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  1. 1995 was 25 years ago. 20 years after, I called it one of the best years of the ‘90s. Where did the times come, where did they go? Do I really think this year is bad? Nah, there’s still a few dancey songs on the list that give the year its positivity. Is it one of the best years though? That’s the question I asked myself after listening to the worst songs this year offered. While this year did have a side that provides classics from the mid-‘90s everyone will still remember, it does combat that with an unhealthy amount of boring songs I doubt ‘90s kids won’t bother to remember. And if you’re reading this list right now, you know what we’re dealing with here. FRED'S BOTTOM 10 HIT SONGS OF 1995
  2. Okay! So tomorrow's the start of a new month, also known as "1st of tha Month", so why not celebrate this with reviewing a year-end list with that song on it? Wow, this is starting to turn more into a K-BLUB thread, isn't it? Anyhow, the next year I'm talking about doing here is... 1995 The boombastic year of 1995. Coming to a thread near you.
  3. "Shattered (Turn the Car Around)" - O.A.R.
  4. "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" - Billy Joel
  5. "Dancing with a Stranger" - Sam Smith & Normani
  6. Ebony and Ivory - I appreciate Paul and Stevie for making a song about racial harmony, especially in these times when we need it, which is why I didn't put this on the worst list. Still, it is the least interesting song I've ever heard from their careers. I would almost want to listen to "Accidental Racist" over this because at least that's more interestingly bad and not a disappointment from two artists who've both had impressive careers before this. Kids in America - I think hearing this in the Jimmy Neutron movie might be the reason I've placed this song this high. Still a great song on its own merits though. Shake It Up - This might not be one of my favorite songs from the group but it's still fine enough pop rock. I'm not close to disliking any Cars songs quite yet. I Love Rock n Roll - Even though I don't nearly love it as much as people in 1982 did, I definitely understand the appeal to it. Another song that's made to play at so many sporting events. Harden My Heart - This feels like a song that typically wouldn't make it into my top half and go into like the 50s of my list, but I do like the sax part of the song and the vocalist at least puts some passion into what probably could've been a middle-of-the-road song. I'll spare it. Make a Move on Me - And speaking of middle-of-the-road songs, we have this. Yeah, despite me saying most of Olivia's songs tend to be too boring, at least she brings a little bit more energy into this song than her mid-'70s songs. I can't get into it that much but I will certainly take it over "Physical" any day.
  7. New update on this topic, I decided to tackle a new subject Billboard year-end wise. To those who wanted to know what my favorite song of 2004 was, no duh it's "Hey Ya!". Anyways, I decided to head back to my favorite music era aside from the '70s and go to the '80s with 1982. I actually finished both those lists on Google Docs and posted them both on Discord but I may as well make those lists site-accessible as well. WORST LIST: BEST LIST:
  8. Good Morning (All Night Long)

  9. So because I have a bit of a fear of filling up the blog section while also the fact that I have an addiction to posting my thoughts on these reviews, I decided to move my series into a topic. Here's my first riff if you haven't seen it before: https://www.thesbcommunity.com/blogs/entry/378-fred-riffs-a-harvey-beaks-rant/ Anyways, here's my next riff! This one comes from the same guy who did that Harvey Beaks rant. This time? It's an Adventure Time rant. Riffs as usual are in bold.
  10. BenPaz droppin' so many bombs, he should be named "Osama Ben Laden"
  11. This SpongeBoard is reminding me that I need to make another Patback episode.
  12. Well, we all saw this coming, didn't we? Seeing how popular Sponge Out of Water was, it was evident that another movie would happen. I hope it turns out good and not just a cash-in on Sponge Out of Water. I don't want to remain too optimistic about this movie and have it end up disappointing for me. Unless the trailers make the movie interesting, I have no plans to watch this movie.
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