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Status Replies posted by Nosferatu!

  1. Why must I draw something and then think of something better to draw when I'm already spending so much time on it, smh.


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..... to me.  >;)

  4. #TeamCap or bust (smirk) 

  5. I love the young people

  6. As much as I love this site, SBM and other places, I really need to cut down Internet a little. Don't get me wrong, it won't effect my activity at all, I'll still be here and visit every day and post some stuff. It's pretty much for my health because I have been on Internet for so long, it started to give me a headache. Too much Internet is not good for my health and I want to feel very well.

  7. so im figuring out how to digitally paint humans, yay

  8. The person below me is a total loser

  9. Currently rendering a video for my final tomorrow. This pain of waiting for this crappy thing is killing me. ;_; 

  10. I just learned that my older brother killed himself today. I legitimately feel nothing right now.

    1. Nosferatu!


      As always, I'm here for you. We all are. Like I said last night and I'll say again, you're going to get through this, as tough as it may seem. I'm deeply sorry for your loss, and I do hope that things get better for you (and your family) soon. You're in my thoughts.

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  11. *Searches on Google "Man Ray x Dirty Bubble" fanfiction and immediately finds one called Burst My Bubble. I love this world.

  12. Let's make a fruit salad today.

  13. Thanks to the amazing Katie for drawing cool Squidward!

  14. SpongeBob is the worst show ever.

  15. I had a dream that Wumbo was my next door neighbor (he looked like George Contanza , father was Biff and guest was Newman) and also Katie was too. Me and her watched videos on her laptop for some reason.

  16. Well so much for that good mood I was having for most of the day. I guess it was never meant to last. :(

  17. Mr. Krabs is a ::dolphin noise::

  18. my stupid touch keypad is acting funky and not letting me draw right, I feel like freakin' strangling it 

  19. Don't you hate it when a friend of yours playfully teases you and you know he's just joking around but what he says actually hits really deep

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