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  1. Sucks cable is dead and most people use streaming apps like my sister does since now I have no way to watch NFL games and idk how the apps work or if they cost anything. It's hard being an old school zoomer sometimes.

  2. Nothing against Calvin and Hobbes, its one of the greatest newspaper strips of all time, but I get miffed that its the only comic that does constantly reprint every collection it has. I badly want to buy the older Pearls Before Swine collections but they never get reprinted, now I have to use crappy Amazon when I don't really like supporting them. Not even Peanuts get reprinted anymore. The shelf space in the humor section at Barnes and Noble and Books a Million are filled with Calvin and Hobbes and Garfield. Where's Get Fuzzy? Where's Heathcliff?

    1. 4EverGreen


      Bill Watterson, 1986-1995: "I'm not INTO merchandising my characters just to make a quick buck!"

      Bill Watterson, Now: "Reprinting your newspaper comic collections for a quick buck is okay, as long as it's only ME doing it!"

      Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Enough said, true believers!

  3. Wanted to make a topic about the rest of the series since I'm hoping the Braves win it all. Atlanta breaking their current sports curse would be awesome and the Astros are the Astros so no fan of any other baseball team wants to see them win, even if they're not cheating anymore. There might be rain delays today and tomorrow but hopefully the games can go on.
  4. Wait... people actually LIKE Elon Musk?


  5. Red Sox and Braves world series please. Though Giants would be cool too. Just no Astros or Dodgers

  6. You're given an oppurtunity from Nickelodeon to make a SpongeBob spinoff. What character would you use for it? What would the concept be with said characters? Would it be story based or would it be more of a comedic tone like the original show or other spinoffs? I'm interested to know what you would make for a spinoff. I'm sure they would be superior to Kamp Koral and the Patrick Star show. XD I honestly don't think I need to point out my (obvious, but impossible) dream spinoff idea, but for the new members who don't know about my silly hobbies, I'd try to pull off a Squidward crossover spinoff with Wunschpunsch. Would take a lot of difficult writing to make it work, how Squidward gets to that show's world, how he'd breathe, if the other SpongeBob characters would get involved at one point later in the series, if Bikini Bottom will be a setting too, etc. but the interactions between Squidward and the wizards, their pets (Maurizio and Jacob) and Maggot, among others would be quality af. My goal would be to continue the story potential of the original Wunschpunsch series as well as keeping the animation, artstyle, humor, and timeline of the show the same, but more refined (I'd still have it take place in the early 21st century, so some year in the early 00s). I'd also experiment with the show with some scenes or off shoot shorts with older film techniques. It'd be a very dedicated project since I love these characters so much, and such an abstract concept could work, but would take a lot of effort in everything so it doesn't feel lazy or awful. Besides that, I have no non-crossover spinoff ideas with Squidward or anyone else. I have creative vision but not creative execution or brainstorming at the moment. Also @Dreaded Patrickand @That Excited SpongeKidI thinkna Creature from the Krusty Krab spinoff would be great, that game had such a creative concept and was fun even though I never finished it.
  7. I am back with a short comic idea I had with the crossover that will never die! And after not drawing forever my drawing is even more rusty than before. My Squidward and Jacob suck. Transcript: Maurizio: I love my heroic duties of reversing spells, but sometimes, there's nothing better than sitting down and relaxing. Squidward: Agreed, Maurizio. No noise, no working... just a good book and sunbathing. Jacob: Oh no... Squidward, PLEASE don't tell me you're just as lazy as Maurizio!
  8. I miss using Discord. Hopefully I can fully return soon. I miss when my Tourettes was the severe issue of mine in 2015 lmao

    1. kev


      i hope you're feeling better :hearthand:

    2. Cha


      missing you tons man?

    3. kev


      me too 

  9. I'd love to join! whats the link since im away from discord for now
  11. I usually hate when people judge things by how they look, but I can tell that I will hate this.
  12. I'm surprised you didn't go for Squidward instead of Squilliam. I thought you hated him
  13. >I was right that its another one of THOSE awful live action cartoon reboots I must be a psychic

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      Old deals, plus a whole host of tape recorders. What's a tape recorder?

  15. Aint nothing to fuck with
  16. What the actual fuck. This is horrible and unexpected news since I'm aware of how popular SOPHIE is. RIP https://mixmag.net/read/musician-sophie-died-news
  17. welcome to sbc, i'm the shitty squidward crossover dude. hope you enjoy your stay and check out the discord!
  18. somewhere, that one man is still drinking alien titty milk to this day...
  19. I'm feeling nostalgic for a legendary game some of you may have played years ago on redactedmania, so pretty much what the title says. and of course, i'm going to start with... Sheep in the Big City
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