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Status Updates posted by $WANKIN

  1. not the same person i was 4 years ago...?

  2. hey guys its been a while

    not starting this again but just wanted to login to see what has changed lol

    1. Cream


      wb person that idk! lol

    2. Hayden


      Sorry Ice Bear, we aren't selling any storm allen bryant's around these parts

  3. Why am I so late and stupid what is SpongeCraft tell me tell me

    1. ScarecrOWM


      SBC edition of Minecraft. Everything is in this thread:

  4. *Searches up We Bare Bears photos

  5. Haha I've been seeing all these newcomers getting Employee of the Month lmfao while I

  6. wats life lol

    1. Pearl


      honestly i don't know

  7. Swiggity Swooty, I'm Coming fo' dat Booty!

  8. Oh I remember this place.

    1. Dr. Dark
    2. Sauce Mama

      Sauce Mama

      at first I read that as 'whore you'

    3. crushingmayhem


      Welcome back I guess.

  9. Well, Someone. My birthday is in February too

  10. The 2014 Royal Rumble was some trashhhh

  11. dey turk r jdew!

  12. Woah, this site looks different. 100+ notifications? Haven't been on this site in a while

    1. JCM


      Welcome back, 'Murica.

    2. Clappy
  13. Lol my new name. ^_^

  14. OMG! Shane Dawson said my name!! lol:

    go to 1:26
    1. ooooooofy


      Omg that's... beautiful

  15. I'ts just childish.

  16. Haven't been on for a while.. Everything looks so different on SBU.

  17. I wish the other banner would still be up. :[

  18. Lovin' the new look :D

  19. Dang, 41 notifications. Haven't been on hare lately.

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