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  1. So out of nowhere, my loving cat Jack was feeling very sick, couldn't eat, only drank, didn't use the bathroom really, had black spots on his nose, probably bleeding from his mouth and nose a bit, didn't meow, get up, slept on the ground, looking at us, and I was worried the inevitable was about to happen to another cat of mine at a young age (he may be 11 but I don't care, always wanted my cat to live til 20), and this morning, I didn't get to say goodbye to a loving pet in my family. He was a nice fella, coming in to my room, pawing at me, he acted like a dog sometimes, just kissing your hand and biting it. He was super nice. Never really growled or hissed. Never got angry really. And now. I never get to see him ever again. And I'm depressed about it. Love and cherish your pets. You'll never know when the awful day comes, especially if they were acting normal just a few days ago. I'll miss you, Jack. Hopefully there's an afterlife and you're reunited with your loving brother Elliott who passed in 2013, as well as your friend Ralphy and Tomas. 

    Took this a few weeks ago too. I'm so sad...

    2011 - 202220220522_070535-5.thumb.jpg.0f2fe34354d7221bedc8e76e5bb3fece.jpg

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