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  1. happy May I ALSO forgot to do it yesterday yet again
  2. Why? Because it's time for the first Stop What You Are Doing (SWYAD) of 2021! It's also the first on Jellyfish 14, so it's even more fancy than it already is. Hey! sbl here. For those unaware, a SWYAD on SBC is where users change their usernames and avatars to fit a specific theme. It's all for fun—and it's free! Now, what's the theme this time? If you didn't read the title of this thread properly, it's memes! Internet memes! You've got classic memes, dank memes, obscure memes, reaction memes, video memes...the list just goes on and on and on. There's a wide variety, so be cre
  3. Wow! A new weekly poll! And it's the first one on Jellyfish 14. Spring is all about nature. Everything comes back and grows beautifully to give off great scenery. So, that begs the question–what's your favourite springtime flower? Personally, I like tulips a lot!
  4. I give this update the sbl seal of approval!
  6. The hap, hap, happiest birthday goes out to my friend @momjosh12. The big ol' 47! You're still young, bud! Love seeing you everyday. Eat some cake today! Just pig out. It's YOUR day.

  7. 7. Look at my profile pic. That's Squidward. You can tell that's a man who smells good.
  8. The domestic dog (Canis familiaris when considered a separate species or Canis lupus familiaris when considered a subspecies of the wolf) is a wolf-like canid that can be found distributed around the world. The dog descended from an ancient, now-extinct wolf with the modern wolf being the dog's nearest living relative. Happy Pet or Pests Festival! Pick your favourite dog breed(s)!
  9. It's boring and it looks like an early version of BFBB on PS2 at some points, but it's not horrible. I still don't understand who the exact target audience will be for this. Like, is it for little kids or is it for tweens? Is it for current watchers of the show who want to see something different? Absolutely no idea.
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