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  1. Welp, I didn't like this one. It wasn't bad but I felt so tired of seeing Plankton treating Karen like a shit and I feel like I have seen this being executed better in Single Cell Anniversary, Karen 2.0 and Plankton Gets the Boot. This just feels uninspired at worst. And I found Karen imprisoning Plankton kind of creepy. Beat aspect of this ep was probably Patrick as Plankton. That's about it. Meh. Grade: C
  2. This was okay. The whole premise was interesting enough but it didn't get much laughs out of me except for Spot digesting Plankton which made me LOL. That's as much as I can say about it. This episode was your average post-sequel episode. Grade: B-
  3. Supernatural - Gimme Shelter
  4. Hahahahahahaha only online member at this hour 😎


  5. This episode was alright. It's your typical Squidward annoy episode which was irritating at times but I found some enjoyment in it. The whole RV road sequence was so much fun to watch, that was easily the highlight of the episode. I didn't laugh too much but the gags that stand out to me were cashier OMJ, autosnail and the ending. That's all I can say about this episode. It was okay. Grade: B-
  6. This was okay, I guess? I suppose there isn't anything wrong about this episode, other than the fact that the idea is same as Squid's Day Off, except with SpongeBob but execution was different. I didn't laugh in this episode much but it did have amusing moments throughout. I particularly enjoyed sliced up SpongeBobs sequence and Mr. Krabs holding the restaurant together at the beginning. It wasa well paced episode. But at the same time, this episode wasn't anything special and i didn't care too much of the conflict enough. Still it wasn't anything bad. Just an average episode. Grade: B-
  7. Alright bois and gurls. Prepare to be hyped for this.
  8. Private Message. You basically send members private messages. This is how 1) you click on member's profile 2) click on message 3) 4) click send and there you go
  9. okay, FOX has been intriguing me with all this new X-Men Universe. Deadpool was a comedy, Logan was a western, Legion was thriller and now The New Mutants is gonna be all horror. (And X-Men: Phoenix Saga, despite it being used twice, is most likely a space adventure more than a mutant hating plot) I'm so happy that they have been mixing up the superhero formula with trying out new genres. Excluding Apocalypse (I enjoyed it but it was a typical superhero movie), X-Men universe have been on a great path and I'm so hyped for this too.
  10. I'm gonna read rest of this series but holy crap, wtf am I in that episode? like what's wrong with me? It's kind of embarassing cuz I do love talking with @Clappy but if it feels that way, I really feel bad.
  11. I hated this episode so much. SpongeBob crys too much in this episode and I thought It was very annoying. 1/10
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