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  1. Reminder that Sayori is the best Doki Doki girl!

  2. “Larry the Floor Manager” is now called “Larry’s in Charge Now”
  3. Is Wunschpunsch actually really good or no?

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Nothing groundbreaking but the characters are fun, the dynamics/dialogue is fun, animation is neat, still love it

    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      also english dub is fucking killer. rick jones and harry hill fucking nail maurizio/bubonic and jacob. everyone else on the show (kathleen fee as tyrannia, vlasta vrana as maggot, joana noyes as auntie noah) are good too. some of the best canadian dubbing in the business.

  4. Wintermelon43: Growlithe is a toptier pokemon Patty Rose: I despise the Sonic series but Amy is perfection Honest Slug: Luigi’s Mansion is one of the coolest Mario games RDSP: Evangelion is one cool anime Magic: Go Deigo Go is a fun show Aya: Monika is best Doki Doki Kieran: Sora was the best Smash announcement ever made Myself: Pico is most based FNF character
  5. 4EverGreen: Kooky Cooks is one amazing episode Patty Rose: Dreamcast Sonic games are awesome Wintermelon43: I hate Arcanine RDSP: Luxray is a bad pokemon Magic: Lucario is fantastic Carotte: Moving Bubble Bass is perfection Myself: Doki Doki Literature Club is trash
  6. Quite the yum side Pico from FNF/Newgrounds
  7. Never watched either of these but Things Change sounds much more disappointing as a finale. 1000th Chopper Flight Party (Regular Show) or Rodeo Daze (SpongeBob)
  8. “The Nitwitting” is now called “Patrick’s Most Idiotic Club”
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