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  1. fila brazillia isn't IDM but they cross a lot of genre styles they deserve to be counted
  2. yoooo what software you use since I wanna start crafting music that isn't from loop based apps like in 2018
  3. i'm a crack addict

    1. HawkbitAlpha


      Not as powerful as meth, but it lets you keep your appetite!

  4. "Constantly Hating (Feat. Birdman)" - Young Thug
  5. "10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)" - Metro Boomin
  6. President Squidward


    true god, overhated rapper who's better than lil uzi snore this man's voice is art and he has funny lines and good melodies

    1. Krystalite


      most overrated state ever though I agree lol

    2. President Squidward
  8. fuck streaming services tbh. not as fun as television, now companies don’t want to do anything with tv now so it’s just boring repeats and rotting to its death slowly. I hope with this over-saturation of streaming companies will blow up the medium. It’s boring to me
  9. "A Machine To Live In" - Fila Brazillia
  10. damn this series must be doing well in the ratings
  11. auntie Noah cameo in shell games finally some good fucking food
  12. There's many amazing electronic artists out there I enjoy, and currently I'm still in the IDM kick, with on of my favorites being a hidden gem Ashesinyourmind showed me last year named Ilkae, an artist who does an array of styles to the genre, whether it's glitchy as hell or melodic with beautiful synths that remind you of a video game at times (we call that style chiptune!), and with a consistent record of amazing albums, whether it be Pistacho Island, Light Industry or the recent Formal Format, there's plenty of tunes I go back and relisten to due to how much they bang, or sound pretty, or both, there is one track that speaks to me on a deeper level, one that IDM arists such as Boards of Canada, Plaid or Autechre can't come close to touching, and this track is an ambient one, called The Green Spectrum. Why do I love this track? When you first hear it, you don't expect to suddenly be blown away at a repetitive synth note that is 33 notes long. First time hearing this track not only was I blown away and instantly in love, I was expecting it to amp up the godliness I was hearing into some kickass beat, but when I realized it was gonna be an ambient track, I was satisfied with this outcome too. The beautiful synths and samplers that swirl around and repeat with it's reverb and delays, then slowly progresses into the second half of the track where the notes disappear and it's beautiful, haunting ambient. The notes's sound remind you of your childhood memories, takes you back to the days of you growing up, a certain sound that evokes nostalgia, probably to the time it was created (2008), it's a sound from another world, something that just hits you hard and makes you long for the days of chilling in your room, reading your old magazines and books or watching Disney previews on your vhs tapes, or just going out enjoying life. And meanwhile, one man creates a relic of that time and releases it to the public. A love of music is heard in the entire track. I don't see this as just a peak of many for Ilkae, or a peak of ambient or electronic music, but a peak of music in general. Well crafted beauty that sounds like it's from another world, or a time of your life, or a video game. Or all 3. It's sheer beauty I would want to make myself if I were a musician, and I hope Ilkae crafts another ambient masterpiece like this again.
  13. should i do the prez awards again this year or is it not worth it since it will still be a bit repetitive?

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      If you're thinking of skipping out on it, I've been thinking of doing my own mock awards, but that depends on if there will be enough people to vote for it.

    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      I would vote for it for sure!! You can join me since I wanted to make it probably still

  14. happy birthday to one of the funniest members I've ever encountered on my SB fansite life, @dragiiin123! hope you're having a good day <33
  15. LITTY. we pay respects to a genius and kind man who deserved a healthy life ?
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