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  1. can I play the king of hyrule in the zelda movie

    1. That Merry SpongeKid

      That Merry SpongeKid

      I don't see why not

  2. I hate Halloween because nobody ever asks me for chum candy!

  3. Ow, I got a bubble in my eye.

  4. I love Bubble Buddy!

    1. That Merry SpongeKid

      That Merry SpongeKid

      Keep your eyes off my husband krabs, I'm the only one who loves bubble buddy

  5. The deed is done.

  6. No, I'm not on my way to the grand opening ceremony!

    1. That Merry SpongeKid

      That Merry SpongeKid

      I'm busy planning to rule the world!

  7. Mr. Krabs gets to eat real food!

  8. Well, during this summer break, the children wander Bikini Bottom unsupervised, their pockets lined with allowance. Free to spend their money without any parental guidance whatsoever. I guess that's what I like best. Sure, I suppose some would try and take advantage of this situation by selling them toys or candy, but I sleep well at night with the knowledge that I'm providing them with something they need: a nutritious meal. Come here, you little piggies!

    1. That Merry SpongeKid

      That Merry SpongeKid

      I'd rather play on your lawn

  9. The kitchen is no place for a live horse!

    1. That Merry SpongeKid

      That Merry SpongeKid

      The only live horse I see in this kitchen is you mr krabs 

  10. I'm honored to have been a proud member of this community for ten years! Do I get money for this milestone?

  11. What if I were to create my own game console, but you can only play it at the Krusty Krab for a fee?

  12. Congratulations, sir, you have just given me my one millionth dollar!

  13. I should be the next James Bond

  14. Wow, it's really been 10 years on here

  15. my name is Sauce Mama, and I am addicted to caffeine 😌

  16. @TheVidgeotto I love ya brother, I hope all your birthday wishes come true.  From me and the rest of the SBC crew, thank you for all your hard years of service for this forum.  We greatly appreciate the contributions you've made here and will continue to make here.  Keep it up big dog.  Keep it up. 

    1. That Merry SpongeKid

      That Merry SpongeKid

      Well happy birthday to him!

  17. To commemorate eight years on SBC, I will officially do nothing. Please, join me if you'd like.

  18. it's crazy that i've been on SBC for 11 years!

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