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  1. In other news, Back In The Groove will release alongside two other MYSTERIOUS episodes for the amazing spinoff festival. Expect it within the next week or so.
  2. Have no fear my babies! Script #1: "Back in The Groove!" is currently in pre-production! Voice actors have been selected from a very vast pool of auditions (12) and the script is underway.
  3. I'm sorry but....


    You're fired from Atlantis.



    1. Trainman2002


      i'm sorry for telling you to cut your throat.

  4. Some art fresh from the manure field your sprokiness!
  5. Happy late-birth to the most non-wacky s11 episode ever made
  6. Thanks shitty nintendo direct for giving me this horrible, horrible idea.
  7. Behold! My wonderful masterpieces have been unleashed onto the the masses! That Is All I Would Like To Say.
  8. Behold! The Screwballing! This is just proof of concept and the final could change at any time. I'm currently debating on whether or not the ancient comic format should be revived or these should be fully "animated" and voiced.
  9. WORLD PREMIERE TOON MATERIAL RIGHT HERE YOU GAIZ! Note: This is based off a short series of comics initially hosted on a certain other forum which in turn is a "spinoff" of The Amazing World of Gumball. Gambol's Program Premiere: September 18, 2016 (YouTube) Synopsis: Join Gambol Gambolington and all of his friends as he wrecks havoc in Noobsland, a town stuffed/populated/filled by all sorts of memes. Main Pals(z): Gambol: The main character and probably why you're here today. Imagine Season 5 Gumball's personality but dialed up to 11. Yep, that's how bad he is. Darwon: A pacifish (pacifist fish) who acts as Gambol's "conscious." Sees the best in everything and has an incredibly pure heart. Tobiased: A rainbow lad who tries way too hard to be cool. Usually fails at doing so. Buhnana Jew: A sentient, talking banana. Always angry at something and willing to destroy property in order to get what he wants. The (insignificant) thers: Anus, Neekole, and Reechard: Gambol's family members. FUG: Recurring advisory of Gambol's and the only one he takes legitimately seriously. Both of them have a rivalry that appears to have started ages ago in an era long forgotten. Matthew: Acclaimed cartoonist and creator of CartoonMania. He just so happens to have an even worse anger management situation than our bronana. OBAB: A visitor from another universe stranded in the equally insane world of Noobsland. OBAB's obsession with Oobi and burning hatred of feet is what sets him apart from the millions of other softshell turtles that look just like him. Luluco: An innocent, incredibly gullible schoolgirl who frequently finds herself in the middle of whatever stupidity Gambol and friends are up to that week. SpongeBob SquarePants: Yellow box. Always screaming "I'm ready, I'm ready!" whenever he goes to work at The Wabby Wust. GWORP: A bizarre, incoherent robot originally received by Tobiased as an unexpected Christmas gift. GWORP frequently provides narration to the story, wether its needed or not. Ness & Lucas: Best friends who are are well aware of the threat Gambol poses to society and actively attempt to stop him whenever he tries to ruin things. Formed a group with their classmates called "The Loosers™." The Mooninites: Two-dimensional moon masters always looking for a good time. Wether it's antagonizing background characters or strapping lite brites to billboards, that's just another outing for them. The entire first season is on my YouTube, but due to usage of a particular word in one of the episodes I'll link only the first "episode." Second season begins early next year and this topic will be updated accordingly. Scripts not animated will also be posted here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvSNBhD_bDI Enjoy.
  10. I want to watch Son of Stimpy because ssj didn't let me.
  11. Just finished Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Currently choosing between Clone High, Billy & Mandy, Kill La Kill, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast on what to watch next.
  12. When you tell kids you're going to physically harm them, and actually do physically harm em but you stay in site power. 


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      i forgot where this guy was from

    2. Sweat



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      hey st?️rman

  13. #FreeHayden you Colon Colon Dolphin Noises.

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