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  1. New 1975, Killers, Silversun Pickups and Mars Volta are good.

    The new Panic! however, is once again, like Middle of a Breakup, a one trick pony and samey sounding to the fantastic Viva Las Vengenece that I'm worried that whole album is going to sound like a generic surf rock and roll album and Brendon Urie let's me down after his solo misadventures killed the Panic project.

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    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      true haha. I admittedly have a guilty pleasure for Roaring 20's and One of the Drunks now though lol, it's like AJR's The Good Part for me, obnoxiously good to me for some reason lmao 😛

    3. President Squidward
    4. President Squidward
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