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  1. i don't know i hate both their designs but part of my hatred for wobbuffet is from the anime so if we're gonna go not based off that the title of worst goes to greninja
  2. 11a ink lemonade 2 squidward's ink takes over all of bikini bottom and bans all spongebob episodes but this and ink lemonade from ever airing on tv again
  3. does it have to be spongebob themed edit i was told it can be stuff others would like i'd like to go for a general animation theme i'd call the event responginated (a pun on the movie reanimated which features a boy seeing cartoons and was spunoff into a show called out of jimmy's head) skin ideas basically any show thats been popular on sbc or mixes like crossovers or something or a surprise of something features ifish could be based on animated stuff we could have a quiz based on stuff like locations in shows or trying to guess the title of an episode or something other quiz related for pictonary we could also theme it around stuff for the event we could also do a scavenger hunt to find a bunch of random items that were featured in shows
  4. i'm doing a small filler review since its been along time since i did the last jedi thing that i have to rereview it teen titans go waffles review this review was voted for by sbccord which got two votes for waffles (this is a filler review until i rereview last jedi) I'm glad they chose waffles because I love this episode I know most people find it annoying and I can see why it would annoy most but I guess I just view different things as annoying than most people And I'm glad people chose this for my reviews that i will do on a more regular basis So anyways let's get into the episode What makes it work for me is seeing how each character gets more annoyed and annoyed throughout the episode but beastboy and cyborg who are clearly having fun doing this game until later on in the episode Robin even thinks of hurting those two We also see that apparently Starfire doesn't say waffles right Robin making the waffles is so mundane that it's super funny especially the part I wasn't expecting where he gets milk from a cow instead of putting milk from a plastic milk container into a cup and then mix it into the ingredients like you would expect Then they don't want the waffles The episode really gets into its best parts once we hit the brother blood parts though Brother's blood reactions to cyborg and beast boy's game is somehow even funnier than with the Titans when we get stuff like him torturing beastboy and cyborg to get their voice recognition but they're so dedicated to the game they still won't stop no matter how hard the torture is which really shows their dedication to the game since Starfire Robin and raven just easily gave brother blood the password since they didn't want to be tortured Then the Titans get the great idea to copy cyborg and beast boy to annoy brother blood so he can stop After how annoyed they were earlier seeing them having fun doing it by annoying brother blood is extra amusing and this is what final stops beastboy and cyborg from liking the game just because their friends started having fun with the game Then we see cyborg's and beast boy's injured bodies which I love for how exaggerated they are and the fact since this cartoon doesn't have much continuity all the injuries will be gone basically If this show was continuity heavy I would probably despise this scene Though the ending scene does make me wonder what brother blood would of done to keep them from leaving the cage he put Starfire Robin and raven in Overall this episode is an episode well I can definitely see why it's despised but I find it to be funny not one of the best overall ttg episodes but one of the bests from season 1 My rating spectacular (which means high 10/10) from now until doubloons return all users can request 2 free reviews since they can't pay doubloons but only 2 per person
  5. so its finally time i made an ask me so if you have any questions i will answer them
  6. So since I am fully on sbc now my shop is now on here (since I am hardly gonna be active on a certain other site for a while) Each review will cost 4 doubloons (unless it is from something not on the list those are 5 doubloons) But after every 5 reviews I will review something random as an extra The review list The amazing world of gumball SpongeBob SquarePants Teen Titans go Winx club Fairly odd parents the adventures of kid dangerjohnny testpower rangers Bunnicula Anything Scooby Doo related Pinky and the brain puppy in my pocket adventures in pocketville dora the explorer pj masks
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