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  1. - Wandavision was good and i didn't mind the finale but It was clear the show stopped being captivating when it became a more typical MCU story - Falcon & Winter Soldier was just bad. Shit politics, not enough focus on Sam, Walker being redeemed, the twist of Power Broker being a slap in the face, Flag Smashers being what right wing sees antifa as and overall boring shit. Only good aspect was Bucky's arc and some good Zemo stuff, although him commenting on African American culture was cringe. - Loki is the best out of all. Captivating story, some time travel fuckery, the ongoing mystery of who controls time, Loki and Sylvia's arcs being fleshed out well, Agent Mobius for all his glory and the shocking ending. Season finale could have been better but it was still exciting. And Episode 5 is one of the best MCU materials ever. - I actually kinda liked What If but it could have been a lot better than just a spin on mcu movies. Aside from T'Challa as Star Lord, Doctor Strange and Party Thor episodes, I felt rest could have been stronger. They didn't need to re-do mcu movies with a different twist because that's just uninteresting. Ultron at the last two episodes was a menacing villain but I wish they got Spader to do the voice of Ultron because I felt the voice actor didn't capture his voice well. Hats off to Chadwick Boseman's last performance as T'Challa, you'll be missed. so basically Loki >>>>>>>> Wandavision >>> What If >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Falcon & The Winter Soldier Hawkeye looks solid but I hate them not paying David Aja, the artist of the Hawkeye run they are adapting and promoting with. Ms. Marvel is gonna suck, I hate everything I'm hearing and seeing about it so far. Moon Knight looks like it's gonna be the best mcu tv show. She-Hulk looks fun. No comment on the rest cuz we know little of them.
  2. Another great addition to season 13. It isn't the funniest episode of season 13 but it's the most interesting so far. I liked seeing Plankton's chum come to life and have a civilization on its own. That really made the ep for me. I loved that Plankton trained chums for an assault at Krusty Krab and my god, It was great that they were naturally skilled for a combat. And ofc, the climax was pretty fun and how it got resolved was neat to see. F.U.N. reference was cute with SpongeBob singing the song, while cleaning Krusty Krab. My only complaint was to see Bubble Bass using Plankton as a toothpaste, that was just gross and kinda ironic how I felt grossed out considering the entire episode is about chum monsters but oh well. Not much else to say, it wasn't exactly a humor filled episode but it didn't bother me. I was entertained from start to finish. Grade: A-
  3. ot gonna lie, I was not into this episode during the first half. It wasn't doing bad, it's just the Kamp Koral characters transitioning into the show didn't come off as natural as It should have beeen and this show reintroducing them did not help with them being nothing but redneck stereotypes but the ep got good after many of Narlene and Nobby's supposed relatives come to invade Bikini Bottom and it got even better after Plankton's relatives have showed up to stop them. Plankton's Army was not in my bingo card for callbacks and it was even more shocking to see a Trenchbillies callback. The episode's humor wasn't for me but whenever Squidward was there, it was funny. It's not a great ep but I did enjoy it for sure. Grade: B
  4. none cuz it's a genocide against turkey!!! also indigenious people
  5. I'm just a simple man making his way through the forum.

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  6. My bae is finally having the time to shine
  7. #5: Gravity Falls Best Episodes: Not What He Seems, A Tale of Two Stans, Weirdmageddon, Northwest Mansion Mystery, Into the Bunker Best Characters: Soos Ramirez, Mabel Pines, Wendy Corduroy This show was inevitable to be on the list. Back then, I used to consider this as my favorite show of all-time. Now I don’t feel strongly about it compared to my top 4 and I definitely need to rewatch this show to see if it has aged well or not but It’s no deniable that the show made such an impact in the 10s. Back when it premiered, everyone couldn’t stop talking about the show. Whether they were making memes or wild ass theories about the show. It was such an important period for me because all I thought about was this gem. I always found a way to be on time and watch the episodes and talk about it with others. It was also the time when I discovered forums, so my love for this show only went higher and higher. What a great mystery and supernatural show this was. Every single episode had something to add to the narrative of the show, even if they weren’t necessarily tied to the main storyline. We got to see these characters grow and change and the obstacles they faced. And it was always so fun, weird and dark. I’m actually surprised Disney let the show get away with certain scenes If I’m being honest. And when it ended, all people were talking about it was this incredible show. And another thing why It appeals to me is seeing the relationship between Dipper and Mabel who are twins just like me and my brother and seeing their sibling dynamic develop more and more made me appreciate the show even more. I had rough times as a teen but Gravity Falls was one shining gem that made me happy and even If the show had horrible hiatuses and it felt rushed when it was coming to a conclusion, It doesn’t stop me from loving it for a long time. #4: Breaking Bad Best Episodes: Ozymandias, Felina, Crawl Space, Fly, Face Off Best Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Walter White, Saul Goodman Here’s another show that impacted 10s. And this is the crown jewel of tv entertainment. Everyone talks about Breaking Bad and why It’s so fucking good. And I gotta say, they are completely right. The show is near-perfect. I was one of the people who saw Breaking Bad after it ended but the memories of my binge are still there. The feelings I had about the show are unlike any other. It was such an intense thriller drama with some of the best actors you can find anywhere. Everyone in this show put their heart and soul into it and It's gonna be hard to find a show just like this one. Breaking Bad was one big character study of a man who wanted to be something and he’d do anything necessary to achieve that goal. As you see Walter starting to show some cracks, you really get hooked into his cause and at the same time, you question his methods and see what kind of a person he has become. The journey these characters faced, especially Walter, are really impressive and the show starts off strong and it ends on one of the highest notes ever. I really have not too much to say about this show, it’s a masterpiece. #3: Doctor Who (2005) Best Episodes: Heaven Sent, Planet of the Ood, The Doctor’s Wife, Turn Left, The Doctor Falls Best Characters: The Doctor, Donna Noble, Clara Oswald This show was gonna end up being on top 3, one way or another. What can I say? I love this mess of a show. I still remember when the promos for this show were shown in my country and it had a mysterious vibe to it that I couldn’t ignore. And after I saw the first episode as a kid, I knew this show was made for me. This show was one of the first examples of me loving sci-fi content and no matter what happens, the show will always be one of my favorite shows ever. The scale of this show is unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s pure, wild, trippy, imaginative and creative. It can juggle a lot of genres at once. You want a complete horror story? Or an action piece? Or a fantasy? Or a comedy? Or a drama? The show has it all. Of course, at times, the show can be a chore to watch. Not every episode hits and its worst can leave you with a bitter taste but when it’s the best, it’s awesome. The fact that this show made me care about a character who always has their actors changed (and now we have an actress who is even better) deserves praise. And each companion of The Doctor brings something new to the table. Their dynamic with The Doctor with them helping The Doctor solve problems and stop the bad people as well as calling out The Doctor when it’s necessary is why the show is a masterpiece. Villains of the show are so much fun and classy. Whether they are goofballs or complete threats, the show knows how to make you love them or hate them. This isn’t the best show ever made and it will never be but this was a fan fav of mine since I was a kid and it still is. #2: Mr. Robot Best Episodes: 407 Proxy Authentication Required, 405 Methods Not Allowed, eps3.5_kill-process.inc, eps3.4_runtime-error.r00, eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt Best Characters: Elliot Alderson, Darlene Alderson, Mr. Robot If it weren’t for my #1, this show would probably stay as my #1. Mr. Robot was one hell of a show I felt was an overlooked gem that deserved more attention. It was a gold mine from Sam Esmail and its protagonist was played masterfully by Rami Malek. The show was a complete thrill ride from start to finish. From the very episode to its last episode, it is fully engaging and compelling. You see how fucked up the world is and we have one person called Elliot Alderson who wants to take down evil in the world. It’s quite a dystopian premise, except it’s still a reality in these current times. And you just want to root for him. No matter the cause. Mr. Robot is a show that may not be for everyone because it has a lot of heavy subjects that can make you uncomfortable. It’s such a dark and bleak show that you might want to have some happiness and sunshine after watching this. And the show can be slow which isn’t a criticism but it can make people get bored unless you have some patience to handle it. Despite being slow, the show doesn’t have an unnecessary scene that will take you out of the premise. You still get invested in the story and you want to see where it can go. Of course, some people dropped the show after season 2 but If you love season 1, I suggest you keep moving because season 2 does pay off and it’s a great season on its own and when you reach season 3-4, the show becomes even more experimental and thrilling than it was. It may not have the best marginalized rep in the world but it’s a powerful show that will leave a mark on you for a long time. #1: BoJack Horseman Best Episodes: Free Churro, Stupid Piece of Shit, The View from Halfway Down, Time’s Arrow, That’s Too Much Man Best Characters: BoJack Horseman, Princess Carolyn, Diane Nguyen Shocker to no one, BoJack Horseman is my #1 show on my list. Yes, not only is it the best show I have ever seen, it’s my favorite show of all-time. How did It come to this? How did I go from SpongeBob to Doctor Who to Gravity Falls to eventually this brilliant work. This show literally changed my whole point of view about the world and it added so much to my life. It’s perhaps the most realistic and down to earth show I have ever seen, despite it having humans and animals co-existing in this world which is one of the many charms of the show. The show has a lot of questions about life that will make you wonder what kind of person you want to be. Characters of the show are such a mess just like everyone in the world. They make bad decisions and some of them try to move past that, some are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. The show doesn’t have a true answer to all of the questions about the meaning and it shouldn’t have. It’s a show that tests these characters to their limitations and how they can achieve their goals. It’s a show that tackles a lot of topics that I cannot say because you have to experience it yourself. It’s also a really bleak commentary on Hollywood industries. We all know how shady celebrities can be and the show portrays that so perfectly with the celebrities doing a lot of awful shit in the world that people rather ignore or have their voices heard but barely anything happens cuz the system is shit. It’s a mockery of Hollywood and celebrities that you find a lot of investment in. The show’s main character BoJack Horseman is a person like any of us but his poison runs so deep that you sometimes question if you wanna root for him or not. He keeps making mistakes and you just wanna hate him but at the same time, you feel sad for him. Why is he like this? Why does he keep falling in the same hole? Can he actually be redeemed? And you’ll be quite satisfied with what the show has for you. It left me speechless, it made me feel lots of things and at the end, it was always a show about life. I don’t think I’ll ever have the same experience as I had with BoJack. It was a good journey watching it from beginning to end. Thank you all for reading or following my list. I enjoyed putting a list together and commenting on whatever it had. I hope to make more shit like this in the future. And as always, have a good day.
  8. #10: Cowboy Bebop Best Episodes: Requiem for a Clown, Hard Luck Woman, Speak Like a Child, The Real Folk Blues, Jupiter Jazz Best Characters: Faye Valentine, Spike Spiegel, Jet Black I actually have some confession to make. I actually changed my list midway through. Only a handful of shows were shifted from their original but this is the only show that I added after I finished my list. After I finished watching every episode, I knew this show definitely deserved to be on this list. I don’t watch many anime shows but this one spoke to me for sure. A sci-fi western noir show that is about these bounty hunters who want to catch some bad guys and collect their money from it. It’s a simple enough premise but what makes the show so rich is the setting. Adding some sci-fi elements to this beautiful western anime along with some noir to it made the show such a standout. You get to see all these loveable characters getting into bizarre situations and trying to survive. Every episode of the show is actually episodic, which was not actually why I intended to watch the show but I’m glad it’s this way. Every episode has a unique feeling to them. It can go from an absolute comedy to a horror story. You cannot tell what the next episode is gonna be and that’s the charm. But of course, the show has some ongoing plots with some of its serious episodes and when you watch more of it, you get to add more pieces of the puzzle and find out what these characters’ past are. And it just hits you deeply. The show was a very emotional journey for me, especially the last couple of episodes where you really see how deep it can go. I’m in love with the world of Cowboy Bebop and I’ll be grateful for the joy and pain it brought me. #9: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Best Episodes: Hero, Heart, Destiny, Save the Cat, Light Spinner Best Characters: Adora/She-Ra, Catra, Entrapta This is it. This is my favorite LGBTQ+ show ever! Not that there are many I have seen but shhhhhhhhhhhh. This show came out at the time when I was at my lowest point, so this show managed to shine a light for me. The premise is that there is a girl named Adore who wants to stop the people she was raised by, so they can stop committing war crimes. It’s an interesting premise that eventually leads into a very incredible sci-fi/fantasy show. What I love about this show is that the characters are fleshed out so well. You get to see Adora’s point of view about the war, you get to see Horde’s point of view. And nothing is all that simple. Adora’s best friend turned enemy Catra is one of the most complex villains I have seen from a tv show. Her dynamic with Adora is the highlight of the show in which they swore they’d stick out for each other and in the end, they fell apart. They are the main reason why I love this show so much. And the rest of the characters kick ass too. You’ll get to love a ton of princesses and allies of Adora from the show, as well as Catra’s allies who are also fleshed out characters. The animation is very beautiful, it gets better in each season and the action kicks ass because of it. The humor is charming, the ongoing storylines are gripping, there is little to no filler which you’ll find very pleasing for a serialized cartoon. The show made my life better and I’ll never forget that experience in 2020. #8: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) Best Episodes/Arcs: The Siege of Mandalore, Maul’s Revenge, Mortis arc, Umbara arc, Orders Best Characters: Darth Maul, Ahsoka Tano, Rex This is it. This is the best Star Wars content of all-time. You think I’m joking original trilogy fans? Hell no! But seriously, this show is a friggin masterpiece. Taking place between episode 2 and episode 3 of the movies, the show manages to not only fix prequel movies’ flaws, it becomes a unique show on its own. Clone Wars literally expanded the world of Star Wars and made it even richer than ever before. The show manages to make Anakin Skywalker a really compelling character in his own right. Return of Obi-Wan, Yoda, Windu, Boba Fett, Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, Darth Maul, General Grievous and more make you invested in these characters. You get to see brand new characters like Ahsoka, Ventress, Cad Bane, Hondo, Bo Katan and you get to enjoy their storylines and arcs. And the best of all. The show is titled Clone Wars and you get to see these wonderful clones have their arcs and storylines and you really feel bad for their cause. Shoutout to Rex who is a wonderful clone commander and his dynamic with Anakin and Ahsoka really makes the show. And speaking of, the master and the apprentice dynamic of Anakin and Ahsoka is very strong. Who would have thought giving Anakin a padawan could turn out so great. Ahsoka is one of the best Star Wars characters of all-time and seeing her journey develop in the show really makes it great. The lore of Clone Wars is cool with it doing mystical stuff from time to time, something not even the movies have done that much. The show is such a good balance of being entertaining as fuck and heartbreaking journey. Especially if you know the fates of the clones in episode 3. If you are a Star Wars fan like me, I strongly suggest this show. It’s one thing that came out right during the prequels era. #7: Futurama Best Episodes: The Luck of the Fryish, The Farnsworth Parabox, The Earth that Stood Stupid, The Late Philip J. Fry, Roswell That Ends Well Best Characters: Bender Bending Rodriguez, Dr. Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth This is my favorite sci-fi show of all-time and I don’t see anyone ever topping this one for a long ass time. What can I say? I love the future. Futurama was one of the few shows on my list that made me smile throughout. The emotional core and the character journeys of this show are something special. It’s not just high stake sci-fi concepts for me that make me love it. It’s the characters and the storylines that make the show. Whether you get from insanely funny to a very sad and touching moment. The show knows how to make you feel. And for a sci-fi show, it’s actually very creative, imaginative and smart. I’m awed at so many concepts they managed to fit into this wonderful show. I always prefer this show over many adult animated shows like The Simpsons because the show just speaks to me. From being canceled twice and having four finales, Futurama managed to stay strong for many years and it had a great ending before it could have ended up like The Simpsons. #6: Avatar: The Last Airbender Best Episodes: Sozin’s Comet, The Puppetmaster, The Crossroad of Destiny, The Tales of Ba Sing Se, The Storm Best Characters: Zuko, Toph, Sokka Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of the best experiences of my childhood ever. The world of Avatar hooked me from the start and it never let me go. I always managed to tune in for it. It is one of the few shining gems Nick has ever made and It hasn’t been topped ever since. I just love everything about this show. From the setting to its humor to its drama to its action. They do it all. And I just can’t stop watching it. You may be tired of the whole chosen one trope many stories have but Avatar does something very unique with the concept and you get to love Aang and get invested in what he faces against. His friends and allies are all compelling characters on their own who can accomplish stuff even without Aang and the enemies of his are such good villains. The show has wonderful characters that you can pick anyone and call them your favorite. Mine is most likely Zuko who has the most glorious arc out of anyone in the show. And the show finds a way to hook you into its lore and history and you never get bored of that. It’s always entertaining and exciting. SpongeBob may be the show that shaped my childhood but Avatar was the one that was the most exciting part of it which I’ll never forget.
  9. #15: The Simpsons Best Episodes: Lisa’s First Word, Cape Feare, The Springfield Files, And Maggie Makes Three, Summer of Ft. 2 Best Characters: Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson It’s weird to see this show popping up on my list right? Especially with it still currently running and getting out of touch with people. Well, The Simpsons is one of the two longest shows on the list that I added regardless of the quantity not being good. I personally love shows like South Park and American Dad and the first six seasons of Family Guy are my jam but I just don’t wanna include those shows on my list because I feel like even their best have problematic elements and their problematic elements are really that bad. I also love Bob’s Burgers but I haven’t seen that show for so long, therefore many good moments there are blocked out of my memory and I don’t wanna continue it. What makes The Simpsons different from the rest is that The Simpsons changed the whole world. In a very good way. And I think its problematic stuff is nowhere near as bad as those shows I mentioned (except Bob’s Burgers). And The Simpsons, well early Simpsons showed us you can still be mature and funny without being raunchy or offensive. The Simpsons appealed to many people. From old kids to adults. It spoke to a lot of people, including me. Its humor shaped the world and that cannot be forgotten. And what I love about the best of The Simpsons is that it has a ton of heart. Whether you see Homer failing at shit, only to root for him to back up or Bart being a jerk but trying to learn how to be a good person or Lisa to gain confidence in friendships or Marge to experience new things. Or Maggie to just do crazy shit. The Simpsons at its golden age is still one of the best TV I have ever seen. One of the best comedies, one of the best sitcoms, one of the best shows of all-time. And it’s a miracle that despite it lasting for over 30 fucking seasons, it managed to have 8 successful seasons without declining so early like many other shows. The Simpsons will forever be one of my favorite shows ever because it’s best is still that powerful. #14: Ducktales (2017) Best Episodes: The Last Crash of Sunchaser, The Duck Knight Returns, The Last Adventure, A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill, The First Adventure Best Characters: Louie Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Lena Sabrewing I was having an era in which I stopped having interest in current kids cartoons. I think the magic of the early 10s was gone and I wanted a show that could actually appeal to me. Enter Ducktales reboot. I was already looking forward to this show with a great cast and the animation looked so beautiful but I did not give it a chance until this year. The show is not only a true successor to one unrelated show that is on my list, it’s such an incredible kids cartoon on its own. Disney’s Duck lore did not interest me at all but the show gave me that which I’ll always appreciate. It had a great idea of a family adventuring together, characters were loveable and funny, stories were compelling and exciting and it just never lets you go. Ducktales reboot is how you do a reboot, period. Not only respecting its source material (whether that’s the original cartoon or the comics), it being its own show with its own lore and setting. I was engaged so quickly. Even with its filler episodes, I was having a blast because the show knows how to lay back and have fun. And in the end, it’s about a family. Whether it’s the blood family that loves you and respects you or the family you make. The show has a ton of great mysteries that will hook you and it’ll make you want more. It’s a shame Disney canceled the show too soon before it could have been even more epic but at the very least, it ended on a great note and I’m glad the cast and the crew gave their passion and love to this show. #13: EastSiders Best Episodes: Both Sides Now, Our Own Private Idaho, Evolving, Episode 8, Sex Therapy Best Characters: Cal, Ian, Thom As you have already know, I’m a queer guy and despite all that, I have watched or read very little LGBTQ+ content in my life. Maybe it’s because LGBTQ+ stuff did not interest me because I’m a guy that wants more LGBTQ+ sci-fi or action or fantasy stories and I’m tired of comedic or down to earth stuff. Maybe it’s because other shows I have watched had more interesting characters because it’s hard to get an LGBTQ+ character right, even without offending people or worse, not having any kind of LGBTQ+ rep at all. I always wanted characters that appealed to me or are flawed, relatable and complex. This show has that. Maybe not a show that has extraordinary shit I crave for but it’s a strong drama show about messy lives of gay characters here. Every character of this show has done a mess in their lives and you get angry at them but at the same time, you wanna root for them to be better. The show tackles many different subjects that are relatable to queer people. Are open relationships a good idea? What does it mean to be queer? Is it about femininity or masculinity? How much does a person need those things? Am I a gay stereotype or not or does that even matter? How does bisexuality work? How much is sex necessary in our lives? How much should I be protected when it comes to sex? The show doesn’t always give you clear answers because sometimes it depends on the person and the show knows it. The show’s characters are all unique on their own. You get invested in their relationships with people, you get into their own personal dilemmas, you see how much good or bad they have done in their lives, you see them facing their demons. And the great thing about this show is that even the minor characters have some personality on their own and like I said, the show’s characters are mostly gay, so is the cast. The show’s creator Kit Williamson is one of my inspirations to be a great queer writer in the future because he just gets how to make a good queer content. What started out as an indie Youtube show grew into a very successful LGBTQ+ show with 4 incredible seasons and the great thing about this show is that it’s very easy to binge. Short seasons with short episodes. And it just ends so perfectly. I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to see a very good LGBTQ+ show. #12: The Office (US) Best Episodes: Stress Relief, Niagara, Goodbye Michael, The End, Lecture Circuit Best Characters: Dwight, Michael, Creed This is the last show I have ever binged with a friend and thank goodness I did it because the show fucking rules. Just like Supernatural, the show was a long ass journey for me and unlike the former, it paid off successfully. As you can see, I’m not really a sitcom type of guy. I would love to watch more shows like Parks and Rec, Community, Schitt’s Creek, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 30 Rock but I just cannot find the right time. At the very least, I finished the show and I’m grateful for it. For a simple show about a documented paper company, the show knows how to make you laugh and make you feel. Characters of the show are very messy and while some of them are just plain bad, some others have good qualities and try to be good on their own. The show never stays the same. Characters get evolved or at the very least, they are consistently funny. The relationships and friendships these people build, the obstacles they face and the silly situations they get themselves into, you always find joy in it. Like I said, the show doesn’t go back to its status quo after an episode ends. There are some exceptions but even then, the show knows about the journey they faced and they do not forget that. And even if you don’t like serialization as much as me, the show is very episodic and they are very humorous and fun. Unlike the show they are based on, the show is actually very optimistic which I really appreciate. It is barely doom and gloom and the optimistic nature is why I love this show so much. Along with a killer cast, incredible writers and directors and good showrunners. I just can’t get enough of The Office. It’s very good. #11: SpongeBob SquarePants Best Episodes: Plankton’s Army, SB-129, Dying for Pie, Wet Painters, Welcome to the Chum Bucket Best Characters: Plankton, SpongeBob, Squidward It’d be very dumb to not include the show that changed my entire life on the list. This is the other show on my list that overstayed its welcome but I always consider one of the best shows ever. And unlike The Simpsons, I still watch it and have enjoyment out of it. Because the show went through a lot of different phases and it finds itself to be fresh, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. SpongeBob was my entire childhood and It’s one show that I always stuck with it. I loved it as a kid and I’ll always love it as an adult. No matter how many bad episodes they can throw at me, that will never change. But why do I love SpongeBob? It should be the same as anyone who is reading my list, friends with me and loves the show. The show is built on comedy. First three seasons are still what I consider some of the funniest entertainment in anything. Even If I got tired of watching them. And even with having inconsistent two eras after Stephen Hillenburg, Derek Drymon and most of the pre-movie crew left the show, the show always found a way to entertain me and make me laugh. And I can forever talk about the show and never get tired of it. You may be thinking, “what is there to talk about a show about a sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”. Well, I can give you reasons. Every episode is different from each other and most of their jokes and moments are very memorable to talk about. The stories these episodes have are interesting as you watch them. You get into the story and you just wanna see how it all ends. Characters make the show. No matter how unlikeable or insufferable they can get, the show’s characters are cool and funny. And I’m just a type of guy who likes talking about the animation of the show because its artstyle is always changing and it can always be good or bad or something in between but it is something that always gets your attention. I don’t know how much more I can talk about why this show is important to me. It shaped my childhood, it was one of the few shows that impacted my humor, it cheered me up whenever I was sad. What more can I ask for? I love it and I’ll always love it as long as I live.
  10. #20: Fringe Best Episodes: White Tulip, Peter, The Day We Died, Over There, Making Angels Best Characters: Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham This was one of my first binge-watched live-actions of all-time. I loved it so much back in the days. Unfortunately some aspects of this show have faded away from my memory because It has been a long time since I last watched the show but man, it was one of the wildest things FOX have produced ever. Some people say this show is like a sci-fi version of X-Files and while they may have a point there, I think the show managed to make itself distinct from it to be a very successful show. One thing’s for clear though, the show is not without its flaws. It really takes a while for the show to actually kick in. If you can handle some episodic episodes before the show kicks in its major storyline, you are gonna have to wait. Some mysteries in the show are unfortunately unresolved and I think that’s such a bummer to see. And another thing about this show is that it’s pretty much a copaganda. So it did not age well on that. But if you can ignore those things, the show is a delight. Characters are extremely well written and likeable, especially Walter Bishop who is one of the most complex and flawed characters I have ever seen. Sci-fi elements of the show are so fucking incredible that you cannot go without being awed at it. The ongoing storylines and mysteries hook you and the show has a very satisfying conclusion, despite FOX trying so hard to cancel the show but later with its “best” kindness, giving the crew a short season to wrap up everything. So if you wanna watch a kickass sci-fi mystery show, this show is for you. #19: Person of Interest Best Episodes: The Devil’s Share, If-Then-Else, Deus Ex-Machina, return 0, 6741 Best Characters: Root, John Reese, Harold Finch Here’s another show I really fucking love but it’s also a bit of a copaganda show. Although this show criticized the system more than Fringe, the feeling is still there but that doesn’t stop the show from being one of the best shows ever. Have you ever wanted a Batman show without having any superheroes whatsoever? Then this show is absolutely for you. It’s a great action crime show about a vigilante named John Reese who takes orders from a guy named Harold Finch and together they stop crimes before they ever happen with an AI that sees everything. Oh, did I mention the show has some sci-fi elements to it? Although this show is a lot more grounded than Fringe, the show definitely has some elements of surprise. Did this sound too much like Minority Report? Well, I haven’t seen that movie and the show is still a completely fresh take on stopping crimes. Unlike Fringe, I think you’ll get hooked into the show easily with great action and fun episodic stories until things get serious from there and you just get worried for these characters. The show is absolutely a thrill ride from start to finish. It is an amazing vigilante/superhero-esque show with messy characters, the AI aspect of the show is strong and makes you question everything and it has a gripping story. I can never forget how much the show is a masterpiece. Did I mention that this show is created by Christopher Nolan’s fucking brother, Jonathan Nolan? Then you already know the show is for you. #18: You’re The Worst Best Episodes: There Is Not Currently a Problem, Twenty-Two, LCD Soundsystem, The Inherent Unsullied Qualitative Value of Anything, Not a Great Bet Best Characters: Gretchen, Edgar, Jimmy First thing’s out of the way, before you watch the show, you gotta be prepared for anything in it. It’s an extremely heavy show with tons of content warnings and mature themes that can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I certainly couldn’t stomach some of the moments in the show, mostly because it has topics like dysfunctional and toxic relationships, depression, PTSD, alcoholism, parental abuse and neglect among more shit. The show is one of the few shows on my list that is about life itself and how people can be toxic to each other in their relationships, whether it’s romance or friendship or family. The show was one of the most difficult shows I have ever seen and at the same time, it was such a good show because of it. It handles mature topics well, character study is strong, humor is dark, raunchy and cringe (in a good way), storylines will disturb and upset you and it’s very relatable with these shitty people trying to be better at relationships but eventually failing to do so. The show may be all doom and gloom but it’s a very human show that will make you in love with it. #17: The Expanse Best Episodes: Caliban’s War, Home, Gaugamela, Immolation, Leviathan Wakes Best Characters: Amos Burton, Naomi Nagata, Chrisjen Avasarala You probably heard me talking and recommending this show for a while and it’s no surprise it was gonna end up on the list. I love this show, I really do. It’s by far my favorite live-action sci-fi show ever made. There is no telling the show was made with love and care. It’s also one of the best book adaptations with it not only respecting the source material, it delves into some of the characters even further. Maybe some aspects of the show are not as good as the book but that’s okay. The show still stands on its own just fine. It’s not just a good sci-fi show, it is a more realistic sci-fi show than some others due to it knowing how traveling in space works but the show still has mystical elements to it that I cannot spoil but you have to see it for yourself. What starts out as a detective show eventually leads into something larger. It just grows and ahem, expands. It has the budget of a movie in every episode and it looks so beautiful with its top notch special effects. The story and the mysteries hook you very instantly and it never lets go of you. Even the fucking politics of the show are great, they never bore you and they help moving the story forward. Some magic of the show may have been a lil lost to me due to it switching to Amazon Prime but it’s still amazing with a groundbreaking story. I only hope that in some capacity, the show will continue on with some specials or what not with it not being able to adapt the last three books at the moment. Bummer. #16: Death Note Best Episodes: Silence, Overcast, Revival, Wager, Rebirth Best Characters: Ryuk, Light Yagami/Kira, L Adding this show higher on the list than some others might be questionable because the show kind of took a nosedive after its 25th episode but I couldn’t help adding the show on the 16th spot. It’s just so damn fucking amazing. It’s one of the most complex takes on the justice system I have ever seen. From the very first episode, the show becomes something special and it just makes you wanna have more. It’s a very original premise of a teenage boy who gets the hand of Death Note which he can use to kill any human he wants and he uses it to bring justice and order to the society. Kickass premiere, am I right? It’s one of the few anime shows that instantly grabbed me. From the very thrilling and gripping storyline to complex character studies. The long rivalry between Kira and L is incredible and you just love to see them doing whatever takes to bring each other down. It’s not just about justice and order, as you see more and more into the minds of Light/Kira and L and how they operate. It was the first anime show I have ever finished and I’ll forever be glad that I have sat through it all, even if the story wasn’t as good in its latter episodes. You just have to watch and see how it evolves.
  11. #25: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Best Episodes: Self Control, 4722 Hours, As I Have Always been, Turn Turn Turn, Ascension Best Characters: Leopold Fitz, Daisy Johnson/Quake, Agent Coulson This show has no right to be as good as it should be. It’s such an underrated and overlooked gem that many Marvel fans wouldn’t even dream of having a show that is mostly original characters and then surpasses most of its live-action shows but here we are. I have yet to see a Marvel live-action show just as good as this one. Don’t be wrong, it really takes a while for the show to kick in. Most people who have seen this show bailed after the first couple of episodes, not knowing what it actually has plans for us to see. I get that. First impressions are important but I think it’s safe to say that the show got better and better as it went on. The show gave me a shit about a bunch of spies that aren’t even comic book characters 90%. I love the overarching narrative of the show, the visual effects are riveting, the action is exciting, the humor is funny, the drama is dripping and there is plenty of more stuff to love from the show. Don’t think of it as another Marvel show. Think of it as a cool sci-fi spy show that has comic book elements. It’s a breath of fresh air for Marvel to make a show about spies that have so much depth. 7 seasons and each of them are good, despite all their flaws and whatnot. I don’t even care how this show fits in the MCU continuity. It’s good without ever needing MCU to back it up save for Captain America: The Winter Soldier that makes the show an absolutely impressive show after episode 17. Go watch this show If you want a spy thriller. #24: Moral Orel Best Episodes: Nature, Alone, Honor, Numb, Satan Best Characters: Orel, Coach Stopframe, Clay This show, my god. What an absolute sleeper hit this was. This was one of the early cases of being a dramedy adult animated show. Of course we had stuff like Duckman but aside from that, it was mostly comedy shows that can be serious when they want to be. And this show actually did not start off as a serious show. It was actually an adult stop-motion comedy show that poked fun at Christianity and of course, this was about a dysfunctional family. That was the premise of the first season. As the show went on, it started to delve into mature themes but it still kept its lighthearted comedic charm sometimes. And then season 2 finale hit and everything changed. The show became much darker, depressing and somber. And the most interesting thing is that it didn’t feel out of place at all. It became very dramatic and dark that I was on the edge of my seat watching it. I didn’t expect the show to hit me this hard. Season 3, to this day, is still one of the darkest and most mature stories of any adult animated show. And I cannot praise them enough for it. And I have to say this, this show’s stop-motion animation is very good, not just for a show that was on Adult Swim. It looked beautiful and despite the fact that the show got darker, It never stopped stop-motion from being so charming. Adult Swim took a risk with this show and it paid off marvelously. If you want a good stop-motion adult show, definitely check this one out. #23: Doom Patrol Best Episodes: Therapy Patrol, Vacay Patrol, Danny Patrol, Penultimate Patrol, Wax Patrol Best Characters: Larry Trainor/Negative Man, Crazy Jane, Rita Farr/Elasti-Woman You probably saw me talking about this show for a while. That’s because it’s still having new episodes and it’s still such a good fucking show. We are having a lot of superhero adaptations these days that it is getting harder to be invested in one when most of them look the same or have issues of either being too comedic or too serious. Whether you are becoming too melodramatic that no one takes you seriously and become repetitive (literally any of Arrowverse shows) or you are dark and moody for the sake of it (Titans) or you are using the same formula on almost every adaptation of yours (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Doom Patrol is none of those things. It knows when to make you laugh and when to make you sad. It barely ever feels out of place and this is the weirdest and the most nonsensical superhero team ever. It’s a very mature superhero show that isn’t actually about superheroing but rather about these people who have experienced shitty lives and try to get past it and we see them develop into becoming better people by cleaning up their messes. And weird shit is happening in front of them. This is one of the most stylistic superhero adaptations I have ever seen with it knowing how to use its budget so well and at the same time look very charming. And let's not just forget the substance. The show’s ongoing plotlines make you hooked and invested and you get to see each of the characters being developed into something very special. You care for them and want to root for them. They may be assholes and losers but they have good inside of them and try their best. What else to not love? If you love weird and trippy shit like me, i suggest you to watch this show, it’s so fucking good. #22: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Best Episodes: Live Kree or Die, A Day Unlike Any Other, Infiltration, The Ultron Imperative, Along Came a Spider Best Characters: Hawkeye, Hank Pym, Ultron This is the last superhero show on my list, I promise. And with a good reason. I saved the best for last. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is my favorite comic book show of all-time. Nothing will ever achieve what the show does really. It’s very clear that the people who made this show really love the universe they are adapting and they wanna respect that universe as much as they possibly can, while telling their own stories. Seriously, this show will make you love Marvel characters you never dreamt of loving them this much. Aside from how well this show writes the flagship characters; Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk but what about others? You don’t like how MCU writes Hawkeye? Watch this show. It made me love Hawkeye so much. Black Widow? Mysterious. Black Panther? Wild. Ultron? Threatening. Kang? Absolutely menacing. Hank Pym/Ant-Man/Giant-Man? Got better treatment than comics. Fantastic Four? They are fun. Doctor Doom? Cunning and smart. Masters of Evil? They are a joyful villainous group. Loki? Just as fun as he was in the MCU. Nick Fury? Cool and charismatic. Luke Cage and Iron Fist? Dynamic duo. This show has everything a comic book and a superhero fan wants. And it’s a shame it only lasted two seasons and it was canceled for another Avengers show that nobody cares for. If you love MCU, I can guarantee you that you’ll love this show even more. #21: Supernatural Best Episodes: Swan Song, Changing Channels, The French Mistake, Sacrifice, Point of No Return Best Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester Why in the hell did I ever add this show on the list? I have no idea. Lemme say this real quick. If you wanna watch this show, you have to know what you are getting through, so you can lower your expectations. Where to begin? This show is one of the most sexist, racist and homophobic shows I have ever seen in my life. Am I exaggerating? No. The show always played favorites on Sam and Dean Winchester and anyone else can die for all they care. Women of this show? Either die or become a villain for the boys to kill you. POC characters? Same issue, either be villains or be dead people. Gays? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Welcome to the age of queerbaiting fellas. Oh wait, there are dead gays too? Yep. Does this show have a shitty ending, despite the fact that you get invested in a 15 fucking season show that has highs and lows and always disappoint you? Yes. Even the best of Supernatural isn’t shy away from its offensiveness. So why did I put it on here? Because I love it so much. It’s an urban tale of two brothers who hunt down monsters and save people. That should be a cool ass premise to watch for, right? That’s not just it. The show has so much more than that, despite it always claiming it’s always about the two brothers. It’s about the family we make, the evil you face in yourself, the trauma and abuse you dealt with in your childhood and still do everyday, the people you have lost along the way and mourn them. It has a shit ton of themes and storylines that will make you relate to these characters’ struggle. Despite the fact that these brothers and the family they made are always at the center of trouble. I watched this show with a friend for a year and also because of that, it has a special place in my heart. The show can be very, very bad and I don’t suggest you watch it because it really needs a lot of dedication and time to watch. I know I gave one year of my life to watch this mess and to be honest, I’m glad I did. I love this show so much with every piece of my soul.
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