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    i don't have a website
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    not even reddit
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    @bob_carotte (Carotte)
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    it's private (sb&p plz don't look it up ok)
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    Bob Carotte

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    SpongeBob, tennis, drawing, etc.
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    your mom
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    Dying for Pie
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    We're here to play games, talk snark, and chew bubblegum... and right now, we're all outta bubblegum. May or may not involve listening to Lorde. Join us on Discord! - https://discord.gg/79fgXzeMkG
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    Superior to the SBM communist experiment, the DPRSBC proudly promotes the North Korean Juche ideology. What does that mean? ...it means we're introverts, and we keep to ourselves, probably. But, I mean, who cares about socializing when you have socialism, right? Wait a minute...

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    The place where we hate the capitalist episode known as Greasy Buffoons

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