What y'all think of my new avatar?

  16. welcome to good burger

  17. how's everyone doing today?

  18. Alright, which one of you flatfoots set my phone's clock an hour forward?

  19. Driving in the snow is a pretty terrifying experience. I mean, snow is amazing, but I hate it when the roads are like ice rinks. 

  20. got my wisdom teeth (and four other teeth) yanked...sedation is literally time travel bros, holy shit.

  21. Confession time: I'm... autistic.

    1. That Excited SpongeKid

      That Excited SpongeKid

      i was afraid to tell back then, but no one on here is  judgmental!

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  22. Confession time: I'm... autistic.

    1. That Excited SpongeKid

      That Excited SpongeKid

      me too, in fact, i have autism AND a psychotic disorder

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  23. i realize i make at least one spongebob reference a day either in my head or out loud. is that unhealthy? ?

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