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  1. Honestly, I'd argue that Supreme: The Ivory Icon is...basically an apology for PR: MVF's second season, in the same way Moore's Supreme run was basically his apology for his '80s work, especially Watchmen.

    1. 4EverGreen


      I personally liked "Watchmen" as an interesting deconstruction of various superhero genre tropes...although I DO find it interesting that the only adaptation of "Watchmen" (besides the actual graphic novel) that Alan Moore DOES approve of, is the INTENTIONALLY badly made, late 1980's animated series version, which takes SEVERAL liberties with it's story source!

    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Watchmen is honestly the only superhero deconstruction I like for one reason: it's still idealistic in the end, but not an optimistic story. And in the end, it's still very much a superhero story (especially with Rorschach still sticking to his uncompromising views in spite of the fact that up until then, doing so was shown to be a bad thing for him).

    3. 4EverGreen


      No arguments there.

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