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  1. Christmas Who? is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series. It's a SpongeBob Christmas isn't bad, the animation is gorgeous and I love stop-motion, but the story isn't as heartwarming and effective as the original.
  2. sorry haha, sucks that the movie didnt turn out good trolling aside :(
  3. where's the sequel to the greatest film ever made
  4. ill miss ya dude, good luck on your future project and i'll see you around from time to time on discord <33
  5. One of the world's tired running animation franchises with only the classics being the best stuff (chuck jones era being the last good to me), comes back in an epic live-action movie, and where else can you revive an old popular franchise without having the movie's setting in NEW YORK CITY? I'm ready for this to be awful like the other classic shlock. Animation is interested but still not that good to me, better than Sonic and Detective Pikachu's I think, but at least I'd rather watch those two over this. The humor seems to be more of the same on Reboot Movie 101's, with jerry doing the cliche copy machine butt gag and mentions of tik tok and instagram since when you modernize something, it can't be in a subtle way where it's just normalized and how life is now, it has to be done in a way where it references it and probably will have more similar jokes where it comes off cringey and dated. Though maybe I'm too negative about the trailer since I've seen this story happen over the years with Garfield, Scooby-Doo, Smurfs, Alvin, Yogi Bear, etc and it can't be AS bad and is probably promoted with the worst aspects in the marketing, since it looks moreso like slapstick like the old stuff, but I don't know, all this reviving is just pointless and it's not something to get that angry about. What are your thoughts?
  6. oh shit forgot to respond here. thanks so much for the birthday wishes! i had a good day yesterday.
  7. no offense but your mother is more good looking
  8. Feels weird it's already half a decade since a new era of SpongeBob has first premiered, and with that, we got a complete change in style for SpongeBob to give it a fresher look compared to the critically panned Post-Movie era. So, I now ask as we conclude the post-sequel part AND continue the cartoony era even after Sponge On the Run, what are your thoughts on the overall quality of it, from animation to writing to character to the overall episodes? I've always had controversial thoughts that I still would want to make a video on (but I want to make it when I have actual good software and a good mic and not make myself sound douchey like I regretably have many times throughout the years). There's some nice aspects to it that I respect, such as the animation being so gorgeous by movement, and there's some expressions I think work well. And episodes like Plankton Paranoia, Squid Noir and Chefbob are overall enjoyable. And the SpongeBob crew I've met online are nice people and have a lot of talent. My personal complaints are the fact that a lot of the cartoony style doesn't fully fit SpongeBob by execution. If it were more done via Rocko then I think it would definitely work. Looney Tunes and a mix of Ren and Stimpy, makes it feel like I'm losing brain cells. I'm bothered by mainly how the characters have moments of being overexagerrated to the point where they act like a different character (kind of like some of Post-Movie's worst episodes with Mr. Krabs, Patrick or Squidward where one of their traits is overdone to the point they become assholes), but this time it's done via visual gags and usually punishment happens to the character acting foolish (mainly Squidward). Patrick and Squidward are the worst offenders that make it unwatchable for me, Patrick's stupidity doesn't work as well anymore when half the time he REALLY acts brainless for the sake of a "LOL look at how stupid and gross he is", Squidward, which I could go on for ages about as being the worst flanderization in animation that's overlooked by everybody, and Krabs and Sandy have shown cringeworthy moments such as in Squirrel Jelly or Out of the Picture. I also dislike how much Bubble Bass and that annoying Rube camera guy character who's been used in what, 5 episodes now, just to add to the high stupidity level of the show. The writing of characters is one thing, but with the episode's humor, it's pretty much the usual funny face visual gags, characters going insane or acting stupid, burp jokes, referencing the show's glory days to let fans know "hey, we REALLY LOVE this show", slapstick and maybe one or two clever visual/dialogue jokes, but with how much of the scripts have been cut since Season 10, it just feels very cookie cutter and lacks the SpongeBob feel for me. I guess I AM a SpongeBoomer like the youngsters call all the fans of Pre-Movie annoyingly nowadays, but I do respect that people still like the show. I welcome SpongeBob to switch things up in style once in a while, but I don't see myself watching this era over and over and enjoying most of it. Though I haven't seen 60% of the era, I peeked at most of the episodes by moments, transcripts, episode descriptions to have a feeling a lot of it is the same routine over and over at ad-naseum levels (with of course, most of it being on THE BEST CHARACTER ON THE SHOW). I will watch all of 9B-Present one day for the purpose of possibility of having more episodes I like/dislike. I'm hoping the era changes soon since I fear the show will never have a style that clicks with me, which would suck because I really am still obsessed with this show and want to continue supporting it, but have so much trouble and complaints for me to even do so at the moment. Maybe one of those unnecessary spinoffs could bring a more grounded, dialogue-style and heartwarming show that SpongeBob was to me in the peak days (with some once in a while cartoony touches reminiscent of Rocko's Modern Life). Do you feel the same, or are you in the majority of this new era being better than Post-Movie, or maybe Post-Sequel being the peak era of SpongeBob. Discuss! I'm just happy the show still has fans and I never want to make people think that liking the new stuff is bad, no opinion over something harmless like SpongeBob is invalid!
  9. I always loved Jeopardy and Alex as a host, nice af guy and cancer is an awful thing to get and die from. RIP to a legend
  10. welcome. im the squidward crossover guy but im admittedly lost interest atm
  11. For years I've shown some sort of admiration for baseball, but admittedly didn't catch it on tv most of the time. But thanks to the many sports friends I've known on these forums, the past year or show I've been starting to get interested in what's going on in the sports realm, with COVID being the first time I started to watch what was going on in the shortened MLB Season this year, I checked out what's going on with my favorite team, the Padres (as a San Diego native I'm really looking forward to the potential our current team has) and I checked every playoffs/world series game, which for the first time, I experienced the stressful but awesome emotions and moments baseball brings in every game. Anyway, is your favorite team also one that's local to where you live, or do you support a team you like that plays better/or like seeing what a lot of teams are doing? I think I'm a mix of rooting for the Padres and seeing what the analytics are for every other team. also I unironically like the mets since while they have hilarious plays they get meme'd at, I do want them to succeed and make another playoffs title one day since the Wilpons aren't owners of the Mets, so there's a possibility of a rebuild for the team that could improve their play once again. and of course the memes which i'll miss but they may not be gone
  12. needs more lil pump but seriously i peeked at a leak a while back and the ending didnt seem too bad, i need to watch this in full eventually but i feel like there's going to be a lot i will feel iffy or negative on due to kamp koral and a lot of spongebob not doing it for me anymore.
  13. i misread this as "Dream Rappers", disappointed
  14. i miss talking to you all. and i know things have simmered down, but i'm sorry for my behaviors I've shown on and off throughout the years. I really hate how I handled things at first with passive agressiveness, and trying to justify shit that is absolutely inexcusable. Slurs are absolutely above me, and I went way too far repeating slurs for laughs when it isn't funny. It's fucking racist, and that's something I don't want to ever be. And I'm fucking down I've hurt many friends of mine, and I understand everyone knowing I can be better than this, I will admit I got mad at Halibut for the first two months or so since I was still acting like an asshole and made things worse back in July until I finally shut the fuck up and took some time to think, but I regret it all and wish I was able to realize a lot of flaws during the riots (like jesus christ i hate how i sounded very ignorant during the start of the george floyd protests, where i was scared of shit going down in my city when i have no reason to, racial equality is a thing i support, and police brutality is something that needs to be stopped).

    I know I've also looked manipulative (especially with my own crossover interests, constantly asking friends for art, and yes I appreciated of course, but it's my own ideas that I should really stop being insecure of doing myself in fears of sucking at it. I need to learn to draw and not bother others about my own hobbies), and I hate how I've always said and among some other things, but I just want to say, THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING ME REALIZE I GOT STUFF TO WORK ON!

    I have awareness of my wrongdoings, which is good, but I hate how I have trouble doing shit about it, and I still feel stuck on what to do to improve my own self, since I want to respect and have friends who I haven't given in return many times due to my own insecurities. 

    I suck at wording my thoughts but I wanted to get this off my chest since I made myself more alone then ever and it's been affecting my online life OCD-wise where I can't keep my tweets/discord posts most of the time becuse some intrusive thought feels like it stays there until i delete it, so annoying, but that's for my therapist. 

    I would love to return to discord, but I'm anxious I'm not ready yet due to ocd. ? I hope everyone's doing okay still, and I'd love to talk because I have a lot of guilt of a lot of things and I think I just want to put it behind me and try to help myself become a better person. 

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      fuck i forgot to mention I really feel like I made members like Katniss and Katie very uncomfortable and mad and I love them, but i made like half the people i know rightfully upset 

  15. sleepy time 2: now with possible squidward pain
  16. i know i ain't a boomer but it doesn't feel like seven years
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