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Status Updates posted by kylie✨

  1. So peanuty you won't even taste the chicken! 

  2. stream ME! by taylor swift<3 

    1. TJ


      ya know, for the geys ?

    2. Wumbo


      stream me baby

      turn around and just tease me baby

    3. Blackout


      worst song of all time...

  3. lifestyle advice: never conflate how much you talk with how much you contribute 

  4. non-ironic shoutout to @BackAlleyBreadsticks ur one of my favorite people

    1. Goobz


      omg thanks! love you too!!! ?

  5. how are u doing on this saturday evening my lovely spongebobbies


  6. weekly how are you doing status update! how are my lovely SBCers feeling on this monday morning


    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      I'm doing okay just trying to draw and failing miserably

      i also keep staying up late and waking up late it sucks

      and just seeing what Karl is up to on twitter beause he's godly 

  7. good afternoon ladies (and men) how are we doing on this fine sunday, sound off in the comments below


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    2. hippythehippo


      i identify as an attack helicopter

    3. Cha


      omg woops! ?

    4. Patty Rose

      Patty Rose

      It was Monday for me when you posted that.

      LIES!!!! ALL LIES!!!!

  8. nicki's queen album is here and its genuinely great? color me surprised 

    1. kev


      ha u thot

  9. mamma mia is a shot of pure adrenaline, exactly as camp and fun as it needed to be. if you enjoy fun i recommend it 

  10. we ALL Stan Loona on this glorious day

  11. I'M DIRTY DAN.

    1. Esme


      I'M DIRTY DAN.

  12. halibut? more like hella bad (at FCG.) reply if you're not afraid @Halibut

    1. Sweat


      I replied


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    2. JCM


      If AP World's anything as hard as AP Euro, that's quite an accomplishment. I got a 2 on the AP Euro exam lel.

    3. Less_SpongeBob


      I’m sure that there are very few AP’s harder than Studio Art. That class was brutal.

    4. kylie✨


      57 percent MORE than i expected ;););) and yeah its approximately as bad jcem 

  14. listening to the 1975, yea u could say im an Indie Manic Pixie Dream Girl now

  15. When you tell kids you're going to physically harm them, and actually do physically harm em but you stay in site power 220px-Peter_Griffin.png&key=da21d297a0b2

  16. arianas new song is literally so bad omg im embarrassed for her sjfjsj

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. kylie✨


      her promotion choices have just been... awful and i dont see it doing well

    3. Mr. Eugene Krabs

      Mr. Eugene Krabs

      I trusted you and you gave me THIS!

    4. kev


      ngl production reminds me of lemon

  17. i don't like to fault kids movies for being predictable but the entire plot of incredibles 2 becomes obvious within the first ten minutes, twist and all 

    1. Clappy


      Trying to keep this reply spoiler free, but don’t really agree with this at all from my viewing experience.  But hey, different opinions and I would gladly like to go into this further next time I see you on XAT (when I’m there again lol).

  18. wtf why did i not hear the bjork/radiohead collab sooner this is... iconic

  19. a young al pacino plays an impetuous man who robs a bank so his gay lover can afford the gender reassignment surgery original release date september 21st 1975 burrito pizza ba ba bo ba boba baba

  20. someone engage my dislike for Solo please 

    1. Honest Slug

      Honest Slug

      The scene where they explain his last name for no reason.

  21. might be checked into the ER if this flu persists, good time to cancel my summer plans


    1. Cha


      omg im so sorry but for someone who went to the ER roughly last month, I can say that it's worth the visit if you're that bad off. I wish the best and you're able to pull through it. ❤️❤️ keep us updated if u can too

    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      ugh, being ill sucks! I hope you get well soon and stay safe! ❤️

  22. treacherous is taylor swift's best song & red is her best album and that's just indisputable 

    1. kev


      reputation says hi

  23. currently have the worst flu of my life making my throat bleed and hyperventilating ^__^ someone come murder me

    1. WhoBibbles


      I'm so sorry for your condition, I hope you will get better as soon as possible.

    2. Cha


      im so sorry bb, rest up and feel better ❤️

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