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  1. Anyone else confused and annoyed of the gatekeeping of gen z people who know half of the 2000s if they were born in the 99-01 like me but then you got millenials confused and upset some 21 year old tiktoker fashion person is nostalgic for y2k fashion because they had older family wearing it and they rememebred that as a kid? I guess we never existed and were in a coma until 2015. It's an overwhelmingly popular opinion and it's such a lie. The 2000's were mostly culturally and still a bit technologically stagnant. I love the aesthetics for that era and I will not stand being called a poser one day for wanting to make stuff using that aesthetic. I know half of that decade well. Most early zoomers do.

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      As an eyewitness of all the gatekeeping 90s kids that behaved similarly like this, I can guarantee you that that there is and will be an endless cycle of people being stupid and entitled towards their generation.

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