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  1. Lisa's First Word should have been higher smh. Good start, i love all eps there.
  2. Body Color: Dark Red Headwear: Hearing Aids Face/Mask: Neck: Patrick Scarf Body/Top: Holiday Ham Costume Bottom/Pants: Feet/Shoes: Blue Sneakers Hand/Pet: Bisexual Flag Pin: Patrick Christmas Tree
  3. One of the best movies I have seen this year so far, I don't care. Such an underrated movie for me. I really appreciated it. 9/10
  4. One of the best MCU movies for sure. Absolutely an emotional journey that made me entertained and cried 9/10
  5. This was a harmless episode that there is barely anything wrong about it. It's just compared to previous two specials, I felt like this didn't have anything special or unique about it. The plot is pretty much Plankton doing the same schtick in It's A SpongeBob Christmas except road trip. That literally made me lose interest in the whole journey from the getgo. Patchy and Potty cameos were nice, I liked seeing them in animated form but screw Nick for spoiling such a big surprise. The animation was spectacular and I loved the decision to make surface scenes animated. Couple of gags worked like bulldozer joke, zombie apocalypse line and the shot of angry reindeers. I found the present SpongeBob gave to Santa sweet and it's such a SpongeBob thing to do. The ending of Plankton getting a Christmas photo was nice. I can't speak much negative things here other than Plankton's role being completely unoriginal and lazy. The episode was just uninteresting and nothing special to me. Grade: B-
  6. One of the best shows of 2021. Absolutely incredible, emotional and fun. Characters are loveable, story arcs are kickass, animation is smooth and music slaps. Disney doesn't realize how good this show is
  7. Wild that this ep wasn't even finished in production during they promoting it
  8. - Wandavision was good and i didn't mind the finale but It was clear the show stopped being captivating when it became a more typical MCU story - Falcon & Winter Soldier was just bad. Shit politics, not enough focus on Sam, Walker being redeemed, the twist of Power Broker being a slap in the face, Flag Smashers being what right wing sees antifa as and overall boring shit. Only good aspect was Bucky's arc and some good Zemo stuff, although him commenting on African American culture was cringe. - Loki is the best out of all. Captivating story, some time travel fuckery, the ongoing mystery of who controls time, Loki and Sylvia's arcs being fleshed out well, Agent Mobius for all his glory and the shocking ending. Season finale could have been better but it was still exciting. And Episode 5 is one of the best MCU materials ever. - I actually kinda liked What If but it could have been a lot better than just a spin on mcu movies. Aside from T'Challa as Star Lord, Doctor Strange and Party Thor episodes, I felt rest could have been stronger. They didn't need to re-do mcu movies with a different twist because that's just uninteresting. Ultron at the last two episodes was a menacing villain but I wish they got Spader to do the voice of Ultron because I felt the voice actor didn't capture his voice well. Hats off to Chadwick Boseman's last performance as T'Challa, you'll be missed. so basically Loki >>>>>>>> Wandavision >>> What If >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Falcon & The Winter Soldier Hawkeye looks solid but I hate them not paying David Aja, the artist of the Hawkeye run they are adapting and promoting with. Ms. Marvel is gonna suck, I hate everything I'm hearing and seeing about it so far. Moon Knight looks like it's gonna be the best mcu tv show. She-Hulk looks fun. No comment on the rest cuz we know little of them.
  9. Another great addition to season 13. It isn't the funniest episode of season 13 but it's the most interesting so far. I liked seeing Plankton's chum come to life and have a civilization on its own. That really made the ep for me. I loved that Plankton trained chums for an assault at Krusty Krab and my god, It was great that they were naturally skilled for a combat. And ofc, the climax was pretty fun and how it got resolved was neat to see. F.U.N. reference was cute with SpongeBob singing the song, while cleaning Krusty Krab. My only complaint was to see Bubble Bass using Plankton as a toothpaste, that was just gross and kinda ironic how I felt grossed out considering the entire episode is about chum monsters but oh well. Not much else to say, it wasn't exactly a humor filled episode but it didn't bother me. I was entertained from start to finish. Grade: A-
  10. ot gonna lie, I was not into this episode during the first half. It wasn't doing bad, it's just the Kamp Koral characters transitioning into the show didn't come off as natural as It should have beeen and this show reintroducing them did not help with them being nothing but redneck stereotypes but the ep got good after many of Narlene and Nobby's supposed relatives come to invade Bikini Bottom and it got even better after Plankton's relatives have showed up to stop them. Plankton's Army was not in my bingo card for callbacks and it was even more shocking to see a Trenchbillies callback. The episode's humor wasn't for me but whenever Squidward was there, it was funny. It's not a great ep but I did enjoy it for sure. Grade: B
  11. none cuz it's a genocide against turkey!!! also indigenious people
  12. I'm just a simple man making his way through the forum.

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