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  1. nah nick jr hasnt had good shit in years, blues clues was its magnum opus
  2. i'm sad this topic isn't about the best song on the best red hot chili peppers album but clever title
  3. just because i was born in 2000 and the furthest I remember is 2002 doesn't mean that I can do my research about stuff decades before me, as I'm into a lot of 90s electronica and vhs.
  4. Anyone here into diecast car collecting? It has taken over my soul since december.

    1. WinterArcanine


      We need a squnschpunsch car

  5. sad since i disappointed and lost a ton of friends. working on myself to regain the friendships eventually makes me happy though. will be 2 weeks since i last did my unacceptable unfunny purposeful slur saying and i'm gonna make sure it stays the last.
  6. yoooo i wanted to tell you i go to walgreens near my house to go hot wheels hunting. i love it more than CVS since it's cheaper to buy there and has better stock

    also if you wanna join discord here's my room:

    1. That Excited SpongeKid

      That Excited SpongeKid

      i like walgreens it is very satisfying

      also, i do not use discord, but maybe in the future!

  7. never watched a lot of game show network outside of old family fued reruns, but i saw common knowledge on the living room tv yesterday. looks fun
  8. use to hate joe due to steve bias but both are quality
  9. Personally I’m bored by the past two generations of consoles. Nintendo, which is my favorite gaming company, has been disappointing and boring with the lack of games the Wii U and even the Switch (though they have more big ones compared to the Switch 3 years in) has as a non gamer who’s very picky in what games I’m into. Plus, the menus on the past two generation consoles have that bland, minimalist feel to it while the older generations all had fun, exciting menus. I’d still believe it’s beneficial to have backwards compatibility on these new consoles to be honest, since the earlier generations in the late 90’s-early 2010’s was truly the golden age of video games. Ironic how the industry is bigger than ever yet feels so dead (especially how we don’t even have the cool G4 either during the supposed “peak” era in gaming we’re in) So for me I guess PC actually has some games I find fun compared to playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.
  10. care for an egg in these trying times?

  11. ^ that's bullshit normies depends on the context. i'm rather cynical of a lot of media so yeah i guess i disagree with the normies there. i can be a normie myself
  12. In the Philippines eating chicken wings, smothered with adobo-dobo-dobo-do

  13. does anyone know about this? we must spread the word. also the fact that mr lobster is so lame
  14. Atlantis SquarePantis and Pest of the West are my top 2. Dunces and Dragons is also great. The ones after Big One are either okay or shit.
  15. "XBreakingEdgeX" - Lorenzo Senni
  16. So the person dubbed it or was it made by a different person
  17. These past few years have made me realized change is rarely a good thing and why I’m proud to be nostalgic for the better times.

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