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Status Updates posted by Moxley♥

  1. Would you look at that?

    1. Kuromi


      thinking how when i made the camping captain mickey video my old laptop crashed like 3 times

  2. Hail Satan!  And always remember that black lives matter, always!  Fight for them and be kind, do your part!

  3. Hail Satan!  Here's to another year for our demonlord and savior!

  4. Praise Satan!  Fill his stocking with gifts this holiday season!

    1. SpongeCob


      celebrate anti-christmas this unholiday season

  5. Hail Yuka, her majesty!

    1. Kuromi


      Thank you filthy mammal.

  6. his first move as executive was to sign Lamar Odom, WHO WAS ON CRACK

  7. Love yourselves, hail Satan!

    1. Chuck
    2. Kuromi


      everyone says “hail satan”, but they never say “how’s satan”


  8. Hail yourself!

    1. Kuromi


      i wanted to be safe so i ordered a gross

  9. I love my boyfriend

  10. Hearing him speak made my heart flutter like the white dove.

    Hearing those words, filled my soul with his and my love.


  11. Love yourself and happiness finds you.  Satan's values align to what humans desire, give in and love those desires, bask in them.

  12. Duality is the core of humankind.  Love each other for who you and for who they are!

  13. Satan loves you, the Earth loves you, and WE ALL LOVE YOU!  You are the light bearer to your own world, shine bright in it and shine bright for those around you!

    1. Doot Doot

      Doot Doot

      we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky

      Shine Bright Like A Diamond

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