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  1. shark week is back, on the discovery channel!

  2. this is so unfortunate. i always wanted to check out marvel movies like black panther, since he's a cool superhero character. rest in peace, it makes me sad the good people always pass away younger
  3. thanks a bunch! yeah, i noticed imgur fucked up a lot of the images on here, or i must've uploaded them as regular files on sbc's image uploader. i'll compile all my old drawings for ya and send you an imgur-based folder on the site itself.
  4. I feel like, while I have a preference of loving a lot more songs in various forms (whether it be with the 80s and new wave being popular, or the 90's with hip hop and alternative rock hitting the mainstream with loads of talented artists, as well as techno and electronica becoming a thing), and the fact that the 2000s-present has so much good stuff to look for, I believe any decade of music has some good stuff hidden in it. All you have to do is just start searching and look for stuff you're interested in that might be from a time you feel iffy about with other forms of music (like for me, checking out some jazz and classical music in the 60's/70's where i'm not too big on a lot of the big rock artists blowing up at the time).
  5. why are you teaching boating school we're in the middle of coronavirus puff mama

    1. kev
    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      i'm quoting this beautiful car seat headrest song everyone hates lol

    3. kev
  7. I remember back in 2009, I used to think about a Patrick show in my head called "Patrick DumbPants". little did I know 11 years later Patrick would actually get his own spinoff...
  8. sorry for the late response, ocd as usual anyway i appreciate the positive message! i need to break the fear and habit of not drawing and just straight up learn at a comfortable pace and DO.
  9. you guys legit deserve a break from all of these scummy members in the past couple years. I'm angry to hear about what happened today. I hope things get better from here and I hope everyone's been doing well besides of the recent event JJS told me about. :(

  10. Never will get the hype for this cartoon, but with the cult following it has it was inevitable. I'd would've greenlit something new from a new creator in the industry but whatever.
  11. revenge of the flying dutchman has quite a few songs i love
  12. creature from the krusty krab is a whole nother level in terms of video game music. they should make an official soundtrack for it. battle for bikini bottom has good music as well, same with the movie game.
  13. i apologize for the post since that was a bit of a vent thing, I will probably watch eventually, but Post-Sequel is so redundant for me.
  14. yeah i know this one is gonna suck for me since it just contiunes the "squidward act like a lunatic ala ren" so i'm gonna skip this
  15. still never will know why cy likes to crack jokes at my harmless crossover hobbies. It sucks getting backstabbed by long time community friends over dumbass crossovers and cartoon opinions, now i know how sonicdude feels...

  16. "Famous Last Worlds" - Octopus Inc
  17. wow you assume im a broke ass BITCH im offended
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