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  1. This was such a great episode of the season. It was a good idea to have Plankton and Pearl to team up. They had a cool dynamic that it carried the ep. The ep had an interesting plot that never bored me, even if this episode was lacking clever jokes but I did laugh a few times. I loved how this episode concluded as well. My only problem with this episode is that it basically ignored One Coarse Meal, which Plankton knew Pearl was Mr. Krabs' daughter but that's about it. In the end, i was entertained by this episode a lot. Grade: A-
  2. This was such a mediocre ep. It felt like a retread of Wet Painters without any of the jokes. Only time I laughed was when Mr. Krabs said "SpongeBob is made out of cheese". I suppose 100th person to enter the convetion joke was good. Rest of humor was typical slapstick humor and it didn't do much for me. I didn't find this one bad but there wasn't anything worth writing about this ep. Grade: C
  3. This episode is a literal better version of Squiditis. It is much more energetic and more interesting. I loved that SpongeBob tried to be Squidward's doctor and take care of him. I'd consider this ep as bad if Squidward didn't fake his sickness but here, he brought it on himself which makes it amusing. This episode didn't have too nany stuff that made me laugh but I died at the portrait of SpongeBob taking care of Squidward like a baby and the updated version of handsome Squidward with blonde hair. I normally don't like forced references to the old episodes but, bon bon in Squidward's dream wa
  4. This is a brilliant episode from the good ol' Ben Gruber. What is not to love. I loved the entire concept of Squidward's house being infected by circus fleas and Gruber did hid best to make this as much as incredibly fun as possible. I was so entertained and i laughed throughout. I lost myself whenever TV made ads about SpongeBob's disappointed and sad feelings. So creative. Squidward thinking his house was haunted was priceless. Squidward literally throwing himself back in the oven was the best laugh I have had with this episode. Not too many jokes but this episode was funny enough and it was
  5. This was a pretty funny episode. Gotta love seeing Kruff be the focus of the episode and the entire conflict of it being Mr. Krabs desperately trying to please Mrs. Puff with a dinner was a good one. SpongeBob and Squidward being the cooks here was great and their attempts to make food was so amusing to watch. My favorite bits were Mr. Krabs using SpongeBob to get a free food in the fancy restaurant, SpongeBob making a shitty salad and Mrs. Puff's attempts to eat SpongeBob who looks like food and eventually eating him. Overall, this episode was really great. Grade: A-
  6. This episode was surprisingly decent for Bubble Bass whom I think is overused to hell. It was pretty creative to have an entire episode that takes place in Bubble Bass's basement with a D&D style challenge. SpomgeBob and Squidward had a great dynamic here and them having to deal with Bubble Bass's shenanigans was fun to watch. Bubble Bass's mon was great in this episode and perhaps she was the most amusing aspect of it. This episode also had a ton of SquidBob subtext and I can't tell if it's intentional or not lol. Not much else to say here, other than this episode was pretty decent.
  7. This is a discussion for Snyder's Justice League cut that was released in 2021. Sooooo I was really not looking forward to this movie due to the fact that Snyder stuff is groan worthy, although they are my guilty pleasures, and the fact that this movie exists purely because of snyder cult harrassing people to make it happen. And now that I have watched it... It was good. One thing I'll criticize the movie is that the movie doesn't really have much ambitious ideas and it is just a superhero movie that tries to stop the bad guy. It is basic stuff. So don't
  8. I didn't feel this one. I think this ep was doomed from the start because the idea of people getting hiccups sound annjoying af. Luckily this ep wasn't annoying but I just couldn't laugh as much either. I only laughed like twice in this ep, so this episode didn't provide much good comedy. I groned at Bubble Bass' insides got out and the Pickles reference was bad but those are my only negative things about this ep. Rest is just mediocre. Grade: C
  9. Well, this was an okay episode. It didn't wow me or impress me or made me laugh but it was an inoffensive time for sure. Not too much to say, except Squidward's prom joke got to me and the whole climax was fun enough I suppose. That's all I can say about this episode. Grade: B-
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